Video: The dinosaur LMS, the new learning experience network and triggering emotional investment

Saffron Interactive

How dynamic dashboards press the neurological triggers that put learning into action. How Learning Experience Networks mean we can design the complete experience. How social network analysis enables us to identify leaders and launch viral behaviour-change campaigns. Missed Saffron’s free seminar at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum last month? Don’t worry! A full recording, with all the slides, has now been posted.

Gary Hamel - The Future of Management - Web 2.0 and Community Driven Management Models

Vignettes Learning

In Gary Hamel's most recent book "The Future of Management," Harvard Business School Press, he expresses his view of the future of management. Hamel's mention of "natural hierarchies" as a most adaptive form of organization reminds me of what we learn in the study of Social Networking Analysis ( SNA ) and Social Capital Asset ( SCA ).

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Saffron to denounce the ‘dinosaur LMS’ at LTSF

Saffron Interactive

In their place, the seminar will introduce a radical new model for online learning environments, the Learning Experience Network (LEN), which leverages behavioural principles such as framing, peer comparison and the endowment effect. Whilst buzzwords like ‘social learning’ and ‘gamification’ are entering the LMS field as well as elearning field, there is still little understanding of how these approaches can be applied to make learners want to learn.’.


Jay Cross

social software apps. social network analysis. Co nnectivism, recently coined by George Siemens, makes it explicit that the learner is augmented with connections to networks of people and information. It’s new thought being wired into the brain’s network. Hard to believe, given that the brain is a chemical soup shot through with electrical charges, more closely resembling a haggis than a sophisticated network processor. ( Fortune Magazine ).