Professional Learning Portfolios Workshop

Jane Hart

And since this is now possible in non-traditional ways, a Professional Learning Portfolio is useful to record and reflect on what you have been learning and to evidence your achievements (formal and otherwise) and demonstrate your commitment as a continuous, professional learner to a potential employer. Here’s the link to the Professional Learning Portfolios Workshop. leaning portfolios Social learning

Rebalancing Your Training Portfolio

Your Training Edge

All this make my training portfolio. A training portfolio that focuses your core market, contains defined and updated training objectives and uses diversified training tools both online and off line, assures your success. Your training portfolio is like a vast garden with a lot of new and upcoming flowers, each with different shape and objective. Managing an academic training portfolio is a different endeavor from managing a corporate training portfolio.


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Building Your Professional Portfolio & Online Presence

Mike Taylor

Tips and Tools for Creating a Professional Portfolio. You never know when you might need to show a professional portfolio. I recently talked with Connie Malamed ( @elearningcoach ) about options for creating your online portfolio. ELC 051: Tips and Tools for Creating an eLearning Portfolio. Networking for introverts, the shy and the socially anxious.

Reimagined Learning: Content & Portfolio elaborated

Clark Quinn

And, as activities can be social, so too can the products be, and the reflections. design meta-learning social strategyIn a previous post I laid out the initial framework for rethinking learning design, and in a subsequent post I elaborated the activity component. I want to elaborate the rest a wee bit here. Two additional components of the model around the activities were content and then products coupled with reflection.

How Freelance Clients Find Me

Experiencing eLearning

Portfolio. An online portfolio is a requirement if you’re freelancing. Your portfolio is a way to tell your story about the work you do and the work you want to do in the future. My portfolio is on my business website. You don’t need to have lots of full courses on your portfolio. If I was starting over now, I’d register a domain right away and create my blog as part of my website and portfolio. Social Media and Online Communities.

Here’s How an E-Learning Portfolio Builds Your Skills

Rapid eLearning

Having a portfolio is really important, especially in today’s world of digital technology. Recently, I gave a presentation on why you should maintain a work portfolio, here’s part of the presentation where we’ll focus on your personal development. What is a Portfolio? A portfolio does three main things: It showcases your skills. And without a portfolio how can you show your work and skills? Common Objections for Not Maintaining a Portfolio.

Instructional Design Experience Before Your First Job

Experiencing eLearning

People who built portfolios as part of a masters or graduate certificate program are generally in a better position, but they may need experience too. If you’re someone looking to transition from another field into instructional design, what do you create for your portfolio to prove your skills? You get some experience and a project for your portfolio; a nonprofit gets some free content to further their cause. Portfolio building.

Job 215

Creating an eLearning Portfolio Using Your Community Content


If you are creating content that you’d love to get out into the world, there’s no better way than to place all your shared titles in one place on the Community, then link them to your portfolio. Here are 4 ways of placing your Trivantis Community content onto your portfolio or online profiles. From here you can share your courses on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, and Email. Community Portfolio.

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

Origin Learning

In a world where the social platform is increasingly the way to connect, learn, grow and scale, businesses are being made to alter their thinking. If the dose of social learning can be tailored to meet the needs of a business then a learner’s participation graph is sure to reflect an upward trend. This blog seeks to capture the essence of client experience and highlights the ability to provide a platform with a ‘social connect’ appeal to learning itself!

The differences between social professional networks and communities of practice


The meaning of ‘community’ has changed drastically with the spread of the internet and the rise of all the social networks. Experts are still debating to what extent this type of being social online affects the day to day life of individuals but the reality is that virtual space has brought a really big shift in everything having to do with human interaction. Main difference between social and professional communities. Social networks focus on relationship.

Social Media: Gathering LinkedIn Recommendations

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Instead of a leather portfolio filled with letters of recommendation, in today's world recommendations are part of your online LinkedIn profile. Social Mediaby Sally Cox    My colleagues know that I am a fanatic about LinkedIn. It's my top source for work; and when I hear people complain about it, I always think, "What could I do to help them strengthen their LinkedIn profile?"

Social Awareness Program For Instructional Design Degree

Nick Leffler

It wasn’t for any typical Instructional Design work which I’ve worked on (even in my side consulting jobs) but with social media skills at the center. I’ve done a lot around social media lately including participating in several Twitter chats. For the past several years I’ve focused heavily on increasing my social presence from LinkedIn to Twitter, and even this blog. Social Awareness Program. Social and Learned Helplessness in Learning.

Here’s Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio

Rapid eLearning

I got about 1000 inquiries and ended up looking at over 200 portfolios. I could have looked at more but I got a lot of emails from people who didn’t have portfolios. They either didn’t have a portfolio or the projects they worked on were proprietary so they couldn’t share them. And based on the tons of emails I get about finding work in this industry, I’d like to share some thoughts about why you need a portfolio and how it can help you get better at elearning.

