Unicorn’s Brexit Data Privacy Commitment Statement

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We are currently seeing an increasing number of enquiries regarding how we propose to approach our Data Privacy obligations in the post-Brexit world.

Meridian Debuts Career Development, Enhanced Privacy and Compliance Features


April 27, 2018 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading cloud-based learning management system (LMS) provider, announces the availability of Meridian LMSTMversion 18.1. Reston, Va.

Enhance Data Privacy Compliance with Multi-Version Privacy Policies in Docebo


New functionality makes it easy to meet regional data privacy compliance requirements. How to Activate the Privacy Policy Globally For All Domains. To manage a privacy policy , you must log into your main domain as a Superadmin. How to Manage Privacy Policy Versions.

Can Blockchain Solutions Over-reach

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However, can blockchain solutions overreach in future, and does it entail some challenges we can’t see at the moment? Lastly, we have a concerns regarding security, privacy and control.

Learning Solutions 2019

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Learning Solutions: Orlando, FL 2019. Bluewater will attend Learning Solutions 2019 in Orlando, FL. Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is the home for exploring the proven strategies, technologies, and practices that work in learning and development.

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

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In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief? Previously in our posts at yourtrainingedge.com [1] , we have discussed the potential of blockchain in terms of security and privacy of the transactions. Decentralization of these systems is the solution. Distribution and decentralization are vital elements for cyber security solutions development in future.

Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


Now, how about getting the learners in the LMS in a meeting via a web meeting solution. Hence, the need for web meeting solutions… or so to say, LMS Webex integration ! The post Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration appeared first on eLearning Experts.

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Facing These Challenges with Mobile Learning? Check Out the Solutions

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Below are some of the major challenges faced by mobile learning and some upcoming ways to tackle them: Data Privacy and Security. Solution: Mobile internet security protocols are improving by leaps and bounds and will soon be as secure as a computer.

Why Governments want Open Source Software

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A recent report co-published by Zimbra and the Ponemon Institute, The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the US and EMEA , confirmed the changing perceptions of open source software.

3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


IT’s concerns lie within the technical infrastructure of the solution, including system maintenance, integrations, security, plus how it would cooperate with existing IT systems. Most state-of-the-art learning platforms are Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

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How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


While there’s a ton of info available about GDPR itself, it’s important as an LMS user to know how your learning activities could be impacted by this unprecedented data privacy regulation. Data Portability Solutions and Management Tools. EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield.

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Creating Value in e-Learning Part 6: The Solution


So Easy, Its Your DIY Solution. Creating Value in e-Learning Part 6: The Solution. The Solution: I recently had a conversation with a business colleague about how the world evaluates. We now have a solution, for companies purchasing our development skills and products, to change the perceived value of our efforts. The Solution" data-via="Lectora" >. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink.

Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions


So Easy, Its Your DIY Solution. Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions. Lectora e-Learning and IBM Software recognize this void and have partnered to provide social business solutions that better fit companies’ needs. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service

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Docebo in The (Regional) Cloud


In these cases, cloud-hosting might not be enough to support their growing needs, from both a performance and privacy perspective. Performance, Privacy, Reliability. Learning Technology Trends Learning technology solutions lms lms @it Webinar

eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

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HIPAA—Privacy and Security Basics: This course provides a high-level overview of HIPAA regulations and provides specific best practices for complying with the law and protecting the personal health information you are working with. Company Custom Solutions eLearning News Products/Services

Publishing for the Mobile – Dos and Don’ts


While providing feature-rich platforms, MagicBox ensures privacy protection and provides a powerful DRM (digital rights management) to ensure the secure distribution and sale of digital content on mobile devices. We’re not just dependent on our smartphones, we’re downright addicted to it.

Quick Tips to Rollout HIPAA Awareness Training

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Training Solutions Compliance TrainingIt is common knowledge that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which came into existence in 1996, protects health information provided to healthcare companies.

Is Your Cloud-based LMS the Ideal Platform to Train Employees?

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However, organizations often find themselves with the dilemma of choosing between a cloud-based LMS or an installed solution. In simple terms, a cloud-based LMS is an online solution that does not require you to download or install software or hardware to access it.

