5 Lessons for Learning Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop, that amazing image editing tool that seems to fall somewhere between technology and just pure magic. Perhaps the first software to become genericized, Adobe Photoshop has a reach that extends into all markets, including education. There is no default tool in Photoshop.

Get started with Photoshop for eLearning design


With just a few quick lessons in Photoshop, I was able to help these colleagues become confident about using this great eLearning design tool. Trust me, Photoshop is actually easy and very cool. If you don’t have Photoshop already, you can download it here and try it free for 30 days.

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Photoshop for Learning: Taking the First Step

E-learning Uncovered

While developing ideas for this series on Adobe Photoshop, I was reminded of one of the best gifts I ever received. This is especially true for Adobe Photoshop. The first time you launched Adobe Photoshop your first thought perhaps was “now what do I do?” Photoshop Panels.

It Takes a Village, Photoshop, and Microcopy: This Week on #BLPLearn

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The Post PSD Era doesn’t want to kill designers’, from Trevor Connolly, discusses how designers are needed more than ever now that PSDs are falling by the wayside as the building blocks of web designs.

Placebo Effect in Video Games, Photoshop’s Hidden Gems, & Non-Linear eLearning: This Week on #BLPLearn

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Photoshop’s Hidden Gems . Here’s a short video about Photoshop hidden gems I found on Adobe.tv. The one that impresses me is Photoshop’s ability to generate multiple images from the same layer just by changing the layer name. Personally, I love this feature, and think it speeds up the process of sizing images…whether it’s used for web apps in digital publishing or print material. 4 Adobe Photoshop CC Hidden Gems.

How to use Photoshop for eLearning – Part 2: Cropping & Resizing


In the first post in this series, I explained the essentials you need to know before getting started with Photoshop. Today, we’ll take a tour of the Photoshop CC interface. How to open and save a document in Photoshop. There are three ways to open a document in Photoshop.

Learn a New Skill: Why You Need to Learn Adobe Photoshop


If you’re a designer, marketer, visual communications employee, or work any type of creative job Adobe Photoshop skills are a must. That is, those of you out there working in leadership, support, sales, development, and maybe even accounting (I admit this one is a stretch, but you never know) may someday be called on to utilize the visual prowess of Photoshop. Plus, Photoshop is fun! Three reasons you should learn Photoshop: 1. Web Design.

Wireframe Podcast

Adobe Captivate

Blog Instructional Design Tutorials Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Photoshop blog content design instructional designer Interface media podcast teaching other designers universal design Universal Design for Learning User Interface web designsWireframe Podcast.

Celebrate Independence Day With DIY Web Design


However, while the rest of us are celebrating with watermelons and barbequed burgers, web designers are celebrating with a different kind of Fireworks. With web content growing exponentially since the dot com boom, maybe you have wondered how to design or edit your own website.

Web 70

Remix culture and education

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In the digital age, where many have access to the participatory web such as social media, it is easier than ever to remix and mashup content. Photoshop is software that allows users to do the same thing with images.

How WordPress Programmer Play an Efficient Role in Building a Custom Dynamically Website


Programmers can create sites of customer’s advantage and can draw web traffic on your sites. At the point when you hire our talented programmers, you will discover enormous web traffic on your sites. Great web traffic helps in boosting up deals and influences web based showcasing.

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eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #11

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A Web-based drawing tool, which outputs the drawing as PNG file. Interesting that it’s fully developed in HTML5 and features tools like patterns, gradient, spirographs – generally found in big editors like Photoshop etc. It seems a promising step towards a Flash-less web.

Looking for a computer help?

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Enter a great Web 2.0 A quick scan of the videos available shows everything from creating a fish-eye look on photos in PhotoShop to drawing equilateral polygons in Windows (if I wanted to, I know now how). emerging trends and technologies help uTIPu Web 2.0

Help 143

Site Definitions

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The web design class I am taking is really getting my feet wet with Dreamweaver and photoshop. So far, I have been amazed at what you can do with Dreamweaver and photoshop and I am hungry to learn more I am currently working on my portfolio site which will eventually contain a gallery of my work along with some information about me. Something that is confusing me about Dreamweaver is the need for multiple site definitions.

Site 40

Tools for Creating Buttons

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My strengths are in web coding and not graphic design but I enjoy tinkering with graphics design and I am trying to learn more. However, I'm wondering if I should explore Adobe Photoshop's capabilities for buttons next. Adobe Illustrator Captivate Graphics Adobe Photoshop Paint Shop ProI just finished a new post at the Integrated Learning Services blog about how to use your own custom buttons in Captivate. This had me thinking -- what is the best way to make buttons?

Tools 40

Tools for Creating Buttons

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My strengths are in web coding and not graphic design but I enjoy tinkering with graphics design and I am trying to learn more. However, I'm wondering if I should explore Adobe Photoshop's capabilities for buttons next. Tags: Adobe Illustrator Captivate Graphics Adobe Photoshop Paint Shop Pro I just finished a new post at the Integrated Learning Services blog about how to use your own custom buttons in Captivate. This had me thinking -- what is the best way to make buttons?

