How to Decrease Course Size Using Player Quality Settings in Articulate Storyline

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This blog shares the steps to reduce the size of e-learning courses, and how Articulate Storyline lets you control several aspects of a course with the Player Quality settings. Articulate Storyline Learning Technology player settings

Improved Learner Experience with the New Audio Player [New Feature]


Today, we are so excited to announce our new and revamped Audio Player , that will take your audio upload and management to the next level! The new audio player comes with enhanced capabilities and modern design. Soundwave View of the Audio Player.

Tips for Quality Design in ELearning


Design can include a lot of various components of a course, including the supplemental visuals, color schemes, player format (in the case of programs like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate), diagrams, and more.

Know All about The Players in the E-learning Outsourcing Process

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The success of outsourcing in e-learning depends on the quality of people management on both sides, especially the vendor side. They need to maintain good rapport with the stakeholders and internal team members to ensure deliverables within the stipulated timeframe and of the desired quality.

E-Learning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

Designing Digitally

Title: Creative Director Description: With sensitivity for user experience and the effectiveness of a project, the creative director focuses on quality and making sure the work exceeds expectations. Title: Quality Assurance Personnel Description: Don't forget about the QA people!

eLearning Brothers Makes a Powerful Point by Acquiring Get My Graphic

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eLearning Brothers now offers the highest quality solution on the market to replace death-by-bullet-point with deeply engaging visuals. We are excited to announce our acquisition of the Arlington, Virginia-based, Get My Graphic.

Release Notes: New SCORM Video Player Connects Learners to Millions of Videos


The OpenSesame crew is proud to announce the newest feature in our elearning marketplace: a SCORM video player, which unlocks millions of hours of high-quality video content for use in enterprise learning management systems. .

How Video Accessibility Improves UX and SEO

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A video that facilitates a positive experience may include things like colorful graphics, quality information, and credible resources. Online video has the profound ability to communicate a message quickly and to engage in effective storytelling simultaneously.

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ROI of continuous training: HR Directors’ unsolvable problem?


If you’re skeptical about the benefits of gaming, I invite you to take a look at the proportions of video games players per age ranks in France in 2018. Don’t make the mistake of seeking volume over quality.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Rock On with e-Learning from ZVEX

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007 Rock On with e-Learning from ZVEX.Simple video (one shot, no edits) + Super high-quality audio (which youd expect from this source) + Nice voice + Humor + Good hand gestures = Really Cool Product Training Im no guitar player, but I thoroughly enjoyed these little demo videos of "handmade stompboxes" (pedals used to create crazy effects with electric guitars.) Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

eLearning Weekly

During our 10 years in the elearning business, we realized that the biggest impediment to the growth of elearning was organizations’ inability to easily find, select and deploy high quality elearning content. JB: A SCORM video player.

Learning Game Design Series, Part 4: Game Elements

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These are are the rules and procedures that guide the player and the game response to the player’s moves or actions. Conflict comes in many forms, but it always represents a challenge for the player to overcome. What control do players have in the real-world over decisions?

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Utilizing Gaming Elements: 5 Popular Ways Of Delivering Successful Game-Based Learning


Strategy and Chance: Strategy-based games puts a lot of control into the players’ hands in the form of decisions they can make that affect game play or their odds of achieving the goal. The challenge could be a physical obstacle, combat with another player, or a puzzle that has to be solved.

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Publishing A SCORM Course with Articulate Storyline 3


The description only comes into play if your learners are using the articulate mobile player.). Articulate mobile player*. A note about using the Articulate mobile player: It requires your learners to download an additional free app to view content.


ID and e-Learning Links (5/18/14)

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When clients ask for crappy e-learning or provide unreasonable deadlines that don’t allow for quality development, we need to push back. Being timid doesn’t makes us team players, just pushovers. Simulation Tools for Every Budget. Tools for branching scenarios, from free and simple to expensive and complex. PDF, PowerPoint, BranchTrack, Inklewriter, Twine, Storyline, and SimWriter. tags: e-learning branching simulation scenarios Storyline branchtrack free powerpoint.

Apple Vs Adobe: Impact On Mobile Learning Development

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We posted earlier that Adobe is working with all the major mobile phone vendors [except Apple] under the Open Screen Project to bring the Flash Player to their devices and make it a de facto standard for mobile delivery. Related posts: Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1–

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This Week on #BLPLearn: Social Games and Backstory

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Our goal is to make the weekly #BLPLearn blog a dependable source for quality, curated L&D content. My article is about the use of story in games and whether or not the backstory adds to – or decreases – player retention.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think" (WIRED)

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Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think" (WIRED) ( WIRED link ) excerpt: "In the wake of the intelligence bungles that propelled the United States into the Iraq war, its no secret that the nations spies have been working to improve the quality of their analysis. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « How will ISD handle "Neural Buddhism"? Main | HHS and Federal Government Blogs » May 14, 2008 "U.S.

Off-the-Shelf Content or Custom-built: Which Is Better For Your e-Learning Endeavour?


