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Audio-Video Sync in Captivate published movie

Adobe Captivate

AVI,WAV). Adobe Flash Player that plays the Adobe Captivate movie also plays the audio along with the movie. Adobe Flash Player plays the Captivate published audio and stops only when the specified duration elapses or when you intervene and stop it. Now, Adobe Flash player can control the beginning of each audio file at the specified time in the movie. Audio makes your elearning content more engaging and useful to learners.

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LearnDash: The Most Versatile Learning Management System Available

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

There are a lot of players who have made quite a name for themselves in this space. Audio – mp3, m4a, ogg, wav. Image courtesy:


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Podcasting for E-Learning: Introduction to Audio Production

The E-Learning Curve

DAT ) or PC Hard Drive Playback Playback Device PC Laptop PDA Cell Phone Portable Media Player Speakers Headphones And this is the audio production process (see Figure 1). WAV) Editing Audio Editing Software The audio file is edited, & enhanced. podcast), in a format like Flash, or for delivery via CD/DVD, memory stick Playback Soundcard, Speakers, Headphones Media is reproduced via software or hardware player More. --.

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Why Use ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Based eLearning Development?

Upside Learning

New APIs and Frameworks – Adobe has developed many new capabilities in Flash Player, AS 3.0 has improved sound APIs which can now tell the sound level of the audio playing in Flash Player. Text layout framework – it’s a framework built on new text engine in Flash player 10 which can be used with AS 3.0. player which is not the case otherwise. developers have access to the binary data, allowing them to render any file format in Flash Player.

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Library? Which Library?

Adobe Captivate

If you import a (compressed)mp3 file it will automatically be converted to a ‘raw’ wav-file which will also be in this folder. It is recommended whenever possible to import a wav file, when published it will be compressed to mp3 by Captivate. Captivate Draft has access to the CC Libraries, and could be used as an intermediate player: use it to retrieve custom color palettes, image and other assets. Intro.

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E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

CommLab India

Audio (F6) formats include MP3 and WAV. WAV: (WAVE AUDIO) Normally used for Radio, TV, DVD, or other media-related objects; does not compress audio and maintains good quality. SWF: (Shockwave Flash) It contains vector designs, animations, audio, and videos for web browsers using Flash player). AVI: (Audio Video Interleaved) It supports both audio and video output with high-quality and a heavy file size, and can play in any player such as VLC and Windows Media KM player.

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