Articulate Storyline 360: Modern and Legacy Players

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Storyline 360 users have a choice of two players: Modern and Classic.   Switching between players is easy. From within the Publish dialog box, click the Player link.     From the Player drop-down menu, choose the player you'd like. Note that you can also switch players outside of the Publish dialog box by clicking the Player tool on the toolbar.  by Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTP.

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How to Create a Website Like Udemy – A Step by Step Guide


eLearning website development has caught the attention and new websites like Udemy are being built as we speak! So, why do people want to create a website like Udemy? Let’s rewind a bit and know why this “ build a website like Udemy ” trend has gone viral, especially since 2020!


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Articulate Storyline 360: Modern and Legacy Players

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Storyline 360 users have a choice of two players: Modern and Classic.   Switching between players is easy. From within the Publish dialog box, click the Player link.     From the Player drop-down menu, choose the player you'd like. Note that you can also switch players outside of the Publish dialog box by clicking the Player tool on the toolbar.  by Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTP.

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Smokescreen – The Future Of Flash Player?

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Smokescreen project is an effort to bring Flash player to the iPhone/iPad without installing the Flash plug-in. The Smokescreen project demos are available at this the smokescreen’s website , these demos will work on the HTML5 compatible browsers Firefox 3.6, Here’s is what Simon Willison has to say about Smokescreen: Chris Smoak’s Smokescreen, “a Flash player written in JavaScript”, is an incredible piece of work. Related posts: Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1–

How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

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Over the years, Adobe Flash-ActionScript and HTML-JavaScript-CSS based development have been used as two of the main approaches for websites and other front-end web-based applications. Many devices do not support Flash websites. A Flash-based website affects your search rankings.

How to make students fall in love with your video courses with Presto player


We have today Adam Preiser, creator of the very popular Presto player for WordPress as the guest for this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett. Now more than 40 thousand sites are using Presto player! A lot of people ask Chris how is Presto player different from Vimeo Pro?

10 Online Training Websites

Ed App

There are many online training websites that offer both free and paid online training courses to help you reinforce key concepts and develop skills among your learners. Aside from being readily accessible, these websites allow your employees to have a more convenient learning experience.

Introducing Our New Website


We’re a big player in the market and we decided it’s time we started acting like it. . Great websites evolve and ours will too. The post Introducing Our New Website appeared first on Allego. Welcome to the new! We’re excited to announce the launch of our revamped site.

Free xAPI HTML5 Video Player

Learning Dojo

I have rebranded my website to be more focused on the eLearning Industry. One template that I have been spending some extra time on has been my xAPI HTML5 Video Player. Simply replace the video, update the config file and upload it to your website and now you have a video tracking to your LRS. So if you want to download a free xAPI video player, head over to my downloads section or download the template here Wow, it has been a while since I have written a new post.

Improved Learner Experience with the New Audio Player [New Feature]


Today, we are so excited to announce our new and revamped Audio Player , that will take your audio upload and management to the next level! The new audio player comes with enhanced capabilities and modern design. Soundwave View of the Audio Player. You can now upload an audio lesson on LearnWorlds, and it will play using the new player. The design follows the color theme of your course player and will change accordingly for seamless user experience.

Website Speed Expert and Course Creator Jon Phillips Reveals How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site


This is going to be an exciting episode because Jon is going to teach us how to make your website faster and how he has discovered a great formula to do it. So there was a demand for creating websites quickly, getting everything you have on that site.

Smart Player Resources for Camtasia Studio 8 Users

TechSmith Camtasia

As I started to troubleshoot with her, I began to realize that her difficulties had less to do with hotspots and more to do with the TechSmith Smart Player. She just didn’t have a clear understanding of how to get the files she needed for the Smart Player up and running on her LMS. The not-so-good news is: she wasn’t the first customer to have difficulty understanding the Smart Player as it relates to interactivity.