Tools 40

Lynda.com vs. Atomic Learning

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Experts in the industry teaching topical classes , e.g., typography, web page layouts, etc. Chris Converse, Creating a Responsive Web Design. Tool training for specific topics or concepts , i.e., not Photoshop CS6 training, but specific Photoshop for Web Design.

Software Shopping

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Fireworks appears to be very similar to Photoshop with some extra features that will come in handy for web development. I am tempted to go with InDesign because it is far more robust than the program I currently use (MS Publisher) for printed materials and it seems like all of Fireworks perks can be had in other programs if not Photoshop. Jackpot!

Tablets will replace PCs but not in the way you Think

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printing problems, no optical drives (for backups I suppose), and that they won’t run power software, including Adobe Photoshop, Avid Studio, and Microsoft OneNote. (image credit: [link].

How to Play the eLearning File Size Game Without Losing Quality

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Decrease File Size in Photoshop. As I mentioned earlier, it is easier to compress images mainly because Photoshop makes things so easy. You can preview images in the Save for Web option in Photoshop. You can click File > Save for Web.

Development Corner: Image Formats

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" It is one of the most popular formats used on the web and in eLearning. In the second image, I have opened the file in Photoshop and zoomed in on the child's face.   In the Save As dialog box in Photoshop, choose "Photoshop" as the file format.

Format 158

Acrobat 9: Pan & Zoom

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

For example, I use Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat nearly every day.   One of the nice Photoshop features that I have grown to rely on is the Navigator, a miniature window of the currently active file. by David R.

"This Week in mLearning" Podcast: Week #2

mLearning Trends

Snapguide Mobile Web TWmLearning mlearning Mobile Apps

5 Super-Easy Techniques for Removing Backgrounds from Stock Images


Using any of the tools and techniques I’ve highlighted here means that you don’t need to take a class, buy Adobe Photoshop, bribe a graphic designer, or have any real expertise to seamlessly integrate stock images into your presentations or training. .

Stock 91

Intro to “Make Your eLearning Come Alive with Animated Characters”

Adobe Captivate

From Camera to Adobe Photoshop. Then I imported the monkey Photoshop file into Character Animator where I was able to rig it up and make it come ALIVE with my own performances, and mouth movements via my web cam, and mic. Hi Everybody!

10 Reasons to Join The eLearning Guild

Web Courseworks

I remember the days when Web Courseworks’ customers did not have online course instructional developers or designers and LMS administrators on staff. Colleges were just starting to offer Photoshop courses and were just including HTML and Macromedia in their curriculum.

Chicago Based e-Learning Developer? We're looking!

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Ideally, you will: •be highly IT literate and love learning new software •have experience with commercial eLearning development tools like Articulate and Captivate •have knowledge of Flash, HTML, Photoshop and other web development tools •be able to demonstrate a good eye for layout and brand •be passionate about quality and have an eye for detail •be well organized with great communication skills Position Type: Full Time State/Province, Country: Chicago, IL USA Interested?

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

Jane Hart

60- Flickr 53- Adobe Photoshop. Web browsers. Web conferencing. It has been good to see the varied interest in the 10 Tools Challenge both on my blog and Twitter as well as on other social channels – so here are a few updates.

Tools 252

10+ Hacks with Captivate & the Creative Cloud | Introduction

Adobe Captivate

I have been involved in graphic design, multimedia and the web since ’95 (doh. Hello Everyone! Howdy! I just wanted to introduce myself to the Adobe eLearning Community, I plan to create a new Blog with training videos teaching and showing.

Hand-picked Resources to Help You Become an Instructional Designer

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For instance, there seems to be as many web pages on instructional designing strategies and Photoshop tutorials as there are eLearning designers. With the coming of the Internet, gathering information on almost everything under the sun has become easier than ever before.

The New Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) is a Sign of the Mobile Times

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From inDesign CS6 make it easy to author for multiple devices from a single document, with features like Alternate and Flexible Layouts, linked stories and Liquid Layouts; to Photoshop CS6 including presets for new files that target mobile devices.

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Design Inspiration

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Have you ever created a new file in Photoshop, Flash, or any other application, and found yourself just staring at the blank canvas not knowing where to begin? I search all over the web for cool color combinations, typeface and other design elements.

Design 127

Acrobat: Portable Indeed!

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I'm off to see if I can figure out how to install Photoshop on my kid's Nintendo DS. Mankin is a Certified Technical Trainer, desktop publisher, computer graphic artist, and Web page developer. by David R.

Not All PNG Compressors Are Created Equal

TechSmith Camtasia

Not just for the web. In the case of the Jing logo, it looks like Photoshop is the culprit. When using Photoshop, always use "Save for Web & Devices." This week's Dev Corner post is brought to you by Eric Jensen. Not All PNG Compressors Are Created Equal.

PNG 100

20+ Easy Ways Take Your Screen Shots from Boring to Brilliant

Mike Taylor

If you’re taking screenshots of things that are online, why not present them the way everybody sees them – in a web browser. If your screenshots are not from documents or the web, placing them in the appropriate device screen is almost always a good option.