Where Have All the Learning Portals Gone?

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Fifteen years ago, the learning field thought the learning portal was going to be a powerful tool to drive employee performance improvement. Now when I look around, it is hard to find the 2016 “All Star” learning portal. What happened to the magical learning portals of our dreams?

Why You Should Adopt Learning Portals For Employee Engagement

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Learning portals are a great fit for formal training, performance support, and social learning. Learning Portals: Why You Should Adopt Them To Boost Employee Engagement. Why You Should Adopt Learning Portals For Employee Engagement? Learning portals achieve this and more.

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A Complete Training Portal for Multi-device Mobile Learners

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Early training portal technologies were training-centric where learners had to configure their systems according to the training format and therefore, it was difficult and expensive to deliver training in various formats. Your training portal should be accessible on all these browsers.

LMS – a Learning Portal that adapts to your Changing Needs


The post LMS – a Learning Portal that adapts to your Changing Needs appeared first on eLearning Experts. LMS is the new wave brought about in the world of e-learning that focuses on efficient use of learning resources. It helps both, academic institutes and companies, in conducting student or employee training cost-effectively in their organizations.

Computers, Learning Professionals, and their Roles in Curation

The Learning Circuits

In this closing post in my Learning Circuits series, I want to dig into curation in greater detail, describing what role technology plays in the curation workflow, and what it looks like for learning. Currently course content is constrained and controlled, usually behind an LMS portal login. In my first post for Learning Circuits, I explored how I use Twitter as a professional development tool.

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites , to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social behaviour.

Video’s Role in the Enterprise

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Enterprise video solutions are often – and should be – presented in the form of an organizational YouTube-like video portal. So, what kind of role does video play in the enterprise? Video is everywhere, transforming the way we learn, work, shop, communicate, collaborate, and entertain. So, it’s not surprising that video has become a critical tool for communication, learning, and knowledge sharing in modern enterprises.

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

Everyone seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites , to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social behaviour.

Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

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LMS/LCMS/Learning Portals (commercial & free), Social Learning stand-alone systems, hybrid system, content authoring tools, m-learning, web conferencing (already exists in many systems), virtual worlds, virtual meeting systems (already exists in some systems), marketplace exchanges (not affiliated with a system). You can tie this type of feature into any job role, department, division, region, class, subject area. Tie into job role, division, department, region, class.

Proliferating Portals

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I hear it all the time: I ask “are you using portals?&# And BTW, I’m treating wikis and portals somewhat interchangably here, as wikis can be portals, but portals are another way of users providing resources to each other, and I see technology support for communities of practice to include both the capabilities of collaborative editing of resources (wikis) and storing other relevant materials (portals).

Answering your LMS Questions

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Administrator can put learners into various groups based on department, region, job role. e-learning e-learning vendors human captial management LCMS learning learning management system learning portal LMS Talent and Performance Management virtual learning elearninfo learning management systemsHow many of you have posted questions regarding LMSs on Quora, Linkedin or the various other social media sites available on the net?

Can Learnist Hold the Key to Enterprise Social Learning?

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Learning companies like ours have been pushing the idea of “bite-sized learning chunks” through a performance support system or learning portal for quite some time, too. social learning augmented reality Grockit learning portal Learnist LMS

E-Learning in the Automobile Industry: Maximizing Dealer Efficiency using LMS


Customizing its new age WiZDOM LMS G-Cube created a learning portal that delivers training seamlessly across the vast spread of the dealer network. A plain vanilla learning portal was not enough to kindle the interest of the learners; so, G-Cube went the extra mile.

10 Keys for a Successful Onboarding Program

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Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding and to get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? In addition, there’s a will to make onboarding more effective by leveraging onboarding portals, workflow automation and onboarding checklists.

Building a Learning Portal

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We implemented a learning portal at work several months back, and it has turned out to be one of the best things I could recommend to an organization for improving access to learning materials. I’ve realized that learning portal creates a self-service environment for users that can’t be beat. Let’s take a closer look at learning portals… What is a learning portal? How to build a learning portal (in a nutshell). More portals are coming.

Biz tech

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One of my arguments for the L&D revolution is the role that L&D could be playing. And that made me think about how this role would differ. Whether it’s simulations/scenarios/serious games, spaced learning delivered via mobile, or user-generated content (note: I’m deliberately avoiding the LMS and courses ;), these things should play a role in preparing the audience to optimally execute and being accessed by a large proportion of the audience.

To LMS or not to LMS

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A colleague recently asked (in general, not me specifically) whether there’s a role for LMS functions. Similarly, should you host non-course resources in the LMS or out in a portal (which is employee-focused, not siloed)? Maybe the courses also make more sense in the portal, tracked with xAPI? Now, for representing your learning, is that an LMS role, or an LRS dashboard, or…?

Uniquely Yours: eFrontPro Customization Options


Whether it’s a new home, a new laptop, or a new Talent Development portal, it’s only human to want to make it yours with your own customizations. The available customization options there are: Main URL: the web address where your eFrontPro portal is visible (without the http(s) part).

