New Multi-Purpose Form Builder: The Swiss Army Knife for your online school


Picture the power you would have if you could easily collect accurate feedback, opinions, and responses from students and use that information to improve various aspects of your online school. Answer-based & Survey-based Tagging ?

Watching the paint dry

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I also touched on social tagging and the theory behind it - the use of Delicious tagging was a particularly popular part of the session. tools including aggregators (probably Crowdvine and Twemes ), microblogging (probably Twitter ) picture sharing and podcasting. blog delicious tagging wiki wetpaint learning Web 2.0It's been a busy day teaching with two of my BA groups having a stab at creating their first blogs here at the University of Plymouth.


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Wham, Slam, thank you m'ams

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That's me pictured with Helen doing a Web 2.0 Slam on social tagging using bits of crumpled up paper. Josie Fraser Slam Helen Keegan social tagging Frances Bell Web 2.0I thought Josie Fraser , Helen Keegan and Frances Bell caught the mood of the ALT-C conference today with their excellent workshop this morning entitled: 'Web 2.0 Slam'.

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Social Bookmarking: Your Favorites Really Want to be Free

Mike Taylor

Tagging can eliminate (or at least minimize) time-sucking searches for that elusive bookmark you know is in there somewhere. Tagging. Tagging is a flexible, informal way of categorizing that allows you to associate keywords with online content (web pages, pictures & posts). Even if you’re not sure what tagging is, you’ve already seen it in action on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Diigo, and many others. Tagging helps bring order to online content.

Your friend: Artificial intelligence in corporate training


Picture your ice cream cone on a hot day – that’s your training program. Deep search & auto-tagging: With an AI-powered learning platform (LMS) , the AI analyzes both formal and informal learning assets and improves their discoverability with the platform’s search feature.

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Image Optimization and Enhancement for Faster, Clearer, More Accessible Content

Magic EdTech

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s particularly true when it comes to online learning specially for K- 12, where a kid relates more to a picture than to a text underneath it. Tagging and alternate text make it easier to find and engage with images—even for people with low vision or other disabilities. Auto image tagging. Invest in your own success with Magic EdTech image enhancement, optimization, tagging, and alt text services.

Tools to maximize your sales enablement strategy


Here, we’ll discuss the essential ingredients that make up a powerful enablement stack — including a ugmented reality sales tools, a content tagging strategy , smart catalogs, and version control. Ensure usability with centralized storage and a content tagging strategy.

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A Year in Review: Looking Back to 2021, Moving Forward Together


With our enhanced email integrations, the new lead capture capabilities, and automated responses -see auto-tagging, user preferences, and extra personalization- you have all it takes to communicate with your audience better and grow your business. “Life is like riding a bicycle.

2011 Predictions

Clark Quinn

and what it takes is fine granularity and deep tagging of content, and some rules about what to present when. I’ve talked before about looking at the bigger picture of learning, because I’m convinced that the coming differentiator will not be optimal execution but continuing innovation. For the annual eLearn Mag predictions, this year I wrote: I think we’ll see some important, but subtle, trends.

The DevLearn Mobile App: A Lesson in Motivation and Reward


Notice the relative value of posting and filling out evaluations compared to just checking in or tagging something. Many posts are about sessions participants attended today; some are from presenters sharing tidbits from their upcoming presentations; some are pictures of the hotel pool, or pets and kids left at home. One of the components of our upcoming Devlearn "Ukulele Learning" sessions is some conversation around motivation and reward.

“Current Need-to-Know Tools and What’s Around the Corner” Nick Floro #olconf

Learning Visions

When creating content, think about making it more flexible – tagging and organizing it so you can easily shuffle it together. Microsoft HoloLens – “the era of holographic computing is here” Autodesk 123D – an app on your phone that lets you take a series of pictures. He shows a video of someone taking a picture of his son. Google Goggles (different than google glass) – take a picture of something, then it pulls up information on that thing – e.g., the Mona Lisa.

Gamification of Learning and Training

Kapp Notes

In 2006, Google created a game to help it tag pictures and photos on the web. Google’s solution: Tap the manpower of the web by making image-tagging a game. Gamification – making things that don’t seem to be a game into a game is growing in popularity. Game mechanics, scoring, points, time elements, pattern seeking, item matching, content ratings are quickly working their way into almost every element of life.

