How To Differentiate Adaptive Learning And Personalized Learning In L&D


Due to that, we have come up with this article to show the difference between the two learning strategies adaptive learning and personalized learning. In this article, we’ll be looking at the meaning of adaptive learning and personalized learning.

Thoughts on Personalized Learning

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Personalization of learning is what it sounds like, programs adapted to the needs, the learning methods, and the desires, of learners. Personalization seeks what the learner wants to learn, and how he or she wants to learn. Personalization focuses on the basic desire of people to enjoy what they are doing. Personalized learning includes elements of blended learning. Personalization presents the reality of user control.


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Why online learning is better than in-person learning


Deviations from traditional learning models are often met with resistance, while introducing new technologies or methods often rely on systemic change. Despite challenges, online learning is making tremendous progress when it comes to infiltrating all pillars of education, from corporate learning, to higher education, to K-12 schooling. If you’re considering moving to online learning solutions, it’s important to know why. Society is digital, so learning should be, too.

10 Personalized Learning Platforms

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Organizations can reap multiple benefits when it comes to employee training through emerging technologies used by personalized learning platforms. It also helps cultivate a sense of self-learning so they can acquire new skills that go beyond their current roles.



ABOUT DR. STELLA LEE: Dr. Stella Lee brings over 20 years of international experience in e-learning, blended, and distance learning strategy, design, development, project management, and implementation. It can also be used to identify where to increase learning support and resources.

How to Provide Personalized Learning Experience in E-Learning Courses

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Five Fine ways to Figure Out E-learning Personalization. Addressing common learning needs with standardized curriculum e-learning courses is an old approach. People now seek personalization, whether it’s in an e-mail, browser, desktop, or TV, and developers are providing features such as themes, wallpapers and various options to support personalization. Scope for personalization in e-learning. Translation for Personalization.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT SAHANA CHATTOPADHYAY (Social Learning & Collaboration Strategist, Performance Consultant Exploring Emergent Learning, Blogger). Sahana Chattopadhyay is a performance consultant and an L&D professional with 15 years of experience in the field of academia and organizational learning. Her passion is to help organizations become learning organizations through social and collaborative learning. The learning frameworks will have to evolve accordingly. “On-the-job”

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The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part Two)

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I loved having your voices added to the conversation, including those of some of chat moderators; an unanticipated bonus! ” This from Bruno : “There are new options to activating chats like we activate learning. ” Helen seems concur : “love the idea of linking learning between chats, having a plan of content coming up and having facilitative moderators.” Chats are only as good as the fresh voices and opinions that are within it.

What’s in My Conference Bag? ATD ICE 2018

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Back in 2014, David Kelley interviewed me for the (then) upcoming Dev Learn Conference sponsored by the Elearning Guild, he was writing a series on what people bring to the conference with them. This is an important message, as we learn and grow within ourselves and our careers, our goals change. One word that describes why I attend conferences: Okay – being the rebel I am, I’m going to go with two words: Learning and Friends. That is how we all learn and grow when we share!

Change the title, change the work?

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Have I had it wrong all these years … is not been about me being a Learning Technologist (LT), I’ve actually been an Instructional Designer (ID) instead? Bear with me here … This reflection is the 18th entry in my ‘what is a learning technologist’ series. All posts currently part of the What is a Learning Technologist series can be found here. ” “Undertake a range of activities to advocate for digital learning and its associated technologies.”

Create an e-Learning course: The didactical flow


When you make an e-Learning course, there are many things to consider for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the course. I created a kind of didactical flow to illustrate the various steps in making an e-Learning course. There is a division in two main lines in the flow, namely the “what” and “how” Defining “what” you want to achieve with an e-Learning course. Step 1: Clarifying the problem : Why do I make this e-Learning course?

My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2021

Experiencing eLearning

It has been several years since I last added my top 10 tools for learning as part of Jane Hart’s annual survey. Some of these are my personal learning tools; others are what I use to create learning for others. Work: Creating learning experiences for others.

