The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline

Jane Hart

I am often asked about the keynotes, presentations and workshops I give at different events around the world – either in person or online. Embedded below is the SlideShelf of the slidesets I have shared – 78 presentations that go back 8 years.

Presentations in the cloud

Clive on Learning

A week or so back I was given a sneak preview of a new tool for distributing recorded presentations online called dpcloud. The system allows you to deliver the presentation in three formats: A video of the presentation alone. presentation

Trending Sources

Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Great presentation last week to a group of enthusiastic trainers. Learning Technology View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. Group Three Group Two. Group One.

Web feats 2: Slideshare

Learning with e's

tools: Slideshare. I have even shared my slides before I present them (but usually only on the same day - I don't want to give too much of the game away!) I first discovered Slideshare about 2 years ago when I was looking for somewhere to store all my content.

Captivate, Prezi, and SlideShare…Oh My!

TLC Media Design

a lot of us are also struggling to learn how to develop the eLearning courses, videos, presentations, and. Ah…the woes of an instructional designer can be many in this day and age.

Zipcast from Slideshare

Jane Hart

Slideshare has just released Zipcast for 1-click meetings (public or private) on the Web – and it’s very simple! Click Zipcast on any presentation Select Public or Private Start Zipcast & enable live video Invite friends on Facebook & Twitter Your Zipcast is ON Find out more at [link].

20 Wonderful Resources for Using BLE Beacons in Mobile Learning


LearnerLab : This is a Slideshare presentation (from LearnerLab) that carries five brilliant examples of learning scenarios that could be powered up using iBeacons.

5 Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

DigitalChalk eLearning

It’s a common question after you have finished your presentation and received the applause. Is there a more effective way to share a presentation? You can share your hard work, and not only with interested listeners after a presentation, but also with a larger audience you have never met. Here are five of the best ways to share a PowerPoint presentation online. Upload your presentation to a hosting service. Turn your presentation into a video.

Podcast Interview, LTEN Presentation and Helpful Resources

Kapp Notes

Presenting, speaking and writing on games and gamification. In the meantime, I’ve been busy with some presentations and interviews about gamification. slideshare id=63089563&doc=lten206ss-160615103846]. It’s been a busy few months.

Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace: the presentation #socolearn

Jane Hart

Today I gave a webinar presentation on Social & Collaborative Learning. Below is the slideset I made available on Slideshare, but if you would like to read the slide notes and get the links to further resources, you will find them here: Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace.

Web 3.0 and onwards

Learning with e's

View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. Continuing my retrospective of the year, one of the surprising highlights for me was the aftermath of a presentation I gave at a school in Exeter, South West England, in July. slideshare blog Web 3.0 Web 3.0: The way forward?

Web 30

Can you SlideShare?

Clive on Learning

This morning, at ALT-C in Leeds, I attended Jane Hart's excellent presentation on the top 25 free tools for learning, I was familiar with most of these tools, but welcomed the opportunity to reflect on the extent to which I was maximising the potential benefit of each tool. The one I particularly noted was SlideShare, a site that allows you to upload and share PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Your slides are not your presentation, they are only one component.

Internet Time Alliance Insights: the presentation

Jane Hart

My colleague Harold Jarche has created the following presentation which brings together some thoughts (in the form of short quotes) about workplace transformation from each the 5 Principals of the Internet Time Alliance (ITA).

Voting closes shortly for Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013. Have you had your say yet?

Jane Hart

The 2011 list has now been viewed over 880,000 times (on Slideshare), and the 2012 list over 550,000 times (on Slideshare). The list was also cited in KPCB’s 2013 Internet Trends presentation (viewed over 2.3 The annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list has become very popular. million times) The Top 100 Tools for Learning [.]. Social learning

Learning, storytelling and technology

Learning with e's

My keynote presentation at Solstice 2016 (hosted by Edge Hill University, England) featured numerous narrative devices and storytelling tools. You can see the slides from the presentation here, and you can also download freely via my Slideshare account.

"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

ID Reflections

This thought was triggered by David Kelly's presentation - Social Media, Social Learning, and Curation where he highlights the role each of the social tools/platform can play in our sharing and learning. When is it most useful to use SlideShare?

Top 20 Tools 2007-2011

Jane Hart

As you will know I finalised the 5th Annual survey of Top 100 Tools for Learning in the middle of November 2011, and at that time placed the presentation on Slideshare.

A Practical Guide to the Top 100 Tools for Learning

Jane Hart

My annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list has become a popular resource – if the Slideshare viewing stats are anything to go by. For instance the 2011 presentation has now been viewed over 800,000 times, and the 2012 has been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

2014 is The Year of the Blend

Clive on Learning

There should be a micro-site up and running sometime in March and I''m going to try and get my presentation from last week up on SlideShare in a form that makes sense without me being there. >BL At Learning Technologies 2014 in London this week I provided a first taster of my More Than Blended Learning project, which will comprise a book, case study videos, tools, interactive scenarios and possibly some form of course.

