Tracking Player Progress

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Both Guru and Quest game types include a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. If you want to know how a specific player is performing in the game, access the Player Progress Report. The post Tracking Player Progress appeared first on.

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How to Track Player Progress in Knowledge Guru Drive

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Knowledge Guru Drive includes a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. Here you can verify the number of players you have in the game and what their progress is within the game. You can also see quick stats and charts on players’ confidence and engagement levels. If you want to know how a specific player is performing in the game, access the Player Progress Report.

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What an offline player means for your learning community


Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. An offline player, in the context of elearning, is a program which allows learners to download elearning content when they are connected to the internet, then complete the training later when disconnected. To track.

Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning

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Y ou can even implement SCORM LMS tracking methods within the apps itself. - Apart from AIR app, the same code and assets in any AIR app can further be used to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1.

How to Use Knowledge Guru Admin Tracking Features

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The tracking capabilities of Knowledge Guru® far exceed completion rates and post-test scores available for more traditional courses. You can edit this location or pre-register players manually in the Game Creation Wizard.

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Empower your lessons with audio and video tracks


To make it easier for you to improve the current courses, we made it possible to add the video and audio tracks in the minor edits mode , so that you will not lose the current completion rates. Click the Add video/audio track icon on the dark bar on the left.

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SCORM: What is it?

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As long as you have a working DVD player, you can watch it. In that respect, the LMS is the DVD player. And Blu-rays require a specialized player. You can’t play them in an ordinary DVD player. You can’t play a DVD without a DVD player. SCORM 2004 Tracking


Question: Tracking CBTs

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My experience has mostly been in higher ed, so I’ve always needed to do grading or more tracking than what this reader needs: I am the sole person involved with e-Learning in my branch, and I am mostly limited to using freeware. Â My client wants two things that I am stuck on: 1) good server software for posting CBTs and then having basic tracking of student usage. Â While this is better than nothing, it is a far cry from the “real&# tracking of CBT course players.

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CellCast mSCORM Player Announced

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We're pleased to announce the availability of the CellCast mSCORM Player , the latest extension to our CellCast Solution platform for enterprise mobile learning delivery.

Securing your Video Player

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When utilizing an enterprise video platform , one of the top concerns is almost always securing your video player. A secure video player means content owners can select the level of permissions for groups, the level of user authentication, and secure the delivery of the video stream. KZO enables you to set controls so that you can keep track of who is viewing your content and any and all discussions and comments.

Know All about The Players in the E-learning Outsourcing Process

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Technology experts ensure the eLearning courses are hosted online on the desired platform known as a Learning Management System (LMS), in the specified format, They ensure the courses are AICC or SCORM compliant so that the learning progress can be tracked and reports generated.

Effective Elearning Content Development Gets Players in the Zone

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They have lost all track of time and may not even remember where they are Most people know the feeling of being so immersed in an activity that they aren’t even aware what’s happening around them.

Why Does My Custom Menu Lose Track of My Progress?

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You will notice that we added a custom “Menu” button to the player that jumps to this slide, so the user can always go back and explore a different topic. Using Variables to Track Progress. How do you track progress in your courses?

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HTML5 Fans Rejoice – Adobe Ditches Flash Player on Mobile Devices

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I know there will be Flash lifers, heck their are people today who still prefer 8 track over CDs, but in our industry, those who focused solely on Flash for mobile devices, need to go back to the drawing board and decide what is best for the industry. Exciting news, I tell you. Especially for us fans of HTML5 who knew in our hearts of hearts that it was a superior product to Flash. Adobe announced today, Nov.

How to Build Custom Reports in Knowledge Guru

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Under the TRACK tab, select Custom Report Builder. Select all of the items you would like to include in your custom player report. If you want to track something specific besides the default fields already in the custom report builder, you can customize unique fields.

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New: A Video Player that Creates a Consistent User Experience


The player control bar shows a play button, volume control, seek bar, full screen, and exit button. It doesn't matter which browser you use; the player will look and feel the same. Of course, the video player is responsive so that your users can watch your content on the go with their mobile or tablet device. The video will be placed into a SCORM wrapper, that allows the LMS to track the current progress time, as well as when a user has completed watching a video.

How to Automatically Send Reports to Managers

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Let managers know how their players are doing by scheduling automatic reports that can be sent directly to their inbox. Under the TRACK tab, select Auto Report Sender. Support Track

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The Importance of Storytelling in Elearning

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One way is to define it like this: A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs.

