Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants (Podcast)

Experiencing eLearning

Since the TLDC community has several D&D players, this version of the presentation has some references and examples related to D&D. If the podcast isn’t embedded above, check it out on the TLDCast website , in Spotify , or look for episode 329 in your favorite podcast app.

The Learning & Development Podcast: Podcasts For Learning with Shannon Martin from Podbean


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. This transcript is from the conversation between David and Shannon Martin on podcasts for learning. Listen to episode 65 of the Learning & Development podcast here.


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How to Create a Referable Brand for your Education Company with Michael Roderick


Learn how to create a referable brand for your education company with Michael Roderick in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. There are three core fundamentals to creating a referable brand Michale shares and they all follow the acronym AIM.

Podcast Interview on eLearning in Healthcare

Experiencing eLearning

Lawrence Laganelli of the Inside Medical Assisting Podcast interviewed me about elearning, especially as it applies in healthcare. Listen to the podcast in a new tab. Links and References. e-Learning Instructional Design podcastAlthough we focused on examples related to training medical assistants, much of our conversation applies to other organizations as well.

Podcast: Neelesh Harbhajan


His students refer to him as “Mr. In this podcast he explains why he is focused on the “magical mind” and gives you several practical things you can start doing today to unleash that magical brain. PodcastsNeelesh Harbhajan is the founder of Magical Mind University where he teaches people inner world principles for outer world success. Neelesh is an international speaker and trainer and has been hailed by thousands as an inspirational, motivational and life-changing speaker.

The CoLab Podcast Episode 4: Delivering meaningful learning experiences with Jen Jones


Welcome to The CoLab podcast. About the CoLab Podcast. The CoLab Podcast is the best business training advice from experts in the field on sharing knowledge and growing teams successfully at scale. Podcast business growth consulting education online training podcast teachers

The Learning & Development Podcast: Lessons From The Line Into L&D with Paul Jocelyn


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. Listen to episode 63 of the Learning & Development podcast here. David James: Welcome to The Learning & Development Podcast.

Podcast 33: Training ROI in Action – With Ajay Pangarkar

Talented Learning

To find out more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. But if you’re not entirely sure what that term means, today’s podcast is for you. The term ROI refers to the DuPont model of ROI analysis.

ROI 60

The Learning & Development Podcast: Actually Addressing Skills Gaps with Simon Gibson


The Learning & Development podcast is hosted by our Chief Learning Officer David James. Listen to episode 64 of the Learning & Development podcast here. David James: Welcome to The Learning & Development Podcast. This isn’t a political podcast, by the way.

Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

Talented Learning

To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. Because we’re always gathering references and we know people who are using these systems, we capture their feedback, too. Anecdotal information is a great reality check… FOR MORE QUESTIONS AND COMPLETE ANSWERS, LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST NOW! WELCOME TO EPISODE 21 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Margin Notes: Learn To Lead Podcast - Episode #1: Learning As A Strategic Imperative


We recently hosted Sean Stowers of Pearson Learning on our Learn to Lead Podcast. Stowers refers to front-line employees as the lifeblood of an organization. Podcast Margin Notes

Margin Notes: Learn to Lead Podcast - Episode #6: Leading and Managing Through a Crisis


He refers to this trait as relationship negotiation, and calls it essential during crises. Podcast Margin Notes

Julie Dirksen – Sponge elearning podcast

Sponge UK

Here are the questions asked during the interview with their times for quick reference: 00.39 Ways to listen to the Sponge UK elearning podcast The full interview is available to listen to using the player above, you can stream the audio directly to your computer or mobile device. Download the mp3 file using this direct link: SpongeUKPodcastEpisode003-JulieDirksen.mp3 (33:40, 11.5MB) Subscribe to the Sponge UK elearning podcast to get the latest episodes automatically.

Podcast 32: Building a Customer Education Business Case – With Bill Cushard of Learndot

Talented Learning

To find out more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. With more than 160 episodes of his own podcast, Helping Sells , he is one of the best-known experts in this field.

