8 Top Learning and Development Podcasts


You used to have to go to events or keep on top of reading blogs and books, but with the rise of podcasts you can hear straight from the gurus on your daily commute. Here’s our list of some of the best learning and development podcasts available now. Top L&D Podcasts. Good Practice Podcast. A firm favorite amongst the L&D community (and in the Elucidat team), the Good Practice podcast focuses on key issues affecting L&D and HR teams.

PODCAST 130: Turning Junior-level Talent into Top Sales Professionals with Eddie Baez

Sales Hacker

Today on the show, we’ve got Eddie Baez, the co-founder of Career Pipe, a recruiting agency and SDR training program for underrepresented groups and minorities primarily in New York City. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Welcome to the Sales Hacker podcast.


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Podcast Episode 3: Gamification and Learning – With Karl Kapp

Talented Learning

In January, we launched this podcast as a convenient way to hear directly from experts about how you can achieve more from modern learning solutions. Listen to the show with your favorite podcast channel. See the list on the sidebar of this post or on our podcast main page. Clarify what I call the core dynamic – in other words, how players win the game. To hear all the details, listen to the full podcast now. WELCOME TO EPISODE 3 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Podcast 25: Extended Channel Training – With Doug Gastich of BlueVolt

Talented Learning

To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. Incentives can be a highly effective way to engage voluntary learners in educational programs. Some of the early players were around and software-as-a-service was not even a thing yet. So tell me, what makes effective channel training programs work? It’s a points program that’s simple but effective.

Chuck Lorenz on Adapt – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast

Sponge UK

It means you can create one course that can be accessed on any type of device with a modern web browser whether you have programming experience or not. “I like beautiful things, I like to help people, I like education, I like technology and that all fits together with Adapt” Hopefully this podcast will inspire you to check out how Adapt could work for you and how you might be able to contribute to the project yourself in the future. Uncategorized multi-device podcast

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

For those who create training or administer training programs, that means considering and meeting the needs of learners with disabilities. A Guide for Creating and Buying Accessible Online Training within Your Organization’s Training Program. This guide will provide business reasons and practical approaches for building accessibility within your online training program. Why Do Training Programs Need Accessible Elearning?

Josh Bersin on Adding Value to Workplace Learning


Bersin sat down with me on the Adapter’s Advantage podcast to talk about his experience and expertise as it relates to: Integrating learning modules into the flow of work. Curating information that has an impact for your training programs.

How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

WBT Systems

You know your association should provide online learning programs to members and others in your industry. Here are some ways to build an online learning program with a limited budget. When taking on any new initiative, it’s best to develop a strategy so you don’t squander resources, especially when you’re trying to create an online learning program with a limited budget. You have to see the big picture, even if you’re a small player, so you head in the right direction.

How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

Talented Learning

In this environment, you’d think associations would be bursting at the seams with participants in member education programs. So, at a time when member education programs should be thriving, many have been losing ground. Let’s tackle this topic in today’s “Ask Me Anything” column… “Ask Me Anything” About Creating More Successful Member Education Programs. Developing programs in a vacuum is a sure-fire way to miss the mark.

Putting the passion back into retail L&D: 5 top takeaways (Ep16)


What is the vital missing ingredient for most training programs? Hear what Bob had to say about retail L&D on the Learning at Large Podcast: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast – Tell Me Something Good About Retail.

Building scalable microlearning journeys: 5 top takeaways (Ep12)


Strategy Execution contributes to the L&D world by providing top-tier solutions in project program portfolio management, agile business analysis, and business skills. Hear what Treion had to say on the Learning at Large Podcast. Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. You don’t become an expert tennis player after one lesson. The Learning at Large Podcast UncategorisedHow do you manage vast microlearning libraries?

Does Your Business Really Need an LMS? Straight Talk with “The eLearning Coach”

Talented Learning

The resulting podcast is titled “ The Strategic Use of Learning Management Systems ” but speaks to a more basic question: Does your organization even need an LMS? Listen to the full podcast or read the highlights below: Podcast Highlights. In situations where specialists compete with the generic LMS brands we’ve all known for decades, niche players are typically winning. Ideas for integrating new content into existing programs.

