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5 White Label Learning Platforms to Consider for Employee Training


This blog lists top 5 white label training platforms. Whether you are a small business, large enterprise or a mid-sized organization, it will be hard for you to ignore the benefits of white labeling. Why you should use a white label training platform?

Bring power to your organization with a Training Portal Software


The training and onboarding of your employees are carried out effectively through training portal software. With training portal software, you will obtain the power to simplify and automate your training processes for employees, customers, vendors or associates. Also, you will be able to train, onboard and certify faster your customers and partners through our training portal software. Paradiso Training Portal Software features. Web-based Training Software.


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10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Since it is hosted on cloud, employees can simply log in to the web portal and start using it. White Label Platform. Therefore, the training tool should be white labelled in order for you to brand and customize it with your favicon, logo, color theme, icons etc.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Since there are different operating systems available and also web browsers that are either specific to each OS or accessible across all systems, the content you publish must be accessible on most if not all operating systems and browsers. White-labelled Platform.

2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


E-commerce : Integrations with e-commerce and payment gateway portals are quick options for selling learning content in extended enterprise use cases. If this is what you’re looking for, ensure that the e-commerce functionality is secure and accessible to your audience’s region.

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The case of Free SSL for custom TalentLMS domains


Whenever you submit information on a web-page, this information traverses multiple network nodes to reach the server behind the web-page. The best way to avoid this threat is to submit data over a secured communication channel known as Secured Socket Layer (SSL). SSL Certificates, sometimes called digital certificates, are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser and a server (website).

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

For these reasons, a complete continuing education solution usually requires multiple elements: A high-quality public “branded” website; Integrated systems for content management, customer relationship management, event management and membership management; Tools for marketing automation, social networking, secure ecommerce, product fulfillment, analytics and more. Web Courseworks. WEB COURSEWORKS.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud LMS?


By logging into a web portal you and your learners have access to the features of the cloud-based LMS solution. The cost is based on your usage metrics , such as users or portals , so you only pay for actual usage of your cloud LMS. In the case of LearnUpon, you can create your portal, brand it, create courses, and manage enrollments on the very first day. Web applications are ubiquitous. Secure and Scalable. They should have secure code and processes.

Top 10 LMS Platforms Comparison


Third party integration and web conferencing. One of the easily operable cloud-based Learning Management Systems, Talent LMS is widely known for its enterprise-friendly attributes like course management features, mode of delivery and white-labeling. Built-in virtual conferencing tool: With this tool, you can host meetings without the need for third-party web conferencing tools. Portal Customization. The e-learning culture has lately matured.

Benefits of a cloud-based Learning Management System


By logging into a web portal you can access the features of the software. Your cost is based on usage metrics, such as users or portals , so you only pay for actual usage of your LMS. In the case of LearnUpon you can create your portal, brand it, create courses, and manage enrollments on the very first day. Web applications are now ubiquitous. Any device that can access your portals web page can be used to access your LMS.

Top 10 LMS platforms

Ed App

Inquisiq is an LMS platform is a web-based, SCORM compliant business specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, so if your organization is growing and/or your looking to train at scale, this isn’t the platform for you.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Online web support was added to the specification in 1998. A cloud-based LMS is a web-based platform that helps companies to deliver, track, and report on eLearning. CSS is a markup language that defines the design of an HTML web-page. Javascript is the programming language of HTML and the web. Commands in JavaScript allow tasks to be completed by a browser when a user views a web page. Learning Portal. PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

LearnUpon – The best LMS in Australia


As the system is web-based, it provides learners with the flexibility to complete online courses wherever they want and on any device. Is the LMS secure, reliable and scalable ? Multi-portals/Multi-Tenant. Multi-portals/Multi-Tenant. Multi-portals/Multi-Tenant. Branding & White-labeling. LearnUpon had just set off on their journey to be the best Learning Management System (LMS) in Australia when I first spoke with the CEO, Brendan Noud. “I’m

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms Part 2


JITT relies on a feedback loop between web-based learning materials and the interactions with an instructor in the classroom. The features included with a good LMS allow you to deliver course content in a range of eLearning standards, sell courses online, assess and evaluate learner performance, deliver blended learning, brand or white label your portals, integrate with existing systems , and much more.