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8 Years of Blogging

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The top 8 posts written this year: Time Estimates for E-Learning Development. Voice Over Scripts: Writing Style Tips. Voice Over Script Pitfalls. Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014. Formatting Tips for Voice Over Scripts. Voice Over Script Review Checklist. Tips for Storytelling in Learning. All of you are part of my personal learning network. Image Credit: Graphic Stock Filed under: Blogging , Lifelong Learning

Blogging as conversation

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Depending on the size and reach of your personal learning network, and the level of contentiousness your blog contains, your readership will react. Practice writing, and you will develop your own blogging voice you can use to put across your points clearly and convincingly. How is anyone to learn anything from anyone else, if we all agree on every single point? Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e''s.

Emerging eLearning Trends That Will Shape 2022

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While the global pandemic of Covid 19forced the entire ecosystem to look at innovative ways in which learning could be imparted; educators, technologists, and eLearning companies rose to the challenge with unforeseen creativity and innovation.

Writing Conversations for eLearning

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In a previous post, How to Start Creating Conversation-Driven eLearning , I described how I use conversations between two characters (a mentor and mentee or learning character) to deliver eLearning content. Neither person should have a monologue.

Your friend: Artificial intelligence in corporate training


The point of AI at its core is to stretch a person’s bandwidth even further by letting a machine do some of the thinking. It’s like having an assistant who is fully capable of coming to the same conclusion that you are but without asking for any one person’s additional time.

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5 corporate elearning trends to help you get ahead in 2022


With people working from home and face-to-face training largely impossible, digital learning helped employees adapt. Self-directed learning had a greater focus. But leaders and learners are calling out for even shorter learning experiences. Blended learning becomes flexible.

The Importance of Training Your Trainers to Teach in a Virtual Environment

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The US virtual learning market could grow by $12.81 The corporate e-learning market could increase by $38.09 IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to a virtual learning environment. Incorporate Learning Assets. Find a Virtual Voice.

Change Management Strategy: Use Social Media

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Create Engaging Learning Experiences. To foster an effective platform for relaying personal learning experiences related to the change effort, social media is a great avenue. Employees can use a variety of effective platforms, some of which include personal training videos on YouTube and hosting live web meetings to engage in change related discussions. About the author: Brenda Fernandes is a content quality analyst with InfoPro Learning , Inc.

Impact of covid-19 on education to untape potential of e-learning.


As per reports, adoption of online learning has increased with a considerable number of students with enrollment of 3600%+ increment in LMS users globally. Digitized learning content has to be contextualized and ‘byte-sized’ to make it engaging, crisp and understandable.

How Small-Group Learning Empowers More People on Your Team

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Large trainings, in some regards, lead to a “mob mentality,” inasmuch as attendees can feel like they’ve lost their voice and their individuality and sense of accountability. Small group learning fosters individuality, encourages engagement, facilitates ideation and increases retention.

Sales onboarding: How to supercharge it with an LXP

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Personalized Pathways. How can they learn all the information they need to sell complex products? They need personalized learning pathways. This way sales reps can review the material they need to learn at any given time.

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The Impact Teacher Unions Had on Virtual Learning During the Pandemic

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Their demands included ventilation system upgrades in buildings, personal protection equipment, sanitation procedures, testing, and vaccination availability to name a few. Having said that, there are many virtual schools where the success rate of students is higher than their in-person peers.

How AI will change corporate training in the near future


I strongly believe that great learning keeps organizations from stagnation and irrelevance. I’m also a firm believer that we can and should do something to make learning more valuable and less of a chore for employees and companies alike. Optimizing learning recommendations.

5 Tips to Personalize Online Learning Experiences

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Every individual has their own style of learning. Developing an e-learning course concentrating on only one specific target audience might affect other learners. The solution for this problem is “PersonalizationPersonalized learning is used to target an individual learner rather than a group of learners. You must be thinking how one course can be personalized to suit different individuals who have different learning styles.

10 Best eLearning Development Companies


learning management systems. This post looks at 10 such eLearning development companies that you can partner with to strengthen and transform your online learning experience. Custom Training & Learning Solutions. Learning & Performance Support. On-demand learning.

How Is AI Being Used in E-Learning in 2020?


