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While the engineering team at Mindflash are experts in coding, we are not experts in securing data centers. Course Development E-learning Employee Training engineering mindflash security privacy security

Reflections on the ‘New Groupthink’ and lessons for asynchronous collaborative e-learning

The eLearning Nomad

Aren’t introverts averse to team work? Not on a team.” ” If this is true, then why don’t we give our employees and learners plenty of privacy and autonomy? Can we step away from the group/team for a couple of hours or days so we can do some thinking/researching alone before we contribute further? I re-read Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’.

Reflections on the ‘New Groupthink’ and lessons for asynchronous collaborative e-learning

The eLearning Nomad

Aren’t introverts averse to team work? Not on a team.” ” If this is true, then why don’t we give our employees and learners plenty of privacy and autonomy? Can we step away from the group/team for a couple of hours or days so we can do some thinking/researching alone before we contribute further? I re-read Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’.

GDPR, Elearning Software and You


Data, privacy and GDPR are hot topics right now. You’ve probably been inundated with opt-in emails and updates about privacy policies, a signal of the efforts organizations are making to protect your data. This is called a Privacy Statement (or Policy , sometimes Notice ).

Google GDPR Fine

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While this fine may be a minor inconvenience to the tech giant, the case underscores the need for businesses and personnel, particularly chief compliance officers and chief data privacy officers, to become well-versed in GDPR.

Everything you wanted to know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask)


TalentLMS has always enforced the highest of standards and the best industry practices to ensure the safety, integrity, privacy, and availability of the information you trust to us. To ensure all this, TalentLMS complies with existing national law and international regulation regarding privacy and security issues. These standards include only working with industry-leading Cloud providers that are heavily certified in privacy and security for our backend infrastructures ?

Learning Solutions 2019

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Meet our Leadership Team. Need a team of experts? 2019 Copyright - Designed by Bluewater™ | Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. Learning Solutions: Orlando, FL 2019. Join us in Florida! See you soon! Orlando, FL, March 26 – 28th.

Ultimate Connections 2019

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Meet our Leadership Team. 2018 Copyright - Designed by Bluewater™ | Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. Ultimate Connections: Las Vegas, NV 2019. Join us in Vegas! See you soon! Las Vegas, NV, April 2 – 5th. We are proud to sponsor Ultimate Connections in Las Vegas.

Lectora e-Learning and IBM to Offer Social Learning Solutions


Both of these software industry leaders are excited to be working as a team as they address social business issues. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools.

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Data security is big news. Get GDPR training asap.


Companies involved in these types of scandals face more than potential drops in market value and loss of customer trust; they face an onslaught of questions and concerns about privacy policies and how they do or do not protect user data.

Let's talk GDPR ????


The EU has decided to strengthen and regulate the privacy policy across the European Union. Our team has been and is working hard to implement the following measures: Updating our privacy policy. Keeping data protection in mind when developing new functionality in Firmwater LMS (privacy by design framework). Training all Firmwater staff on GDPR privacy legislation and new company policies. In short, we respect the privacy and security of our clients and users.

Is harboring eLearning data safe again?


The secure management of learner and client data should be a priority for all teams and companies that deliver eLearning. After a recent ruling declared the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles invalid, many LearnUpon customers asked: what now for EU-US personal data transfer?

The GDPR is coming -- are you ready?


GDPR is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy, and reshape the way organizations approach data privacy. Put together a team that includes a board-level sponsor and an IT and legal expert.

Top of Mind: Experimenting with Social Physics

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He’s used social physics to forecast productivity of small groups, corporate departments and even entire cities with this fundamental thesis: Because we are impacted by those we physically interact with as individuals, teams and societies, we can change outcomes by changing patterns of interaction.

Historical people


This quiz checks the knowledge of historical people chosen by the LYPS teams. This quiz checks the knowledge of historical people chosen by the LYPS teams. " />. Copyright © 2005-2013, Hotchalk Partner | Training Maker | Flashcards | Polls | Brain Games | Privacy & Terms | Sitemap | About Us | Contact Quiz Maker › Take Quizzes › K-12 Education › Historical people. Loading Page, Please wait… Historical people. 25 Questions. I

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Course of the Week: Improve Your Computer Literacy


Privacy is a major topic of discussion today, both in the media and in business. While computers and the internet have revolutionized how we do business, they have also brought up cyber crime and privacy issues.

How to choose the right type of LMS for your organization


Usually they are the product of innovative individuals or teams who seek to make a relevant change in the industry. Whenever companies take into consideration buying a LMS for the first time or replacing the old one, there is an overwhelming amount of details to take into consideration.