Increasing Social Awareness in Higher Education

Nick Leffler

About two months ago I wrote about increasing social awareness in higher education , specifically the MSIDT program that I graduated from. Developing the social awareness of the program has gone well, although nothing like I had planned. I began going in a few different directions; writing articles for various websites/magazines, writing blog posts for the MSIDT website, and reviving or creating social media accounts to share and converse with the community. Social Media.

Building an eLearning portfolio: what to include, formatting basics, and tips


An eLearning portfolio is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. In this article, Christopher Pappas from eLearning Industry highlights 5 formatting basics, 5 elements you should include, and 3 tips that will help you to create an effective eLearning portfolio. An eLearning portfolio acts as a virtual showcase of your achievements, talents, skills, and experience. What to include in your eLearning portfolio.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." Should the blog become the landing point for your online portfolio? So I have some questions: Do you have an online portfolio? Hi Cammy I havent got an online portfolio for myself. Thank you for pointing to my blog and portfolio!

Social learning transforms workplaces


NEWS Social learning transforms workplaces November 19, 2019 Janison Education Group (ASX:JAN) (formerly HJB Corporation Limited) re-commences trading today on the ASX following a successful $10 million capital raising underwritten by Bell Potter Securities to fund global growth initiatives. Janison’s portfolio of blue chip clients and recent new contract wins will help drive growth in revenue into FY18 and beyond.”. “I

Social learning transforms workplaces


NEWS Social learning transforms workplaces November 19, 2019 Janison Education Group (ASX:JAN) (formerly HJB Corporation Limited) re-commences trading today on the ASX following a successful $10 million capital raising underwritten by Bell Potter Securities to fund global growth initiatives. Janison’s portfolio of blue chip clients and recent new contract wins will help drive growth in revenue into FY18 and beyond.”. “I

Professional Learning: The SCOPE Approach and Plan

Jane Hart

In other words, how best to set up and maintain a Professional Learning Portfolio, which can provide a valuable professional online presence, that can be shared with others. Consequently, helping individuals set up their own Professional Learning Portfolio is an interesting new concept for organizations to consider, and I’ll be going into more detail in my upcoming Professional Learning Portfolios workshop at the Social Learning Centre.

How To Wield Your Skills Like A Weapon

Your Training Edge

Diversify your portfolio. Your freelancing portfolio is the greatest weapon for you. You can be a graphics designer who also dabbles into social media marketing. By diversifying your portfolio/skillset, you open yourself up for the myriad of opportunities waiting to be explored. In this case, you can first start by developing and maintaining your personal website or social media pages. She has an incredible freelance portfolio. Picture this.

Skills 109

The future belongs to those who take charge of their own learning

Jane Hart

The organization will keep a record of your training activity in their LMS noting courses taken, course completions, results of quizzes, etc – and if the LMS is one of the newer social versions this will probably also even record your social activity, ie the number of posts you have made or comments you have added. This learning portfolio is something that you can build on through your career, because it doesn’t belong to any organization. leaning portfolios

Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio: Collaboration, IP Voice, Digital Video by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Emerging Topics Learning Media Mobile Learning Professional Development Social Media New Collaboration Certifications help transform the way work is done, addresses IP voice and digital video workplace. transformation and evolving job roles.

Landing That First Job After College


If not, it’s time to clean up your feeds, because 70 percent of companies screen candidates via social media. So, if you don’t have an online portfolio, start building. Set yourself up with some smart questions by perusing their social media and website (keep an eye out for the press release section), as well as Googling their industry and competitors. Bring a hard copy of your portfolio. More than 6 million people in the United States are out of work.

Job 43

Social Media Goals

Clark Quinn

expo (part of the time with fellow miscreant Jay Cross ), and it led me to think a bit more about social media tools and approaches. We were prompted to visit Blue Kiwi , which is probably the leading European social media platform. Vignette , on the other hand, started as a CMS for KM, but then added social media around it. Drupal is an open source CMS that’s been used for social media, and Elgg similarly started as an open source portfolio tool but has expanded.

When Social means Business …

Learning Cafe

Last week news was abounding that Microsoft are about to announce their acquisition of social media company Yammer for $1.2B. Although not yet confirmed, it comes hot on the heels of other social media buy outs such as snapping up Buddy Media for close to $700 million to complement its existing Chatter social media platform; Oracle adding Collective Intellect and Vitrue to its portfolio of social media-related acquisitions and SAP acquiring Ariba for $4.3

A Blueprint for supporting Modern Professional Learning: Part 2 Overview

Jane Hart

At the heart of this model is a self-reliant, modern employee who addresses their own learning and performance problems, organizes and manages their own professional goals, continuously learns and keeps up to date, builds their own (personally-selected) learning toolkit and maintains their own digital portfolio. The manager’s role is to enable and support his/her people (individually … Social learning

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | August 21, 2020

Mike Taylor

How to create a design portfolio using Google Sites. Ashanti Henderson chats with Cath Ellis about how she uses Google Sites to create her design portfolio which you can see at [link]. Check out the free mini-MOOC about ‘Social Learning’ by aNewSpring that runs Sept 8-18.

