Web Conferencing: Voices from the Underground

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Let’s see, I have a training seminar that needs to be presented to my five sites across the nation on Wednesday. Three of the sites will be able to attend, but one site who has 39 employees will only have 50% of them viewing from their cubicles, and the other site has only overnight staff, so I have to figure out how I can have them view the seminar… This is learning in 2010. Whalla VOIP! Secret catch about VOIP and WC and recording.

Web Conferencing 101 – The Basics

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and another seminar at 9 a.m. PowerPoint – Real Time or Not? Vendors who offer the ability to upload your PowerPoint, word docs, slides, etc. You record everything that is seen on the screen – including the presenter’s voice – which is achieved via VOIP (i.e. What about the presenter’s voice – i.e. via VOIP?

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Web Conferencing: Features U must Have and Nice Options

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In other words, if you want to have 3 seminars going on at 9 a.m. Typically with licenses - a lot of vendors do not enable you to have the multiple rooms at the same time – i.e. the multiple seminars going on at the same time offer. After all, it is a seminar but online. I have a highlighter, underlines, you can draw images, point to things, upload your powerpoint or other presentation. - Big deal. Must have features for your webinar web conferencing solution.

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