How to Devise an Effective Online Learning Assessment Strategy

Hurix Digital

Tagging, mapping, and blueprinting. Constructive alignment can be further optimized by tagging and mapping all learning assets and then creating a blueprint that maps out how these learning assets will (or can, if there’s flexibility) be utilized.

CourseMill vs Docebo LMS: Find out which tool is better?


To resolve this issue, we have come up with a detailed analysis of CourseMill vs Docebo LMS that contains comparison between CourseMill and Docebo as well as few pros and cons to give you a clear picture of which LMS is required for your business.

#ICELW Opening Keynote with Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth "The Future is Mobile…Social…Personal"

Learning Visions

Age and generations—these are NOT the issue—it’s context (he shows a picture of a kid reading a newspaper next to his grandfather on his computer). LOL to grandpa means “Lots of Love”… Learners taking notes by taking pictures of your slides. One of his colleague says “it’s awful when they do this because this makes it so easy for them!” – we all laughed as half of the audience is taking pictures of Steve’s slides. Can you picture that?)

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Financial Services Document Management: Save Hundreds of Hours with Automation and File Organization


For example, the text enclosed in red in the picture below might be pre-approved every quarter by marketing and compliance and set as static text. For example, the above picture shows a client book with default sections for your investment philosophy, a disclaimer, and a CEO bio. Bigtincan can even suggest similar files for tagging in the future after it adapts to your tagging patterns. .

Virtual Events Strategy in Pendemic


You don’t want your audience tagging behind a basic zoom platform where they can easily zoom out on the ongoing events.

New Features of Moodle 3.1 that Make it the Favorite of Learning Experts

CommLab India

The latest version includes unique, user-requested features such as competency-based learning, assignment grading, easy retrieval of deleted files, enhanced tagging, improved course editing, and more. Tagging Enhancements. Tagging ensures your search is easy across the LMS. Let’s say, the standard collection of tags can be used for tagging courses. The Message button beside the learner’s picture makes it easier to send messages.

News Commentary Curation Distribution

Tony Karrer

The post The Future of the News Ecosystem pointed me to the Stephen Johnson Picture shown above. While I don't necessarily believe that things are nearly so linear, it is a good picture of the kind of flow, enhancement, filtering that happens. Human tagging? I'm going to need to think through how to best categorize this, but I like the picture. What's missing from the picture above is the consumption side of things.

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Applying Usability Techniques to eLearning Documents

Integrated Learnings

o Meaningful picture labels. If your document doesn’t come up, or if it’s several search pages in, you know you need to adjust your tagging. • By Donna Bryant. If you have ever designed online support documents that are used for quick online reinforcement learning, you know that not only do the documents need to contain the right information, but they must also be usable online. What does it mean for an online support document to be usable online?

Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working (eLearning Guild Webinar) #inttime

Learning Visions

Becoming CURATORS of information – tagging, editing. The big picture is work and performance at work. These are my live blogged notes from today’s eLearning Guild Webinars with members of the Internet Time Alliance (ITA): Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn, Jane Hart, Jay Cross Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working The questions for the session were sourced from the crowd.

Interview: Micro Agility Featuring Acky Kamdar, CEO, Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech

Well, back then picture books for K-3 were moved to video cassettes and sold as a digital educational program! One example is content tagging and another one is quality assurance.

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xSMART – The Framework to Drive Your Content Modernization Initiative

Harbinger Interactive Learning

This is the first layer of the modernization framework in picture. It could be achieved in two simple steps, instructionally identifying key learning objectives and metadata tagging of content with relevant keywords. In my last blog , I touched upon how organizations are looking at modernizing their existing learning material to adapt to technology disruptions and meet the modern-day learners’ demands.

Key Social Media Metrics That Matter for Your Online School in 2022


Keep in mind that metrics and KPIs on their own cannot convey the whole picture for your online business. Consumers can directly mention your brand by using your handle on social media or indirectly by saying your name without tagging you.

CCK09: Notes on Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

Experiencing eLearning

I’m also aware of research about how people find arguments more convincing when they’re shown with pictures of brain scans, even if it’s the same text. It’s more like if 20 artists sit down to draw the same scene; there will be similarities and overlaps, but nobody’s picture will be the same. Over the last few days I’ve been working through Stephen Downes’ paper Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge.

Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

These features should be available within the system, even when a user is not directly consuming any learning content: Learner profiles, pictures and social media-style activity “walls” Ability to rank and review content (e.g. Content tagging and following functions, for easy content categorization, retrieval and lifelong learning. Social learning. It is essential for any association learning management system (LMS).

6 Reasons Why Associations & Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


This is where digital publishing and digital archive solutions come into the picture. There was a time when offices used to have cabinets piled with papers and files. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that these papers were converted to digital documents.

The Ripple Effect: Learning & Data Ecosystems


Hopefully, you can; but if that’s the case, you might have unintended consequences such as unplanned access, incorrect tagging, limited tracking options, and more. Now that you understand how changing elements in a learning ecosystem can impact both learning experiences and the ecosystem as a whole, it's time to think strategically when it comes to creating a "big picture" about your learning ecosystem.

The Best Sales Enablement Software [With Recommendations]


This is one area where sales engagement and sales intelligence overlap, as content analytics are relevant for individual interactions, and big-picture training and marketing activities. Lots of sellers want to know which sales enablement tools are best.

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Donald. Duck!

Learning with e's

Picture above: Donald Clark appeals to the Gods of Pedagogy). But his outright dismissal of the lecture as a legitimate pedagogical method left many of the delegates reaching for their laptops and harsh tagging him. And in the meantime, to lighten the mood, above is a picture of Stu Johnston with an Apple device. Donald Clark's opening keynote for ALT-C 2010 essentially polarised his audience this morning.

Leveraging Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and Ads for Ecommerce and WordPress LMS Websites with Shopify Store Scaling Expert Brad Redding


Again, you can compare that to your tagging that you’re doing, which has more filtering inside the CRM. We don’t have the full picture.

4 Best Dropbox Enterprise Alternatives (An In-Depth Comparison)


Take the file ‘Sales Cycle Analysis’, pictured here, as an example. You can completely do away with tagging, though it is optional. Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage solutions for consumers and businesses, has been around since 2007.

Web feats 6: Photosharing

Learning with e's

I have seen some very interesting uses including one where a biology teacher used the tagging facility on Flickr to teach human anatomy. She produced some pictures of the human body and asked her students to tag the various internal organs - it worked very well, and all the students enjoyed the experience greatly.

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What is Microlearning? Examples, Strategy, and More


By translating data, product information, and even workflows into graphics, learners get the picture quickly. . Videos, graphs, social networking and other pictures can be easily shared and viewed via phone, making it a natural tool for mini lessons. Share on facebook. Facebook.

Share trading

Learning with 'e's

Tagging made it even more personal. People now upload their pictures and videos, and share their ideas on Facebook and other popular social media platforms without thinking. They contribute to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons (where the picture on this page was found) with no qualms about copyright, or how much of their time they are giving up. We teach our children that sharing is good. And yet as adults, we are more reluctant to share with each other. What''s mine is mine.

The ultimate guide to personalized and adaptive learning


There are many different methods for getting a clear picture of your users and project needs. You can do this with focus groups or by tagging a quick survey onto the back of each piece of content. Personalized and adaptive learning are two of the hottest trends in L&D and they’re here to stay.

Addressing On-Demand Learning and Performance Needs #LCBQ | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

In more recent years, websites, wikis and blogs have entered the picture, creating social learning platforms that learners can modify themselves.

LCMS - Warehouse and Authoring

Tony Karrer

The LCMS can help with workflow and meta tagging. And in the case of a picture of a product - somehow authors have made their own copies to fit into their courses. It's certainly not changing the picture in one place and poof it gets update. I’ve received some good feedback on my post Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) for Managing Course Assets.

LCMS 124

What is Microlearning? Examples, Strategy, and More


By translating data, product information, and even workflows into graphics, learners get the picture quickly. Videos, graphs, social networking and other pictures can be easily shared and viewed via phone, making it a natural tool for mini lessons. FOCUS. It’s a lost art these days.

Capturing the moment

Learning with e's

The picture of me on the left was taken around 1980 (from another photo collection), capturing a personal moment in time for me. The discussion over the old photos of my youth group posted on Facebook last week has prompted a flurry of comments, tagging and sharing from us all - and although many of us had lost touch with each other - the images have brought us back together again, wherever we are in the world. Photographs are very powerful things.