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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Adding a pinch of workplace incidents to online compliance courses helps reps connect well and they get engaged since the courses promise solutions to compliance issues. But every problem has a solution, and compliance fatigue has a solution too.

Building Blocks for the Digital Economy


analyzing data, managing data, software development, computer programming, and digital security and privacy.” The sharp growth in demand for digital skills from 2012 to 2017 illustrates this shifting marketplace: Digital security and privacy: 75% growth.

Close Healthcare Compliance Gaps with Online Training

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Risks can be broadly classified as follows: Risk of data or privacy breaches when using electronic health records. Risk of data or privacy breaches by employees. Training Solutions Compliance Training

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


In an effort to harmonize its data privacy laws, the European Union (EU), after lengthy negotiations, in April 2016 finally adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, EU regulation 2016/679), which will come into force on May 25, 2018.

Docebo in The (Multi-Region) Cloud


In these cases, cloud-hosting might not be enough to support their growing needs, from both a performance and privacy perspective. Performance, Privacy, Reliability. For example, it’s an incredibly effective way to help our customers meet regional data privacy compliance requirements.

The Docebo Discovery Lab: The Experience Is Everything


This is a framework for creating a solution by first developing a thorough understanding of the people or users for whom you’re designing products or services. Develop (and test) – potential solutions. Deliver – solutions that work.

3 Ideas to Make Your Online Compliance Training Program Engaging

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They first offer real-life problems in a virtual environment and later provide solutions to those problems. Training Solutions Compliance TrainingAbiding by the different rules and regulations is mandatory for employees of any organization.

Google GDPR Fine

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While this fine may be a minor inconvenience to the tech giant, the case underscores the need for businesses and personnel, particularly chief compliance officers and chief data privacy officers, to become well-versed in GDPR.

Breakthrough eLearning: Compliance Training: Going Through the Motions

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There is a raft of health and safety, environmental, human rights, privacy, and financial reporting guidelines that must be adhered to, and training is seen (and often legislated) as a key component to remain "in compliance."

How to fix our senseless compliance training

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This does not make any sense, because the laws governing privacy, anti money laundering, OH&S, and all the other topics, are the same for both banks! All big organisations have a Learning Management System. It’s used to track and record the training that the employees do.

Technology-enabled Learning to Avoid OSHA Penalties

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Related Posts 4 Advantages of Game-based Learning to Deliver Good Safety Training Online Safety Training: 5 Effective Design Techniques E-learning to Train Employees on Data Privacy Laws. Training Solutions Compliance Training

[WEBINAR] Docebo’s Approach to Regional Cloud Hosting


Register for our upcoming webinar to uncover the performance and privacy benefits of regional hosting in the cloud. Docebo Blog Learning Technology Trends Learning technology solutions lms

Everything you wanted to know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask)


TalentLMS has always enforced the highest of standards and the best industry practices to ensure the safety, integrity, privacy, and availability of the information you trust to us. To ensure all this, TalentLMS complies with existing national law and international regulation regarding privacy and security issues. These standards include only working with industry-leading Cloud providers that are heavily certified in privacy and security for our backend infrastructures ?

6 Tips to Select the Right Online Compliance Training Provider

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For example : The employee must follow information security and data privacy laws of your organization. Training Solutions Compliance Training

How to Ensure Training is Effective and Develops Employee Talent

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There might be some training programs that are common to all, such as data privacy, code of conduct, HR policies and perhaps don’t require customization as per an individual’s role. Training Solutions New Hire TrainingEmployee Talent has a direct bearing on achieving business goals.

How Riff Learning used LTI and Open edX to deliver a seamless learner experience


There were already two solutions for navigating between external tools and Open edX. Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information. Therefore, the LTI XBlock doesn’t send the parameters by default and it has to be enabled explicitly to protect learners privacy.

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Ultimate Connections 2019

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Connections is an annual customer conference where attendees can learn how to get the most value out of their UltiPro solutions and hear from industry experts and keynote speakers. Filling out this form will get you one step closer to your solution.