Training Industry PODCAST – Digital Skills for the Future

Learning Wire

We recently partnered with Training Industry for an exclusive podcast featuring CrossKnowledge researcher and thought leader, Anja Emonds. This inevitably creates a digital skills gap, sometimes referred to as digital literacy, digital readiness, or even digital poverty.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Critically Analyzing Podcasts

The E-Learning Curve

My previous blog posts on podcasting have focused the human side of podcasting: narration, story-telling, communicating with your audience. Now, it's time to spend a little time understanding the technical aspects of podcasting. As you begin to hone your podcasting skills, you'll find that you're also taking a remarkable learning journey. The same principles apply when you begin to podcast. Technical Elements : Podcast should take advantage of appropriate Web 2.0

Everything Gets Easier When You Know Who Your Ideal Client Is with Agency Operator and Podcaster Jason Resnick


Learn how everything gets easier when you know who your ideal client is with agency operator and podcaster Jason Resnick in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. You can find his podcast over at Rezzz.com if you’re interested in checking that out.

Podcasting to Accelerate Sales for Course Creators with Craig Hewitt from Castos


Learn how to use podcasting to accelerate sales for course creators with Craig Hewitt from Castos in this LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Starting a podcast is all about getting into the habit and building up a portfolio. I’m joined by a special guest, another podcaster.

The 6 hottest learning trends for 2018 ? Part 6: Podcasting

Limestone Learning

For the time-strapped multi-tasker trying to shoehorn learning into a workday without sacrificing productivity, podcasts are a logical fit. Podcasts can be entertaining and relaxing while still filling our heads with information. Listening to podcasts can be highly productive, especially for auditory learners , and if a podcast is scripted with visually evocative imagery or tactile references, it can be just as effective for visual and kinesthetic learners too.

A panel podcast on compliance training

Good To Great

→ A panel podcast on compliance training Posted on March 10, 2011 by Stephanie Dedhar | 1 Comment Yesterday I was invited to join a small panel podcast hosted by Craig Taylor to discuss compliance training – what’s wrong with it, what’s right with it and what we need to do to make it even better. This was my first time participating in a podcast and I really enjoyed it.

A Podcast for Training Magazine

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Margery Weinstein: When you say "interactivity in training," what are you referring to? Here is a summary of the podcas t I recently did with Training magazine Senior Writer Margery Weinstein about a better way to learn. VJ: Learners are better engaged when their trainer establishes a two-way dialog. Monolog, as we know, is boring. This is true regardless of the learning modality – be it classroom instruction or e-learning.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Digital Audio Basics

The E-Learning Curve

Really exceptional podcasts transmit a sense of "being there." Well-designed, planned, narrated and produced audio content has the facility to engage the audience and transport the listener, providing the right cognitive environment for learning or entertainment or whatever goal the podcast seeks to achieve. 2005) Of course, this cognitively experienced sense of “being there” is a completely artificial construct, none more so when you consider audio podcasting.

Audio 48

Distributing your podcast for e-learning

The E-Learning Curve

I've just about completed all the topics I want to cover regarding Podcasting for E-Learning (for the moment). So, over the next couple of days, I want to tie up some podcasting 'loose ends.' Now read on… Today, publishing your podcast. As Jack Herrington (2005) so memorably wrote, podcasting is "blogging out loud." If you've created and posted a blog, you've already used pretty much all the technology required to distribute a podcast.

Exploring Podcasting for E-Learning (and new podcast episode released)

The E-Learning Curve

I'm exploring the medium of podcasting at the moment. I've previously discussed podcasting in general here , but in my view there can (and should) be more to the medium than the well-trodden 'single voice-over discusses topic' - what I call the 'fireside chat' - podcast format. In this context, a podcast presents a learning stimulus, guides knowledge acquisition or learning through example, and elicits understanding. Does this format work for podcasting in your view?

Top 4 Ways to Improve Employee Development


In physics, escape velocity refers to the minimum speed needed for a free, non-propelled object to escape the gravitational influence of a massive body. > Listen and Subscribe Now: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn.

Apple 65

How to Start and Grow a Podcast and Build an Online Course Empire with Joe Casabona


Learn how to start and grow a podcast and build an online course empire with Joe Casabona in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Chris refers to these as the five hats course creators wear: expert, instructional designer, community builder, technologist, and entrepreneur. Joe runs a podcast called How I Built It. Chris and Joe discuss concepts that apply to both podcasting and course creating in this episode.

