Video Tutorial: How to create online polls with ProProfs Poll Software


ProProfs Polls is an easy-to-use, effective poll software, which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime; and supports powerfully simple features for creating online polls and gathering instant feedback. Key Features of ProProfs Poll Software.

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Know your audience better with ProProfs Poll Maker


Want to create smart polls that capture more than just opinions? With ProProfs Poll Maker, you can even capture voter’s information such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers and more. Example poll capturing voter’s name, email & phone no.

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Track GoToWebinar Attendance on DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk eLearning

We wanted to make it even better, so we’ve added the ability for you to track attendance more in-depth with GoToWebinar! Average polls completed. The post Track GoToWebinar Attendance on DigitalChalk appeared first on.

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Between the Happy Sheets

Your Training Edge

Happy sheets, for those uninformed, are those polled results you provide at the end of a seminar. The final value in happy sheets, assuming that someone actually put some thought in to their creation, is that they provide a tracking mechanism on the attitude and preparation of the students.

Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

We can connect people socially, upload user generated content, and track and. solving, Sue polls some of her team. initial analysis by polling her. tracking true outcomes.

Managing Learning at your Association Annual Conference

WBT Systems

A recent poll from Association Adviser asked what is the main reason that members attend events? How much time will you need to spend checking and updating spreadsheets to manually track the logistics? Creation of agenda, tracks, breakout seassions.

5 Benefits of Virtual Investigator Meetings

Blue Sky eLearn

While a big concern of online meetings is not knowing if your audience is paying attention, virtual meetings actually make it possible to increase engagement and track attentiveness. Clinical trial training can be expensive.

How Does CourseArc Make Your LMS Even Better?


Some highlights include: Engaging and Interactive Content: By making it easy to create interactive modules that include rich media like audio and video, and interactivity like student polls and drag and drops, course creators have a wide array of options to excite and engage their students.

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How Flipped Classrooms Work


To prepare, just set-up your WordPress learning management system, add your content, track progress, and administer the exercise in class. Afterwards you can poll the students on their reaction to this method and expand from there as needed to other subjects.

Next Generation Audience Response Systems for Teachers and Trainers

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

This is done in several ways: polling anonymously, tracking individual responses, displaying polling results immediately and so forth. Audience Response Systems (ARS) establish interactivity between presenters and their audience. Traditionally ARS consist of several units of wireless hardware (a clicker pad which looks like a remote control) used by the audience, and it is combined with a presentation software used by the presenter.

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Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

We can connect people socially, upload user generated content, and track and. solving, Sue polls some of her team. initial analysis by polling her. tracking true outcomes.

Mobile Learning: A Manager’s Guide

Web Courseworks

Collect data through surveys, quizzes, knowledge checks and polling. It allows a company to have it’s own application store, track usage, and provide security and upgrades. Brenda J.

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Securing Your Online Certification Program


You may also run a poll to gain some demographic information about your learners, but if that information isn’t liked to their account, it’s not identifiable. The key, of course, is to not try to memorize them at all, but to use a password manager that will keep track of your passwords for you. Protect your program and your learners’ data. When it comes to your certification program, you probably have a lot to think about before you start thinking about data security.

Increase Course Performance with the Right Authoring Tool – Here’s How to Sort Out Your Options


Does the tool track the time spent authoring for you? polls), video and audio handling, interactive videos, and gamification. Evaluate what tracking and reporting the tool can provide. Can it provide tracking and analytics outside an LMS (i.e.,

Need YouTube Video Ideas? Where You Need to Look for Inspiration

Visual Lounge

Polls or surveys. Polls and surveys are another effective way to find out what your audience is interested in. For example, you can do a poll/survey inside social media ( e.g. poll in a Facebook group), in your videos – just by asking people to leave a comment, and in webinars.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

the content, we then tend to lose track of participants. Sue might poll some of her team members about what works well and what does not when she sets expectations. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations.

Top 10 Learning Tools 2018

Clark Quinn

Every year of late, Jane Hart has polled about people’s top 10 learning tools. And not liking the tracking, I’ve switched and made DDG my default. From this, she creates a list of the top 100 learning tools.

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Learning through Webinars: An e-learning perspective


Provide interactivity within the presentation through questions or polls that invite learner participation. An audience poll early on can provide an insight on what the learner already knows about the topic.

Interactive and engaging webinars- between who and who?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Ironically we had a face-to-face where two people couldn't reach the venue, one stuck in a huge traffic jam, the other in a train which took the wrong track. Because of the technical obstacles we've not tried out the polling and whiteboard features.

