Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning

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Apart from AIR app, the same code and assets in any AIR app can further be used to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1. As an eLearning developer, we will certainly benefit from the Adobe Flash runtime, AIR and Flash player 10.1 Tags: Future Technology Mobile Learning eLearning Adobe AIR Adobe Flash Android Apple BlackBerry Dell eLearning Development eLearning Technology Flash Flash Player ipad IPhone mLearning Open-Screen project Palm Symbian

Adobe Captivate 5.5: Flash Player Version Aversion

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One of the big decisions you will need to make during the Publish process ( File > Publish ) is which Flash Player to choose from the Flash Player Version drop-down menu. sports three versions of the Flash Player: 9, 10 and 10.2. While the Flash Player 10.3 Which Flash Player should you choose? According to Adobe statistics, Flash Player version 10 and below is in use in 99.2% Flash Player version 10.3


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Developing An eLearning Player?

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An eLearning player is a building block for more conventional [one with back and next for navigation buttons] eLearning courses. What’s an eLearning player? This post is based on our experience with development of Flash based eLearning players over the years. The considerations mentioned here would, however be applicable to any other (development technologies) eLearning player too. Here are some of the key considerations for developing an eLearning Player –.

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Free Articulate Presenter Template: Player Skin

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It has been updated to meet the different versions for Articulate Presenter ’09 and Presenter ’13. Free Articulate Presenter Template Player Skin. The post Free Articulate Presenter Template: Player Skin appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Articulate Presenter Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Free eLearning Resources Player Skins Products/Services Resources Articulate Presenter Template Free eLearning Templates Free Player Skin Template

Simple SCORM Video Player 5.0

JCA Solutions

Simple SCORM Video Player 5.0 JCA Solutions is proud to present the latest version of our SCORM video packaging app, Simple SCORM Video Player ! Simply put, if you have a video file and you have an LMS, Simple SCORM Video Player can create a SCORM package for you in minutes!

Tracking Player Progress

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Both Guru and Quest game types include a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. If you want to know how a specific player is performing in the game, access the Player Progress Report. If you want to see overall player performance across topics (how well are people doing as a big group), access the Objective Overview Report ( macro view ) or the Question Overview Report ( micro view). The post Tracking Player Progress appeared first on.

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Custom Articulate Players (Skins)

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Don’t forget to use the version number. The name of this file becomes the name of the Player in the publish drop-down in Articulate. - <playerbar> This are contains true/false statements to control parts of the original Articulate skin. Here are a few custom Articulate Players that we’ve created: Tags: Articulate Articulate Skins eLearning

Cp5 content with Text Animations not working with latest Flash Player version

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There was an update to Flash Player on the 4th of November to version, which causes Captivate 5 SWFs with Text animations to either fail to run or show a black screen or show a white screen. We have been able to nail down the root cause for this issue. Meanwhile, couple of workarounds

Knowledge Direct Version 6.0 Learning Managment System (LMS) Now Available

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Digitec released the latest version of the award-winning Knowledge Direct learning management system this month. Version 6.0 “Knowledge Direct users will benefit from an even more intuitive, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface in Version 6.0,” said Amy Bassett, Marketing Director at Digitec Interactive. ” New Version 6.0 includes new features and functionality, as well as enhancements to the system’s current feature set.

Solution For CP5 content(containing text animations) not working with the latest Flash player version

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Ok some good news!!! the hot fix is ready. Here are the steps for using the hot fix: On Windows: 1. Close Adobe Captivate 5.0 if already running. 2. Go to the captivate installation folder. 3. Find the file CPAnimationUtils.dll and rename it to CPAnimationUtils_old.dll. 4. Download the from here and extract the CPAnimationUtils.dll.

Knowledge Guru Adds Player Analytics and Reporting Automation

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2) Player-Facing Reports. Players have always been able to assess performance by monitoring their score within Knowledge Guru, but now they can get detailed feedback on their performance on each learning objective associated with the game. We show the mobile version of the report below. The post Knowledge Guru Adds Player Analytics and Reporting Automation appeared first on.

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Camtasia Relay 4.2 Release – Upgrade now! Lost audio prompt, TechSmith Smart Player, and more

TechSmith Camtasia

With the latest version of Camtasia Relay, you will find that recording, viewing, and sharing your content is even easier! TechSmith Smart Player: Engage your viewers by supporting interactive elements of your videos like hotspots or table of contents, on nearly any device. Windows 8 Support: Experience the latest version of Windows with seamless compatibility. Are you currently using a version prior to Camtasia Relay 4.0?

