Tips to Level-Up Your Virtual Learning Game

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5) Create a poll. One way to use polls is to allow your audience to choose the learning path. Have the participants vote in the poll, deciding where to start. By using Polleverywhere you can run surveys, create polls to check for understanding, or create competitions.

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2 Big Considerations When Transitioning to a Virtual Learning Program


This might also include dial-in numbers from phones or VOIP for browsers. Look for software that allows for the following: Polling Whiteboarding Breakout rooms Chat windows for attendees Reporting Video streaming Q&A. Polling.


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Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

Experiencing eLearning

She modeled this & did a poll before introducing it at a tip. Used multiple polls at the beginning to set the expectation of continuous participation. Placeholder slides for polls, activities, etc. Phone or VOIP–do people have headsets? Instead of calling on people, ask who is willing to respond–have them answer a poll yes/no, then call on someone who said yes.

Which webinar tool do I use? Part 2

Superb Learning

It has built-in polling to engage with students, as well as a live whiteboard for presenting and groups. Tools to keep an eye on engagement, with engagement features such as polls. Polls have to be setup individually, as you need to create them disrupting the flow of the learning.


3 Ways to Use Adobe Connect

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And finally, it has robust polling and audience engagement features. During a presentation, presenters may want to poll participants to guide the topics covered in the lecture. Adobe Connect has robust polling capabilities. Presenters can create polls ahead of time or on the fly. by Jonathan Shoaf. Adobe Connect is one of the leading virtual classroom products on the market.

Which webinar tool do I use? Part 1

Superb Learning

How participants will access the audio (VOIP or teleconferencing). Do you want to use polls to engage and question participants? Which webinar platform do I use?


24 Virtual Training Best Practices to Follow When Shifting to Remote Learning

EI Design

An ideal one would support easy access, screen share, integration of different learning assets, polling, hand raising, breakout areas, and so on. Use open polls, status options, chat boxes, breakout areas, and similar features to make the session interactive and engaging. Introduction.

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Learning Through Virtual Classrooms: A new-age workplace learning trend


Using polling ,instructors can generate learner interest by posing questions and inviting responses from all learners. With technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the learners can conduct audio chat within the virtual classroom – without dialing in through a telephone or mobile. The benefits of continuous training in the corporate world are many and agreed upon by all.

Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer’s Roadmap to Success with Cindy Huggett #ASTDTK12

Learning Visions

Cool: Cindy’s using Poll Everywhere right now – 35% of participants using WebEx]. Headset for phone (use the phone that you’ve got a clear, solid connection on – could be VOIP, landline, cell phone – but have backup) Thumbdrive with materials Backup Internet connection (she has a USB wifi…) in case power outage, etc… Clock in the background Get into your space an hour before the session starts – not when it starts! My live notes from Cindy Huggett’s @cindyhugg session at ASTD TK12.

10 Tips for Successful Webinars

360 Training

Prior to the event, work with a friend or colleague and try out equipment to see which of your options sounds best, from a land line telephone to computer software with voice over IP (VoIP). You may choose the traditional PowerPoint deck, opt for screen sharing, do straight live video, and / or include pre-recorded video clips, polls, and other activities.

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Moodle GoToWebinar Integration, the innovative solution that will tighten up the relations within your company


He can either use the computer’s mic or speakers (VoIP). The presenter can track how effective the webinar has been by the way of test materials like quizzes and polls. GoToWebinar is an eLearning tool that brings students/employees closer to their coach or teacher. With the Moodle GoToWebinar integration, you will have face-to-face contact with your learning team, wherever you want.


E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

eLearning 24-7

Provides social learning features including shoutbox, photos, discussion boards, blogs, events, polls, articles. Classroom 6.1 – virtual classroom: VOIP, MP3 & MP4 downloads, breakout rooms, single and multi-way video, classroom management, including uploading content, polls, quizzes, surveys, follow the presenter, public and private chat, supports any web cam. I love innovation. It is what makes any product or service, aspire to new heights.

E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

Unicorn Training

You do not want to switch, but your current LMS, doesn’t have the social learning or any social learning features I need or want.Attaches to your current Legacy LMSProvides social learning features including shoutbox, photos, discussion boards, blogs, events, polls, articlesWorks seemliness – end user has no idea it is actually another system attached to yoursSkinned to match the customer’s look in your systemAdministration functions include ability to turn on all features or some features etc.

Ten years on

Clive on Learning

Starting with simple text chat, we've added VOIP, video, whiteboards, polls and many other goodies. As of this month, it's now ten years since I left Epic and became a freelance consultant. What a great opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the changes that I have witnessed in the field of corporate learning and development - my main focus over these ten years - from a largely UK perspective.