Should Your Association Have a Podcast Channel?

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Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past decade and as a millennial I am going to give my insights as to why. citizens and podcasts. The first is a 2018 study conducted by Nielsen and Edison Research which found: 42% of millennials, ages 18-34, listen to at least one podcast a week. 17% of the entire population listens to at least one podcast a week. In descending order, the three most listened to genera of podcasts are comedy, education, and news.

Designing Effective Podcasting


A user holding a tablet with an audio podcast with different formats. The podcast that put mainstream podcasting on the map – “ Serial ” – sparked a new wave of using audio-only as entertainment. Podcasting wasn’t a new idea.

No Budget for Learning Videos? No Problem!

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Most of us turn to quick, informative videos in our daily lives when stuck on a task or project, or when curiosity strikes. Podcasts and VideosWhen you need to learn how to do something, where do you go for information? I thought about this question recently when I faced a pretty standard homeownership quandary: spring recently sprung, but my front yard needed some improvement in the lush greenery department.

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Why Training Needs Video

Learning Rebels

The shift has arrived, and video is King! You may or may not be shocked by this but not enough of us are creating video to help the people in our organizations. However, we hesitate to produce video. It seems for a lot of people video is a skill that is unreachable.

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Podcast: TLDChat – Featuring Margie Meacham


Every weekday, learning professionals from around the world gather for a livestreaming interactive video experience at I was honored to join them as a guest and talk about the future of learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, neuroscience and the scientific method.

dominKnow Launches Live Video/Podcast To Help Peers Create Better eLearning

eLearning Industry

Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC) is a weekly live videocast and podcast that focuses on helping our peers create better eLearning content and user experiences in an educational and entertaining way.

Podcast Interview, LTEN Presentation and Helpful Resources

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I’ve also had the great pleasure of being interviewed for the podcast The Psychology of Video Games created by Jamie Madigan. It is a special bonus interview/podcast so it’s even cooler. Listen to Podcast 17: Gaming Psychology and Learning. Videos/Class.

Video Learning Platforms

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Video Killed the Radio Star debuts. Everyone watches it – because it is the first video to be seen on the station. 2012 – Mobile video consumption rises up to 5.4 The new kids of the block (please no jokes here) are Video Learning Platforms. Grab your Video.

Workplace Learning Trends in 2018

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A combination of instructional video capsules and mobile learning has ensured that the popularity of bite-sized learning keeps increasing. The Video Revolution. Podcasts. Podcasts are seen as an extension of mobile learning. Podcasts are here to stay!

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Learning Mobile App Review: NearPod [Podcast Interview]

mLearning Revolution

The Teacher uses a cloud service by login in to [link] in order to create presentations loaded with interactive features, such as quizzes, polls, videos, sketching tools and more. Interviews Mobile Learning Podcast featured

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

Talented Learning

To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. Executive team members can interact with an online platform to learn key concepts, watch videos and engage in interactive reflection.

Julie Dirksen – Sponge elearning podcast

Sponge UK

You’ll be hearing her views on helping learners to form good habits, how to avoid some common design mistakes and what we can all learn from video game designers. Is there an example of video in elearning that has definitely got it right?

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

Talented Learning

In January, we launched this podcast as a convenient way to hear directly from experts about how you can benefit more fully from modern learning systems. Listen to the show with your favorite podcast channel. See the list on the sidebar of this post or on our podcast main page.

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360° interactive video for learning – Sponge UK Podcast

Sponge UK

Kate Nicholls, Learning Technologies Designer of the year and Head of Innovations at Sponge UK has spent the last year investigating how 360° interactive video can be used for workplace learning. 10:10 – What have you learnt about where VR and 360° video is going to work within learning?

TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508

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Podcast logo. This presentation will be an overview of the different methods in the planning, producing, publishing and promoting of hybrid podcasts with instructions on the building of a 508 compliant podcast. Market research on US podcast audience. mp4 video.

Podcast - The Missing Piece of Great eLearning: An Interview with Marie Hoffman

InSync Training

When we begin creating eLearning or video elements for blended learning , our first thought often includes technology. In this episode of our Modern Learning on the Air podcast series, InSync Training’s Phylise Banner explores the topic of audio narration with voice talent Marie Hoffman. We invest in platforms to create high-end designs. The polish usually ends there.

David Kelly – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast

Sponge UK

Interactive video. Ways to listen to the Sponge UK elearning podcast The full interview is available to listen to using the player above, you can stream the audio directly to your computer or mobile device. The post David Kelly – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast appeared first on Sponge UK.

Why video is the superior tool for learning

Your Training Edge

While these courses include a broad range of subjects, and are present on various different platforms, one thing that almost all MOOCs have in common is the emphasis on conveying content to the learner through video. The choice of the video is not evident.

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5 Awesome e-Learning Podcasts

KZO Innovations

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to an entertaining and thought-provoking podcast these days? Podcasts are especially handy for busy e-Learning and training professionals that want to keep up on industry updates and best practices. e-Learning podcasts, learning management systems, and online training. Rod’s Pulse Podcast . Rodney Murray, the head of academic technology at the University of the Sciences in Pennsylvania, has been running Rod’s Pulse Podcast since 2006.

Podcasting for the Classroom


Podcasts, which consist of episodes or segmented portions of an audio broadcast, are a popular digital medium for presenting information. Recently, podcasts have enjoyed more popularity through programs like This American Life , or its spin-off, the true crime series Serial.

