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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Sound of Silence by Jim on April 7, 2011 in eLearning At what point does narration really add anything to an eLearning module, and at what point is it simply being added because “it’s what’s expected?”

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How I used Learnworlds’ interactive video player to guide viewers’ attention


Besides, with the Learnworlds’ enhanced interactive video player it’s now very easy to cue a video. Will a sound bell? The post How I used Learnworlds’ interactive video player to guide viewers’ attention appeared first on Learnworlds. One of the most interesting benefits I found concerning interactive video is a mechanism known as “selective focus”. A selective focus approach, is expected to promote learning efficiency by drawing viewers’ attention to valuable content.


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Flash Player 10 New Features- Online Training Course

Take an e-Learning Break

Flash Player 10 New Features is a new online training course including how to set up a system for development and testing from Adobe evangelist Lee Brimelow. Lee covers the new sound and drawing APIs , which can be used to add real-time audio effects and UV texture mapping to any project. The 9 minute Overview of Flash Player 10 module is free.

E-Learning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

Designing Digitally

Title: Audio & Visual Technician Description: Responsible for the integrity of any sounds and visuals, he or she is involved with every aspect of the animation, recordings and appropriate sound effects. Traditionally, people think in terms of an individual who masterfully does it all. He or She designs, develops and evaluates content that will be used for training. Technically savvy, he or she modifies and improves existing course material to make it even more engaging.

SimWord of the Day: Avatar, Player's

The Learning Circuits

In many games including massively multiplayer, the player is represented with a "physical" presence in the game world or play space. The location of the avatar on a map or the relationship to another unit can activate a context specific trigger, such as the sound of traffic if the avatar is near a road, or a context specific menu, such as the opportunity to talk if the avatar is near another character, or even use a copier if the avatar is near a copier.

3 Eye-Catching Ways to Add Interactivity to Your Screencasts


With our Video Editor you are able to enhance the effect by sounding a bell when the highlight shows up. Course & Page Design Course Creation e-learning interactive video interactive video elements interactivity ivideo video playerSoftware animated demonstrations – which more recently have come to be known as “screencasts”- have generated new interest as a promising learning tool.

Feedback in Learning Games

Kapp Notes

Whether you give your players immediate or delayed feedback depends on how you want them to use the information and the type of information you are giving. For actions taken by the player, like pushing a button or jumping, it is best practice to give them feedback immediately unless you are simulating an action where that information would not be readily available. For feedback that is based on the player’s performance there are a few additional considerations.

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Multitrack audio and creating MP3 podcast files: Podcasting for E-Learning

The E-Learning Curve

The demo is about seven minutes in duration, and requires Flash Player version 7 or better. Make a cup of your favorite hot beverage Open the audio package in your software media player. Tags: audio editor Audio Audacity sound content production post-production podcast multitrack audio Today's post about Podcasting for E-Learning covers editing and rendering multitrack audio using the open-source audio editor Audacity.

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eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons

Upside Learning

Here I list some of them: Flash Switcher – Adobe Flash being the most commonly used development tool for Upside Learning, testing Flash content in different versions of Flash Player is a pain. Flash-Switcher makes things easy by allowing you to have multiple Flash Player plug-ins installed in the browser at the same time. Using Flash-Switcher you can also add or remove different versions of Flash Player. Mozilla’s Firefox is a preferred web browser for many.

Game Element: Rewards

Kapp Notes

The simplist of rewards, the game just tells the game player he or she did a good job. This can be through sound effects, the words “good job” or some other indication. This is a common method of rewarding a player for an accomplishment. The player does something she was supposed to do and is provided with points for the effort. It also deeply taps into a players need for autonomy. Rewards are an important part of game play.

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Demonstration: Editing an Audio File. Podcasting for E-Learning

The E-Learning Curve

Today's post is a demonstration outlining how to edit an audio file using the Audacity open-source non-linear sound editor. The demo is about six minutes in duration, and requires Flash Player version 7 or better. Next I described how the sound file was to be “cleaned up” by ensuring the file was: Topped & tailed Normalized NRed EQed Saved as an "_edit" version. Tags: audio editor Audio Audacity sound content production post-production podcast editing audio

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eLearning Brothers and Lodestone Create a New Concept in eLearning Training

eLearning Brothers

The eLearning Template Library includes Games, Quizzes, Interactions, Cutout People Images, Scenarios, Player Skins, Layouts, Stock Images, and Sounds. (SLC, UT, January 21, 2014) eLearning Brothers and Lodestone have partnered to provide a new twist in eLearning training. For the first time, eLearning developers can receive software training and over 20,000 eLearning assets in one offering at the same price as training alone.