Learning at Large Ep1: Building a learning culture for 45,000 salespeople


In this episode of the Learning at Large podcast, I talk to Paul Goundry , Head of Learning at Utility Warehouse. Paul and his team support over 45,000 salespeople with personal learning programs, adopting a strong design approach and a focus on tangible learning outcomes. Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast transcript. The Learning at Large Podcast

Learning at Large Ep3: Digital first learning strategies, at scale


In this episode of the Learning at Large podcast, I talk to Sam Taylor. Sam has led large scale digital learning programs at Barclays, Tesco, and Hitatchi Rail, reaching audiences of up to half a million people. Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast Transcript. ” @samt_el on the @Learn_at_Large podcast #LearningatLargeTweet this. The Learning at Large Podcast

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

CLO Magazine

In this episode of the Chief Learning Officer Podcast, Jon talks about that “crucible of leadership,” how he rebuilt himself and his team in the wake of his failure and how they came to establish the Discover College Commitment, an industry-leading tuition assistance program that all Discover employees are eligible for starting on their first day. Podcast Producer: Jesse McQuarters. Mike Prokopeak: Hello and welcome to the Chief Learning Officer podcast.

Learning at Large Ep6: Measuring the effectiveness of human-centred learning


Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast Transcript. I think two that I’ve been really proud of—during my time in oil and gas, first was a redesign of our induction program, and it’s a story I’ve told before. ” @shackletonjones on the Learning at Large podcast #podcast #learning. ” @shackletonjones on the Learning at Large podcast #podcast #learning @Learn_at_Large.

Learning at Large Ep4: Decentralizing L&D to support a successful learning culture


Lars brings over 27 years of experience in the design and implementation of large-scale learning programs and performance improvement solutions. Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast transcript. larshyland on the #LearningatLarge podcast. larshyland on the #LearningatLarge podcast. larshyland on the #LearningatLarge podcast. The Learning at Large Podcast Uncategorised

How to make a transformational impact as CLO: 5 key takeaways (Ep13)


Today, David runs his own consultancy as well as being an executive coach in Harvard Business School’s executive education programs. Hear what David had to say on the Learning at Large Podcast. Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. And, of course, meaningful to their organization—because the organization is typically supporting them to go to that type of program.”. The Learning at Large Podcast

CLO 40

Ep10: Socializing your learning design to support global audiences


Tracy and his team support over 2,000 specialist sales staff in locations all over the world, with sales training programs to drive performance improvements. Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast Transcript. So, as you start designing programs or looking at programs that other people have designed, you have that firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. .

Learning at Large Ep7: How to solve real-life business problems through learning design


Listen to this episode now: Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast transcript. Paul: [ 2:40 ] Probably our annual mandatory compliance training program. ” @GemStGem on the Learning at Large podcast. So, things like what we’re reading, what blogs are we engaging with, what podcasts are we engaging with, which TED Talks are we watching? The Learning at Large Podcast Uncategorised

Lessons From The World Cup: The Best Teams Have Learned These 4 Things


One player does not make a team. During the first season of the Revisionist History podcast, Malcolm Gladwell highlighted the research of economists Chris Anderson and David Salley around their idea of weak-link vs strong-link networks. They asked: What matters more, how good your best player is or how good your worst player is? In soccer, your worst player matters more than your best player. Most fans only focus on the players on the field.

5 Simple Habits Bad Leaders Can’t Seem to Shake Off


Dabo Swinney the Clemson football coach has a brilliant perspective about this, “I care more about the 30-year-old version of my players than the 19-year-old version. I want our players to know we empowered, disciplined, encouraged, and equipped them and we didn’t use them or entitle them.” Then, 4 years ago I was introduced to the world of podcasting and Audible books and it changed my leadership journey forever.

5 Things You Must Have to Create More Leaders


Last week on the Follow My Lead Podcast, Whitney Johnson seconded Ossip. But what many may not know is over 20 of his former players and assistant coaches are now head coaches at colleges or in the professional ranks. Instead, he created more leaders, and now his influence, values, and beliefs spread to 20+ programs and thousands of other people. Follow My Lead Podcast Leadership

How to Easily Create Powerful Customer Education

Spark Your Interest

As are the types of programs and the components you could choose to include. This is the second in a series on customer training so you can create a powerful customer education program for your organization. Do You Need A Customer Education Program? The program has many tools.

Powerful Characteristics Leaders Look For in Employees


Fast forward 7 years and one of the best things about hosting a podcast focused on transferring stories and best practices of today’s leaders to the leaders of tomorrow is learning what leaders from all different industries, backgrounds, and demographics truly care about. You are a team player. The great soccer player Tony Adams famously said, “Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they’ll remember the name on the back.” Online Leadership Programs.

