See the Results from Our 2014 Learning and Remembering Survey

Bottom-Line Performance

We received a variety of thoughtful responses to our two-question survey on learning and remembering. The first question of our survey asked: What knowledge do your employees need to remember to be successful in their jobs? Compliance: AGSL, ACL, Privacy Act, Anti Money Laundering.

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Survey Says… (authoring tools)

eLearning 24-7

Hi, this is the ghost of Richard Dawson bringing you another exciting episode of Authoring Tools Survey. We are in the final round and our contestant, Craig Weiss, will try to ascertain what the latest data from his recent survey means to the masses. Survey Information. Craig – are you ready to enter the final round of Authoring tools survey? 50% – Built-in security and privacy safeguards.

Why Governments want Open Source Software

Lambda Solutions

A recent report co-published by Zimbra and the Ponemon Institute, The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the US and EMEA , confirmed the changing perceptions of open source software.

Growing Use of Social Media in Education


Each year, Pearson Learning Solutions puts out the results of an annual survey of social media use in education. Comparing 2012 to 2013, the results of the survey indicate that the use of social media has increased 21.3%.

It’s Already on Your Permanent Record

CLO Magazine

“Do people want privacy?” In the first case, when individuals are splashing their “moments,” updates, preferences and all manner of information in prose and video across social media, the privacy regulations become almost silly. Like Musk, I believe privacy is gone.

Facebook Fatigue?

Kapp Notes

According to the article: A survey of 600 teens ages 13 to 17 in late April found that teens spend two hours per day online on average, 80% of which is spent using a social network. Of the group that are saying goodbye to Facebook, 45% have lost interest, 16% are leaving because their parents are there, 14% say there are “too many adults/older people” and 13% are concerned about the privacy of their personal information.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

This year’s Top 100 Tools for Learning list (the 6th Annual Survey) has been compiled from the votes of 582 learning professionals worldwide – 55% working in education, 45% working in non-educational organizations.

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Top Benefits of a Healthcare LMS

ePath Learning

This is extremely important for mandatory training around compliance and privacy. Hospitals and health systems can use a healthcare LMS to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs using tests, quizzes, surveys, and assessments.

Close Healthcare Compliance Gaps with Online Training

CommLab India

According to a joint survey by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), human error is the main cause of data breaches. Risk of data or privacy breaches by employees.

Cool Second Life Happening:UW VIBE Future InfoExpo Recruitment

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All survey answers are confidential and will be made anonymous and significant efforts will be made to ensure the security and privacy of your answers. Have you ever had trouble sorting your stuff? Would you like to know who in SL might be a good social connection for you? Need to solve a problem, but don’t know how to organize the information?

5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your Training Edge

The idea of business-centric learning came onto many people’s radar last year, after the Brandon Hall Group did a survey showing that about 40% of businesses were developing their learning strategy in alignment with business needs , while the other 60% were focusing on the learners and the content.

Social Media 101: Training Employees for Social Media


96 percent of the companies surveyed use at least one form of social media. Most companies address identification or association with the employer, unacceptable content, client privacy, and other corporate issues. Explain the importance of privacy settings and geotags.

5 Guidelines for Using Your Phone at Work


A 2016 CareerBuilder survey concluded that cell phone use and texting was the top productivity killer at work. A similar OfficeTeam survey in 2017 found that professionals waste an average of 56 minutes a day “using their mobile device for non-work activities in the office.”

Flexible Security?

CLO Magazine

According to a global iPass survey, 62 percent of enterprises don’t permit use of public Wi-Fi as a result of security measures.

Is Your m-Learning Secure? The Threat and How to Avoid It.


In a recent survey of mobile learners, 99% believed the format and presentation enhanced their learning, and more than 75% praised the convenience and time management benefits. You’ve been hearing about it for some time now: m-Learning is the next big thing, and it’s here to stay.

Will AI Help Close the Skills Gap?

CLO Magazine

That’s according to a new study by Learning House and Future Workplace, which surveyed 600 U.S. Schawbel said this issue comes with its own implications, such as bugs, privacy issues, complaints and, most important, a lack of training for current employees in using AI.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

Your Training Edge

Security continues to be the biggest barrier in the way of mobile learning adoption, stated by many of the organizations surveyed in some latest studies conducted.

How ProProfs became a “Multinational Startup” – Killer Startups interviews founder Sameer Bhatia


Killer Startups, a user driven startups community, recently interviewed ProProfs CEO and founder Sameer Bhatia, who told the story behind ProProfs and how it went from a low-cost quiz making tool to a multinational startup providing comprehensive online tools such as LMS software , online survey software and training software , which help instructors and educators create advanced online training and educational programs.

