Ways to Make Your Team More Productive When There Isn’t a Pressing Deadline

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However, there are ways to motivate your team into being more productive even without pressing deadlines. Numerous platforms on the web allow team leaders to delegate, manage, track and evaluate tasks whether in-house or remotely through the cloud. No matter the scale of the project or the importance of a client for your company, it can be difficult to motivate employees into productivity without imposing deadlines on them.

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In the image below, I've drawn a hotspot over the web address and globe icon.   In the File or URL field, type the website address you'd like learners to visit and then press [enter]. With the Trigger Wizard still open, move your mouse over the web address that you just typed.   At the right of the web address, click Check URL/File.

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eLearning and TechComm: Click, Select, Choose, or Press?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

But you still actuate them by pressing them--and most of them still emit a satisfying "click" sound (or a beep) when you do so. The word "press" definitely cannot be used to describe what you do to an on-screen button, because it may create ambiguity: Does "Press Home" mean on the screen or on the keyboard?). press the Enter key. press the F6 key. press the Power button (on the microwave). by Jennie Ruby.

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The People Have Spoken: eLearning Brothers Rocks!

eLearning Brothers

Learning tech company earns rave reviews across the web. Company Pr Press Release press

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PRESS RELEASE: Blatant Media Launches `The Learning Management Pain Clinic’

Absorb LMS

Future events will be listed on the Absorb LMS Web site ( www.absorblms.com ) as well as the Absorb LMS blog ( absorblms.wordpress.com ,) and Twitter feed ( @AbsorbLMS ). CALGARY, ALBERTA– (Feb 8, 2012) – Blatant Media Corporation, creator of the award-winning learning management system, Absorb LMS, is happy to launch a new Webinar series titled “Learning Management Pain Clinic.”

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Best WordPress Web Design Services for Business


Using Word press Web Design Services you can build a website for any kind of business. Why Choose Word press Web Design Services. Word press is one of the most used website building platforms in the world. Word press has more than 50000 plug-ins.

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Press Release: Kasper Spiro Predicts the End of the Corporate Learning Management System


Large amounts of general information are readily available on the web. There is a need for added value over the ‘generic’ content on the web Content produced by the learning organization will need to build context around it that relates to specific job functions or organizational needs. The post Press Release: Kasper Spiro Predicts the End of the Corporate Learning Management System appeared first on Easygenerator.

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More Random Web 2.0 Statistics

Kapp Notes

Here are some more random Web 2.0 Facebook Press Room. Here is the first article about Random Web 2.0 Web 2.0Statistics I've been gathering for some presentations.

6-Step Guide for Delivering Professional Web Conferences

DigitalChalk eLearning

With so much of our daily work lives taking place online nowadays, it comes as no surprise to see a growing trend of professionals, including eLearning instructors, taking their meetings into the cloud and hosting web conferences. Web conferences save time, increase productivity, enhance communication and reduce travel costs. Depending on the content, you may wish to email it to your attendees in advance in case they are also required to read up before the web conference.

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Why Your Association Should Be Considering Responsive Web Design

Association eLearning

She is a former journalist who worked for 14 years for The Associated Press, where she covered terrorist attacks, plane crashes and murder trials — and thankfully a number of stories that didn’t make readers cry. Why Your Association Should Be Considering Responsive Web Design - July 16, 2013. The following is a guest post from Tara Burghart, a content and marketing specialist at.orgSource.

Writing & Grammar Workshop: Is It Website or Web Site?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  To the great joy of my colleague AJ at IconLogic, who tipped me off about this change, and to the relief of writers and editors everywhere who use the Associated Press Stylebook , the 2010 edition has declared website to be one word and lowercase, instead of the official spelling listed in Websters: Web site. Although Webster recently added website as an alternate spelling of Web site, many editors have chafed under the need to use what appears to be an outdated spelling.

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The Death of the Traditional Web: Implications for Self-Directed Learning

Dashe & Thomson

A friend of mine recently sent me a fascinating article titled “ The Shrinking of the Non-Social Web ” which contained some real eye-openers. Essentially the Web is not just evolving gradually as it absorbs the impact of smartphones and social media; it’s changing so radically that it might be better to look at what’s happening as the birth of an entirely new concept of internet interactivity and learning. Search engines, once the gatekeepers to the Web, are giving way to Facebook.

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Our viral web

Learning with e's

Reading a blog post by Jonathan MacDonald today got me thinking about the vast, untapped potential of the social web to inform, challenge, educate and motivate. In an interesting episode last year, I personally experienced the power of the viral web through Wikipedia Commons.

