Save Time Editing Photos and Videos with Batch Processing

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You have to watermark 72 photos with the company logo before 4 p.m. By the time you get to the fourth photo, you think to yourself, “there has got to be a better way.”. Rotating file scans? The post Save Time Editing Photos and Videos with Batch Processing appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Have you ever been in this scenario? It’s a simple process, but when you have to do it 72 times it becomes a real chore.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Stock Photos

The eLearning Coach

Stock photos and illustrations won’t solve all your graphic needs but there are a lot of uses for them in online learning. Unless you always shoot your own photos, the question is whether you should pay for stock photos and illustrations or use one of the free services. You can find a long list of both types on this Resource page— Stock Photo and Illustration Sites. You can find photos based on a concept, emotion or theme.

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Searches, and a few surprises

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

When was the last time you looked through the stats of your blog? Can you look through the different terms or searches that are used to find your website.

6 Factors to Consider while Digitizing Books at Scale

Hurix Digital

Book digitization, digitizing books or book scanning refers to the process of converting physical books, magazines and other records into digital media using an image scanner. Some commercial image scanners place the book on a platen, which is a flat glass plate, and then run a light and optical array underneath the glass to scan the book. Restore Damaged Books: Book scanning can bring damaged booksto life and make them viewable once again. What is Book Digitization?

Battling Fraud in Distance Learning


This could involve scanning a photo ID via a webcam or mobile phone. Elearning is great because it affords people an opportunity to take courses that they may otherwise not be able to take due to financial or geographic constraints. In childhood education, elearning is being leveraged to present content in different ways, opening up doors to flipped and virtual classrooms. But as with elearning, there are some negative aspects that accompany the good.

The joy of UX

E-Learning Provocateur

In their excitement to scan the image, they did so immediately after installing the app – but of course without the link, the app had nothing to connect the image to my augmentation. Upon scanning the trigger image, he wanted a video to play. I am still thinking of using Aurasma: we might use it in our corporate museum to bring our old photos and artefacts to life.

Use Images that Make a Difference

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Our learners typically browse and scan our courses as they would a site. Here are the main results of his study: - Users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information but ignore fluffy pictures used to “jazz up&# Web pages. Photos of products and real people (as opposed to stock photos of models) often fall into this category. I’ve written various blogs about why gratuitous eLearning images are bad.

Fuse Application Plus More…For Genealogy

TechSmith Camtasia

Not only that, but I transfer the new files to Snagit for storage and manipulation (cropping and enhancing photos) to enrich my records. take digital photos of these original documents. Then using your Fuse-empowered smartphone, all of these photos can be transferred to Snagit. First, I took a photo of the 7 sisters using the latest version of Fuse installed on my smartphone.

Let’s Talk Scenarios! Bryan chats with Anna Sabramowicz


I think watching the whole interview is great … but, if you’re short on time, scan the topics below and jump to the section that interests you most: How I got started in eLearning – I’m an accidental instructional designer, too. ( What’s wrong with most stock photo sites and how eLearningArt overcomes that ( 3:55 ). Degrees of emotion and how these are captured in eLearningArt photos ( 9:55 ). Photos vs illustrations. Advice, tips, and surprising reveals!

Looking for a computer help?

Bottom-Line Performance

A quick scan of the videos available shows everything from creating a fish-eye look on photos in PhotoShop to drawing equilateral polygons in Windows (if I wanted to, I know now how). I don’t know about you, but I frequently finding myself asking “Now, where did they hide the properties button?&# It seems like I can’t always find what I’m looking for in Microsoft products. And the help search engine? Don’t even get me started. .

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#Sketchnote your font – keyboard style


If you care to share, scan it or take a photo and post to Twitter with this hashtag: #SketchnoteFont. We take a lot of notes. We do. Take a moment and think back a week every time you jotted something down. A quick glance into memory and I’ve jotted things down on sticky notes, made a few checklists, messages in holiday cards and a few other times I remember taking pen to paper. Our handwriting.

Authoring Tools for E-Learning: The Definitive Guide


When you finally come back from your daydream, you realize that you scanned over the first three slides, but can’t remember what any of them were about. Version Control: We have probably all taken a photo for Instagram before. Imagine you take a photo, slap on a filter, save the photo, and publish the picture to Instagram. In order for your Instagram to house the right photo, you have to re-edit the photo and republish it to your page.

