Stock Photos for eLearning

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Great photos help create fun and engaging training. We have recently put together packs of eLearning stock photos to help you design better training. The examples are a combination of PowerPoint course styles , Cut-Out People , and eLearning stock photos. Tags: eLearning eLearning Tips People Pictures power point backgrounds stock photos Here are some layouts that we created to “get your creative juices flowing&#.

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E-Learning Tidbits: Free Stock Photos & Award Winners

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More Free Stock Photos. I just noticed that one of my favorite free stock photo sites, StartUp Stock Photos , released a bunch more photos. I like their photos because they can be used in a lot of elearning contexts. Download the free stock photos here. Community-based elearning workshops focused on practical tips & tricks. Community-based elearning workshops focused on practical tips & tricks.

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How to Customize Free Stock Photos For Your Presentations

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The good news is that there are more than enough free stock images available, such as these three earlier posts where I shared 80 free stock photos , 45 free stock photos , and 60 more free stock photos. The challenge with all of these free stock photos is that it’s not always easy using them for your presentations or elearning courses as they are. 7 Ways to Overlay Text & Customize Free Stock Photos.

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Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects. As a result, I had to do a research and find the best FREE stock photo sites. SXC (stock.xhng) The SXC is a website providing free-to use stock photography and illustrations.

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Shutterstock vs. iStock for presentation photos


Previously, we’d pretty much exclusively been using iStock for our commercial-use presentation photos. Read to the end to discover where we find our favourite free stock photography too! This means that we can easily use Shutterstock photos in presentations to tell stories.

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Find the Best Stock Photos for Your eLearning Course


Looking for high quality stock photos for your eLearning course? The post Find the Best Stock Photos for Your eLearning Course appeared first on GO1 Learning. Tips & Tricks eLearning online course photosPutting together an online course can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve followed our handy design checklist for your eLearning materials.

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10 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos

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Going to a stock image site and looking for just the right pictures can be very time-consuming and a drain on your limited resources. Why not create your own stock images? Obviously, this approach doesn’t work for everyone and taking good photos is an art in itself. Here are a few basic tips to get started. However, when you get into the office to edit the photo you see that the image is a little out of focus. He had room for something like 5000 photos.

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Be a Stock Photography Model!


We’ve written a lot about the importance of choosing the right images for your e-Learning projects and suggested some sources for economically priced stock photography. But what if you don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect stock photo, or you just can’t find one that demonstrates your industry? Or maybe your learners are tired of seeing the same impersonal stock photo used over and over. Then it’s time to start taking your OWN stock photos!

Create a photo slideshow in PowerPoint


I recently created a photo slideshow (using PowerPoint) of my dad’s life-sized chess set sculpture that’s at Facebook (Go Dad!). I also included some free downloads that you can use in your own slideshows, such as the stock music I used, as well as some templates to help you with your own slideshows. Insert a photo album to your presentation. Go to “Insert” → “Photo Album” → “New Photo Album”. Select the photos from your computer.

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9.5 Essential eLearning Development Tips

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In this blog post, I mention nine and half eLearning development tips that could save you time, money, and help your eLearning to be more awesome than it already is. So if you are am elearning developer or instructional designer, these tips are going to awesome. #1. One of my favorite places to look is stock photo/graphic sites. Here are a couple of good sites: eLearning Stock Library , iStockPhoto , ThinkStock. #3.

80 Free Stock Images Perfect for E-learning

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In a previous post I shared some free stock images via Unsplash. Today, I’ve done the same thing only this time the curated images are from Startup Stock Photos. You can download entire folder of free stock images here. If you’re in need of free resources and stock images these should help. Elearning Heroes Roadshows We’re hosting a series of two-day elearning workshops that focus on practical tips and tricks.

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A Dozen Free Stock Video Sites for E-Learning

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Examples of Free Stock Video Courses. Great use of stock video throughout. Find Free Stock Videos. One of the first questions that comes up is where to get free stock videos. If you’re not comfortable shooting your own stock video, try out some of these free stock videos sites. And don’t forget about all of the free stock photo sites we covered earlier. Pexels : lots of good stuff and link to free stock photos, too.

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A Complete List of Free Stock Image Sites for E-Learning

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The Internet is rife with free things, especially free stock image sites. However, there are usually three main issues with the free stock image sites: The free stock images aren’t really free. The free stock image sites are only there to point to for-pay stock image sites. You are enticed with free stock images, but when you click on the ones that look good, they turn out to be connected to a for-pay service. Free Stock Images in the Community.