Can I add a SCORM player to my SaaS platform?

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Can you recommend a SCORM player I can embed into my platform to support our clients? When it comes to adding a SCORM player to your platform, I’d recommend one of the two following products: Rustici Engine. Rustici Engine is a tightly integrated SCORM player that becomes part of your application. SCORM Cloud is a hosted version of our SCORM player.


Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning , tutorial Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player by Kevin on May 20th, 2010 To kick things off, a note on the words: “Player” and “Skin”. Some refer to it as the Articulate Presenter Community Player while others refer to it as a Skin. Whatever you choose to call it in the end, you are still developing the “Skin” and the “Player.”

HTML5 in E-learning – Signaling the End of the Flash Player

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For years, the Flash Player reigned supreme in the world of e-learning. It seemed that the Flash Player was destined to rule the technology-enabled learning world. However, all that changed with the statement of one person – Steve Jobs, who declared in 2010 that iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system would not support the Flash Player. This means that many learners could not access online learning on mobile devices, using the Flash Player.

New: A Video Player that Creates a Consistent User Experience


Change its name, give it a description, add an image for your course library, set prerequisites, and update the file anytime with a newer version. The player control bar shows a play button, volume control, seek bar, full screen, and exit button. It doesn't matter which browser you use; the player will look and feel the same. Of course, the video player is responsive so that your users can watch your content on the go with their mobile or tablet device.

Small Microsoft PowerPoint & Adobe Flash Objects in Captivate 4 after Flash Player 10.1 Installation

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After upgrading to Flash Player 10.1, Un-install Flash Player 10.1 using "Start: Control Panel: Add or Remove Programs," restart your computer and then install the previous version of Flash Player - Select Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX and click 'Remove' button. Under "Archived Versions" section, click on Flash Player 10 link and download the zip file containing all the Flash Player 10 exes. exe to install Flash Player ActiveX.

eLearning Development News » High Definition Video with Flash Player

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First Reflections on Version 11.5.0.

Adobe Captivate

Usually I will not talk about a new version immediately after its release. It has been possible to fill a shape with an image since version 6. In version 11.5 A setup with 3 buttons like in this screenshot was not possible in previous versions, because the bounding boxes are overlapping: The screenshot may look blurry (has been converted to bitmap here) but the original SVG’s in Captivate are really crisp. Intro.

First Reflections on Version

Adobe Captivate

Usually I will not talk about a new version immediately after its release. It has been possible to fill a shape with an image since version 6. In version 11.5 A setup with 3 buttons like in this screenshot was not possible in previous versions, because the bounding boxes are overlapping: The screenshot may look blurry (has been converted to bitmap here) but the original SVG’s in Captivate are really crisp. Intro.

Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5 to Launch at DevLearn 2011 by News Editor

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[Press Release] Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5 quickly converts PowerPoint content into high-quality online presentations that will play everywhere: on computers, iPhones, iPads and other devices. Impatica’s player uses HTML5, when available, to view these fully animated and narrated slides, but still works when HTML5 support is not available.

Windows 10 is Coming Soon and TechSmith is Here to Help

TechSmith Camtasia

The most recent versions of Snagit , Camtasia , and our latest app, TechSmith Smart Player for Office , will be ready to use with Windows 10 right from the start. Whether you’re rolling out new versions of Office, Office 365 or Windows 10, TechSmith products will help you easily demonstrate Microsoft changes. Not familiar with TechSmith Smart Player? Have you heard? Microsoft is making some big, exciting changes!

The Top 14 eLearning Template Trends of 2014

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Upon its release, Big Business game quickly crossed the seven seas into Nigeria, Qatar, Peru, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and many other hinterlands, comprising 42 countries, As authoring tools evolved during the year, we followed suit, optimizing for mobile technologies and version upgrades. eLearning Player Skin Template. Elearning Player Skins are a different animal to create in each authoring tool, but we have made it a point to continually expand your options.

Flash Player Coming to the iPhone

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Well, here’s another reason why I may consider getting an iPhone … Adobe ’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen , recently spoke about developing a Flash player for the iPhone during the Adobe Q1 investor relations call. We’ve evaluated the SDK we can now start to develop the Flash Player ourselves. Now, I won’t claim the iPhone is the ultimate eLearning/mLearning tool, but the addition of the Flash player certainly gives it TONS more possibilities.

What about all those old SWF files?