How to Publish a Newsletter Directly in Your WordPress LMS Website with Newsletter Glue


Newsletter Glue is getting integrated with LifterLMS very soon, so you will be able to use the great features of this plugin with your course-selling website. So the WordPress website can send an email but that’s kind of has its own issues.

How To Create An Online Language Learning Website Like Verbling


The major players of the online language learning market and their funding. A Look Inside the Essential Website Features of Online Language Learning Platforms. Here are some more suggestions: Place key links to your website’s other pages in the top navigation bar: Classes, Tutors, Sign-Up, Pricing, etc. To develop a Verbling-like platform and compete with existing players, you need something extra that others miss out on.

Why Is Zoom the Ideal Solution for Your Live Tutoring Website?


There’s a 40% chance that you’ve already chosen Zoom for your live tutoring website. This read is all about Zoom and six solid reasons why you should use it for your live tutoring website. If you’ve already started your live tutoring website, integrate with Zoom now!

How I used Learnworlds’ interactive video player to guide viewers’ attention


Besides, with the Learnworlds’ enhanced interactive video player it’s now very easy to cue a video. Select the hand icon to set the action when the element is clicked (Will a new website open? The post How I used Learnworlds’ interactive video player to guide viewers’ attention appeared first on Learnworlds. One of the most interesting benefits I found concerning interactive video is a mechanism known as “selective focus”.

7 Learning Industry Websites You Need To Know


The site was created by (and is still managed) by Rapid Intake, a big industry SaaS player for e-Learning design and hosting. Some of these may be obvious to you, while others may surprise you. If you are starting out in the learning industry (instructional design, LMS administrator, etc.), or even if you are seasoned pro, you should absolutely know about these different learning sites.

How to Set Up Your Online Course Website with LifterLMS Expert and WordPress LMS Freelancer Will Middleton


Learn how to set up your online course website with LifterLMS expert and WordPress LMS freelancer Will Middleton in this episode of the LMScast podcast from LifterLMS. ”, or sometimes people will want me to build a website and then teach them how to use it.

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


The video player can be customized so that you can discretely embed it into your site in a way that allows it to blend in to the overall design. The video quality and player controls are also very sleek. LearnDash WordPress hosting site speed videos website basics

Can you play Flash after 2020? This is how

Upside Learning

Major browser vendors have also announced they will stop supporting Flash Player after December 2020. End of support means users will not be able to download Flash Player plugin from the Adobe website and no updates on security patches will […].

Flash 212

How to Avoid Technology Hassles with Your Self Hosted WordPress LMS Website with Jonathan Denwood


We discuss how to avoid technology hassles with your self hosted WordPress LMS website with Jonathan Denwood of WP-Tonic in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett. He also specializes in some online course website services. And just to clear up some terminology here, one of the things with a WordPress-based Learning Management System, this is on a website that you own and control. It’s a very clean, fast theme if you care about website speed.

Everything Freelance: Podcast with Luke Hobson

Experiencing eLearning

If the player doesn’t appear below, try listening on Luke’s website. You can read the automatic transcript and show notes on Luke’s website. I recently had a lovely conversation with Dr. Luke Hobson for his podcast.

“Had I not played Battles, I wouldn’t have been amongst the 4 laureates of the Paris Airports MOOC – Discover Sory Fofana’s interview, the player of the millionth Battle on Coorpacademy


The website is great, the training content was very pedagogical and the more you finish modules, from Basic, Advanced and Coach, the more you want to learn the rest. Bravo! The post “Had I not played Battles, I wouldn’t have been amongst the 4 laureates of the Paris Airports MOOC – Discover Sory Fofana’s interview, the player of the millionth Battle on Coorpacademy appeared first on Coorpacademy.

3 Eye-Catching Ways to Add Interactivity to Your Screencasts


How to navigate a website. Course & Page Design Course Creation e-learning interactive video interactive video elements interactivity ivideo video playerSoftware animated demonstrations – which more recently have come to be known as “screencasts”- have generated new interest as a promising learning tool. Those videos walk users through the successful and immediate accomplishment of a task and serve adequate learning scenarios, such as: Computer applications.