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Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


Now, how about getting the learners in the LMS in a meeting via a web meeting solution. Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, LMS Webex integration ! In addition, the LMS Webex integration helps give your global employees an opportunity to meet each others in real time over the web based portal. This Webex productivity tool helps pull the discussion together for a rich, real-time web meetings, on the fly or pre-scheduled.

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Web 2.0 - Mainstream Term

Tony Karrer

These are somewhat telling about how mainstream Web 2.0 Over on Read/Write Web, and interesting article by Richard MacManus - Coming to Terms with Web 2.0 Then on 18 December 2005 I made the infamous declaration that "Web 2.0 Ever wish you hadn't pressed the 'publish' button? Believe it or not, I think it's brought acceptance of the term 'Web 2.0'. Web 2.0 Gartner Says Web 2.0 but will be slow to adopt the aspects of Web 2.0

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Podcast: Build your Social Media Presence with Barb Smith


If you’ve been thinking about expanding your digital footprint and not sure just how to begin, you will want to listen to my interview with Barb Smith, web designer and social media consultant, specializing in small businesses like yours. Her services include helping clients navigate the daunting task of web content management, WordPress web development, newsletter publishing, company branding, and social media.

Newspapers and Web Design

Web Tools for Learners

We are living in confusing times because we are living through the biggest change in human communications since the printing press, maybe the biggest change ever. It is clear that newspapers and magazines, even tv, are challenged by the web. Some tv shows are becoming almost loss leaders for the web. New York Times new web design.

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Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT BOB LITTLE (Senior Partner, Bob Little Press & PR). As the Senior Partner of Bob Little Press & PR , you have been providing business-to-business public relations (PR) services to many organizations in the ‘learning’ and ‘learning technologies’ industry for years. Every press release tells a story – preferably, it tells the whole story within the first three paragraphs or 150 words.

Presentation of the Self on the Web

Web Tools for Learners

I have been, as they say, “active on the web” since the late nineties, and have really enjoyed the social aspects of it since at least 2005, earlier if you count social bookmarking. No one can predict how people on the web will react to stories and pictures of individuals, whether by yawning and ignoring, or by obsessing and commenting, but it is clear that the presentation of a person on the web can have a profound impact on their lives. That means being on the open web.

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Mobile Web progress casts HTML5 in good light


Mobile Web progress casts HTML5 in good light. Asay explained the technology powering version 8 of the Safari Web browser supports elements of code that didn't work in either 7.0 Developing for mobile today means crossing boundaries.

10 pieces of advice on the web, workflow, & learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

From a press release yesterday: Learning Light has now launched the new look and feel e-learning centre. Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0 After a lengthy hibernation, Learning Light ’s eLearning Centre rides again!

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The two-pager on Coorpacademy in the latest special issue of Capital Magazine


It is with the idea to fill that void that Jean-Marc Tassetto, Arnauld Mitre and Frédérick Bénichou, two former Google executives and one serial web entrepreneur, launched Coorpacademy in 2013. Press capital content coorpacademy corporate digital learning customer digital digital learning digital transformation education engagement Frédérick Bénichou Future of Jobs future of learning learning Learning & development learning experience platform press soft skills

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2017 Brandon Hall Awards Ceremony: An Elegant Evening

Web Courseworks

The Web Courseworks team won a Bronze Award for our Quality Improvement Education platform. Me, receiving Web Courseworks’ award and taking a selfie upon receiving award from Brandon Hall Group’s Michael Rochelle. Read our press release to learn more about why Web Courseworks was selected as a recipient of the Bronze award in 2016. The post 2017 Brandon Hall Awards Ceremony: An Elegant Evening appeared first on Web Courseworks.

AT&T and Braidio to Power Next-Generation Mobile Applications


Braidio and other talented developers can tap into capabilities, such as our leading AT&T voice network or our wireless messaging platform, to give their web and mobile software an edge in a competitive environment.”. Press AT&T AT&TMarketplace Mobile

How Machine Learning and AI are Making Online Learning More Beneficial


At present, online learning, in some form or the other, is used by anyone who has access to the web. Artificial Intelligence e-Learning Game-based learning Informal Learning Tips Machine Learning Mobile Learning Online Learning Press Professors QuoDeck Teachers learning gamesOnline learning ( aka E-Learning ) is now considered to be an integral part of the education sector.

Reaching Data Saturation


quintillion bytes — we are bound to get lost in the web jungle. Analytics e-Learning Press QuoDeck DataAnalytics elearningData saturation is everywhere. We’ve often had the belief that more is better; however, that actually isn’t true in the case of data. Why do hypermarkets keep chewing gums and candies at the cash counter? How do coffee chains manage to have two cafes on the same lane and still be profitable?

