5 Significant Benefits of Simulation Based Learning


Simulation based learning. Simulation based learning has emerged as one of the most popular components of corporate training modules in the present times. Simulation based learning: Its Emergence & Benefits. Some studies have shown simulation training to deliver the best learning outcomes. With technological advancements, software learning, and the understanding of how people perceive problems, there is an increase in simulation based learning.

Finance Market Simulations Teach You How to Grow Your Wealth

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In the digital age, financial market simulations can help you develop your own investment strategies. These include: Capital Market Simulator (CMS). It is an interactive game that simulates the stock markets. The Instructor holds the reigns of your experience as a trader in this simulated environment, as you deal with the high-pressure trading scenarios and learn to tackle volatile markets. Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS). Forex Trading Simulator (FTS).

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Simulation Showcase – Inside the Haiti Earthquake

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I came across a blog-post by Clark Aldrich titled – Using Serious Games and Simulations: A Quick and Dirty Guide. In this post, Clark talks about: What simulations are and aren’t. Where simulations fit in an organizations’ flow of skills.

Attain Your Training Edge Through Training Simulations At Workplace


For the past few years, organizations focus on using customized simulations through Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to improve training processes for large or small enterprises. Simulations are the most efficient educating tools for diverse industry domains such as healthcare, aviation, military and others. Simulators can mimic real-life scenarios to provide a realistic experience, supported by a computer or any technological device. LMS Simulations Training

Agile Microlearning Explained

transformations lead to new solutions, advanced ideas, and increased productivity and profit. Mastery Level over time, simulating their true forgetting curve. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

What is the SPPICE Model for Simulation learning?

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The SPPICE model, developed by Infopro Learning, is a learning model for creating simulation-based learning that increases business performance. With learning simulations rising in popularity, justifiably so, many of our customers were asking us the same questions: Can a Simulation be used for serious learning? What kind of investment is needed to create learning simulations? What learning strategy best applies to creating impactful learning simulations?

Industries where Simulation and Gamification are a Perfect Match

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Gamification and simulation-based courses are what gives eLearning an edge over traditional training methods. So what is simulation-based gamified learning? Manufacturing: A production line can be a complicated and a stressful place to work at.

Identifying the Right Product Knowledge Training Methodology for Your Business

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However, you might be surprised to learn that the key to providing quality customer experiences is to improve your employee’s product knowledge skills. Product knowledge is an important component of providing quality service. Blog Corporate Training Product Knowledge Training

What Simulation in Healthcare Training is about and it’s benefits!


Nonetheless, with regards to executing it in real scenario, trainees experience a plunge in their work execution and productivity. Simulations for sales training is one kind of a training which is […]. The post What Simulation in Healthcare Training is about and it’s benefits!

The ‘Digital Cascade of Learning’ vs Simulations

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As far as simulation is concerned previously, the training simulations took pictures of high tech cockpit mock-ups and the regulated burning buildings to mind. However, today, simulation can also occur in a classroom or online setting with just about any kind of professions. This post revolves around these two fundamental concepts lying underneath today’s learning and training industry, i.e. digital learning and the simulations.

How Can Enterprises Implement Simulation Training for Employees

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Apart from relying on traditional methods of upskilling such as presentations, workshops, seminars, and e-learning modules , enterprises today are also turning towards a tried-tested tool in fields such as medicine, aviation, and military – simulation training. Related Read: 6 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Simulation Training. How Does Simulation Training Work? Benefits of Simulation Training in Employee Upskilling. Keep Simulations Short and Simple .

Webinar: How to Create Software Simulation Training in Storyline

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So, last Thursday I led a webinar in which I went over how to create software simulation training in Storyline 2. I talked about the best practices for preparing to create your software simulation training, some caveats to be aware of, and the four formats for inserting the recording into your story: Video on a single slide, View Mode, Try Mode, and Test mode (View, Try and Test are all inserted as step-by-step slides with some interaction).

Training Simulations: An Effective Corporate Training Tool

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In a world where time is money, businesses are learning that they can be most productive by using training simulations as opposed to a more traditional approach, which requires key employees to step away from their tasks in order to train and it can also affect production. Virtual learning and simulations are now effectively bridging that gap. . Description: Simulated training is a virtual environment with a game-like atmosphere.

