MOOC Major Players


The MOOC landscape is taking shape , and just like social networking sites before it, the major players are starting to emerge.

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5 Major Players in Distance Learning


To explore the distance learning major players in more detail, let me introduce Allie Cooper – an individual who has a passion for all things learning, education technology, and the latest industry happenings. Below, we’ll feature five major players in distance learning worldwide.

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Ready Player None: The Pitfalls of Gamification

eLearning Alchemy

Self-proclaimed gamification “experts” have seemingly dropped from the sky to fill our conferences and social media channels. Length: 777 words. Reading Time: ~3.5 minutes. It’s hard to have missed the rise of gamification in the learning industry over the past few years.

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What an offline player means for your learning community


Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. An offline player, in the context of elearning, is a program which allows learners to download elearning content when they are connected to the internet, then complete the training later when disconnected.

Team Players: Collaborating in Business


Being a team player is one of the most coveted traits that employers look for in new candidates. What does being a team player mean? Millennials grew up participating in sports and being team players from their earliest days of playing tee-ball.

Adding Social To Learning Games

Upside Learning

As our services in game design and development advance, we’re often asked how ‘social gaming’ paradigms can be used in learning games. I’ve been doing some thinking about social games; what makes them tick. Greed is an exceptional instance, game players are greedy, they want more.

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Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning , tutorial Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player by Kevin on May 20th, 2010 To kick things off, a note on the words: “Player” and “Skin”.

4 Social Learning Facts You Should Know


Social media giants like FaceBook and the like demonstrate the possibilities that we have available to us when it comes to social learning despite being remote. It’s On the Rise: Learning by informal, social methods is more and more common.

How Gamers Learn: The Game Player’s Brain

Growth Engineering

With games, the player is thrown into an environment and they’re often given no instructions on how to proceed. Although there have been advances in social training platforms, many learners still have limited options when they need help.

Social Media Libraries for Flash

Upside Learning

As social technology growth continues to march on and dynamic learning grows to be the need of the day, it is little surprise that social media has now become an integral part of learning as well.

Social Games & Community Development

Usable Learning

So I’ve been doing research for a chapter on social and informal learning that I’m adding the second edition, and I’ve been taking a look at some of the resources on social gaming because they know a *lot* about community development. Social Difficulty Curve.

LMS Trends And How They Impact Key Players In The Ecosystem

eLearning Industry

This article is about the various trends coming up in the LMS domain like augmented learning, mobile learning, gamification, social learning, etc., and how these trends are going to impact the key players in the ecosystem starting from the learner, admin, reviewer and organization on the whole. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems eLearning Trends Learning Management System Trends LMS Features

Social Learning is Voluntary; Collaboration Platforms are Enablers

ID Reflections

I love this description from Jane Harts post: FAUXIAL LEARNING is about forcing people to use social media in courses – or even in the workplace – and then confusing compliance with engagement (and even worse) learning. Does this mean the employees are not engaging in "social learning"?

Is Social Learning a “Feature” You Can Add?

Bottom-Line Performance

Social Learning is not a “new” course or LMS feature…it’s something that happens naturally. At best, a “social learning solution” is similar to carefully decorating and cleaning your house for a dinner party. gamification Social Learning Social Medi

My first stab at a custom Articulate Community Player | LearnNuggets


So I turned my attention to the building my own player instead. Please upgrade your browser At first glance, this can easily be done in Flash with simple buttons, but it’s a real-live-honest-to-goodness Articulate player published right from PowerPoint! The Player.

Does Mobile + Social + Games = Learning? Help us find out

Bottom-Line Performance

The holy grail of learning is shifting to games/gamification, mobile, and social. How well does a social/mobile/gaming approach work in helping people learn…particularly when no one is pushing them to learn? Yes, we’re all hearing the buzz.

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The Biggest Players In the Microlearning Industry Today

Ed App

So here is a run down of the biggest players in the microlearning industry today. Two of the biggest players in the corporate microlearning industry today are: LinkedIn Learning. Social Solutions. One of the biggest players disrupting the education industry with microlearning is the Khan Academy. The post The Biggest Players In the Microlearning Industry Today appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

Delivering Impactful Induction Training through Social Tools – Some Practical Tips


While induction trainings can be created and accessed by learners across the various offices as per their convenience, what most new inductees miss is social interactions and shared knowledge – which is an integral part of learning in the early days.

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Social Learning Theory: Principles and Applications

Roundtable Learning

In this blog, we explore how understanding and applying the Social Learning Theory can boost Learning & Development and training courses. Albert Bandura, a social psychologist, developed a theory surrounding this type of collaborative learning.

Learning Lab Part 1 Wrap-up: 5 Social Learning Lessons

Bottom-Line Performance

Our sign-ups were modest, but we had players from all over the world take part. Part of social learning is that the “teacher” learns too. Social learning platforms enable facilitators to respond to the needs of learners in a more immediate, direct fashion.

