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The inevitable explosion of web technologies has led to a mangled pile of nearly incomprehensible acronyms swimming around in many of today's trendiest headlines and articles. eLearning #PLE #VLE #ILS #Virtual Worlds #SCORM #LMS. We've always been a little acronym happy in the world of online learning. So what is all this stuff about, and why all the hype / excitement etc. around the latest wave of acronyms? Whats new

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New and emerging technologies

Learning with e's

The video below is the result of that interview, in which I answer questions such as: what emerging technology trends have the greatest potential for learning? What tips you you have for people wanting to invest in emerging technology?

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6 Emerging Technologies in Education


It certainly is an exciting time to be involved with learning and technology. Because of the great advances we are making in educational technology, new doors of opportunity are opening in classrooms.

PWLE Not PLE - Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning

Tony Karrer

Mohamed Amine Chatti (a fellow Eddie eLearning nominee) last two posts The LaaN Perspective , and Requirements of a PLE Framework are both interesting posts and worth reading. His requirements for a PLE Framework include: Personalization Social features Social filtering I ncorporate various Web 2.0 concepts and technologies (mashups, widgets, aggregation, OpenID, RSS, etc.)

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The evolution of personal learning environments

Origin Learning

A personal learning environment refers to the tools, technologies, resources etc. By and large, this constitutes John’s Personal Learning Environment (PLE). The coming of technology has naturally exposed us to more entertainment, and at the same time, to more learning.

This time it's personal

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It follows that the tools and technologies you use for learning are those you have selected to use because you are (or should be) comfortable with them, personally. These tools, services and technologies become a part of your personal learning environment or PLE. Personal.

Tin Can API & the Future of E-Learning


“One small step for e-learning technology, One giant leap for the e-learning industry.” ” ~ Rustici Software. INTRODUCTION. Tin Can API (or ‘Experience API’) is one of the most extensively discussed technical topics amongst learning professionals all over the world today.

LearnTrends: Personal Knowledge Management

Experiencing eLearning

More important advances in the future will be our advances in dealing with information & problem solving, not in computer technology ( he was quoting someone–didn’t catch who, and this is only a paraphrase ). Difference between PKM/PLE/PLN: PKM is more work-focused. Posted in Learning Communities, Lifelong Learning, PLE, Workplace Learning. Tags: Learning Communities Lifelong Learning PLE Workplace Learning Harold Jarche learntrends PKM

Limitless learning

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The personal learning environment (PLE) is still a bone of contention. What is interesting about Ismael's model is the way he incorporates the ZPD into a general model of the PLE, and argues that in fact, both MKOs and ZPD can constitute a PLE.

Informal Learning Technology

Tony Karrer

There's a fantastic post by Stephen Downes - New Technology Supporting Informal Learning. In his post, he really is looking primarily at the University of Manitoba's Connectivism Course that he designed and delivered with George Siemens to 2200 students in Fall 2008 and you can tell that he's busy thinking about the technology behind the Fall 2009 course. This is the same technology that is behind eLearning Learning and Communities and Networks Connection.

The personal web

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With the Southampton PLE Conference #PLE_SOU at full throttle, I thought it would be a good time to reiterate my views on the personal web. Sound like a PLE? My view is that PWTs sit inside a PLE but they are not the whole story.

Is sharing caring? #OpenBlog19

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I attended an event in Utrecht, in the Netherlands way back in 2007, at around the time that social media was emerging as a serious learning technology. Together for two days, we discussed how digital technologies and networks could support learning.

TCC09 Keynote: Global Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World

Experiencing eLearning

technologies now provide extraordinary opportunities for enhancing student learning. In this presentation, Sue Waters will guide you on a tour of how educators, from different educational sectors, utilize web technologies with their learners to collaborate on global projects.

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PLEs, MOOCs and connectivism

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He argued that in the new learning ecology, where technology can connect students to any others, and any content, any where in the world, is one in which content must change. ELI_2015 connectivism education learning MOOC PLE Stephen Downes Technology

Off the rails?

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In other words, they need technologies that are networked. content education learning metaphor network personal learning PLE railway TechnologyIt so happens that my friend, colleague and fellow Edupunk from two oceans away has set me a little challenge.

New learning environments: The challenge and the promise #EDENchat

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There are all sorts of possibilities thanks to new technologies. Although distance education has been in existence for more than a century, the various technological means by which it can now be conducted have advanced quickly.