I Need an LMS. Where Do I Start?

Experiencing eLearning

Several years ago, the team I worked with presented on our process for selecting and implementing an LMS. If you’re reading this post in email or in a feed reader, you may need to view the presentation on Slideshare.).

RFP 93

authorstream - another slideshare-ish app

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Presenting LIVE is cool feature that I want to test at some point. Here is another web-based app for sharing ppt files. It looks very interesting. This is still in beta, but if anyone out there has tried it already please let me know what you're impressions are.


50 Tools that didn’t quite make the 2011 Top 100 Tools for Learning List

Jane Hart

It seems that many people like tools lists, if the fact that there have been over 110,000 views of the 2011 Top 100 Tools for Learning presentation via Slideshare since 13 November is anything to go by! So here is my Christmas present to you – 50 More tools! This time the ones that didn’t quite make it onto the 2011 list. 25 of the tools have actually already appeared… Read the rest. Social learning


Big Dog, Little Dog

4 multimedia learning principles that will improve your slides - Slideshare. Six Don'ts for the End of Your Presentations - Decker. Even strong speakers can undercut a whole presentation with multiple endings, or a few seconds of wobbly indecision at the end. Presentation Tips.

3D Slideshows and Interviews

Kapp Notes

Here is a list of the 3D Slides I've posted on Slideshare and some interviews about 3D. Slideshows Learning in 3D Learning in 3D: Examples, Samples and Models Learning in 3D: Postcards from Learning in 3D (Presentation to Best Practices in Virtual Worlds) 3D Learning Archetypes Why 3D? all in one place).

RWD 59

Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


This thought was triggered by David Kelly’s presentation – Social Media, Social Learning, and Curation where he highlights the role each of the social tools/platform can play in our sharing and learning. When is it most useful to use SlideShare?

Curated Insights: What does it mean to modernize workplace learning?


The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline from Jane Hart. In this blog post, she shares a collection of her past presentations on the topic via SlideShare. There’s simply no way you can review this presentation and not walk away with a pile of useful ideas.

To Improve Learner Retention, Focus on the Dynamics of Forgetting

Dashe & Thomson

For example, we frequently talk about how and when to present information to optimize retention. When we talk about learning, the concept of retention is almost always an integral part of the discussion.

eFront in Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013


You can view a text list of the 100 Tools here along with the Slideshare presentation. Thank you to all our clients and users who voted for us!

How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

Absorb LMS

Learners today are presented with a wealth of choices and opportunities for learning. Slideshare and Prezi presentations. Absorb LMS course created with content from Wikipedia, YouTube, and Slideshare. A existing Prezi presentation.

How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

Absorb LMS

Learners today are presented with a wealth of choices and opportunities for learning. Slideshare and Prezi presentations. Absorb LMS course created with content from Wikipedia, YouTube, and Slideshare. A existing Prezi presentation.

Slides without presenters: three options

Clive on Learning

Last week I put together a SlideShare version of my presentation on the e-learning skills gap and it got me thinking about how slide shows have evolved over the last few years as a new form of stand-alone content. At first, the idea doesn't make much sense - after all, what use are visual aids without the presenter that they are supposed to be aiding? It also means choosing the most appropriate delivery format: PowerPoint > SlideShare.

Digital literacy 8: Repurposing content

Learning with e's

Most of my recent slide presentations are freely available on this Slideshare site , and I publish them under a Creative Commons license that allows others to download and use them either as complete slideshows, or to select individual slides that can be inserted into their own slideshows.

LMS Selection Presentation

Tony Karrer

Just to close the loop on my series of posts that I created as part of preparing my presentation: LMS Team Size and Time LMS RFP LMS Selection Presentation Reformulated LMS Selection Team and Stakeholders LMS Selection Process LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers Thanks again for the input.


eLearning 2.0 Presentation - ASTD OC

Tony Karrer

I'm trying Slideshare for the first time. I've embedded the presentation from last week that I mentioned before. SlideShare Link A few posts that go along with the content: Delicious Upgrade Have Work and Learning Changed or the Way We Do Work and Learning? Learning and Networking with a Blog (Deleted Scenes) What is eLearning 2.0? eLearning 1.0, and 2.0 Learning Trends Point To and Shape eLearning 2.0 Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0

Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

mLearning Revolution

In this post I want to share with you a great presentation I found on Slideshare, that inspired me for my workshops, and that helps me make a case for developing a multiscreen mLearning strategy vs. an iPad-only strategy.

iPad 92

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

Upside Learning

Slideshare Presentations. Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps.

Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

CommLab India

So, why not make use of different delivery media such as infographics, slideshare presentations, and videos to constantly spread awareness? These infographics can be converted into slideshare presentations and sent to employees’ mobiles.