Must-have skills for User Experience (UX) design in eLearning


Now, have you ever wondered why it is so easy to use some apps, take a photo, create a to-do list and even look up articles on any topic by a novice individual? Scan, scan, scan. Another important discovery in terms of UX design in eLearning is that learners will scan the content more than they will read it. The hype about User Experience (UX) design skills is not at all exaggerated.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC) and How Does it Function in Corporate E-Learning


Before you pull out your credit card, it’s routine to scan some of the reviews for what you want. While scanning, you look for star ratings, photographs of the item that other buyers have posted, and comments about the quality that others found after purchase. People active on social media are more likely to be influenced to buy a product because 85% of consumers find visual User Generated content more influential than branded photos or videos.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 14, 2018

Mike Taylor

Fotor – Another option for online photo editing AND creating pro-looking designs. Adobe Scan – Get rid of those piles of paper on your desk or the junk in your wallet. The free Adobe Scan app works on your mobile device, scans documents into PDFs, and automatically recognizes text. “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig

Technical Communications: Online Versus Paper

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

For example, the paper documents are scanned and converted to PDF.  In the print document, high resolution photos were used. by Tony Self    What is more effective, a print document or an online document? It wasn't all that long ago that print documents would definitely have been voted more effective, especially considering the poor quality of computer monitors and slow internet speeds. Remember trying to pull up a document on a modem?).

Are You Feelin’ Fuse?

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To take a photo, simply tap the photo button to take a picture and save it to the Fuse Library. If you don’t have any products synced up, a new view will appear where you can scan a QR code generated by either Snagit, Camtasia, or TechSmith Relay. Scan the code with your phone and your transfer will begin automatically.) I wanted to take a walk through Fuse to introduce you to the new interface and features in the latest release.

15 Important Digital Tools for University Students

Ed App

Adobe Scan. Adobe Scan saves you from having to compile sheets and sheets of paper that tend to be lost in a sea of white. It is as simple as taking a photo of a document on your phone, which is then converted to a scanned PDF. Simultaneously juggling university and everyday life can sometimes prove to be difficult, however is not something that cannot be overcome.

Gamification of Learning and Training

Kapp Notes

In 2006, Google created a game to help it tag pictures and photos on the web. Search engines have a difficult time with image searches, and while facial-recognition software has made strides over the past decade, a new computer can’t scan a photo of, say, Robert Pattinson and tell you who it is. Gamification – making things that don’t seem to be a game into a game is growing in popularity.

Guide the Learner's Eye: Quick Tips (and Examples) for Effective eLearning

SHIFT eLearning

Attention span is short and users don’t read but scan instead. It can be a photo, text , logo or any other visual element. Web designers use the “F-Layout” to allow online surfers to scan content naturally. The scanning begins with the horizontal movement in a page’s upper part. Eyes are lenses through which learners perceive the value of your material. But these organs respond differently to screens in varying designs.

Effective Corporate Training: Microlearning Is the Key

Designing Digitally

Title: Tip 2: Favor a custom design based on ‘scan path’. Description: Scan path refers to the way our eyes ingest information on a printed piece of paper or computer screen. Then, sequence the sections of text along the scan path. For instance, use black and white photos throughout the course, or vector illustrations from the same color pallet. Successful elearning courses do not simply “share information”.

6 Custom elearning Design Essentials

Designing Digitally

Title: Tip 2: Favor a custom design based on ‘scan path’. Description: Scan path refers to the way our eyes ingest information on a printed piece of paper or computer screen. Then, sequence the sections of text along the scan path. For instance, use black and white photos throughout the course, or vector illustrations from the same color pallet. Successful elearning courses do not simply “share information”.

25 more real-world examples of Virtual Reality

E-Learning Provocateur

” A group of middle school students has used 360° photos to create a virtual tour of Fort Vancouver , while the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust uses 360° video to take you on a tour of their Age of Sail galleries. It took me a while to work out the prospective customer would dig the racetrack in a real sandbox, which was then scanned and transformed into virtual reality.

Using White Space for Clutter-Free eLearning

Integrated Learnings

While the white space on Google’s homepage is actually white, each day a new high quality photo is used as a background element for Bing’s homepage. When that balance is struck, it has the following advantages: Improves readability –the ability of text to be seen and scanned. By Joseph Suarez. Imagine two scenarios. First, you are driving in a car down an open road with the windows down. Second, you are standing in a crowded bus stuck in traffic.

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Realistic Graphics and Learning: What’s most effective?

The eLearning Coach

Before you just place any old photo into an online course or informational web site, it’s a good idea to think about whether a realistic graphic is required. In the image below, the photo on the left has the greatest fidelity. Some of the cognitive advantages of low-fidelity graphics include the following: Quick Visual Scanning: When we read an image, we scan it to extract significant information.

Common Visual Design Mistakes That Ruin the Way Your Course Looks

Rapid eLearning

Without a structured design, we tend to scan in a Z pattern. Or going a stock photo site and trying to come up with ideas. If everything on the screen looks equal it’s hard to scan the content and even more difficult to figure out what fits where. E-learning is a mostly visual medium which means a lot of what we communicate in our courses comes through how they’re structured visually.

Are You Ready? Your ATD ICE Conference Bag!

Learning Rebels

This year I’ll use the Learning Rebels pinterest and facebook account to organize the photos and share. Layar to scan business cards directly on my phone. After Mark Sheppard’s guest blog from last week discussing the use of the back channel as a way to attend the ICE conference virtually – it got me thinking about those who will be there. Last year, David Kelly interviewed me for the (then) upcoming Dev Learn Conference sponsored by the Elearning Guild.