6 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Simulation Training

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Simulation training is the newest technological advancement in the world of employee learning. Organizations can now benefit from the reduced risk factor during training by creating online simulations, while still being able to provide real-life learning experience. What Is Simulation Training? Simulation training, as the name suggests, is a kind of training created to mirror real-life situations. Examples of Simulation Training.

Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development

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One such method that is changing the role of learning and development to a great extent is simulation, which we would be discussing in this post. So what simulation is? Simulation is the technique for learning and practice that can be utilized in various disciplines and to different trainees. Simulation based learning and development is the way to enhance professionals’ skills, knowledge and attitudes, while protecting them from unnecessary risks.

When are System Simulations Appropriate?

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System simulations, created using software such as Adobe Captivate, serve several purposes when used in eLearning. You can create simulations in several different ways, depending on the type of interaction you are looking for in your course. Types of Simulations. Demonstration (aka Show Me) - Learners watch this type of simulation as a video. Guided Practice (aka Try Me) – This simulation guides the learner through a procedure. By Dean Hawkinson.

Two Software Tools for Creating Simulations

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Here are two tools that can be used for creating effective and engaging simulations. Screen Capture from SimWriter simulation creation software. What started as a tool for internal simulation development is now a patented authoring tool available to license and use for your own e-learning simulation development. Add motions and gestures to the production timeline for more engaging eLearning content. develop simulation simulations

Tool to Create Free Web-based Simulations

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Their free tool is called Forio Simulate and it lets you quickly build web-based business simulations. Add an interface to it and use the calculations in your simulation. Or just use another simulation that someone else built and then modify it.).

Games vs Simulations: Choosing the Right Approach for Learning

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There is some natural confusion that arises around this topic, particularly on the difference between games, simulations, and gamification. I’ll focus on games and simulations in this post. Categorizing Learning Games and Simulations. Then we’ve designed simulations—sometimes we design them to be games, and sometimes not. Simulations can be designed as games, but they don’t have to be. You learn first in a simulator.). An Example of a Simulation.

What makes Product Knowledge Training a Game-Changer?

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Product knowledge training is one of the most valuable learning opportunities you can give your sales representatives. Product knowledge training helps your employees answer even the most complicated questions with ease and confidence. Blog Corporate Training Product Knowledge Trainin

Why effective training simulations matter more than ever

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As people cease to commute yet continue to be productive, will they find they like this “new normal?” Once their productivity catches up to pre-COVID-19 levels, they’ll be able to think about optimizing how they virtually work. One virtual learning tool that will probably get more buy-in now is the simulation. Simulation technology has also improved. Not only that; a simulation can be used repeatedly, becoming even more cost-effective in the long run.

eLearning Simulations 101: What Are They and How Can You Create Your Own?


I’m not talking about the movie, but about the world’s reaction to the theory that our whole existence is based on a simulation program. If our world is a simulation, this means that nothing is real. Today’s topic is simulation in eLearning. By the end of this post, you’ll have learned all the basics of eLearning simulation, scenario-based training, the benefits of simulation training, and the types of interactive simulations you can use.

Tool to Create Free Web-based Simulations

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Their free tool is called Forio Simulate and it lets you quickly build web-based business simulations. Add an interface to it and use the calculations in your simulation. Or just use another simulation that someone else built and then modify it.).

5 Ways to Improve Employee Product Knowledge

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Having a team of employees who are knowledgeable about your products and services is an important part of providing quality customer experiences. THE BENEFITS OF PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE TRAINING. While there are many components of customer experience, few are more important than product knowledge training. In today’s digital world, customers have access to more product information than ever before, making them one of the hardest customers to serve. Simulations.

7 Creative Ways To Use Online Training Simulations


In this article, I’ll share 7 creative ways to use online training simulations. How To Use Online Training Simulations. Online training simulations put corporate learners through their paces so that they can build essential skills and apply their knowledge. Here are 7 inventive and unexpected ways to use online training simulations. However, you can give them the online training tools they need to navigate difficult situations with online training simulations.

