Virtual Learning Environments for management and leadership training

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These programs offer tailored content, one-to-one coaching, collaborative workshops, and the chance to meet and learn with your peers in the business. At Learning Pool, we’ve invested heavily in developing a virtual learning environment in Stream LXP.

6 Ways to Help Universities Create a Virtual Learning Environment

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In today’s pandemic-hit world, virtual learning environments (VLEs) are irreversibly shaping the way of learning and teaching at universities. What is a virtual learning environment? Adding new and innovative learning experiences.


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eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide—Finding Success In Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

How do you find success in virtual training and make the switch from virtual classrooms? Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Online Training Personalized Learning Remote Working Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

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What You Need To Get Started With Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows teachers and students to communicate, interact, collaborate, and explain ideas. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Modern Learners Personalized Learning Virtual Learning Environment

How To Transform Classroom Learning With Virtual Reality In Education

Dan Keckan

VR education is a new era of personalized learning. Educational Technology Educational Technology Trends K12 Education Virtual Learning Environment Virtual RealityVR technology has a long way to go and has a bright future in the education sector. VR has already given reason to the industry to embrace it, as it is revolutionizing every sector. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

3 Ways eLearning Can Revolutionize Education

Dan Keckan

E-Learning has the potential to revolutionize education, provide for a truly personalized learning experience, and take each student down the path that is uniquely theirs. eLearning Basics eLearning Benefits Online Learners Online Learning Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Most used EdTech acronym

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Whichever it is, this platform is central to many learning designers and learning technologist’s daily tasks and grind, and can be a source of inspiration or frustration.

The Benefits of Offering Virtual Classes For Brick and Mortar Schools

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That’s why it’s so important that brick-and-mortar schools don’t overlook the many benefits of offering virtual classes inside of their traditional classrooms. And even the most introverted students are more likely to collaborate in a virtual learning environment than they are face to face.

Employee Engagement is at an All-time Low: How Training Can Improve Employee Engagement

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In one survey , 80% of respondents said that learning and development opportunities help them feel more engaged at work. Why Virtual Training? Differentiated and Personalized. Our virtual training solution cultivates employee engagement, confidence, capability, and retention.

What is a Virtual Classroom? Definition, Features & Benefits.


Giving a one-line definition for virtual classroom platforms can get tricky. Even for someone working in the online teaching industry or someone using virtual classrooms every day. ​What is a virtual classroom? ​What are the features of a virtual classroom?

Secure Testing in a Virtual Environment

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Tests are a form of summative assessment , an evaluation of student learning at the end of an instructional unit or cycle. They test student knowledge after a series of learning activities have taken place. Testing integrity is an important part of the learning and testing cycle.

6 Emerging Technologies in Education


It certainly is an exciting time to be involved with learning and technology. Virtual learning environments are one example of cloud computing. Gaming - Using game-based learning scenarios allows for experimentation, the exploration of identities, and even failure in a safe environment. New APIs, such as TinCan (Experience) API is a major tool that lends itself to the gathering of meaningful, real-time learning analytics that is device agnostic.

Why Meeting Platforms Do Not Meet the Needs of Virtual Training

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The use of meeting platforms has exploded in recent years, and it seems like nearly everyone has an account for either personal or business use these days. Virtual meeting platforms use video conferencing software to allow users to see one another while speaking.

What Teachers Wish Their School Administrators Knew About Virtual Classrooms

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While the learning gap has always existed for students living in the United States, especially for English language learners, those with special needs, those living in poverty, and those in certain minority groups, the divide grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Web Conferencing Systems Don’t Work For Virtual Training?

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Technology has evolved phenomenally over the past few years, and the rise of virtual training is an excellent example. Countless virtual training tools have popped up in the market to add convenience to both trainers’ and learners’ lives.

How Small-Group Learning Empowers More People on Your Team

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Most people feel invisible in large conferences or training sessions, and this statement holds true whether they are sitting in an actual room full of people or are “participating” (and we use that term loosely) in a virtual environment.

2 Big Considerations When Transitioning to a Virtual Learning Program


Since the inception of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) technology, it’s become an enticing way for organizations to save travel costs and offer more sessions that are available to employees in every timezone. People want self-directed learning to feel empowered as well as interaction.


#ALTC Hangout

Learning with 'e's

Ably hosted by Simon Ensor (France), Alan Levine (USA - @cogdog barks here ) and Rebecca Hogue (who was with us in Manchester) we had a wide ranging conversation about digital literacy, the use of virtual learning environments, digital citizenship, openness in education, personal learning environments, assessment and student centred learning. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

Optimizing corporate learning in today’s environment


Businesses across industries have been dealing with major challenges and uncertainties — spanning everything from liquidity to network security in a work-from-home world, to learning and development (L&D) continuity, and more — and we’re not yet out of the storm. How do you learn best?

How corporate universities fit into hybrid learning strategies of the future

CLO Magazine

Companies have spent decades perfecting brick-and-mortar corporate learning and development universities, but many of these facilities shuttered in 2020 because of COVID-19. For L&D professionals, 2021 was a year of experimentation, and it only proved that hybrid learning is here to stay.

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What is Elearning?


Learners can acquire qualifications or develop new skills using electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile device or tablet, accessing educational material often delivered through a learning management system (LMS) which is hosted online. With the ongoing development of the internet and the advancement in elearning technologies, the way in which learners learn will continue to evolve into the future. Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning.

7 Ways to Use Interactive Videos in eLearning for K-12 Students

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Interactive videos are one of the most frequently used and reliable teaching aids in today’s virtual learning environment. They ensure effective and efficient learning for both the students and teachers. Immersive and engaging learning.