Corporate University:Include Technology

Your Training Edge

Smart phones, MP3 players, and social media almost make it a necessity to include a technology plan in the roll-out of the corporate university. Whether it’s off-the-shelf or internally developed, online programs cut training time and costs, and provide a great way to track and report grades and completions. In addition, with the right LMS you can administer online programs very well. In today’s environment, technology is king.

E-learning In Automobile Industry – New Report

Upside Learning

I remember attending a large number of classroom training sessions and video based training using VHS players which at the time were the only technology assisted learning at that time –between 1997 & 2000. From our discussion and previous experience with the sector, we already know that technology adoption had been strong amongst most of the larger auto players.

Ep9: Up-skilling your workforce to future-proof your organization


Jon’s original background as a teacher is demonstrated in his corporate career, where he rolled out a game-changing education assistance program which has now resulted in over 500 employees gaining a bachelor’s degree. Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. Podcast Transcript. ” Jon Kaplan on the @learn_at_large podcast” Tweet this. So, these were enormously effective learning programs.

4 Tips to Build Sales Relationships and Engagement in a Virtual World


Lotka joined us on Allego’s podcast, The Adapter’s Advantage , to share her expertise and experience in this area, specifically touching on: the importance of positive client sales relationships. In our world, the “coaches” are sales managers and the “players” are their sales teams.

Leader development is the question. Is mobile the answer?

Allison Rossett

The assets can take many forms, from podcasts that motivate to checklists that guide. However, as enticing as they are, mobile devices are not major players in enterprise workforce development, in general, and in leader development, in particular. It revealed hefty interest but little programming. What we found was intense interest, both in the marketplace and in the publisher/developer world, but few programs up to the gnarly challenge that is leadership.

Mobile 140

Best LMS For Teaching Courses Online

Academy of Mine

As we discuss in the podcast below, sometimes all you need is the digital equivalent of two chairs and a table. You can listen to the full 40 minute podcast here. We actually have a really great 40 minute podcast on the topic of creating an LMS for your online course.

Teach 80

Online Learning Trends That You Can’t Ignore


Usage of videos, podcasts, micro-blogs, diagrams, images, questions, and quizzes not only helps in increasing the participation and completion rate of training courses but also engages the learners in a better way. Data analytics also enable organizations to provide customized training programs to a group or a set of employees, who might be showing similar learning behavior or patterns.

6 Mobile Learning Trends That Grew in 2012

Bottom-Line Performance

Meant to be consumed in a couple of minutes, snack learning is convenient when you have a five-minute break between meetings or need a quick tutorial on how to run a software program. Unlike SCORM, Tin Can API is also easy to implement and major players like Articulate , Lectora , and Blackboard have already adopted Tin Can. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard by now that mobile learning is no longer the next big thing – it IS the big thing.

Building Your A-Team

CLO Magazine

Year after year he acquires top players, many of them “one and done,” meaning they attend only the single required year of college before declaring for the NBA draft. Despite the short tenure of many athletes in this program, Kentucky is almost always a national title contender. Calipari understands that his top players will move on, and he embraces the disruptive momentum this brings to his team. Sports provide a window into effective team-building.

Teams 49

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Beyond iPoding

Kapp Notes

Click on the link if you'd rather listen to the podcast of this post, Beyond iPoding , you can find it here. One example is podcasting for learning. It was first thought of as great way to train but now some pundits are warning that “telling ain't training” and that podcasting isn't all that it is cracked up to be. The answer is that podcasting needs to be thought of differently than just recorded training. Podcasts is appropriate for a variety of purposes.

iPod 100

6 Top-Notch Sessions at ATD TechKnowledge 2017

Knowledge Guru

Unfortunately, some corporate training programs struggle to even provide an adequate user experience. BLP President, Sharon Boller, will give this session on six lessons from the trenches: 1) play games to make good games; 2) playtest; 3) choose game elements that support learning goals; 4) help players figure out how to play; 5) less is better; and 6) scoring is harder to get right than you think. Explore how game designers engage players and immerse them in the game environment.

eLearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Tesseract Learning

” Microlearning can be used as one of the primary modes of training delivery for some learning programs or just before an eLearning or VILT session, or a few days after the formal training as a reinforcement of key learnings to help the learners remember the concepts well.