Learning Technology Trends in 2016


As the world becomes more connected through social media and online forums, almost half of the companies surveyed are looking for social and collaborative tools in their online learning. Out of all the businesses surveyed, no one gave their present learning options above a “C”. mLearning allows for people to take courses on the train home from work, a plane on the way to a convention, or in the privacy of their own home.

The Top 5 Things Organizations need for Mobile Learning

Your Training Edge

Security continues to be the biggest barrier in the way of mobile learning adoption, stated by many of the organizations surveyed in some latest studies conducted.

The ROI of eLearning: How to measure the success of your training program


They can be expensive and sometimes even border on threatening user privacy. The post-course survey also has a wealth of information that can help deduce and predict the success factors associated with a training provider. Training programs that deliver performance are in high demand.

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Landing That First Job After College


In fact, 44 percent of businesses CareerBuilder surveyed are looking for full-time employees. And don’t think a simple account deletion or privacy setting adjustment will get you off the hook. More than 6 million people in the United States are out of work.

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New Snagit release: Sometimes it’s the small things

Visual Lounge

Toward that end, we study the ways people use Snagit and the quality of their experience—methods include live observation in our lab, customer visits, satisfaction surveys, online feedback , and anonymous usage statistics.

How to use your LMS to Improve Customer Relationships


You can also display customer feedback (more on that below) to the extent that it doesn’t violate privacy, and reward those reps who have the highest ratings of satisfaction. Using your LMS, you can create customer surveys and assessments.

Smartphones in mobile healthcare

Learning with e's

Among the surveyed apps are those assisting in chronic disease management, whether as standalone apps or part of a BAN (Body Area Network) and remote server configuration. cost, network bandwidth and battery power efficiency, usability, privacy issues, etc.),

Beam up to ProProfs Enterprise – Centralized management simplified for the entire organization


Businesses can now manage multiple users and claim complete ownership of the data collected from their quizzes, courses and surveys. With us, you get to retain ownership of all your quizzes, courses and surveys. Looking for greater control all under one account?

A Conversation with Warren Apel, Co-founder of Scholastico

Kapp Notes

Right now, we’re working on student-teacher feedback surveys. That means we need to follow different international data privacy laws, which are strict. But some of the work we’re doing on teacher feedback surveys will also improve teaching.

The Flexible eLearning Framework


He also presents some sample survey questions to determine the effectiveness of these dimensions in the existing eLearning infrastructure of an organization. Ask your team these questions: Are learners surveyed for prerequisite needs of the eLearning course?

Fantastic Five: Know Your E-learning Development Tools

CommLab India

Here is a screenshot of a scenario created using this tool for a course on data privacy. . iSpring Quizmaker: This feature helps create quizzes; you can create interactive quizzes and surveys in HTML5 and Flash with this tool. How do you develop an engaging online course?

A Deeper Look at the Emerging Trends of mLearning


The survey announced numerous new findings regarding how and why organizations are using mLearning. After reviewing the surveys, the report discovered that communication calculated the highest response in actual use, while content delivery came out to be the overall largest area of intent. percent reported a modest negative compared to the 20 percent that reported moderate or significant negatives in last year’s survey. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins.

Understanding Your LMS Requirements for Corporate Training


And last, but definitely not least, you’ll want to find a provider with a reputation for security and privacy, and that will be able to backup your eLearning content and reports. You’ve got so many difficult decisions to make in a day.

Free Speech, Social Media and Your Job

CLO Magazine

According to a June 2016 survey by HubShout, 41.2 In fact, a survey by CareerBuilder found that that 18 percent of employers say they have dismissed employees because of something they posted on social media.

A Plea: Let Some Ebook Data Flow


The problem with surveying customers is that the sample size of data is typically too small to warrant rewrites. Yes, there are privacy concerns. Platforms are not to be blamed, nor are privacy activists. A Plea: Let Some Ebook Data Flow.

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Not Everyone is a Social Customer | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

I don’t understand why social media should be off limits to marketers, and beyond direct Facebook messages, I fail to see much privacy in the social media world.

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Bully 4 U

Learning with e's

Only 22% thought that paedophiles were a threat, with invasion of privacy (16%) the third highest concern. Yes, I know that this was a simplistic survey, and I acknowledge that the question could have been better presented.