Training Simulation Case Study Highlights

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A happy employee results in more productivity, higher job satisfaction, and, ultimately, an increase in the business bottom line Employee corporate training is gaining ground in various industries across the globe.

Random Simulation Tools

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Just a list of random simulation tools, please add your favorites. KD SimStudio Codebaby Production Studio NexLearn’s SimWriter SimBionic __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide. Tags: simulations

Most Product Simulations Aren't All That Helpful. Here's Why.


And if you’re a banking professional in charge of product simulations, that answer should alarm you. The Biggest Problem with Current Product Simulations Most product simulations are like Google Maps — they’re really handy when you’re using them, but they don’t help you actually learn the route. Or in the case of banking, the product. And when someone doesn’t feel confident using your product the chances they’ll adopt it plummet.

EasySIM™ – Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC)

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Branched simulation learning solutions offer a perfect blend of problem-centered immersive micro learning experience. However, building an in-house, cost and time efficient branching simulation solution may be a daunting task. Therefore, six years of innovation-centered efforts, numerous breakout and brainstorming sessions later, KnowledgeSynonyms brings to you Easy SIM – our pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC).

Simulation Training Solutions and Learning Approaches to Combat Acute Skills Gap

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nyse mkt:GVP) has published a new white paper titled “The Case for Simulation-Based Training in the Oil and Gas Industry, Upstream and Downstream” The document examines the need for efficient and effective workforce development in the oil and gas industry worldwide to combat the acute shortage of skilled workers both upstream and downstream. New innovations in simulation-based training will allow industry trainers to accomplish these goals in less time with lower costs.”

Building Simulations in eLearning – Articulate Storyline Versus Adobe Captivate

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Simulation based training is a great way to do the same. Simulations let you re-create real life/workplace situations, and let employees sail through them without any potential threats. Harbinger has been building simulation based training for many years now. We have serviced our customers with simulated information technology training, product training, business process, and customer service training. Captivate is ideal for capturing simulation screens.

Software Simulations – Learning benefits

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Did the training course include simulations? Let me tell you about the benefits of simulations in software training so that you can have an informed discussion with your training partner. As a result of this, there is a lot of confusion during the initial stages of software implementation Simulations recreate real life situations for learners. Simulation training helps individuals learn by performing an action in order to achieve a certain outcome.

Business Simulation Training

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Planned and presented well, business simulation can make a huge difference with a core set of employees or groups of employees across an enterprise. With advances in technology and learning approaches, it’s possible to develop simulated learning environments. We focus on the best ways to change behavior with custom-built, business simulation training for business management and services. Business simulation training can apply to specific machinery as well.

Most Product Simulations Aren't All That Helpful. Here's Why.


And if you’re a banking professional in charge of product simulations — that answer should alarm you. The Biggest Problem with Current Product Simulations Most product simulations are like Google Maps — they’re really handy when you’re using them, but they don’t help you actually learn the route — or in the case of banking, the product. And when someone doesn’t feel confident using your product the chances they’ll adopt it plummet.

5 Best Practices to Create Online Training Simulations

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Many organizations around the world have already tapped into the training potential offered by online training simulations. Simulations are highly specialized, interactive programs that allow workforce to learn and practice real world activities in a controlled, secure, and risk-free environment. I have listed out five best practices of creating online training simulations. Keep the simulations short and easily digestible .

Some Interesting Business Simulations/Games

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Here are some interesting Business Education Simulations from Realityworks. The Business Education Simulations apply key business concepts taught in a traditional instructor-led class to a series of three online games that test students’ knowledge of successful business strategies. Students create their own company and product, and participate in simulations, including The Business Game, The Entrepreneurship Game and The Finance Game.

Gamification, Serious Games, and Simulations: The Differences

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All types of game-based learning, simulation , and gamification are commonly put under the umbrella of “gamification.” The concept of gameful design is relevant because it acknowledges that there are differences between gamification, serious games, and simulations. . Title: Simulations Description: While simulations are sometimes lumped together with serious games, they have differences too. A simulation is an activity designed to mimic a real-world scenario.