Stars in the childcare and education sectors: Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT & Janison


Janison’s portfolio of blue chip clients and recent new contract wins will help drive growth in revenue into FY18 and beyond.”. “I The post Stars in the childcare and education sectors: Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT & Janison appeared first on Janison.

Social Media: Searching for Work on LinkedIn, Part 2

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  I have a handful of recruiters who have taken the time to view my portfolio, talk to me about my goals and future plans, and learn my skill set. Social Mediaby Sally Cox    We have previously explored the importance of having a  strong LinkedIn profile. Your profile is really the key here so if you haven't yet updated and beefed up your LinkedIn profile, I suggest you go back and read through the article before moving forward.

Moving Beyond E-Learning (online workshop)

Jane Hart

“The role of L&D is shifting: from creator of a portfolio of training elements to enabler of learning” Want to find out more about how to help your organisation move forward? Social learning Come and join the next online workshop, Moving Beyond E-Learning running 2 March – 3 April. The way we learn in the workplace is changing; […].

2009 Review

Experiencing eLearning

Not coincidentally, June was the month I finally put together a portfolio of my work. These are my top posts according to the social signals measured by eLearning Learning : Blogging in a Walled Garden. Tags: Blogging Careers & Work Change Instructional Design LMS Patterns Wikis online portfolios rss Sakai statistics TCC09 It’s time for that annual ritual of looking back at the year.

The Two Faces of ePortfolios

Learning Visions

An article by Helen Barrett: Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios The conceptual model of an online portfolio - multiple purposes: 1) learning & reflection – main activity around learning and collaboration 2) showcase achievement/accountability [link] These two activities need to work together. Portfolio as workspace vs. showcase. But a portfolio is more than this collection – it needs to include the artifacts, but also some reflection on those artifacts.

Saffron launches new social learning platform

Saffron Interactive

At next week’s Learning Technologies Exhibition Saffron Interactive (Stand 33) will be demonstrating Saffron Share, a corporate social network, personal portfolio and community knowledge base for collaboration and ‘just-in-time’ learning. The product is based on the open source Elgg social networking engine. Essentially, it’s a Moodle approach to the corporate social network with clear benefits for global organisations with tens of thousands of learners.’.

DoceboInspire Award Winners: Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning


Today, we’re focusing on the winners of two categories – Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning – Cineplex and ASM Assembly Systems, and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals. Cineplex – Best use of Social Learning. Social Learning Ecosystem. As ASM’s product portfolio saw significant growth over a short period of time, they couldn’t ignore the increased workload put upon their service employees.

How to Become an Industry Pro

B Online Learning

How to build your online portfolio through community Tips & tricks on establishing your expertise. Adult Learning Principles Articulate eLearning Design eLearning Development eLearning News Informal Learning Social Media community elearning instructonaldesign l&d pd personallearningnetwork pln shareyourwork storyline studio tomkuhlmann In this video, Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Articulate Community talks about how to become an industry pro.

Google Wave – Social Learning – Business – eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning Hot List June 12, 2009 to June 19, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Business Casual , June 14, 2009 Brain rule #12 - Clive on Learning , June 12, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals. Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked , June 17, 2009 Here’s Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio , June 16, 2009 Game Studies 0102: Cultural framing of computer/video games.

It's complicated

Learning with 'e's

We discussed the evolution of social media in higher education and also how institutional virtual learning environments (learning management systems) are being developed to cope with new demands of new learners. During the discussion we touched on several key issues that influence this, including digital pedagogy, personal devices, games based learning , interaction and immediacy in online environments, augmented reality, and the use of e-portfolios.

Instructional Design for a New Generation

Rapid eLearning

Here's Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio. E-learning E-learning 101 Instructional Design Microlearning Online Course Design Social LearningOk…I’m not sure that’s the right title.

Why support self-organized learning in the workplace?

Jane Hart

The Smart Worker (SW) learns best with and from others > Encourage social interactions and knowledge sharing in the workflow. The Smart Worker thrives on autonomy > Promote professional learning (outside the organisation) and the use of professional learning portfolios. self-directed learning Social learning

13 Megatrends in MOOCs

Your Training Edge

More Social, More Collaborative. New learning platforms and models are being tested to enhance learning in MOOCs by making the courses more social and more collaborative. Verified certificates, digital badges, digital portfolios, knowledge graphs—these and other forms of alternative credentials are being tested in the job market and the workplace. In this way, MOOCs are serving as a new form of educational social media.