eLearning Sounds Now Available in Our Template Library!

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As eLearning developers ourselves, we are always thinking of new products that would be valuable to developers. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added eLearning sound effects to the Template Library. 25 sounds have been added with 75 more coming soon. These sounds include: timers, alarms, buttons, correct, incorrect, ticks, swooshes, and many more. We hope this new product helps you continue creating awesome eLearning.

Sound 114

Learn Amp Product Review

eLearning 24-7

I know that sounds like an oxymoron. Learn Amp Learning ecosystem learning systems Learn Amp Product Review learning system Learning System Product Review System ReviewLearn Amp is a learning system that is somewhat a challenge to describe, and this is by no means in a bad way.


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Freebie Friday: The Sweet Sound of Free Stock Assets 

eLearning Brothers

Anyone who has ever edited audio knows that quality sound effects are an essential part of the process. Lucky for them, we have an expansive library full of sounds that will add a little something to your eLearning course. This week, we’re adding four handy stock sounds to our Free Library for a limited time only, so snap them up quick. One suggestion for using this sound is to combine it with others to create a really chaotic, post-apocalyptic soundscape.

Stock 98

Part 1: Say What?! A Guide to Camtasia Sound

eLearning Brothers

What it does – This effect will analyze your audio and find spots that it thinks should not have noise (for example lulls in conversation or other more punchy sounds). It will then memorize what those spots sound like – sometimes the hum of an air conditioner or the whirring of computer fans – and make each instance of that sound silent. Making adjustments to these will adjust your audio speed (and if on PC it’s sound).

Sound 68

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

wanting a better product within a year or. important product demonstration. expert discussing the product, offering insights. related products. sound complex and potentially costly but. Think that sounds unlikely when there are massive.

The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Sound of Silence by Jim on April 7, 2011 in eLearning At what point does narration really add anything to an eLearning module, and at what point is it simply being added because “it’s what’s expected?”

Sound 136

Product Review – Instilled LXP

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Writing a product review on a product that I use, well, I am about to use. Playlist format – you can also call it channel, I like Playlist – just sounds more fluid. There is no sound – i.e. no narration). Instilled LXP LXP NexGen LXP Product Review Uncategorized product review Product Review of InstilledThis is a first for me. Allow me to explain.

Podcast – Making Indian Product Global


We love to design great products. Who wants to learn about products. Who wants to learn how to build great products or want to learn how to build great startups. Can mobile phones be used productively, especially when I can’t control them?

Audio Production Mastery Tips from a Grammy Winner | Justin Proctor

TechSmith Camtasia

A degree in sound engineering? He began managing a private record recording studio with his college records production partner a few years into this work while running Delivery Room Studios. Test out your equipment, microphone positioning and see how it sounds before you press record.

Audio 83

PowerPoint Converter with Animations and Sound

DigitalChalk eLearning

With this converter, you are able to keep any animations, sounds or media clips that you have added to your presentations. How do you save your animations and sound? Simply save your PowerPoint presentation as you normally would and upload the file using the PowerPoint converter element on the DigitalChalk online training software – all of your animations and sound will be played while the students click through the presentation.

Sound 61

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Integrating GoAnimate Animations

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

"   That does sound cool! by Jennie Ruby, CTT, COTP. Our reader Linda Tromanhauser of ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) writes:  "We often use GoAnimate videos in eLearning. One thing I discovered on my most recent project is that in Storyline, you can insert a GoAnimate and have clickable items on top of it, on the same slide. So the video plays, and then the learner can select an option. I thought that was cool."

Product Review – Percipio by Skillsoft

eLearning 24-7

Practice Labs sounds like it is only available for software, which is why the term should be put to bed. LEP LXP Percipio by Skillsoft Uncategorized Percipio Percipio product review product reviewIt might be a surprise to some folks who only know of Degreed, EdCast and Learn Amp, that there are quite a few LEP/LXPs on the market, which offer quite a bang for your budget. One of these platforms is Percipio by Skillsoft.

Tips for Creating Sound Learning Objectives

Designing Digitally

Learning and development programs help organizations generate a more highly skilled and productive workforce, which in turn, drives business outcomes and generates revenue. Only carefully designed learning programs will help organizations achieve these goals, however. Program designers should build such programs based on effective course design practices. Title: Start with the learning objective Description: A learning objective should drive the course module.

Sound 56

5 Expert Tips For eLearning Production At Scale

Dan Keckan

Sound familiar? You’ve just launched an eLearning program, your learners seem to respond well to it, you get great feedback, but when you try to scale, something isn’t quite right. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Why Should K-12 Institutions Hire an Off-Shore Content Production Company?

Hurix Digital

In other words, hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company is the best possible route for them at the moment! Listed below are a few more reasons why hiring an off-shore digital K-12 content production company would prove to be a good idea for your K-12 establishment.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Integrating GoAnimate Animations

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

"   That does sound cool! by Jennie Ruby, CTT, COTP. Our reader Linda Tromanhauser of ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) writes:  "We often use GoAnimate videos in eLearning. One thing I discovered on my most recent project is that in Storyline, you can insert a GoAnimate and have clickable items on top of it, on the same slide. So the video plays, and then the learner can select an option. I thought that was cool."