Google now applies neural matching technology to roughly 30% of searches, voice searches are standard on all major smartphone operating systems, and social media platforms rely on AI to deliver content to users. Here are six ways AI is currently being used in the e-learning industry today.

Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Clark Quinn

Top 100 Tools for Learning poll. She’s now asking that you categorize them as Education, Training & Performance Support, and/or Personal Learning & Productivity. Books are still a major way I learn. I also acquire and read them on my iPad, such as Jane’s great Modern Workplace Learning. The learning chats I participate in are another way twitter helps. with my ITA colleagues), whether chat or voice. meta-learning technology

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PKM is our part of the social learning contract

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Yesterday, Harold Jarche shared the image on the right, in his post To learn, we must do. Whereas most people are concerning themselves with the new social and collaboration technologies, or how to get people to collaborate, for me the key to successful social learning is how the individual engages in his/her networks and contributes what s/he has learned or is learning along the way. PKM is therefore the key to successful social learning. PKM Social learning

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Best Practices for Effective Online Course Development

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Regardless of why you choose to do it, learning brings you closer to your dreams. The phenomenon of digitalization has arguably gifted pedagogy its greatest strength, i.e., online learning. How Mobile Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape. People study for many reasons.

The Advantages of a Learning Management System in Corporate Training


The digital revolution in learning and development and corporate training has encouraged many organizations to leverage the power of learning management systems (LMS) to deliver effective and engaging programs. Learners love the kind of content they see in their personal lives.

Writing Conversations for eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

One temptation with this style is making the learning character an empty vessel with no prior experience or knowledge. Instead, treat your learning character (and your learners) as adults with prior knowledge and experience. Neither person should have a monologue. The person learning interjects regularly with questions or affirmations of understanding. Save Filed under: e-Learning , Instructional Design , Storytelling & Scenarios , Workplace Learning.

mLearning 3.0

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He characterizes the phone transitions from voice (mobile 1.0) Gimbal is mostly focused on marketing (of course, sigh), but imagine what we could do for learning and performance support! a person learning how to manage meetings more efficiently would get different support than a person working on making better presentations. It may well be that we can coopt the Gimbal platform for learning as well.

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Learning Rebel Book Review: The Social Leadership Handbook by Julian Stodd

Learning Rebels

Founder, SeaSalt Learning. My attraction to this model is that it is so clear and meaningful and instantly applicable regardless if you are a business leader, a person who leads a team or a person who is part of networking community. Community building (as in small project communities or larger personal learning networks) is the reality of today, and leaders will have to learn to come together.

6 learning strategies to address pandemic-triggered trends

CLO Magazine

When COVID -19 shuttered offices, it’s no exaggeration to say learning and development professionals played a key role in assuring their organizations survived and thrived. Decreased sense of accomplishment and the feeling that nothing the person does makes any difference.

CLO 70

Tuning Your Learning Activities to The Expectations of Tomorrow’s Gen-Z Workforce


Millennials made the need for learning technology clear – Gen-Z will push you to perfect how it’s used to retain and engage new workers. A few months ago, we discussed the idea that in less than two years, your entire learning program could be obsolete. But it won’t be because the learning technology used to power existing L&D strategies will fail to adapt (actually, advances in learning technology will make sure this doesn’t happen).

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Optimizing corporate learning in today’s environment


Businesses across industries have been dealing with major challenges and uncertainties — spanning everything from liquidity to network security in a work-from-home world, to learning and development (L&D) continuity, and more — and we’re not yet out of the storm. How do you learn best?

#ATD2015 It’s a Wrap Part One: Sue Prenderville

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This year brought a very different social learning experience for me, almost as though I was viewing the conference through bifocal lenses. I try to keep my options open, while I want to catch up with old friends, meeting new ones and developing my PLN (Personal Learning Network) is just as important. Created via Adobe Voice). Susann Prenderville moved from Ireland to the US in 2012 to build on a growing career in learning and development.

5 Questions with Jane Daly of PeopleStar

Learning Wire

We recently spoke with Jane Daly, Chief Insight Officer of PeopleStar & CEO of People Who Know, to delve into her research and views on current topics such as the importance of self-determined learning, the shifting power dynamic between employer and employee, and the benefits of personalization.