Video: The Change Principle

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Regularly changing your shots is an important technique covered in ATD’s Rapid Video for Learning Certificate Program. The camera starts with a wide shot of the official talking behind the podium. Cut back to the podium. We’ve all sat through boring training videos.

The Top Soft Skills You Need to Teach Your Employees Now


LinkedIn recently published a list of the most in-demand soft skills, with leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management on the podium. Coach employees on soft skills through ongoing training programs and development initiatives.

ThoughtWorks: Day 1--Induction with a difference.

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I have had first hand experience of induction programs in quite a few organizations--each org has been very different but displayed surprising uniformity in the way they conducted the induction sessions, the org values and norms, and so on.You get the point! The area around the podium is lit.

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Mobile Learning: No iPhone required

Bottom-Line Performance

The example given was for a nursing program where students completed knowledge checks after their classes. One of the most interesting sessions was given by Dr. Cesar Bandera of Cell Podium. I was encouraged to see that the most effective programs didn’t need iPhone or Android technology to be successful… but as always, the solid learning design was what indicated success, not the technology.

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7 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Digital Era

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The study found 56 percent of digital winners — companies defined as high-performers — have more mature strategies and programs to build diversity, compared to just 48 percent of other organizations. Digital transformation is an urgent imperative.

Learning must occur in an ecosystem where each individual can both learn and teach

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Traditional formal learning environments have long placed an expert on a podium, who in turn tend to consider learners as sponges needing to absorb his/her expertise.

Keeping Video Learners Engaged

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While the person behind the podium speaks, the camera will cut after about five seconds to a journalist writing in her notebook for five seconds and then cut back to the speaker.

How to Train Faculty to Create Quality Online Courses

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This also lets you provide specific instructions for each department’s particular software programs and workflow (such as nursing faculty who use their smartphone to capture practical skills).

Michael Allen – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


We use research and experience as a guideline, then reserve enough resources to modify our programs, perhaps several times, based on realized outcomes with our learners in the context in which they learn and perform. Being able to edit a program while it continues to execute is one of them. The non-programming authoring capabilities are so capable in ZebraZapps that these extensions to the system can be built by users themselves. ABOUT Dr. MICHAEL W.

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Big Dog, Little Dog

Even as enrollment in online distance programs nears 1 million and grows by more than 20 percent a year, according to Boston research firm Eduventures, the much bigger audience turns out to be right in the classroom building. Beyond the Podium (2001) pp.

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


E-learning can be defined as follows: The innate delivery of a learning program, education program, or training which occurs via electronic means. The FDA has Clinical Practice Guidelines which outline protocols and principle guidelines within its programming. Introduction.