#EDENchat Up close and personal

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I attended the first ever Personal Learning Environments conference in Barcelona, about 5 years ago, and spent three glorious days in the sun, learning from others about the PLE and how it would revolutionise learning. education learning personal devices PLE social media

#LearningIs personal

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Personal learning environments reach beyond the technologies institutions provide - especially virtual learning environments/managed learning environments. desire lines education Friedrich Nietzsche learning personal PLE schools standardised education Technology

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Personal Hard Drive

Learning Visions

Thursday, June 14, 2007 Personal Hard Drive Mark Oehlert made some very sparky comments as he enters into the "raging PLE debate." (I Mark writes, "You wanna know what a PLE is? We use technology for storage.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Personalization does not equal Personal

Learning Visions

Monday, June 11, 2007 Personalization does not equal Personal Ive been catching up this morning on all the recent PLE posts, particularly Tom Haskins recent entries. Posted by Cammy Bean at 10:48 AM Labels: ple 4comments: Tom Haskins said. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Personal Learning Resources

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But as I have tried to articulate in earlier blogposts , my PLE is more than people and tools. The Skin of Culture by De Kerckhove is over 15 years old, but is a seminal text that argues technology is how humankind defines itself.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Be the Node

Learning Visions

First off, I have to say that this entire PLE conversation hasnt really sparked much for me. Maybe it was even "personal learning" before the term PLE came along. So, you have a PLE if : If youre interested in personal growth and development.

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Deeply personal

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personalised learning personalisation aggregative technology Tags: PLE computer based education Web 2.0 When you're on holiday, I guess you must have come across people selling 'personalised' souvenirs.

In person

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No one seems to be able to agree on what a PLE is. We explain how the PLE, in exploiting Service Oriented Architecture, attempts to address this issue of the engagement with tools by allowing learners to control their own instrumentation.

Dead personal

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I was also asked why I didn't use the term PLE (Personal Learning Environment). Sound like a PLE? Tags: VLE PLE tagging horizon report personal web Since I posted the ' Two fingered salute ' earlier this week several people have asked me what I meant by 'personal web'.

Inspired learning

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When I first became involved in learning technology research in the early 1980s (it was called 'educational technology' in those days) personal computers were in their infancy, and multi-media was breaking as the next 'big thing' in education.

An Autodidact Learns From the Web

Web Tools for Learners

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Models For Designing Your Personal Learning Environment

The eLearning Coach

A personal learning environment (PLE) is a solution for keeping up with the rapid pace of knowledge change. Some say it is a concept, while others say it is a technology.

Give PLEs a chance

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Graham, as director of the Wales based independent research agency Pontydysgu (Bridge to Learning) is deeply embroiled in the study of emerging learning technologies. Tags: PLE Emerging Cultures Graham Attwell Connected Minds

PLEs (Personal Learning Environments) Learning in the World of Technologies

Vignettes Learning

Ray Sims has compiled a good list of resources on Personal Learning Environments ( PLE ). There are many dimensions to PLE and this thought has yet a long way to evolve. technology and Social Networking. It has always been my belief that learners want to control their learning and this is even more pronounced as a behavior when they have technology to work with. My concern for now, is the focus of PLEs on learning with and through the technologies.

The Web is a Creativity Generator generating a Culture of Creativity

Web Tools for Learners

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PLEs join us online

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I'm an invited speaker for the online PLE/PLN Symposium that has been organised by George Siemens and Stephen Downes for next week. technologies. Tags: PLE Steve Wheeler PLN Stephen Downes personal web George Siemens

Fun in Madchester

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I'm at the 16th annual conference of the 16th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, and we have around 800 delegates here on the excellent inner city campus. Tags: e-learning PLE #altc2009 VLE is dead What can I say about Madchester?

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An Autodidact is Social

Web Tools for Learners

technology web2.0 Tags: PLE Uncategorized howto learning learning 2.0 Seems like a contradiction in terms, but autodidacts are social; we have to be. When I learn from the web, I access websites, support people, books, friends, and the wonderfully generous denizens of the web. I’ve spent much time over the last couple of weeks trying to get on top of creating the website I want, one that looks competent and meaningful. (I

Daily Bookmarks 07/10/2008

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The traditional CMS/LMS is designed for a more instructor-centered course, so the pedagogy of these courses reflects the technology. tags: lms , socialnetworking , ple , blog , wiki , web2.0 , learnercontrol Taking the ‘A’ out of Asynchronous. Examples of colleges successfully using synchronous tools for office hours, student collaboration, and administrative work. tags: synchronous , highered , collaboration , education. ‘Socializing’ the CMS.

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