Guest Post: 5 Effective Ways of Maximizing Mobile Tech In Learning Pursuits

Kapp Notes

Photo courtesy of Verizon Wireless. They can also scan textbook barcodes with their phones to find the best available online deals. This will will start off with a guest post form Jenni Birch who writes about apps, computer art, music and the latest developments in technology. Thanks Jenni for agreeing to post some of your thoughts on mobile tech and learning.

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Litmos partners with Bloomberg Media Distribution


As you scan the list of game changers in these courses, you’ll find icons like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Magic Johnson. Bloomberg Media Distribution provides 24/7 global news and analysis, videos, photos and data, as well as the Bloomberg Terminal, to education institutions, news publishers, broadcasters and other media companies in more than 120 countries. Litmos partners with Bloomberg Media Distribution to bring “Game Changers” and “Studio 1.0”

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Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

eLearning 24-7

A very good tool will require the learner to either scan/photograph their driver license (not a fan of this), or capture a photo of them through their web cam. System comes with digital assets (stock photos, clip art, video clips, themes, etc.) System can scan documents, courses, content, audio and video files and produce text results in a transcript or similar items. EXTRA! EXTRA!

RFP 49

How to Make Online Courses Engaging


Keep text content to the point and cater for people who scan through large sections of text on the screen by highlighting the most important elements so that these stand out. are nifty tools that can help you with this – Grammarly helps scan for pesky typos too. If you’re using illustrations, don’t throw in random stock photos. eLearning courses come in all different shapes and sizes. From PDF docs to video tutorials to webinars, you’ve got lots of options.

For the Love of Learning

Learning Rebels

But first let me scan your badge so you can receive annoying phone calls, a never-ending drip of emails, all while we keep USPS running by single-handedly killing a forest of trees to create junk postcards.” He combined – photos, screen shots of tweets with iMovie (just think of the possibilities here!) : [link] . I have just returned from the DevLearn 2014 conference in Las Vegas.

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The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


But the real reason is that unless you’re doing heavy photo and design work, Photoshop is probably overkill for your humble content editing needs (mainly cropping, resizing, making small adjustments, etc). On the Mac side there’s Pixelmator , Acorn and Affinity Photo to chose from, which cover all basic design needs (and then some) for a fraction of the price of Adobe’s offerings.

The Secret Weapon in Deconstructing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace


A quick example of that comes from research : Radiologists often work in the dark and diagnose patient scans, but don’t meet the patients they are diagnosing or treating. By attaching photos of patients to CT scans they found that radiologists wrote longer, more meticulous notes and said they felt more connected to the patient. Apple recently released statistics showing that the company has made slight – albeit real – progress towards diversifying its workforce.

Text, Images, or Video in Your Technical Communication?

TechSmith Camtasia

Photos can degrade gracefully, even when you’re printing in black & white, but video information is lost altogether. Images in user assistance can include photos, illustrations, tables, screenshots, diagrams, and schematics. Photos can be a cheap alternative for illustrations. Adding arrows yourself does not always make the photo easier to understand. Movement is difficult to explain in text or photos alone.

eLearning & mLearning: Everything You Need to Know About Graphics, Part II

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Malamed lists several reasons why low-fidelity images are easier for the brain to process , including fewer distractions and quicker visual scanning. Pare down more realistic photo-like images to their basic elements. by AJ George.   In last week's article , I pitted dynamic images and static images against each other and made the generalization that images work best when there is a blend of both static and dynamic.

Images 149

5 Ways to Combat Cyber Threats at Your Organization


Remind employees to regularly scan for viruses and spyware. If you have a monthly newsletter, include a photo of the team with a “thank you” message. Facebook security breach exposes accounts of 50 million users. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI and Department of Treasury identifies malware used by North Korea in an ATM cash-out scheme referred to as FASTCash.

24 Hours with the Apple Watch

Tom Spiglanin

Also in typical Apple fashion, the instruction manual was a few pages at most, in a dozen languages with lots of photos. Passbook, for example, offered my Starbucks card to scan when I was close to the store. My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago. While I had been looking forward to its arrival, my enthusiasm was tempered by numerous news reports and reviews declaring the watch both expensive and confusing.

Apple 167

FAQ: How Do You Manage the Graphics in Your E-Learning Course?

Rapid eLearning

Use a Photo Management Application. Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery (both free) will scan your hard drive and locate images. Check out the Photo Fuse feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery (could the name be a little longer please). It’s pretty slick and could come in handy if shooting your own stock photos. Most of the times when I look for photos that I’ve used in the past, it’s always based on a previous project.

FAQ 75

Photobook Adventures (and advice)

Web Tools for Learners

I’ve slowly become aware of the existence of photo books, but for a long time saw them as an oddity, and kind of egocentric. I also noticed that I rarely went through either my old photo albums, which had a discouraging habit of dropping photos because the glue holding them had dried, or looking at my picture files on my computer. You can see, if you have really good eyes, that some of the photos have small yellow triangles on the upper left.

Photo 40