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The Angry Birds Community: Social Learning Utopia?

Dashe & Thomson

Not because the videos aren’t all helpful, but because the motivation for participation is very different than that inside an enterprise social learning environment. A personal emotional investment creates a desire to return to a social media platform and to participate.

How to Get Your Learners as Addicted as Pokemon Go Players


You can barely go online–let alone leave your house–without meeting a barrage of Pokemon Go players hunting for a Jigglypuff or looking for tips to level up. It’s the players themselves driving the craze. Message boards and forums are abuzz with tips for Pokemon hunting; players are interacting out in public; and, most importantly, players are logging in again and again throughout the day. That social aspect can completely revolutionize the way you look at learning.

This Week on #BLPLearn: Social Games and Backstory

Bottom-Line Performance

Rather than restricting the social media conversation to a 30 minute window, we’re inviting everyone inside and outside BLP to share interesting links, thoughts, and articles with the #BLPLearn hashtag on Twitter. The Secret Sauce of Social Games.

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Is Social Learning Super? Gridiron Guru Launches Today!

Bottom-Line Performance

Last week , we announced our new social learning lab and invited you to participate. Gridiron Guru is a social learning game playable on the iPad as a web app or from your desktop. Let the social learning begin

Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

Social learning. Yet no one can define “social learning” in a nutshell, because there is no universally accepted meaning. Almost always, we find association leaders who are unsure about precisely where social functionality should fit into their learning strategies, and which social features are best for their members’ needs. Public social media vs. private association social learning? Social at the member, group or content level?

Why is a Social Learning platform important for business?


This is, in essence, how social learning works. The applications of a social learning platform on training have been known for sometime, but the idea of a social learning management system is relatively new. The new face of Social Learning.

How To Use Social Intelligence In eLearning


Social intelligence, or SI, deals with situational awareness and meaningful interaction. A socially intelligent individual is able to work well with others and understand the dynamics within a group. Basic Principles Of Social Intelligence.

Facilitating Social Learning


Facilitating Social Learning. The future of employee learning and development is social, collaborative and ongoing. Why social learning works. Social learning thrives in and helps cultivate a culture of learning where employees learn while they work.

E-learning in the development sector should be grounded in social constructivism

The eLearning Nomad

Why are some of the key players in the sector still working with content management systems (CMS) and wondering why their (real) learning online hasn’t taken off? It is the social constructivist approach that we should be using instead. What is social constructivism?

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Social Flow and Collaboration in Gameful Design

Skilful Minds

Social Flow in Gameful Design made the point that social flow contrasts to Csikszentmihalyi's original concept of individual or solitary flow, in which a person's engagement in actions is optimal, where they lose a sense of time and awareness of self in an intrisincally rewarding feeling. Social flow implies a qualitatively different order of the flow experience, a group-level experience. Recent social psychological research supports Simon's point.

The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

For an excellent illustration of this problem, check out this great example provided by the always-interesting Cathy Moore (click the image to launch the Flash player): Courtesy of [link] So, why does narration in eLearning frequently do nothing more than parrot back what’s written on the screen?

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The New Social Learning by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner

Clark Quinn

Marcia Conner & Tony Bingham’s book The New Social Learning is, quite simply, a must-read if you are in either responsible for learning in, or running, a business. If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know that social learning is the key to competitiveness and survival. Illustrated with anecdotes and quotes from the major players jn the space (usual disclaimer), the message could not be clearer. Tags: social

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Social media: It’s not about the technology!

E-Learning Provocateur

As an enterprise, Acme Corporation is “dipping its toes&# into social media. While the organisation has invested in social technology, and maybe even documented a social media policy, the majority of its social media activity is driven from the bottom up.

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Learning with e's

Wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, microblogs, social networking. More often, we are learning informally, while playing a massively multi-player online role playing game for example, or listening to a podcast about a news item.

Training and Education for Millennials through Gamification

Your Training Edge

Fantasy Election 2012 ( [link] ) allowed players to build a fantasy ‘dream team’ of candidates and to compete against others in a virtual league, social media was utilized as a measure of engagement.

Top 3 #LMS 4 Video, Mobile, Social.

eLearning 24-7

Social. On-Off synch app (not one for your desktop like some lameo player) – See the above. Separate mobile apps for various features, i.e. one for social, one for ABC and yada. Top three in Social. A lot of vendors are doing way better with social.

Creating “Mind-Blowing” Learning Games for Social Impact and Business Results

Bottom-Line Performance

This week I had a “first” in terms of how someone described what we’d created: “mind-blowing” We were doing our final play test of A Paycheck Away and each player was invited to share a one-word description of the game-play experience they’d just completed.

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