If an LMS writes a press release in the woods, does anyone but the edupunk read it?

Janet Clarey

It seems to be a rejection of recent moves, among corporate contributors to the education community, to insert aspects of Web 2.0 Most Web 2.0 Professional organizations looking to use Web 2.0 The growing footprint of the LMS into the ‘DIY’ space that is 2.0 is counter to the ideology behind edupunk , a term that surfaced in the past week or so, attributed to Jim Groom.

Monotonous to Fascinating: Changing Employee Training Module


We thought to build a software microservice architecture and over the course of time, we developed a platform kind of web version like Netflix, Amazon kind of approach. Corporate Learning Best Practices e-Learning Employee-Training Press Sales corporate training elearning Game-based learning Learning management systems learning technology Mobile LearningTraining used to mean boring, but what if you play a game and get trained on a particular niche!

The Web is Not Public.But maybe It Should be or maybe Not

Mark Oehlert

No freedom of press or religion. This mimicry of public space includes the Web. From cable companies being fined for throttling bandwidth , to issues of net neutrality to unexplained censorship , we are reminded daily that the Web is actually a very private place.

Social Media for Trainers: Filled with Great Ideas and Techniques

Kapp Notes

But, that's just the danger of writing a book on the "bleeding edge" of technology, at press time Wave was big but as technology ebbs and flows, Wave is not so big. I think that if you are a learning and development professional, you need to invest in this book to gain the most out of social media, however, I suspect that most people reading blogs and participating in a blog tour are comfortable with some Web 2.0 Web 2.0 community Web 2.0

Five Reasons to Apply for eLearning Awards

Web Courseworks

Brandon Hall provides the winners with a press kit including award logo that can be disseminated via web sites, presentations and sell sheets. Want to learn more about Web Courseworks’ Quality Improvement Education program (QIE)? The post Five Reasons to Apply for eLearning Awards appeared first on Web Courseworks. Strategy conferences development process elearning Jon Aleckson subject matter experts Web Courseworks

Xyleme Named a Top 20 Authoring Tool for 2018 by Training Industry


Studio, Xyleme’s Authoring platform, allows teams to author collaboratively, create consistent branding with templates, and author once in XML and publish to any web, print, or mobile format. PressFeb 12th 2018 – Xyleme, Inc. was named by Training Industry a 2018 Top 20 Authoring Tool. Xyleme is delighted to be acknowledged for the fifth consecutive year as a Top 20 Authoring Tool.

eLearning, Social Sites, Web Design, & the Silent Revolution

Big Dog, Little Dog

E learning, web-based training, - whatever you call it, it's evolving - The Center for Workplace Excellence. The explosive growth of social editing or social news sites such as Digg.com, Newsvine.com and NewsTrust.net , has made a pressing issue of these debates about the virtues of an unedited public sphere and the control of information. That's because social editing web sites allow users to source, debate and prioritize content without intervention from an editorial staff.

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Xyleme Nominated as a Top LCMS by Elearning!


Magazine, e-magazine, LearnTechX e-newsletters, Alert, 2elearning.com, 3 Web Seminar Series, Learning! Press(October 18th 2018) Elearning! Media Group announced this week the Best of Elearning! Awards 2018 Finalists. Xyleme is pleased to be nominated as a top Learning Content Management System (LCMS). This is the 14th year that Elearning! Media Group has been offering The Best of Elearning! Awards program.

Janison ranks in top 100 list of Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies 2018


PRESS RELEASE Janison ranks in top 100 list of Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 July 31, 2018 Janison has been named among the top 100 on the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2018. Janison Replay’s pioneering use of cloud, progressive web app and service worker technology means that poor internet – or indeed no internet – is no longer a barrier. Press Releases Show All

Janison ranks in top 100 list of Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies 2018


PRESS RELEASE Janison ranks in top 100 list of Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 July 31, 2018 Janison has been named among the top 100 on the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2018. Janison Replay’s pioneering use of cloud, progressive web app and service worker technology means that poor internet – or indeed no internet – is no longer a barrier. Press Releases Show All

Blended online First Aid and CPR certification course approved by Alberta OHS


As one of Canada’s leaders in online learning, Yardstick draws on the latest developments in computer and web technology to deliver rigorous and creative online testing, training, and research. Press releasesFor immediate release. Blended online First Aid and CPR certification course approved by Alberta OHS. Yardstick Training has partnered with St. John Ambulance – Alberta Council to develop and release a blended online certification program for Standard First Aid with CPR.