An Educator’s Guide to Using Game Mechanics for the Win


Players seek risks, challenges, rewards, and recognition when they play a game. Badges Players may be awarded badges once they accumulate a certain number of points. Provide a badge every time the player moves ahead without faltering in the scenario. Sounds familiar? Players can earn some points whenever they reach a milestone, and after they have accumulated a certain number of points, they move a level higher.

Opportunities at Limestone Learning: Instructional designer, elearning specialist and elearning LMS specialist

Limestone Learning

We are looking to work with team players who are: Positive Enthusiastic Flexible Creative Committed Detail-oriented Does this sounds like you? “ Bulldog, French, puppy ” by makunin is licensed by Pixabay.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Open Laszlo Gets Its Own Track and Big Customers for the open source webtop platform

Mark Oehlert

It sounded interesting and I have heard rumors that one of the armed services in the U.S. Here is a little something for my geek bros and siss: "Temkin has always been careful to underline how one important thingabout OpenLaszlo is that it doesnt lock you into the Flash player,even though it takes advantage of Flash as a standard ubiquitousruntime. Laszlo is abstract from the Flash player.

4 Steps to Preparing Your LMS Content for Flash Course Conversion

Absorb LMS

If you made your eLearning courses before 2016, chances are the end of Flash® Player is already impacting how your LMS courses are performing. If you see “About Adobe Flash Player” in the drop-down menu, it’s time to put a conversion game plan together as soon as possible. Identify opportunities to improve courses – Examine content, images, videos, sound/music, transitions, branding and mobile responsiveness when determining if there’s room to improve courses during the conversion.

Learning Challenges for the Insurance Business in the New Normal

Infopro Learning

Though insurance players are investing a great deal in expanding their digital capabilities, but it is somewhat difficult for them to maintain a clear perspective of the right strategy in terms of transformation that lie ahead of them.

Seven Interesting and Different Slidedecks on #Gamification

Kapp Notes

The third one, below is a follow presentation this team did and adds a little more information, including some interesting interview “sound bites” from some leaders in the field. Gamification 101: Design the Player Journey from Amy Kim. Here are Seven unique slide decks from each giving a different take (visually and contextually) on the concept of gamification.

Game Element: Feedback

Kapp Notes

In a video game the player has real-time feedback on progress toward goal, amount of life or energy left, location, time remaining, how much stuff they have in inventory, and even how other players are doing. In fact, often a screen or a player will flash to indicate the players are in danger of being eliminated with the next wrong move.

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3 Vital Steps For Creating Storyline Game Zen Part III

eLearning Brothers

Sound effects and audio in gaming (including eLearning games) are a crucial part of the experience you want users to have. Great sound in your games can be the difference between a professionally crafted game and a mediocre project. The sound and audio should never be over the top or distract from the purpose of the game. Simple sound clicks and minor sounds are the best addition to games where learning is the main focus.

The first ten posts

Clive on Learning

Timbre is the tonal quality of a sound. Here's how it sounds. Here's how it sounds. If you're a keyboard player, you need move only one finger at a time to find them. It's all change for me. I'm no longer blogging about learning and development in the workplace.

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Do We Learn Differently Now?

Upside Learning

While we use personal computing devices currently (the PC, laptop, phone, media player, game consoles, etc.), Yes, perhaps its futuristic; and may even sound scary considering the gamut of human emotion. Just before I went on holiday recently I was asked how human learning has changed with the advent, penetration and increasing ubiquity of computing technology. My answer was simple – it hasn’t. Human learning hasn’t fundamentally changed over the last fifty years.

5 games every e-learning professional should play

E-Learning Provocateur

Like the two games already mentioned, this one is meant to be a single player experience. As its name suggests, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a multi-player hoot. In the virtual reality version of the game, the player wearing the headset is immersed in a room with a bomb. The other player(s) must relay the instructions in their bomb defusal manual to their friend so that he/she can defuse said bomb.

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14 eLearning Templates Too Good to Pass Up

eLearning Brothers

Incorrect Sounds. So let ‘em know with this eLearning sound. Correct Sounds. Pavlov’s dog salivates to most of these eLearning Sounds. Gizmo Player Skins. Among the various player skins available for different authoring tools, the Gizmo theme stood out as a prominent download in 2014. Fun fact: the eLearning Template Library had almost a quarter million files downloaded (that is including multiple template files).

Does Your Learning have any Action and Adventure?