Open Office, Work Culture, and Productivity

The Performance Improvement Blog

Jason Feifer: I witness an inability to concentrate, lack of privacy, and absent sense of ownership--which is a problem given that I occupy this space for the bulk of my waking hours. Anjali Mullany: Where I sit, we don''t wear headphones very often, and my team interacts a lot.

Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organizational expansion

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By using a new learning management system, they offered a training solution to their team managers to facilitate access to training across the world. The challenges faced by PANDORA’s learning and development team.

LearnDash GDPR Related Update Now Available


Recently WordPress released a maintenance and privacy update specifically adding functionality to help you comply with GDPR requirements. Privacy Policy Guide. GDPR requires that businesses outline in their Privacy Policy how they collect and use any supplied personal data on their site. To help you with this, the recent WordPress update implemented a Privacy Policy Guide feature found under SETTINGS > PRIVACY. Latest LearnDash update focuses on GDPR.

Cloud Authoring

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This of course, has caused there to be a lot of legal issues of ownership and privacy of data along with companies trying to discover ways to capitalize on utilizing their servers as “clouds.”. The cloud allows team members to work on the same project simultaneously. The “Cloud”.

Degreed Does Data: Data Science


Sports teams have used data science to devise Moneyball tactics to hit more home runs and three-pointers. Of course, don’t forget to keep the data safe, by talking through specifics security threats and privacy protections.

eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

eLearning Brothers

How do you handle the effects of a claim on the accuser, the accused, and your team? Teamwork—Being an Effective Team: What makes an effective team? How does one team succeed where others have failed?

xAPI xAPRIL: Celebrating 5 Years of the Experience API


A s part of the team who first created the Experience API (and continues to be a top contributor—looking at you, Andrew " garemoko " Downes!), Join us as we celebrate xAPI xAPRIL and recognize five years of the Experience API—including free resources, real-world xAPI case studies, and prizes!

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3 Tips To Achieve Effective General Data Protection Regulation Training


In the scramble for compliance , it is important not to lose sight of what GDPR really is: A privacy law that aims to protect European Union citizens as their data is handled, even if processed offshore. Privacy and confidentiality obligations that apply to those processing personal data.

Take the law out of compliance training

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the privacy and security of your customers. a fraudster in your admin team re-routes payments to his personal bank account? Compliance training is everyone’s favourite punching bag. I deduce two main reasons for this: It’s usually drop-dead boring, and. People don’t like being told what to do. So we in the L&D department are put in the unenviable position of selling the unsellable to our colleagues.

Scenario-Based Learning in Higher Ed

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Through the course, they helped various departments and teams address specific challenges related to a concept of social psychology. For example, in one of my older courses for teachers, each group had a different scenario problem to solve related to privacy and social media.

danah boyd ASTD Tech Knowledge Key Note #astdtk13

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We see teenagers going public, but this doesn’t mean they’ve given up their privacy. Privacy is not control of information; it’s the ability to control a social situation. Ability to achieve privacy in these spaces. Can you get a team to buy in to be collectively evaluated

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Development Maps: A Roadmap to Performance

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For the L & D Leader and team, its a comprehensive view of formal and informal learning experiences that guides prioritization and investment decisions. We respect your privacy. Every journey starts with a single step. Development Maps ensure its in the right direction.

Is your LMS provider GDPR compliant?

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When selecting a Learning Management System provider one of the key factors to consider is whether the supplier guarantees data privacy and protection against data loss. Its aim is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world.

Overcoming 4 Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

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Information privacy and security. Solution: To know the expertise of your vendor, check the qualification and communication level of their team. Data Privacy and Security Concerns. Objection: You may have concerns about working with a team that is geographically distant.

How Technology Partners Help Associations Comply with GDPR

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Complying with GDPR isn’t only about developing a new privacy statement and opt-in forms. Many privacy experts believe the US and other nations will adopt similar regulations given the ongoing complaints about Facebook and Google data practices. Just this week, a US senator said: “Facebook’s secret data sharing partnerships raise urgent new reasons for stronger privacy protections—beginning with a privacy bill of rights modeled on Europe’s new rules (GDPR).”.

The Next Big Thing: Big Data

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What''s important is what we do with that data to change behavior of individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. Everybody’s talking about “ Big Data ” these days.

Wearable Technology: Does Google Glass still has the potential to transform Learning?


Many users found it cumbersome and there were of course some serious issues on the concern of privacy. Mobile Technology has reached a new landmark as the number of estimated mobile devices has crossed the 7 billion mark.

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7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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While Coursera and others offer MOOCs covering business and management topics that are relevant across the enterprise, it’s important to realise that other topics (such as statistics, law and IT) may also be relevant to particular teams.

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