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Here's the abstract: The Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a concept that describes how learners create and sustain their study through individualised tools and resources. Each PLE by its nature is unique, with each individual choosing their own preferred approaches. all of which can be encompassed within a PLE, with computers used as a medium to connect ideas and produce quality presentations for assessment. Tags: VLE PLE Web 2.0 Three of my third year B.Ed

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LMS, PLE, VLE, ILS & SCORM – Navigate the Acronym Minefield

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eLearning #PLE #VLE #ILS #Virtual Worlds #SCORM #LMS. We've always been a little acronym happy in the world of online learning. The inevitable explosion of web technologies has led to a mangled pile of nearly incomprehensible acronyms swimming around in many of today's trendiest headlines and articles. So what is all this stuff about, and why all the hype / excitement etc. around the latest wave of acronyms? Whats new

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Anatomy of a PLE

Learning with e's

Originally a counterpoint to the institutional Managed Learning Environment (iMLE or 'VLE'), PLEs are becoming a much talked about concept, and were the prime focus of the recently held PLE Conference in Cornella, Barcelona. My personal view is that students own and create their PLE but that the iMLE also has something to offer them, even though it is highly problematic in its current form. Firstly, we need to understand the true nature of the PLE - its anatomy.

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Most used EdTech acronym

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The #JuneEdTechChallenge continues, and today is the ‘most used EdTech acronym’ I think I’ll follow on from yesterday’s question (‘ the VLE in my life… ‘) and say the most used EdTech acronym is … VLE.

Learning with 'e's: The VLE sucks

The ALT-C 'VLE is dead' symposium attracted a huge audience. Each of our panel of four presented our cases, some arguing for and some against the demise of the VLE. Some people actually went as far as to say that the VLE is dead symposium was the centre-piece of ALT-C 2009. James Clay will argue that the VLE still has some life left in it. Graham Attwell will probably talk the most sense, providing a real alternative - the PLE. The institutional VLE sucks.

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Online courses must die!

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Occupying a place on the continuum somewhere between a VLE and a PLE, an ILE is an informal learning environment that a facilitator manages on behalf of a group of learners. Unlike a VLE, an ILE is strictly informal. Unlike a PLE, an ILE is communal. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring.

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The ILE and the FLE in harmony

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Since then, Steve Wheeler’s thought-provoking article Anatomy of a PLE has prompted me to extend my argument a little further. The FLE might be called a VLE, MLE, LMS, or some other acronym. Tags: informal learning learning management e-learning development instructional design blended learning LMS informal learning environment ILE VLE FLE MLE formal learning environment learning administration In my previous article Online courses must die!

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3 things you should know about Edupunk

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Personal Learning Environment MLE rhizomatic learning VLE PLE edubusiness education Edupunk learning autodidacticism bricolage Following on in my series of short ''3 things'' videos, I thought I would have a little fun (well, I am on holiday right now), and so I went out and recorded this video on Edupunk. Although it''s treated in a fun way, Edupunk has a serious underpinning.

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Fun in Madchester

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There were some interesting and captivating debates on Day 1, including of course, the epic VLE is Dead debate (see the video above) which was attended by approximately 150 people, all squeezed into a room fit for 80 so that many had to sit on the floor or stand at the back. Related posts: Reports of the demise of the VLE are exaggerated (Niall Sclater) The VLE is Dead: The Movie (James Clay) The VLE is Dead. Tags: e-learning PLE #altc2009 VLE is dead

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A right punch-up

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This symposium will propose that the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as an institutional tool is dead, no more, defunct, expired. The second member of the panel, Graham Attwell , believes that the VLE is dead and that the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is the solution to the needs of diverse learners. The third panel member, James Clay , however, believes that the VLE is not yet dead as a concept, but can be the starting point of a journey for many learners.

[from catspyjamasnz] Learning with 'e's: Two fingered salute

Learning with e's

Anyone with a modicum of insight will see that there are several parallels here with the battle between the institutional VLE and Edupunk style ‘do-it-yourselves’ personal web tools. The shiny, expensive and cumbersome VLE dominates the battlefield that is education, and is supposedly the killer application that all colleges and universities have bought into. All things considered, it is inevitable that the personal web will win in a straight fight against the institutional VLE.

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Wisdom of clouds

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There were many people at a session titled " the VLE is Dead " hosted by James Clay, Josie Fraser, Graham Attwell, Nick Sharratt and Steve Wheeler aka Timbuckteeth :). Martin Weller blogged about the death of VLE/LMS too in Nov 2007. Let me explain: PLE. The tools within a PLE are most likely not used for the purpose of formal education of all learners within an educational institution. This is different from a PLE, a VLE and a PTE.

Dead personal

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I was also asked why I didn't use the term PLE (Personal Learning Environment). Sound like a PLE? I deliberately avoided using the term PLE because I believe the PLE extends beyond personal web tools to encompass other tools and resources, such as paper based resources and broadcast media such as television and radio, as well as conversations with other people and so on. For those who don't, the institutional VLE (or perhaps no web based use at all) is an option.

In person

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There has been a lot of talk recently about PLEs (Personal Learning Environments) and everyone it seems, wants to know what they are, what they contain, or if they will replace current institutional VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) or LMS (Learning Management System) provision. No one seems to be able to agree on what a PLE is. The second article I can draw your attention to was written by the so called 'Father of the PLE', Scott Wilson.