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3 Helpful Articulate Storyline Tips

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I’d like to share some Articulate Storyline tips I’ve recently discovered. Tip #1: Object Timing. Well, one tip I discovered to give you more control over when your object comes in and even goes out is to right click on the object within your stage and select the Timing option within the menu. Tip #2: Change Object States on Drop. Tip #3: Showing an Introduction Layer Only Once. The post 3 Helpful Articulate Storyline Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Finding Good Photos for Your eLearning Scenarios

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Friday, October 30, 2009 Finding Good Photos for Your eLearning Scenarios Do you struggle with finding good stock photos to use in your eLearning scenarios? So then do you go do a custom photo shoot? eLearning Art provides royalty free stock photos, images, and other assets to help you create some cool stuff in your own authoring tools. Or will you stick with free online stock photos?

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8 Visual Design Mistakes to Avoid When Developing eLearning

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However, with some attention to detail, along with some simple tips, these visual design mistakes don’t have to be hard to fix. Luckily, it’s becoming much easier to find free stock images. Here are 10 free stock photo sites that I use on a regular basis when I’m designing eLearning. #6: 8: Bad Stock Photos. While it’s easy to use stock photos when designing an eLearning course, you want to avoid using bad stock photos!

Top five tips for running a successful photo shoot

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Here are our top five tips to make your next photo shoot go swimmingly. And, if you have the time, why not add some extra ‘generic’ poses for stock photos that might be useful for further projects? Memory cards can store up to 500 high resolution photos and most digital cameras can also be plugged directly into a laptop, which permits you to view the high-quality photos straight away and make the required adjustments on the next round of shots.

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6 Tips to Create Engaging Presentations for Your Online Classrooms


Here are some tips that you can follow while creating your next presentation. This is the first and perhaps the most important tip to follow. If you have an image subscription, well and good, else look out for a royalty free stock library like Pexels and Pixabay.

Setting the Mood: Top Tips for Adding Stock Music to Your E-Learning

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Depending on the source, stock music can be expensive and in a climate in which it’s hard to get any purchases approved, it may be viewed as frivolous. Here are my top tips for finding and working with stock music. But assuming you’ve determined that using some music is a good design decision for your project… Try stock photo sites you already use. A lot of stock photo sites also have music and sound effects.

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Placeholder Images: Do They Help or Hurt in an eLearning Storyboard?

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Not so long ago, in a nearby place, someone spent a lot of time leaving notes about the photos in an eLearning storyboard. The final course was going to use a different set of stock photos. use hand-drawn placeholders for a photo-realistic course. Unlike a temporary stock image, it won’t misrepresent age, gender, race, facial expression, etc.

10 Do’s and Don’ts for eLearning Visuals

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Your images must add value to the course, whether it is a graph or chart explaining the information, or just an example photo that the student can relate to. Your images must add value to the course, whether it is a graph or chart explaining the information, or just an example photo that the student can relate to. These include charts, handouts, photos, or even bullet points or lists. These are 10 free stock photo resources and 10 free eLearning graphics tools.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/31/2010 Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars) Tools for e-Learning I received several emails, message on Twitter, and InMails on LinkedIn concerning the Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning and the Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning posts.

Top PowerPoint Tips

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I was asked recently about my favorite PowerPoint tips and tricks. PowerPoint Tip 1: Step Away from the PowerPoint Template. PowerPoint Tip 2: Control Layers with the Selection Pane. PowerPoint Tip 3: Combine Shapes to Create Custom Shapes. PowerPoint Tip 4: Layering Objects to Create Custom Graphics. PowerPoint Tip 5: Customizing Clip Art & Vector Graphics. PowerPoint Tip 7: Apply Custom Formatting with the Format Painter.

Updated – Multimedia Resources For Your eLearning Projects

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I’ve also experienced this when working in an organisation also had similar expectations but no budget for stock photography, background music, or video. I’ve found some significant resources for stock photography. Recently I’ve been made aware of a new site that offers excellent free stock photography for even commercial reuse.

Graphic Design Books for New eLearning Designers

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Visual Design Tips for eLearning. Mistakes to Avoid When Using Photos in eLearning. 5 Tips for Using Fonts in eLearning. Download 250+ Free Stock Photos for eLearning. A few weeks ago, I posted an article, sharing my top four instructional design books for new eLearning designers. I was shocked by the number of responses I received from folks, sharing their favorite books.