Megatrends in MOOCs: #1 Adoption at Corporate Universities

Your Training Edge

Pepperdine University professor Mark Allen has defined a corporate university as “an educational entity that is a strategic tool designed to assist its parent organization in achieving its mission by conducting activities that cultivate individual and organizational learning, knowledge, and wisdom.” Moving away from instructor-led training and traditional computer-based training, companies are starting to transition toward more connected digital learning environments, including MOOCs.

Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

This post is going to be somewhat different than in the past, specifically a result of the argument of the effectiveness of learning styles and if they even exist. No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Micro-learning?

The Role of Digital Learning Platforms in the Academic Growth of Students

Kitaboo on EdTech

What are digital learning platforms? Gone are the days when learning was restricted to the classroom, with the instructor being the primary source of knowledge. A digital learning platform can be a learning management system (LMS) or learning content management systems (LCMS).

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Our Collection of Learning Management Tools

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We’ve collected the best learning management tools – learn more about them here. Game Based Learning Platforms. Game based learning platforms are designed to increase learner engagement and productivity by incorporating gaming elements into the training strategy.

Virtual (Learning) Reality

CLO Magazine

In-person learning should remain a significant part of any development program, but virtual learning is slowly becoming the new normal. The challenges faced by learning and development leaders have never been more complex. Virtual learning may help in combating these challenges. With virtual learning, content can be consumed anywhere, any time and on any device. Online learning, to a large extent, is slowly becoming the new normal.

Tool Set 2009

Tony Karrer

I thought I'd kick off this year by posting a series of posts on topics related to tools and methods for work and learning. I'm hoping to address questions such as: How do you create a personal tool set or Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for yourself? But I'm worried, because while I just got through writing about my concern in Using SharePoint that learning organizations seemed to be making the same mistake of Not Preparing Workers for Web 2.0.

Making A Big Impact: Top Corporate Training Innovations for 2018

Time to Know

Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience. Virtual learning environments combine the social interaction aspects of traditional classroom training with the digital world. Organizations are using virtual training coaches such as avatars or chatbots, which engage with the learners like a human instructor. Offers high-level interactions: promotes social, active learning.

10 Elearning Development Tools

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This learning management system prides itself on its intuitive authoring tool , which will speed up the whole process of building your training materials. This is yet another learning platform that provides resources and assists businesses in achieving the finest learning outcomes.

The boy done good

Learning with e's

Dan's article is entitled: ' Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs): here to stay, or on the brink of demise? ' Here's the abstract: Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are popular with many educational institutions, ranging from primary schools to universities. Recent literature and personal blogs are used to understand how the VLE as a concept is understood. 2009) Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs): here to stay, or on the brink of demise?

Contemporary Employee Training Glossary

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Research into effective adult learning has given rise to new tools and techniques. Adaptive learning. Adaptive learning uses technology to deliver a personalized learning experience. Adaptive learning is considered by many to be the future of employee training. Adaptive learning is designed to build employee competency, and can also improve employee retention and engagement. Adult learning theory. Blended learning. Formal learning.

Do you want to know what blended learning is?


Blending learning is training that combines classroom learning with e-learning training and makes the most of both worlds. Blended learning is a trend that is gaining ever more devotees in both formal education and in business education, since it is very attractive for digital natives and makes it possible to provide training beyond the classroom. What are the advantages of using blended e-learning? What does blended learning involve? Happy e-learning!

Top online learning tools for successful solutions


Whether you’re creating content or collaborating with learners, how you deliver learning matters. So, here’s our lowdown of the online learning tools you can use for successful digital learning. Our top four types of online learning tool. Blended learning delivery.

Multi Tenant LMS – Does your organization need it?


A multi tenant LMS is a learning management system which serves various customers under just one LMS license. Personalization is a key part of multi tenancy, allowing each tenant to upload their own branding and color schemes. What they have is their own personalized learning environment which feeds into and draws from just one database.

eLearning Trends That Will Dominate In 2022


Table of Contents Mobile Learning Microlearning Video Learning Gamification Social Learning and User-Generated Content Artificial Intelligence Augmented, Virtual Reality, and Metaverse Adaptive Learning Cloud-based Next Generation Learning Management System Learning Experience Platform Web 3.0

In person

Learning with e's

There has been a lot of talk recently about PLEs (Personal Learning Environments) and everyone it seems, wants to know what they are, what they contain, or if they will replace current institutional VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) or LMS (Learning Management System) provision. I simply point them in the direction of the journal I edit: Interactive Learning Environments. Interactive Learning Environments, 16 (1), 3-15.

Making A Big Impact: Top Corporate Training Innovations for 2018

Time to Know

Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience. Virtual learning environments combine the social interaction aspects of traditional classroom training with the digital world. Organizations are using virtual training coaches such as avatars or chatbots, which engage with the learners like a human instructor. Offers high-level interactions: promotes social, active learning.

When worlds collide

In yesterday's post I gave the first part of a review of the latest issue of the journal Interactive Learning Environments , which is a special issue entitled: 'Towards eLearning 2.0 There are 7 papers in the issue, each of which focus on social media that are being used to support and enhance learning in higher education. The first, by Valjataga and Laanpere, focuses on learner control of the environment, and how it poses a challenge for instructional design.

Differentiated Instruction and Corporate Training: Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles in the Workplace


In other words, n obody learns in the same way or at the same pace. Everyone can learn—but just not in the same manner. Carol Ann Tomlinson, a leader in differentiated instruction and a professor of educational leadership, foundations and policy at the University of Virginia, defines this type of instruction as the need to consider students’ individual learning styles in order to create the best learning experience possible.