Crowd-sourced Learning Content: Opportunities and Challenges – (Part 1)

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Vikas Joshi] Nowadays crowdsourcing is playing an increasing role in the creation of learning content. Increasingly, organizations are seen using internal portals that support crowdsourcing among employees. Maybe peers can play a role in making this easier in an online community. We are doing this post a bit differently. We present a short interview with Vikas Joshi, the primary author of this blog, and Maheshkumar Kharade, a technology expert.

Do Your Learners Know the ‘Why’?

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Sometimes training is too general and not meaningful to learners in their specific role. Successfully integrating a new mobile app or portal into busy people’s workflow is another story.

B2B Top Five LMSs

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Talk to anyone who has a multi-tenant (multi-portal) platform and immediately they will pitch that they are ideal for any markets including the B2B. What they fail to miss immediately, is just having a multi-tenant platform/aka parent/child/child aka portal/sub-portal aka PAAS (Platform as a Services) with multiple instances, is just a piece of the whole pie. This did play a role in them not being listed as a top five vendor. Unlimited children/sub-portals/etc.

Build a Learning Portal Using WordPress

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I’ve written before about learning portals and how they can be a great way to improve access to learning materials for users. I wanted to provide a more in-depth post that shows how you can create your own learning portal using the freely available content management system, WordPress. So, let’s get started… Refresher: What is a portal? This tutorial will show you how to get a basic learning portal set up.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Job Description

Learning Visions

Thursday, May 31, 2007 My Job Description I work at a small e-Learning company, which means I play lots of different roles. The focus here the last few months has been less on creating custom courses for clients and more on building Templates and Learning Portals (think LMS-lite).

21 Things Before a Webinar - Tip #159

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Find a way through a group portal or social learning site or others like Sharepoint and LMs or Wiki to allow participants to introduce themselves and get to meet their co-participants online. Meet up with your webinar moderator to plan, practice and prepare both of your roles.

The Importance of Alliances

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The technical advancements of the last decade offer exciting new ways to deliver content and create truly innovative solutions: social networking, search engines, portals, data analytics, xAPI protocols, advanced mobile, augmented and virtual reality, and the list gets more and more interesting.

Train 42

eLearning Culture: How to Get Everyone On Board


A great example of a leader living up to their name was shown recently when a new customer told us that their CEO was the first person to take a ‘live’ course in their LMS portal. For the day to day management of the system, user roles that can be assigned to different stakeholders.

Corporate Learning Portal and Filter

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Tony is passionate about the realm of the ISDer and what that role looks like in the context of these wonderous new Web2.0 The learning desktop, the corporate portal, the communities of practice, the self-publishing SMEs, will automate us right out of a job. Again, Tony helps me clarify my thoughts. Thanks Tony. (I I love this about blogging!) I went back and re-read my post. I do that everytime I see that Tony has commented.

Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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What is a Learning Portal and How is it Different From an LMS? Over the years, it seems that the concept of “portals” has come in and out of favor multiple times. But what should learning professionals understand about the power of portals in today’s environment?

5 Tips To Maximize ROI Of Your LMS

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Be sure to convey the benefits that the LMS can offer to them, and back that with content that will help them better perform their roles and responsibilities and advance in their career.

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The push toward content curation


David Kelly of the eLearning Guild has been the clearest voice suggesting that curation is a fundamental role for L&D. Each of these elements has a role to play in delivering value out of curation. The role of seek is to selectively find relevant resources.

Master your LMS implementation with this checklist


Here’s a basic checklist that will help you to get your implementation organized: Portal structure. Will you be using one portal or multiple? An organization that is training their internal staff may only need one portal – and can then use groups to segment users. Roles:

Questions to Ask Ur Prospective LMS Vendor

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By job role? E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning LCMS learning portal Lite LMS LMS craig weiss learning management system SCORMIf you are like the thousands of other people exploring the purchase of a learning management system, the key to success is asking the right questions. . Questions. Below are some standard questions to ask, but are in no particular order. SCORM. What SCORM compliance are you? 2004 3rd edition? SCORM (as it is known, when it is before 1.2)?

Non-Profit Organizations Also Benefit From e-Learning – An Insight


These can then be catalogues within the LMS, with appropriate tags, which helps employees search for them on the portal. The LMS can be programmed into recommending suitable learning content as per the learner’s role within the organization.

#OnboardingSOS Part 2: Onboarding begins before Day 1


If that picture failed to, at least, somewhat match reality, I would have had a problem engaging in my role. But, even if L&D doesn’t own the entire process, the L&D team is in a position to play a central organizing role, especially in this early part of the story. Sourcing employees in this way will help you cut down on the onboarding requirements necessary to get them integrated and productive in their new roles.

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Corporate MOOCs Reveal How Badging Can Boost Your Brand

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The large user-generated audience creates an online discussion portal for users to refer to if they have questions regarding the course. This week, Managing eLearning features a guest post from Lauren Gray, a Marketing Intern at Web Courseworks. MOOCs are Maturing .

18 ways LearnUpon saves you time


This can act as a template of your commonly used course structure, especially as you can copy from one portal to another. Send courses to portals with certain rules in place, such as the number of enrolments available and the time in which they can be taken. Delegation of roles.

When You May Not Need a Training Program

Bottom-Line Performance

One problem: the company firewall restricts access to the portal when reps are not on the company internet network. When they are able to get connected, the portal is painfully slow. The portal still does not work correctly and proposals are still not getting saved.