Simple Ways to Deal with 9 Common Work Problems

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Today’s organizations are faced with various types of problems regarding their employees. Among these problems, managers are mostly challenged by threats to their workers’ physical and mental health. Many common workplace problems are related to or caused by stress.

Data privacy for learners: What is your policy?

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Data privacy is an important policy element for any organization, and one that has been receiving more, but perhaps not enough, attention. Here is the issue: Some digital content providers ask users to create a personal profile and agree to a user agreement and privacy policy.

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Your Policy Training Stinks! Try Something Better.

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In particular, we’ll discuss how to deliver better policy training to your employees. Most Policy Courses Are Boring. We’ve talked before about optimizing the onboarding process , but today’s article is specifically about policy training.

Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem


Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Organizations thought the learning problem was solved when LMS solutions became ubiquitous.

SHRM 2018: People at the End of Every Policy

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Being adaptable to change is important, but sometimes the procedures and policies in effect in the workplace are not up to date. “For such a long time, HR was the last resort to addressing problems after they had already arisen,” Muñoz said.

5 Points to Consider When Updating Your Anti-Harassment Policies


With the recent slew of high-profile allegations, confessions, and convictions for sexual and workplace harassment, anti-harassment policies have become a “hot button” issue for many companies. To protect your organization, now is a great time to update your harassment policies and procedures. Here are a few steps you can take to update your anti-harassment policies. Consult with employees as you develop your new policies.

Webinar: The Problem With Data

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Webinar: The Problem With Data. Now, we have another, even more, complex problem– we have TOO MUCH data! As we seek to make better data-driven decisions, a few key problems arise, including: Data from multiple systems that do not “talk” to one another.

Corporate Social Media Policies

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I've posted before a list of Corporate Policies on Web 2.0 Corporate Access that shows that a significant number of corporate policies are to shut down access to the tools. These are problems that I heard during my sessions last week as I mentioned in ASTD Follow-Up. There's a very interesting set of questions in the post Happy New Year! AND do you have opinions about social media governance? This is by an IBM employee, Jen Okimoto, who works in the domain of Web 2.0

Advantages of Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy for Your Business

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Therefore, companies are encouraged to set up policies that will safeguard workers and the integrity of the workplace. How to Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Companies that have an effective drug-free workplace policy can help workers regain productivity levels and confidence.

11 Bad Tech Habits at Work


So, employers need to address this issue directly with standards, policies and trackers to ensure employees only use personal devices during breaks. It’s impossible to see problems and how to fix them if the data is incorrect.

Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem


Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Organizations thought the learning problem was solved when LMS solutions became ubiquitous. How do we move past this conversation and finally address the true knowledge problem? It’s a solution that’s 100% committed to solving the employee knowledge problem. The post Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem appeared first on Axonify.

How to Use a Learning Management System to Solve the I-Didn’t-Get-the-Memo Problem

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This might be an urgent policy or procedural change. Somewhere among the hundreds or perhaps thousands of e-mails in your inbox, somewhere in the skyscraper-high piles of paper on the corner of your desk, is something really really important.

5 Ways Gamification Solves Business Problems

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Who would have thought that badges, levels and leaderboards could be the answer to business problems? We share with you 6 ways gamification solves business problems. If all of the above resonates and you need to train a large group or workforce in the latest practices and policies of your organisation, get in touch at The post 5 Ways Gamification Solves Business Problems appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

Midterm Elections: Supporting Employees’ Right to Vote


” “Businesses can help solve this problem by making sure that all employees have paid time off to vote,” she continued. Creating an Employee Leave Policy for Voting. Dorsey & Whitney attorney Marilyn Clark suggests that employers at least implement a policy to inform employees of their voting rights under applicable laws.

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Course of the Week Highlight: Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace Policies and Leadership Skills


Plan, evaluate, and solve problems while also delegating and sharing responsibilities. We’re officially into April, and things are getting greener by the day (at least here in Portland!). Start your month off right with big savings from business skills and compliance categories. This week’s deals cover leadership skills and and keeping your workplace drug and alcohol free. Business Skills. Leadership Skills. By: Azimuth Academy.

Improving Regulatory Compliance Training


Company Policies and Procedures. Compliance training helps employees understand the issues and how to identify and report problems before violations can occur. Corporate and regulatory compliance training is not the most exciting topics for employees.