2 Simple Steps to Create a Minimalist eLearning Environment


Make a list of all of the things that do not advance the eLearning program’s mission – This will help you minimize distractions and keep the program on track. In the past few years, culture has begun to take a radical turn away from materialism and toward minimalism.

Engaging Participants 4: Virtual Engagement

Your Training Edge

Some applications allow you to poll, meaning you can ask questions along the way and have participants respond virtually. For live collaborations, moderators still need to be present, but you can use some of the same tools from webinars, such as polling and questions, to engage participants.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

Mike Taylor – a collaborative tool for sharing design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions – quickly and efficiently. Surveys/Polling. Microsoft Forms – Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. Need a quick poll? Fast Poll lives up to its name. It is a quick and easy option for polling. Every week I include a few design resources and useful tools in my Learning, Design, and Technology newsletter.

Rapid Authoring Tools For Creating mLearning

Upside Learning

Supports major types of images, audios, videos, bulleted/numbered lists and text integrated in the form of templatized format, tests, quizzes, polls/surveys. Web delivered content can be tracked and managed through their proprietary mobile delivery and tracking system (MDTS).

Converting Content To Microlearning: How SmartUp Does It


Well, SmartUp has made it even more fun with gamification features like quizzes, polls, and leaderboards. The best part about using SmartUp’s authoring tool to design learning content is that it gives you the ability insert quizzes and polls.

3 Member Engagement Programs That Improve CME Completion Rates

DLC Solutions

Lesson samplers can also be used to keep learners on track, by offering them teasers of upcoming activities as well as updates on their progress. . Use Insights from Member Polls to Enhance Content and Engage Learners. The best method for heading off platform abandonment is to frequently poll members to assess pain points in activities and develop an action plan to address persistent issues.

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Analysis Elements to Introduce Gamification to an Organization

Kapp Notes

Sometimes when someone says “gamification” they mean creating some type of experience involving assigning points for activities partaken over a time period with a leaderboard keeping track of who is accumulating the most points and then providing some type of reward.

Why Businesses Should Veto Traditional Training


In fact, if you were to take a poll concerning the number of employees who enjoy in-person trainings, it’s doubtful that more than a handful of people would say they look forward to classroom-style training sessions. What type of training model does your business use?

How to Boost Revenues With Improved LMS-based Sales Training


A recent Gallup poll found 87% of Millennials (compared with 69% of non-Millennials) approach jobs as development opportunities, providing ongoing training sets the stage for the opportunity. How to Track Your Online Sales Training Strategies.

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How to Create a Quiz


This tool offers insightful reports that help you track individual or group performances of quiz takers for further analysis. Opinion Polls – Create stunning polls to gather opinions & feedback.

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Getting what you need from your learning assessments?

CD2 Learning

Not only do they measure the knowledge and skills your associates have mastered - assessment data can be precisely tracked to help identify overall areas of strength and weakness within your learning program and help direct personalized learning paths for your modern learners.

How to reach more learners with personalized experiences (resources)


You can also use live polls to give people live, personalized feedback based on how their responses compare to their peers’. Useful links: The top 10 learning analytics you should track. How do you meet the needs of a large, diverse audience?

U.S. Workers Increasingly Worried about Pay, Perks

CLO Magazine

These are among the findings of the recently-introduced Harris Poll Jobs and Benefits Security Index, which provides a score that is measured monthly to track the changing sentiment of U.S. The Harris Poll Jobs and Benefits Security Index aims to offer an internal view into the workplace by reporting on the job/benefits security pulse of the worker. A new index shows that U.S. workers are increasingly worried about their income, benefits security and employment prospects.

7 best practices to create corporate training video content


Discussions after discussions may sometimes be distracting, therefore it’s best to create internal polls or questionnaire using Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. Disprz has integrated three important analytics to track learner engagement: COMPLETION RATIO ANALYTICS.

Getting The Most Out Of Your LMS

Upside Learning

Tracking and Reporting. An LMS with inbuilt social media technology enables you to not only access learning content but also participate in surveys, polls and forums; network with friends and peers; seek answers from content experts; and much more.

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Learning by teams: How to customize your training for every employee


Send an anonymous poll or survey so everyone is comfortable offering honest and candid feedback. Keeping track of the progress of each team will help you hone and optimize your learning programs.

Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….

Allison Rossett

I think we’re trending, we are moving towards, making tracks, inclining in particular directions. Consider the results of UK-based Donald Taylor’s poll regarding what’s happening in adult workplace learning. Many colleagues have asked what I think will emerge in workplace learning in 2015, “What’s important for 2015, in your view?” ” Or they put it this way, “Have you read anything worthwhile that summarizes trends for 2015?”

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