Podcasting for E-Learning – Storytelling and Teaching

The E-Learning Curve

Next time: Digital audio and podcasting for e-learning -- New E-Learning Curve’s Other Podcast episode release: In Part 5 of Transatlantic: The Flying Boats of Foynes Part 5: Foynes goes to War Appeasement has failed. In neutral Ireland, the government initiates a state of emergency, an official euphemism used by the Irish Government during the 1940s to refer to its position during World War II. Click here to view the transcript of this podcast (PDF, 24K).

Podcasting for E-Learning: Inflecting the voice?

The E-Learning Curve

In yesterday's post , I discussed the importance of narrative pace to audio podcasting. However, pace alone is not enough to encourage listener engagement with your podcast. So, the second heuristic for writing content for podcasts is: Anticipate how your audience could interpret a word and understand how it might affect interpretation of your meaning. This is a good podcast." More. __ References : Ahern, S.

Voice 40

Producing Podcasts: Some Considerations for Content Creators

The E-Learning Curve

When you start work on a podcast, you must be aware of not only what is to be said, but also to whom you want to say it. Podcasts - like blogs - develop a distinctive 'personality' according to the characteristics of the source material, the type of audience that material is aimed at, and the individual or team who produce the podcast. More. __ References : Bates, A. First of all, a (longish) pre-amble.

Audio for Podcasting: Hard Disk Recording

The E-Learning Curve

The problem with editing with tape this way is that in order to perform the edit you must wipe the original material by recording over it; this is sometimes referred to as "destructive editing". Next time: Authoring your podcast using an audio editor. --. Tags: digital audio file format DAT audio editor Audio Atari ST podcast

Audio 40

Podcasting for E-Learning: Putting it all together

The E-Learning Curve

I've been discussing one of the lesser-covered aspects of podcasting: delivering effective voice-over narration. This speech pattern is most apparent when a podcast has not been designed, planned and scripted properly. Here are two excerpts from podcasts about archeology from iTunes U. I have edited this piece down a little but in the unedited version of this podcast, the lecture proper does not begin until nearly two minutes into the podcast.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Emphasize to Enhance Meaning

The E-Learning Curve

In over the last few articles, I've discussed some voice techniques used to assist e-learning content producers create more effective, engaging, and immersive podcasts. This techniques is called 'projection,' and it's the third of the Four 'P's' of great podcast narration. The amount of projection you employ triggers very different reactions in anyone involved in a dialog with the speaker, and you can use the full dynamic range of the human voice when recording a podcast.

How to Create Successful Customer Education Content Fast with Dave Derington

TechSmith Camtasia

You can watch the video on this topic at the top of this post, to listen to the podcast episode, hit play below, or read on for more… Dave is passionate about educating customers about software products, particularly SaaS products for any organization or business.

CLO Podcast: Stephanie Speights of Children’s Health on Centralizing Learning

CLO Magazine

In this podcast recorded live in front of an audience at the House of Blues in Dallas, the chief learning officer of Children’s Health shares how to navigate centralization conversations with executives, tips to overcome organizational skepticism and how important it is to focus on getting the right people on the learning team. Thank you to our episode sponsors: This episode of the Chief Learning Officer Podcast is brought to by Bridge, the makers of Practice. Centralization.

CLO 34

Why is podcasting so successful if 93 percent of communication is nonverbal?

The E-Learning Curve

This post on podcasting for e-learning professionals will consider some aspects of narrative, and debunk an urban myth. The term pace has already entered this series of E-Learning Curve Blog articles about creating podcasts. When a podcast has a lack of pace, it is often down to another, subtler fault: a lack of organization in the underlying form of a podcast's content. Click here to listen to the podcast. References : Burgoon, J.

Can You Hear Me Now? How to Make a Podcast

Take an e-Learning Break

Download the materials for reference. Want to learn how podcasts can help and how to make your own? This hands-on class is designed to provide a fun yet informative introduction to podcasting and how you can utilize this technology in your library services, to enable your users to access the information whenever they want, wherever they want and however they want it. Here's another course from the GMR. Thinking about how to promote your services and reach out to more people?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Ive got to create a podcast on how to podcast.got any great resources?

Mark Oehlert

Main | Bad Words and Politics: Politweets and Twittertale » January 29, 2008 Ive got to create a podcast on how to podcast.got any great resources? So I have to create a podcast (for work) that will serve as an intro for folks within my organization as they start to learn how to podcast and how to think about podcasting. Comments Hi Mark, Have you heard of the Podcasting for Dummies Podcast? It is a companion to the Podcasting for Dummies book.