Problem finding Podcasts and Videos

Tony Karrer

I just saw a post by Mark Oehlert - Help Needed: Long Car Ride Ahead and I Want to Load Up on the Best Podcasts Makes me realize that we don't have good sources to find podcasts or videos that appeal to a particular group of people, e.g., folks involved in eLearning. But, if I go to YouTube and search for videos, I will occasionally find good ones, but normally it's a needle in a haystack.

Elliott Masie – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast

Sponge UK

Read highlights and see video of Elliott Masie in our blog post. Ways to listen to the Sponge UK elearning podcast. Make sure you catch each episode by subscribing to the Sponge UK elearning podcast rss feed with your favourite podcast player.

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Podcast: The Spiritual Brain – LearningBinge Instructor Trish O’Connor


YouTube: Publishing-related videos: [link]. Retreat-related videos: [link]. Podcasts brain creative writing God inspirtation journaling learningbinge meditation mindfulness neuroscience retreats spirit spirituality workshops writing

Podcast Episode 5: Learning Systems the Dairy Queen Way – With Chris Shanks

Talented Learning

In January, we launched this podcast as a convenient way to hear directly from experts about how you can benefit more fully from modern learning systems. Listen to the show with your favorite podcast channel. See the list on the sidebar of this post or on our podcast main page.

LMS Tracking of Podcasts and Video Casts

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They currently provide some podcasts and video casts, but would like to track the new content that is being developed now. You can put the audio or video inside a SCORM course and load it into an LMS. I received an interesting question from someone who is working on providing content to a remote sales force of about 40 people on topics such as selling process, products and selling skills.

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Podcast: Build your Social Media Presence with Barb Smith


your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel, podcasts, newsletter, etc.). Leverage the web through searches, tutorials, video courses, and industry-related blogs.

Death of the Podcast

Moodle Journal

At the start of this academic year, I simply restored my course and released the MP3 and Video casts, great for me, and I thought my students, however tracking has revealed an unexpected trend for the first semester. Was the podcast just a blip?

The power of the spoken word: including podcasts in training


Why L&D professionals should consider the podcast as a training tool. Without further ado, here are four reasons why you should consider including podcasts in your company’s training materials: Podcasts – the cool version of dramatic radio. Podcasts have the power to engage.

Introducing a new Podcast: This Week in #mLearning [Episode 1: The new iPad and Mobile Learning]

mLearning Revolution

I’m am extremely excited to introduce a brand new weekly Podcast entitled ‘This Week in Mobile Learning” with my friend and co-host Robert Gadd. Each week Robert and I will discuss various trending topics and their impact on mobile learning, including the state of mobile in general, mobile devices, HTML5, Adobe Flash, Responsive Web Design, Rapid Development tools, especially as they begin making the shift from desktop to mobile, mobile apps, video, Education and more.

Free E-Learning Podcast 29: Video for Organisational Learning

e-Learning Academy

Podcast 29 is the first of a series of three videos exploring the role of video in organisational learning. In this video we explore five different kinds of video, in particular video for evaluation or assessment activities.

Learningtogo Podcasts Now on iTunes!


You can look at some of her amazing works and see other videos of Elizabeth on her site. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you know that I’ve been honored to feature many brilliant people on my little show. This week we passed a significant milestone by joining iTunes.

3 Brilliant Common Craft Instructional Videos

eLearning Brothers

Common Craft has an extensive library of informative and instructional videos. Today we’re taking a look at 3 videos in particular that will really spice up your next project. This handy video teaches just that, and it can make research—or even simple curiosities—a cinch.

LearnLoft’s Greatest Podcast Hits: Our Most Popular and Valuable Podcasts of All Time


I Hope These Podcasts are Valuable to You. It’s filled with Microlearning videos, leadership challenges, downloadable resources, social learning, and expert leadership feedback. About the author: John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft and Host of the Follow My Lead Podcast.

Learning Pros Need to Think Like Dirty Marketers: Advice from Daniel Foster

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Podcasts and Videos Modern Learning on the AirLearning professionals wear many hats. Depending on the task at hand, we may throw on our “ instructional designer ” cap, “ project manager ” beret, or “ facilitator ” fascinator. But did you know that we also need a “marketing” bonnet? According to Daniel Foster, Strategy Lead for the Snagit Application at TechSmith, “the best learning professionals think like dirty marketers.”.

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How I make my video podcasts

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I’ve been making video podcasts for YouTube and iTunes for a couple of years now, and I am often asked how I make these. Development Polls VideoHere’s how I do it. Choose a format The first thing I did was settle on a format which I could use consistently as part of the brand. This included: Creating [.].

Your Association Members & Customers Have an Ear for Podcasts

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Publicists are telling their clients, “Get a podcast.” Podcasting is the new talk radio, the new advertising, and the new book tour. It’s time your association gets a podcast too. By adding podcasts to your online learning curriculum and communication strategy, you will attract the attention and loyalty of members, customers, and prospects, while enhancing the impact of your educational content. Who’s listening to podcasts? Advertisers love podcasts.

Free E-Learning Podcast 30: Tips for Producing Video for Organisational Learning

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Podcast 30 is the second of a series of three videos exploring the role of video in organisational learning. In this video we explore video design for four kinds of video – conceptual, procedural, expertise and recordings.