What Computer Should I Buy?

Adobe Captivate

I want my computer to be able to run well for at least three years of new versions and software updates, preferable though, I want it to last five years. I know, first world problems. If you do a lot of video demos and software simulation and the desktop you need to be capturing is a PC, this makes the decision easy. NVMe drive, but I knew I could get away with 500gb and upgrade later. Many spoke and upgraded to 32 right from the start.

Software Upgrade Training and Support

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They are upgrading their PeopleSoft implementation. These courses generally consist of step-by-step instructions where the learner watches a task as it is performed, and then they try the task on their own in a simulated environment. Are people changing just the software version and interfaces or are process changes happening also? However, if you are upgrading from PeopleSoft to Oracle you may be looking at process changes which will require additional work.


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How to Easily Create Powerful Customer Education

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And while traditionally it applied to businesses selling widgets or software, customer education now also applies to governments, and non-profits, who have a product or service. Similarly, the self-help screens when installing a new software product on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

E-learning in the Telecommunications Industry


The training material needs to be frequently updated and upgraded to suit the changing market conditions and technologies. For the call-center personnel, it is important to understand the same concepts in a more detailed manner, with special focus on problem solving. Using software simulations, sales staff can be trained on the ways of filling up the forms in an efficient manner. Telecommunications is one of the largest and most fast-growing industries worldwide.

Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter: Which One Is Right For You?

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Presenter lessons can be used to "flip" the classroom--the homework is to watch the lecture, and then practice assignments, worked problems, and the like are done in the classroom with the teacher's help.  But, as is typical with any kind of software, the easier the software is to use, the fewer choices you have about certain things. This software allows you to focus more on the content than on eLearning functionality.

5 Tips To Build In Storyline Like A Pro

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Storyline is used to create and deliver interactive eLearning courses with a variety of eLearning strategies, including quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation. . In 2017, approximately 77% of U.S.

Two weeks with Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

Retina screen – software recordings. However to record a Video Demo or a Software simulation you did have to edit the AdobeCaptivate.ini file. Just one tip: if you are on Win10, check the Display setting before recording (both Video Demo/Software Simulation). You’ll have to reset it to 100% before the recording to avoid problems. Intro. About two weeks ago Captivate 10, now labeled Captivate 2017 was released.

Themes Q&A

Adobe Captivate

It is a pity that the Help is not something you can cout on, a problem which is not new at all. Another problem are the backgrounds. ” This is indeed not fully correct, this text obviously was never upgraded since version… 6. Be careful with the Blank master slide: it is meant to be used for PPT import, and for Software simulations.

Fluidize your Quizzes

Adobe Captivate

The present post is not (yet) the promised upgraded version of the most popular article I ever wrote about questions, only a summary of tips I discovered while exploring the Fluid Boxes work flow for quiz slides (score slide will be subject of a later post). The score slide, which causes a lot of issues at this moment, will be explained in a future blog post, hoping that some of the problems will already have dissipated by a patch? Intro.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Corporate training professionals, educators, instructional designers, and all types of business users with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, soft skill and compliance training, and mobile learning. What are my upgrade options? Special upgrade pricing is available to customers who have valid licenses for Adobe Captivate 9 and want to upgrade to the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate. On this page. Basics.

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