Facebook: why data privacy matters

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The data, including name, gender, birth date, relationship status, religion, location, and recent search history, of 14 million Facebook users was obtained from the breach. The options for data privacy are growing along with our data.


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WorkSearch: A New Concept In Hiring & Job Search Is Born

Janet Clarey

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Job Search & Hiring Process: Like so many things throughout our collective history, necessity (or frustration) spawns invention. As my business has grown over the years, many times I have had the unpleasant task of searching and vetting potential employees. I found out the hard way that online job boards charge a lot to post, and then charge again to search; the results of which were mostly inaccurate.

FindAnLMS – The New Learning System Search Platform from Craig Weiss

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A new type of search, find, assess, engage platform where buyers and all types of learning system providers can connect. Simply it is a way to search, assess and compare learning systems in a platform that mimics, well, a learning system, specifically LMS. . September 6th, 2018.

5 behavioural change stages to reach perfect GDPR compliance

Spicy Learning

A simple search for ‘GDPR. Behavioural science Blog Compliance Content Data protection Training areas behavioural change GDPR privacy theoryWith 25 May 2018 fast approaching, the pressure to get your GDPR compliance training in place is mounting. But, for once, Google isn’t much help.

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How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Mapping learners’ interactions with social knowledge go through the phases of Search, Study, Rating, Recommendation and Contribution. Search can be made more targeted to the learners’ curriculum. In addition, managing data privacy is also a big concern.

Top 10 Learning Tools 2018

Clark Quinn

Looking at last year’s post , I see I’ve switched from Google to DuckDuckGo (privacy issues), and from Skype to Zoom (functionality). DuckDuckGo: a search engine is my first recourse when I have questions.

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Will a Chatbot Be Your Next Learning Coach? – How AI can support talent development in your organization


Big Data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. 3,607,080 Google searches.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

Your Training Edge

In this context, the management should search for the training programs within the respective industry. The training might also include client’s information safety and recording keeping to avoid any privacy rights infringement.

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


Often times, instructional designers leverage content that they have already created (to an extent, as they need to be mindful of privacy). The list above will give you a good starting point in your search for a capable Instructional Designer for your project.

Degreed Does Data: Data Science


They studied searches, similarities, friendships, and purchases to find patterns that led to profits. Of course, don’t forget to keep the data safe, by talking through specifics security threats and privacy protections.

Wearable Technology: Does Google Glass still has the potential to transform Learning?


Many users found it cumbersome and there were of course some serious issues on the concern of privacy. Real time search and cross reference: With Google Glass, students and instructors alike can search and cross reference while taking in a classroom session or even a self-paced e-course.

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Training vs. Just-In-Time Resources: 5 Tools You Can Use Today

Bottom-Line Performance

Intranet search functions. Companies need to think about how to enable employees to easily search for information on the company’s Intranet or company video library. Eight years ago, I wrote a blog post on training versus learning.

What’s New in Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate

General Data Protection Regulation is a new standard for privacy protection adopted by nations in the European Union which becomes a legal requirement on May 25th. You’ll likely see all kinds of privacy updates related to this requirement in various online software.

Watch your back!

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One of the important skills I identified in a previous post on digital literacies is how people manage and protect their privacy. Indeed, each of us is vulnerable because there is a huge potential for our privacy to be breached in any online environment.

Could wearables provide the trigger needed for behaviour change?

Spark Your Interest

In fact, after stumbling on the story, I did some searching and there are many mood tracking apps, such as: Emotion Sense - developed by Cambridge University. There are of course tons of privacy, security, ethical implications, especially on the organizational side, but it’s interesting to think about how wearables, the internet of things (IoT), data and the quantified self movement might provide for learning.

First week of 2012

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Anyway a web search turned up a very useful discovery, and just in case as like myself you have not come across the facility yet, then try the online OCR at [link] the reCAPTCHA was an easy also, excellent.