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9 Tips for a Successful eLearning Photoshoot

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When it comes to photographic content, there are a couple of viable options: source stock images. If hiring a third party is out of your budget and stock photos aren’t unique enough or offer a scenario series for the course of interest, the in-house route is the best way to go. We recommend these nine tips to help you plan, organize and keep things running smoothly while keeping your crew happy. Spontaneous photos can sometimes be your best shots.

Visual Design Tips from the eLearning Coach


Connie was kind enough to share some really useful and practical tips on how to improve visual design, and more, below! What’s one tip to create better visual designs? I like the diversity in your stock photo characters. Graphic Design Tips Instructional Design Tips Posts blogI had the great pleasure of interviewing Connie Malamed, the “eLearning Coach.”

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

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Here are the main three graphic design tips I covered during my webinar. Tip 1: Use More Than One Font. Tip 2: Use Cohesive Images in a Consistent Way. For example, combining professional images purchased from a stock photo vendor with photos you’ve taken yourself will show clear inconsistencies. Tip 3: Select the Right Colors. You can even upload photos to Adobe Color , which will analyze the photo to create a custom color scheme.

5 Quick Tips Using Cutout People Images

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When using cutout people images, I’ve found there are five quick and handy tips you can use in your eLearning projects. Not only do I get access to thousands of cutout people images, but I can add our new library of over 500,000+ eLearning Stock Assets too. Now, here are my five quick tips. 5 Quick Tips Using Cutout People Images. Use depth of field to isolate a subject from other elements in a photo by blurring the foreground or background.

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10 Visual Design Quick Tips

The Learning Circuits

If you're unsure what to do and how to go about designing the visuals for a training environment, here are some quick tips that might help. Stock photo sites sell paper backgrounds or you can digitize one yourself. When it makes sense, switch it up and let characters (photos or avatar-types) do the talking. Most photos have extraneous visual information that may detract from your purpose. Then crop the photo so the focal point becomes predominant.

Tips 73

Media Options for Conversation-Driven eLearning

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In the past, I’ve created conversation-driven eLearning with video, animation, and photos. After the initial video, we used cutout still photos of the same actors. This requires a custom photo shoot, but it’s much cheaper than using video for the entire course. Photos or Illustrations. If your budget doesn’t allow for custom video or animation, character photos or illustrations can certainly work.

12 tips for great speaking

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Photo by Tup Wanders on Flickr In my previous post , I reflected on 18 years of keynote speaking in academic conferences. So I'll share some of the top tips I recommend for keynote speakers. Move around a little rather than standing stock still (make sure you have a lapel mic or headset though, otherwise your audience may not hear you). I mentioned that I had spoken at over 250 international events in more than 35 countries.

Let’s Talk Scenarios! Bryan chats with Anna Sabramowicz


Advice, tips, and surprising reveals! My top four tips for designing eLearning like a pro. How to extract useful tips from internal experts. What’s wrong with most stock photo sites and how eLearningArt overcomes that ( 3:55 ). Degrees of emotion and how these are captured in eLearningArt photos ( 9:55 ). Photos vs illustrations. Let your inner Goldilocks come out to play: How to extract shareable tips from internal experts ( 32:04 ).

5 PowerPoint Design Tips That Wow!

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Stop creating those outdated presentations and impress your students with these 5 basic design tips. Big Stock Photo , iStockphoto , and Shutterstock are three great resources, full of quality images! These are some great tips on recording audio and a few affordable tools to get you started. Hopefully with these 5 basic design tips, you can create your best presentation yet! Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Build Your Course PowerPoint

10 tips for using eFront


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 3/30/2010 10 tips for using eFront Here is several practical tips for making your eFront experience more enjoyable 1) [professor] Zip and upload multiple images. Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learnin.

Here’s a Time-Saving Tip for E-Learning Characters

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So today, I’m going to show you a simple tip to help speed up your production. Bonus tip : you can do the same thing for custom interactions by saving them in a single interaction template. You can also do this with your own characters and the photos you take. This tip works great if you use a few common poses and don’t want to spend time searching. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

PowerPoint Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from 29 Experts


But I decided to save you some time… I asked the world’s leading PowerPoint experts the following question: What’s your single best PowerPoint tip, trick, or hack? Enjoy the tips by scrolling below or jump to these sections: Summary | Presentation Approach | Design | Shortcuts | Delivery | Setup | Beyond Presentations. Powerpoint Presentation Approach Tips. Powerpoint Design Tips. Bleed photos and videos to the edge. Power-crop photos with SmartArt.