Watershed's 7 Steps of Learning Evaluation


We've been using Watershed Insights to dig into several models of learning evaluation in light of what's possible with modern technologies such as xAPI. We've combined our favorite elements from Kirkpatrick , Kaufman , Anderson's Value of Learning , Brinkerhoff's Success Case Method , and Phillips' Model to create our version of a "super method" of how to evaluate learning. Identify program goals and. Step 4: Design programs for effective evaluation.

What Is Learning Evaluation?


But due to challenges, such as employees using multiple avenues for learning, many practitioners find it challenging to measure and communicate the value of their learning programs. This series is ideal if you're new to learning evaluation and measurement, need a refresher on learning evaluation theories, need help deciding which learning evaluation theories best suit your needs, or simply interested in understanding how technology, xAPI , and measurement fit into learning evaluation.


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Second, organizations are analyzing the increasing amount of data on content that is available when courses are created in xAPI or other platforms, which allow the capture of user information on measures like time spent on a particular task.

Commonly Used Training Evaluations Models: A Discussion with Dr. Will Thalheimer

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And okay, if we can just walk through each of the four models you talked about–Kirkpatrick, Phillips, Kaufman, and Brinckerhoff–and maybe you can explain to people, especially people who may not have heard of any of these, what they are and what are some pros and cons of each. You know, even Jack says, you probably don’t want to do this on that high of a percentage of your programs. xAPI people are using to gather more information.