The problem with pre-work

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Yes, because the biggest problem is calling it 'pre-work' in the first place. If you believe in this transformation, you've got no choice but to re-think your policies to pre-work. Time and again, trainers tell me that they have trouble getting trainees to complete their 'pre-work'.

4 Tips to Communicate Social Media Policies Among the Employees [Infographic]

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To ensure effective social media usage, many companies have laid down social media policies. But the problem is, employees are not aware of these policies and its organizations’ responsibility to bring awareness among the employees.

Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

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Your data can suffer from a similar problem. Data Purge Strategy vs. Policy. However, I also want to touch on the importance of a data purge policy. With a standards-based policy, you can make the purge process easier to manage consistently in the future.

Policies in eLearning - "Too Much Break Time" Interactive Vignette

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For this week’s featured vignette “Too Much Break Time!” , we take a look at the case of Donna, a mid-level manager at a manufacturing company, who’s trying to figure out how to successfully impose a company policy involving Rita.

The problem with running audio and/or video on the first slide in Chrome

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It led me to an explanation about Google’s new policy as of April: [link]. However, this would be made easier if the code, seen below, is included in the publishing template in the next Captivate update, so that we don’t have this problem when publishing in Captivate. <!-- The post The problem with running audio and/or video on the first slide in Chrome appeared first on eLearning.

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Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. We talk a lot on this show and I go on and on about it, the five hats problems.

Dysfunctional Practices Lead to Post-MBA Sponsorship Retention Woes

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In a nutshell, organizations create the post-EMBA sponsorship retention problem with two dysfunctional practices. First, organizations don’t create a centralized, coordinated policy to integrate EMBA sponsorship into the grooming process for promising managers.

Creating Value in e-Learning Part 1: The Problem


Creating Value in e-Learning Part 1: The Problem. The Problem: Here are three commonly held assumptions about online courseware: 1. The Problem" data-via="Lectora" >. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools. Lectora Inspire. The Full-Featured Authoring Tool. Lectora Publisher. e-Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. Lectora Online.

Pitfalls of Working Sick and How It Affects the Workplace


In fact, presenteeism appears to be a much costlier problem than its productivity-reducing counterpart, absenteeism. Human Resources benefits compensation human resources sick days sick policy vacation

Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

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Do businesses have a robust build-your-own-device policy at workplace? Challenges faced included the following: To encourage a peer-to-peer problem-solving approach between employees. Encourage a system that enabled peer-to-peer problem solving between employees.

Should Your Company Offer Unlimited PTO? The Pros And Cons


Employee burnout, and the resulting drop in retention, is a critical problem across U.S. Your time off policies are also important to female candidates , for whom flexibility is second only to compensation when choosing a new employer. Still Requires A Policy And Tracking.

The problem with most e-learning # 471


So how often does this happen?

The College Oversell Crisis

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You might think these are policy issues beyond your scope. IBM has a “new collar” jobs slogan: “No Degree, No Problem.” Lee Maxey is CEO of MindMax, a marketing and enrollment management services company.

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In the loop (twice)

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The theory Argyris bases his theory on the premise that each of us has a cognitive map inside our heads - in other words, a script to deal with problems and challenges based on previous experience. This is the second in my series of short blog posts on important theories of learning.

Selling Storytelling in Learning

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Our company has added a ton of specifics about this to our employee handbook, so it’s important everyone’s aware of the new policy. ” “Let’s see…have your problems in this area been more with managers or coworkers discriminating?”

eLearning Cyclops: A Priest, A Rabbi and an Instructional Designer.

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Privacy Policy. Of course stakeholders come to training departments all the time demanding training and we need to look at the problem first as Jay Cross was quick to point out. This does not solve the problem, but reiterates the need for a more effective development timeline and approach. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Sunday, April 10, 2011.

Free eBook: Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide

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However, the one that trumps them all is ensuring that every member of the team complies with the rules and follows company policy. Can a new compliance training LMS be the most cost-effective solution to this problem? Going global comes with a unique set of challenges.

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Resources for Sexual Harassment Prevention in Your Workplace

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Today, many organizations around the world are continuing to shape and reshape their policies, gain a greater understanding of the threats and mistreatment their employees face or could face, and attempt to resolve issues before they become a problem. State and federal policies.

How to make mandatory training relevant

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Help the client by asking questions, such as: What problems are you seeing? Was this problem caused by one rogue employee, or is it a bigger issue? Is it limited to a group of employees, or is it really a problem that all employees are causing equally? The alien leave policy.