Adobe Captivate

I also have a number of projects that were published as SWF from old versions of Captivate. I utilize a small little SWF player that has, for me, worked very well – and the price is right (FREE)! Discussion flash player free SWF utilitiesI’ve seen several posts related to the SWF output and the lack of browser support or simply having issues playing them. In many cases, all I have any longer is the final SWF. I sometimes like to show them as examples to others.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Want RealPlayer without ads? Thank You BBC!

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According to this article in the Washington Post, the BBC required Real to produce a version of its player without ads. While the article doesnt give a direct link, I think this is the one here - of course I cant install Real Player at work so Ill have to wait until I get home or rely on someone out there for confirmation that this version of the player is sans ads but Im hopeful.

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants (Podcast)

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Since the TLDC community has several D&D players, this version of the presentation has some references and examples related to D&D. His players aren’t engaged. Unfortunately, near the end of the session, Christopher looks around the table at his players.

Can Captivate 9 Save Adobe?


Adobe took over Captivate around version 3 or 4 (I cannot recall which one exactly). I spent hours on the phone with their support because of technical glitches up to version 6. I couldn’t imagine trying to develop elearning on a tablet with the old versions. I sincerely hope that Adobe’s efforts on this latest release will put them back on track as a major industry player.

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Once Is Not Enough: How to Playtest Custom Learning Games

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It took us four iterations to get the game we wanted and players could most learn from. Version One – Let’s create something “sort of like Clue” This version has similarity to a commercial game called Clue. The game goal was to be the first person to collect all the room tokens, which represented all the categories of information players needed to learn and remember. Players rolled a die to determine how many spaces they moved on the board.

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What’s New in Adobe eLearning Suite2?

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One of the most significant improvements in this version is the availability of Captivate 5 for both Windows and Mac OS platforms previously it was only available for Windows users. Adobe Captivate is a great tool for creating rapid eLearning with features like screen capture, power point import, full motion recording, custom skins and players, automatic text captioning, etc. The eLearning Suite 2 looks a great improvement over its previous versions.

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Why Today’s ELearning Can Stink


Simply transposing a PowerPoint format into an online course player isn’t really maximizing the potential of elearning. The onus is on us as instructional designers, but also on the companies that create the tools we use to take elearning to version “2.0″, Elearning today is suffering from standards of the past, from instructional design principles to the tools we use to create the courses.

eLearning Development: What’s new in Flash CS4?

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If you have been bugged by previous Flash versions not allowing you to publish for latest Flash Player there is some relief here. Flash CS4 allows us to finally publish SWF files for Flash Player 10 - the latest version of Flash Player. Flash Player 10 is becoming very popular and in December 2008 , was already installed in more than 50% of the computers surveyed worldwide. Adobe’s CS4 suite is the second major release since Adobe acquired Macromedia.

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3 cool ideas to steal for your training scenarios

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In training-land, a stakeholder could argue that this sort of control is necessary to make sure players have the information they need later to make a good decision. If we let players decide how much information to gather, they’re practicing a skill they need on the job: They need to recognize what information they need to make a good decision, and go get it. You could create a text version of this. Looking for inspiration for your training scenarios ?

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eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons

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Here I list some of them: Flash Switcher – Adobe Flash being the most commonly used development tool for Upside Learning, testing Flash content in different versions of Flash Player is a pain. Flash-Switcher makes things easy by allowing you to have multiple Flash Player plug-ins installed in the browser at the same time. Using Flash-Switcher you can also add or remove different versions of Flash Player. Mozilla’s Firefox is a preferred web browser for many.

Rapid Authoring Tools For Creating mLearning

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Published content can be accessed through Pushcast Player installed on user’s BlackBerry smartphone. The Pushcast Player takes care of tracking and reporting to server. But their output format is in older versions of FlashLite – which is now available only on devices like the Nokia N95 and Windows Mobile.

Top 5 New Features Articulate Storyline 360

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Hooray – a new version Storyline is here and I’m excited! Unlike previous versions, Storyline 360 is now part of a complete eLearning authoring solution known as Articulate 360 and is a definite must have! Responsive Player for Mobile. When a course is published and then launched, the responsive player will detect that they’re using a mobile device and adjust to fit the screen size such as hiding sidebar menus and delivering mobile-friendly playback controls.

Knowledge Guru Adds Smartphone App in 2015 Fall Release

Knowledge Guru

Scores and achievements sync seamlessly between the web app and native app version of Knowledge Guru. Create one game with the Knowledge Guru authoring tool that players can access across all devices. Achievements and analytics will sync for all players, no matter what device they access. Set up reminders for your players to invite them back into the game and to what they have learned. The Fall 2015 release of Knowledge Guru is so small, it fits in your pocket.

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