Kapp Notes

When a player first enters a game, he or she takes action, moves in a certain direction or makes a choice. The player is constantly thinking, they don’t know what is going to happen next, they are filled with both excitement and uncertainty. A player must do something, they must take action or fail immediately. Objectives that tell the learner what is going to happen, objectives that ruin any surprises and seem to avoid anything that sounds like an adventure.

Module 184

Review: iSpring Suite 10


It may not sound like much, but it allows you to add markers and seamlessly time animation to match the narration, without the frustration of timing and retiming the markers. Speaking of personalising the player, in Player Settings you have a lots of ways to do just that.

Suite 83

5 Keys to Success With the Knowledge Guru Game Platform

Knowledge Guru

The following “keys to success” will help you make the right decisions before you start designing your game… and help you make your game content instructionally sound. Legend is the optimal choice if you want to break up game play throughout the day and have players focus on a single topic per play session. You can have players complete a single world within the game, which would include all the day’s topics.

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Can I Change Default Quiz Question Feedback?

Yukon Learning

These methods may sound familiar and are simple to do. When you adjust the Text Labels in your course, you’re customizing the global verbiage used throughout your course in one fell swoop—both for the Player frame and for any default text all over the course.

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Opportunities at Limestone Learning: Instructional designers and editor / quality control specialist

Limestone Learning

We are looking to work with team players who are: Positive Enthusiastic Flexible Creative Committed Detail-oriented Does this sounds like you? “ Bees, flower, pollination ” by Evita Ochel is licensed by Pixabay. We’re busier than ever — a good problem to have!

Meet the team: Quality assurance

Rustici Software

He’s looking forward to adding automated UI tests to Engine’s Player using Playwright and eventually going on the annual ski trip to Hoth. “I If working alongside the QA team as a developer sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out all of our openings. We ain’t afraid of no bugs!

Adobe Captivate: Best Practices for Creating Compliant eLearning

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Note: To access Flash files using a screen reader, users must have Flash Player 9 or later installed. When a screen reader encounters content meant for Flash Player, the screen reader notifies the user with audio, such as "Loading.load done." " As content in a project changes, Flash Player sends an event to the screen reader notifying it of a change. If you are creating click boxes, you can make them more accessible by adding sound. by Kevin Siegel.

Why Do I Need an eLearning Vendor When I Have My Own Team?

Illumen Group

Here are just a few ways a partner like Illumen has helped organizations by meeting them where they were at and playing the role of that flexible specialty player on their team’s bench. They must be a good potential fit, understand your needs, bring something extra to your eLearning design, and help you achieve a sound ROI. Why Do I Need an eLearning Vendor When I Have My Own Team? Good question.

Games vs Simulations: Choosing the Right Approach for Learning

Knowledge Guru

Here’s the definition I always give when asked to define what I mean by game: An activity that has an explicit goal or challenge , rules that guide achievement of the goal, interactivity with either other players or the game environment (or both), and feedback mechanisms that give clear cues as to how well or poorly you are performing. Usually, it generates an emotional reaction in players. He presents a challenge to the other players, which is an objection or a question.

How to Create a Game-Based Learning Strategy

Knowledge Guru

There are marketing games that tout a player demographic of 52% women. They want more action, more sound, more addictive qualities to the game. If your LMS reports only completion, choose a platform that can deliver reports detailing how players performed. Whatever your desired business outcomes are, make sure your game-based approach is based on sound instructional design.

What Games Can Teach Us about “Communicating” with Learners

Kapp Notes

Calm Messaging –Games tend to provide information and messages to players in an unobtrusive manner that doesn’t require the player to dismiss, acknowledge or click on them. Attention-aware interface elements –Many games contain user interface elements that “know&# how much attention they are receiving from the player and modify themselves based on that knowledge which reduces visual clutter in areas of non-interest.

Understanding Mini-Game Options that are Part of Drive

Knowledge Guru

Correct responses earn players an item that helps empower the knight. If players miss two questions, they lose the game. Unlock the safe before the alarm sounds. Players must choose specific items (benefits) that link to the prompt (aka “need statement”) then link those choices to another set of items (features). Each decision turns the safe dial and enables player to proceed to next decision. After decisions are made, the player attempts to open safe.

7 Tips To Look Your Best During Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Roundtable Learning

Tip 5: Ensure your sound levels are balanced. During this breakout session, you’ll want to ensure your sound level isn’t too quiet or too loud. . Pro Tip: Take advantage of previewing your appearance and testing your sound before your VILT commences.