Release Notes: New SCORM Video Player Connects Learners to Millions of Videos


The OpenSesame crew is proud to announce the newest feature in our elearning marketplace: a SCORM video player, which unlocks millions of hours of high-quality video content for use in enterprise learning management systems. .

Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

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MP3 Players? While the iPad may have an impact over the music industry, it don’t think it would affect the mp3 players market at all. Wi-fi access can help with collaboration, student monitoring, tracking, and personalized teacher support.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Open Laszlo Gets Its Own Track and Big Customers for the open source webtop platform

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Ajax SDK for the iPhone on the way from Backbase | Main | Quote of the Day: Vannevar Bush - "As We May Think" » September 06, 2007 Open Laszlo Gets Its Own Track and Big Customers for the open source webtop platform Way back in July, I posted a brief note about OpenLaszlo. is actually investigating using it and today I see that Open Laszlo has its own track at AjaxWorld West 2007.

Game Element: Construction and Creation

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In that game, players first work together to build an overly complex and complicated mouse trap by landing on “build” spaces and creating part of the trap. In this electronic game, players are able to build all types of things out of textured cubes in a 3D world.

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An Educator’s Guide to Using Game Mechanics for the Win


Players seek risks, challenges, rewards, and recognition when they play a game. Badges Players may be awarded badges once they accumulate a certain number of points. Provide a badge every time the player moves ahead without faltering in the scenario.

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Publishing A SCORM Course with Articulate Storyline 3


The description only comes into play if your learners are using the articulate mobile player.). Articulate mobile player*. A note about using the Articulate mobile player: It requires your learners to download an additional free app to view content. Tracking.


eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

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JB: A SCORM video player. We’re making it possible for simple, YouTube style videos to be completed and tracked as SCORM courses in learning management systems. Interview eLearning eLearning Start Up LMS Open Sesame SCORM Video Player Thought Leaders

The science behind gamification

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They drive players above the activation threshold (motivation) and trigger them to do certain actions by gradually enhancing their ability to do those actions. The possibility of status and recognition among peer players creates the right motivation to play games.

Knowledge Guru Spring Release Provides More Leaderboards, Expanded Reports, and Easier Login

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Players, game authors and system administrators all use this simply URL, also available by clicking “Log In” from any page on the Knowledge Guru site, to access their games. Of course, you can still direct players to a unique game URL to log in for a specific game.

The Race to Success: Examining Success in the Workplace


Kapp talks about measurement achievements, which are given to players for completing a task to a certain degree. The player’s performance can be measured against other players’ performance, against their own past performance or against some standard set by the game designers.

Game-based Learning & Gamification – Driving Fun & Engagement to Your Corporate Training Experience


Scores: When players give correct answers, they are immediately rewarded with scores to reflect their achievement and motivate them to play and learn more. ? For instance, performance of an individual is easy to track based on the responses of players from that team. ?

Surprise! Knowledge Guru Summer Release Adds SCORM, Security Features

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You can put Knowledge Guru content alongside your existing courses and track completion just like you always have. The SCORM edition also includes a fun new feature for players: personal stats. We’ve added new email verification options for registering players.

Will at Work Learning: Technology for Measuring Social Interactions. Can We Use This For Learning?

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MIT researchers have developed a technology to track peoples social interactions, for example, at a conference. Note: By in-basket simulations, I mean simulations in which many learner/players each play a different role, each have different in-basket tasks to accomplish, and the way they act in the simulation is by talking with other learner/players. could track each others social networks to find out who the most networked folks are.

3 eLearning Examples to Spark Innovation

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Players could also elect to pursue side tasks and other missions, enticing them to explore new places and sparking a new sense of curiosity. As one progresses through the game, new features and harder tasks become available to keep players interested.

Knowledge Guru Adds Video, Adaptive Learning, Faster Speeds in Winter Release

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The Knowledge Guru database can now create a personalized learning experience for players based on their learning needs. Mini-games at the end of each World in the Quest game type pull questions that players missed on the first attempt. New Player and Question Upload Capabilities.

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Knowledge Guru Spring ’14 Release is All About Options

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Choose which theme packs to apply to your games and easily switch between themes when you’re ready to give players a fresh experience. Improved Player Registration. Choose which leaderboards you want players to see as they play Knowledge Guru.

How about “mind games” and “virtual running” to stay in focus?

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Imagine being able to track your focus component through a game! The game enables the player to watch some free runners on a screen (whether your basic flat screen or plasma) while he/she gets into the concentration mode.

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