Best LMS For Teaching Courses Online

Academy of Mine

If you’re on their website you can go to their “videos” page to see a list of their tutorials on using their PHP based platform. ATutor : It’s great when LMS websites allow you to see a functioning demo of their Learning Management System ( like we do ).

Teach 83

Are You Appy?

Nick Leffler

What I mean by this is the two major options for covering people who use a mobile device, either through a mobile app or through a mobile website. I’m going to cover the two big options which is a native mobile app and a mobile website. Beside the big players of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android There are also a number of small guys out there such as Windows, Blackberry, and Firefox. I’m talking about a handy website that’s mobile friendly.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience

Learning Visions creates the codec used in the Flash Player 8. Vist website and samples by going to [link] More sites using Flash Video [link] [link] [link] 7:10 PM Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Cammy Bean Greater Boston, MA, United States View my complete profile About This Blog Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Are you an Instructional Designer?

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L&D and D&D: Learning and Role Playing Games

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We discussed our experiences with paper RPGs, both as players and DMs (Dungeon Masters, the folks who run games). I was invited to be part of a discussion about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), role playing games, and learning.

Roles 315

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants (Podcast)

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Since the TLDC community has several D&D players, this version of the presentation has some references and examples related to D&D. If the podcast isn’t embedded above, check it out on the TLDCast website , in Spotify , or look for episode 329 in your favorite podcast app.

Writing Scenarios + Free Tools: ID Links 4/12/22

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The most important aspect of branching scenarios and interactive stories are the choices presented to the player/learner. … Choices can feel totally different to a player depending on how they are written, even if they seem to have the same outcome.

eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons

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Since its last major release in June 2009 it has already crossed one billion downloads and to celebrate that Mozilla Foundation has even launched this website [link]. Anyone can create add-ons to suit their needs and then share it for others to use through Mozilla’s add-ons website. Here I list some of them: Flash Switcher – Adobe Flash being the most commonly used development tool for Upside Learning, testing Flash content in different versions of Flash Player is a pain.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi: A Full Comparison


Website Building – the ability to build a dedicated eLearning website from which you can sell your online courses calculating the degree of design customization it allows. Website Building. ?????. ???. ????. ?????. Course Player. ??. This is not a real course player.

Why do businesses need to convert Flash to HTML5?  

Creativ Technologies

Although there can be a Flash player downloaded on mobile, or you can allow it to be used on the Google Chrome app, it causes exertion on mobile phone batteries. It’s because Google Chrome no longer has an inbuilt Flash Player since 2020.

Top 6 Cornerstone Alternatives and Cornerstone Competitors in 2020!


This leading player in the online training market offers a free trial with economical pricing that starts at $2.95 An open-source LMS, Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system dedicated to the enhancement of the educational experiences shared on its website by its users.

How do you build eLearning?

B Online Learning

Do you import a bunch of PowerPoint slides, add a player skin with the obligatory Next and Previous buttons, attach some word documents as resources, and then hit publish? Website? We test it in its delivery environment (intranet, website, LMS) to ensure it is recording the information we need it to. Deliver it: We integrate the eLearning product into the organisation’s existing eLearning environment e.g. upload to the LMS or website.

Updates On HTML5 From Google I/O

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Also Adobe has announced that they would be supporting the WebM video format in the next release of Flash Player. It’s still in the development stage since the HTML5 specs are still not ready but I think this will help the developers to develop the HTML5 complaint pages and websites easily. At Google I/O event last year HTML 5 capabilities were demonstrated to developers for the first time.

Google 171

Social Media Libraries for Flash

Upside Learning

Adobe’s developer center website includes many tutorials for beginners and advanced users on using these classes. YouTube – The YouTube API for Flash, allows developers to load the YouTube video player in Flash files. This player can load any public video and perform various functions like play, pause, seek, control volume etc.