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How the IRS learned to find you online

Making Change

How would you train them to dig deep into the web without violating privacy laws? Identify how to locate relevant taxpayer information with internet searches. When employees of the US Internal Revenue Service need to find out what taxpayers are doing, they look online.

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Is Your m-Learning Secure? The Threat and How to Avoid It.


65% of information searches start on a smartphone. In mobile education, privacy is particularly important for sensitive data such as learners’ personal details and communications, confidential information about learners, assessment data and data confidential to the company deploying training.

Why We’re Excited About Open edX Hawthorn


There’s also a search feature so you can quickly find a previously uploaded file (this will avoid re-uploading the same file), There is a “ filter by file type ” feature to limit the listing to only show audio, code, document, image or other file types. Student data privacy and GDPR features.

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eLearning Cyclops: Future location of Cyclops eLearning

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Search This Blog. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Monday, June 11, 2012. Future location of eLearning Cyclops. Future location of eLearning Cyclops (formerly the MinuteBio Blog). Posted by.

Will chat replace email? Slack thinks so.

Obsidian Learning

One particularly intriguing feature of Slack is that most chats are archived and available for searching. As Manjoo notes, some have expressed privacy concerns over Slack’s ability to archive employee chats.

The Metaphor of Personal Space

ID Reflections

However, chiding myself for being childish, I wandered around in search of an empty workstation. A large part of self-understanding,” says George Lakoff, “is the search for appropriate personal metaphors that make sense of our lives.” Personal space is a metaphor of our existence!

The 6 Top Trends for Instructional Designers for 2017


They are constantly in search of media that will convey their message. They have been scrutinized for invading the privacy of learners, but not anymore. It is safe to assume that instructional designers have come a long way, and the proof is the unavoidable awareness about them.

Free Speech, Social Media and Your Job

CLO Magazine

A Google search for ‘fired because of social media’ turns up a long list of results that are packed with stories proving that people have been fired for a variety of bad social media behaviors.

eLearning Cyclops: Be Prepared for Hurricane Irene

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Search This Blog. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Thursday, August 25, 2011. Be Prepared for Hurricane Irene. With Hurricane Irene on its way towards the east coast (U.S.) I thought I would share the following online learning courses that may be of assistance to those in its path. Are You Prepared?

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

Visual Lounge

Go to Privacy Shortcuts > More Settings > Ads > Ads Settings > Manage preferences > Visit Ad Preferences > Top Interests, go to “More” > Lifestyle and Culture > Scroll down to US Politics. Everyone knows that you go to YouTube to search for a video.

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Chris and Robin talk about how there is a lot more to building a website than many people think when they first start out, especially with the implementation of GDPR and the new privacy regulations. My one client, we were looking at keyword search.

eLearning Cyclops

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Search This Blog. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Jeff - How I make e-learning fun! Posted by. Jeff Goldman. at 4:18 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: e-Learning. 0 comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Loading. About Me. Jeff Goldman.

Daily Bookmarks 08/12/2008

Experiencing eLearning

The Bamboo Project Blog: Privacy, Social Media and Learning. tools in terms of privacy and confidentiality, but their fears are largely unfounded. tags: web2.0 , orgculture , privacy. Social media is actually a really poo r method for talking about things I shouldn’t be discussing because through search and the very nature of social networks, it makes it extremely unlikely that I can keep this activity a secret for very long.

Finding the Best Tool for Your Talent Development Program


You could try tackling the problem by doing a quick Google search to see what kind of LMS (Learning Management System) softwares are out there. However, actually choosing one from the scores of them that show up in the search results isn’t quite as straightforward.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

Jane Hart

And by that I don’t mean heavy-handed social media policies, but advice on privacy settings and common sense guidelines on having discussions in a public space. Tweet.

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eLearning Cyclops: The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Search This Blog. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Sunday, May 6, 2012. The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center.

eLearning Cyclops: I Saw a Virtual Patient at MedBiquitous

eLearning Cyclops

Privacy Policy. Search This Blog. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Wednesday, May 2, 2012. I Saw a Virtual Patient at MedBiquitous.