Reciprocity learning

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I watched this morning's PLE conference (#pleconf) unkeynote by Grainne Conole and Ricardo Torres Kompen, which was streamed live from Aveiro, in Portugal. Mark Curtis self disclosure George Mead Grainne Conole reciprocity learning #pleconf Charles Cooley PLE VLE learning PLN social comparison Leon Festinger

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Lost in translation

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There has been a bit of discussion on Twitter, and at our recent ALT-C VLE symposium, on the importance of naming things. At the VLE is Dead symposium , there was an issue over the term PLE (Personal Learning Environment). Some people objected to it being named as such, because they argue, the PLE is not a 'thing', but a concept or more accurately a counterpoint in the discourse of the VLE. or the PLE and rename will be a little more difficult, I predict.

The boy done good

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It is a provocative take on the current state of play of the VLE, and he comes to some interesting conclusions. Recent literature and personal blogs are used to understand how the VLE as a concept is understood. The role of the VLE appears to be changing. Educators and institutions that are either using, or considering implementing a VLE in their teaching will find this paper especially useful.

Self organised - Me?

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Tags: VLE PLE mashup JISC self-organisation

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Can anybody hear me?

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3) An exemplification of Edupunk philosophy is the rise of the personal learning environment (PLE) in which the learner selects his/her own tools and technologies to apply in formal and informal learning. Tags: VLE PLE Martin Ebner Edupunk Educamp rhizome To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

Hanging in there

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For it is within the PLE that students can truly pursue their own interests, motivate themselves to learn and generally capitalise on their personal talents and skills. It is the PLE that enables learners to transcend the often stifling nature of the institutional VLE to make their own creative choices about tool selection and formation of digital presence and identity. Tags: Tillman Swinke PLE formal learning motivation informal learning

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Noughties. but nice

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The concept of personal learning environments was also introduced, as a counterpoint to the notion of the VLE. Tags: Nintendo DS MySpace YouTube iPod Touch PLE Nintendo Wii Twitter Ringtones podcast Google FaceBook Bebo The first decade of the 21st Century was highly significant for personal learning.

Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment

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Thirdly, I will revisit the idea that mashup PLEs will rival and perhaps ultimately supplant the institutional Learning Management System (LMS) or VLE. Tags: microblogging VLE PLE Twitter mashup icl 2009 One of the papers I will be presenting in September is entitled: "Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment".

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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HOLD THE FRONT PAGE - PLE’s need Teachers - Learnadoodledastic , September 23, 2010 Call it a PLE if you like, to me it is connectivist learning. PLE - “My PLE is where I store all my “keys” to the network. Connectivist and Constructivist PLEs - Viplav Baxi Meanderings , September 21, 2010 Is the PLE a connectivist construct or a constructivist construct? met with my new first year level 3 students and during the session introduced them to the vle.

Games for girls

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Check out this little gem from Dan Kennedy on the VLE/PLE debate. I''m a big advocate of student publications. Many have some great ideas to share, and we encourage student blogging very strongly in Plymouth. There is nothing to stop students going farther and publishing their work in mainstream journals - if their work is good enough it should be shared widely. It''s also very motivating for them. Some of my previous students have published in journals in the past few years.

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Hacking education

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These included 'will we see a decline or a rise in the number of edubusinesses' and 'is the institutional VLE compatible with the PLE.' We had a great day on Sunday at the Learning without Frontiers festival at the Brewery in the East End of London.

Once more with feeling.

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tools in teaching (wikis, blogs, podcasting, Facebook, YouTube), papers on mobile technology, Second Life, the VLE vs the PLE debate, aggregation, transnational perspectives on e-learning, e-assessment and e-portfolios, audience response systems, collaborative content management, and even a paper on terrorism and the web! Now I can take a breath and sit back (even if it's just for a few hours).

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Twitter vs blogging

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It's not the VLE vs the PLE. There's going to be another fight. This time it's whether Twitter is killing blogging. Strewth, it's like waiting for a bus. You stand around for ages and then suddenly two big debates come along at once. I was only on the periphery of the Twitter vs blogging debate when I chaired a F-ALT (Fringe ALT-C) session late at night over at the Contact Theatre in Manchester last week.

Theory-informed design tips

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• Develop an informal VLE to centralise all the resources. • Encourage the learner to integrate the VLE into a broader PLE. In my previous article , I proposed a Taxonomy of Learning Theories to organise a few of the myriad of theories into some semblance of order, and to assist instructional designers in using theory to inform their work.

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A digital heretic?

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PLE will triumph over VLE. Some people think I'm a bit of a rebel. A non-comformist. You see, I don't take too kindly to unnecessary rules and regulations, and tend to scoff when people try to impose them. I despise bureaucracy and red-tape. Why can't I do this?' I ask. Because it's against the rules!' 'But But what if the rules are wrong?' 'I I don't make the rules mate, I just make sure you keep them.' How rediculous.

35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

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PLE vs VLE - Learning with e’s , March 22, 2010 Excellent video to associated with the paper: Integrating Personal Learning Environments into the Primary Classroom and goes beyond web tools, and even personal learning networks. Best of eLearning Learning. Once again, I found myself falling behind in getting through all the great eLearning content that gets brought together by eLearning Learning. Some great stuff I would have otherwise missed.