With many players in the market and the option of varying content bundles, it is often cost effective to buy OTS solutions. Quality content: A factor which often makes L&D managers wary of OTS solutions is the quality assurance of the learning content.

Learning Game Design: a Blog Series by Sharon Boller

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Playing games for enjoyment is different than playing games to evaluate the quality and efficacy of the game design. A game’s mechanics are the rules and procedures that guide the player and the game response to the player’s moves or actions.

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Games To Gamification


However, these days you find many single-player games where the player competes with a component of the environment (say a computer), against his or her own skills. They are also the rules that govern behaviors, offering predictable outcomes for players’ actions.

4 Downsides to MOOCs


For those of you who are not very familiar with MOOCs, let’s take a minute to explain what they are and who some of the major players are in the industry. Some of the major players include Coursera, EdX, and Udacity. Quality Concerns.

According to a study by City and Guilds Group, UK employees are bored with L&D… Pain point by pain point, discover what Coorpacademy does to make their learning experiences better!


They want to see more engaging (37%) , personalised (35%) and better-quality (29%) content, as well as shorter micro-learning (23%) methods available at work.’ In our Learning Report 2018 , we identified a type of learners, the Players (the learners who played at least one Battle) and we realized that Players were more engaged and more efficient in training. The Players are also 3x more active, with more than 3x more lessons viewed. Better-quality?

Points in Gamification: 3 Ways to Go Beyond the Basics to Create Great Learning

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But over the years, as the format of games changed and became less ‘endless’, players began to care less about points in gamification and respond to more complex incentives. An obvious alternative would be to reverse this and challenge players to target loss aversion.

Baseball and your Learning Organization


I could talk about learning techniques utilized in the past seven games and why players were less intimidated by pitches they encountered the second and third time around, or possibly what a combined 176 years of waiting can teach us in preparing for the future.

Some FAQs about Adobe’s announcements yesterday

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Adobe announced to increase its efforts on HTML5, use of the Flash Player for applications (packaged with AIR) and specific desktop browsing use cases including premium video and console-quality gaming. As a result, Adobe will no longer develop Flash Player for mobile web browsers. What does this mean for Flash Player support on desktops? Will the Flash Player continue to be available on the Android Market? What will happen with Flash Player support on RIM?s

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A Paycheck Away, Our Learning Game For Change, Was a Game Changer

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Lots of them, in fact, players left quite a pile: Participants wrote down their ideas and solutions while debriefing. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the central issues surrounding homelessness our players identified… and potential solutions.

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Final Step in Learning Game Design: Playtest, playtest, playtest

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Playtesting is NOT usability testing, focus group testing, quality assurance testing, or internal design review. Can your players “get it” without you explaining what the game is about? They should intrigue or interest the player.

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Game Maker’s Toolkit, Flip Book, and Creativity in eLearning: This Week on #BLPLearn

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Our goal is to make the weekly #BLPLearn blog a dependable source for quality, curated L&D content. The player may not even realize they are being taught a new mechanic because it’s presented in-game with little text.

The Perfect Toolkit to Create Your eLearning Courses


On the other hand, if we compress the image too much, the quality might be affected. Tools like, allow you to compress your images so that the quality is virtually unaffected , significantly decreasing their size. The world of eLearning courses is in constant evolution.

Employee-generated Learning is now mainstream

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As EGL is rooted in this sphere of learning models, this emphasis by big players is clear evidence of acceptance and adoption of our approach. Quality and service.

Put the Pedal to the Metal With Your Storyline Development

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How can we develop efficiently while maintaining the highest possible quality? Well, first I take a look at the brand guide and I create my player and my theme. Part 1. We have all compared ourselves to other developers. Are we slower than others, in line with them, or faster?

Two Noteworthy Game News Items

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1) Using a crowdsourcing game called FoldIt , players have unlocked a protein mystery that had baffled AIDS researchers. As the linked article states: “Following the failure of a wide range of attempts to solve the crystal structure of M-PMV retroviral protease by molecular replacement, we challenged players of the protein folding game Foldit to produce accurate models of the protein,” the study reads. Here are three game related news items that I think are of interest.

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Games are an Abstraction of Concepts and Reality

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The player is involved in an abstraction of events, ideas and reality. First, it helps the player manage the conceptual space being experienced. In other words, it helps the player understand what is going on within the game. Abstraction of Concepts and Reality. Vintage SimCity.

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Supporting 508 compliance in eLearning through our latest SCORM Engine release

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When D2L wanted to improve Engine’s player so it could more easily cooperate with screen readers, we were game. Throughout the process, we worked closely with two Quality Assurance Analysts at D2L who made a big impact on us. She was able to show us exactly how she used Engine’s player and what needed to be improved. We redid the Player’s menu, buttons and navigation so that VoiceOver can now read them properly.

Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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Protecting against the least technically involved theft of video, a click of the “download” icon, may involve just a simple setting change in your video player. Have you invested a heap of money and sweat into creating videos for users of your LMS?

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The path toward better partner channel learning content


Through paying closer attention to the quality of knowledge at hand – and enabling your partners to interact and learn from each other – you create a closer-knit organizational culture that will absolutely perform better than one that’s fragmented.