Our Top Productivity Tips for Training Professionals


In business, productivity is on everyone’s mind, yet, many find it difficult to achieve on an ongoing basis. Training professionals may think this sounds too familiar – they often juggle tasks such as conducting Read More. Whether it’s the phone, an incoming email, or a long to-do list – there’s distractions abound! All Training Tips

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Productivity

Learning Rebels

Time for a productivity smack down! Well, not exactly Christmas in the traditional “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” Christmas, but that other Christmas…Productivity Christmas! Probably not the most productive use of my day, especially considering I’m in the middle of trying to finish a book (sorry Justin, if you’re reading this…), that I have workshops to write, blogs to post and I’m behind in my newsletter. How is this productive?

Training Video Production, Humanized


However, over the years I’ve observed how corporate training video production intimidates most people in the market for it. They have justifiable concerns about production costs, timelines, actors, branding, and quality. In an effort to make the production process a little more human-friendly, we created the Training Video Production, Humanized guide. Training Video Production: Things to Know Up Front. What to Expect During Pre-Production.

Linkedin Learning Product Review

eLearning 24-7

Administration back-end – Navigation is good, some of the features such as Best Practices from LinkedIn Learning is illogical (especially since in my test, because only one best practice had anything of use for the administrator (from the product or value add standpoint). Once you enter the catalog there is a lot to like, but and again it sounds like a broken record, because it is, things that are bewildering. . LinkedIn Learning to me is a digital learning platform.

"Listen, Observe" - the sound of chances squandered

Learning Rocks

I don't mean to suggest that vocational education is only for those failed by school - that would be a silly thing to say and completely untrue as members of my own family would attest - but I didn't want to ruin that pithy final sound bite by hedging my statement or garnishing it with hard-to-pronounce typographical symbols

Sound 51

A guide on SaaS product knowledge training


Here’s a scenario we’ve seen regularly: a SaaS company launches a new product feature. Because the company did not prime their team by delivering product knowledge training before launching the update. Why product knowledge training is important.

To Enhance Sales Performance, Support ?Cool Tools? with a Sound Strategy


They deploy some cool sales learning tools to train the sales force, hoping their productivity will eventually increase. Without a sound strategy to support traditional and digital learning programs – one designed to move the needle on the metrics that matter most – your training solutions will be (at best) loosely tied to productivity outcomes. The post To Enhance Sales Performance, Support ‘Cool Tools’ with a Sound Strategy appeared first on Allego.

Sound 61

How to train productivity at work: Top experts reveal their employee productivity formula


We asked 37 productivity experts a simple question: can employee productivity be trained? But how exactly do you train people on productivity? However, the concept of productivity training is not new. But training on productivity, according to experts, can change that.

The One Sound Bad Leaders Don’t Mind Hearing (But Great Leaders Hate)


You may think the sound of silence means heads are down and work is getting done, but it’s time to reconsider. Sure, at times, when you’re trying to concentrate, these sounds can be distracting– but they are part of a team’s journey towards success. Bottom line: silence is a dangerous sound for leaders. ” It’s impossible to work together without sound. Your products or services are just okay.

Sound 34

Sound Effects in E-learning: Top 8 Sample Music Sites

CommLab India

Many instructional designers add music and/or other sound effects to make their e-learning courses more interesting for learners. So, why don’t we provide background music and/or other sound effects in our e-learning courses ? It is also important to remember, we should add music and/or sound effects only when they enhance the learning experience. PacDV : PacDV offers free music and sound effects to use in your videos, films, audio, and multimedia projects.

Sound 56

How chatbots can revolutionize your workplace and boost your productivity

Your Training Edge

Sounds pretty good, right? Chatbots seem a bit gimmicky. I mean, sure they talk to people and engage with them, but often they don’t seem to be all that good at interpreting what we’re asking. So are they actually useful? That’s a question a lot of companies are asking. The answer, as far as most companies are concerned, seems to be an unqualified ‘yes’. Eighty percent if businesses, according to a business insider article , want to have chatbots by 2020. But why? That’s the big question.

Want to Increase Manufacturing Productivity? Start Your Manufacturing Training Program Like This


1 Because of the shortage, manufacturing companies need practical tips on how to get more done with fewer workers - they need to increase productivity while keeping the skilled staff they have happy. That may sound like a tall order, but it’s possible, especially if you start when workers first enter your company. In the U.S., manufacturers are short 450,000 employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline: Production Times

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The production times mentioned above do not include the following: Writing an eLearning script. I mention below that you can save production time in your eLearning tool by creating as much of the course assets as possible outside of the eLearning tool. The production clock begins ticking after you create a blank project, open a project containing previously recorded content, or import external content such as a PowerPoint presentation.

Free Webinar: Designing Instructionally Sound and Engaging mLearning

Take an e-Learning Break

In this free one-hour webinar, Curtis Burchett will discuss instructional design changes in the new mobile learning area, explain the challenges instructional designers face, and provide a methodology for instructional designers to organize and create successful mLearning products. By the end of the session, you should be able to successfully design instructionally sound and engaging mLearning projects.

Sound 50

How to Sell User Customized Product Bundles in WooCommerce

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

User Customized Product Bundle. Products which cost less, than the price taken to ship them, are usually not sold individually. When selling such products, sales will depend on the variety you are willing to offer. We’ve Built a WooCommerce Extension for Assorted Products.

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

Bonus Tip: Get some friends who work in the movies because a film crew can tell you the best place to get the best solution and price on a product for anything you can possibly imagine. We watch what we want, when we want, on whatever size screen we want, with the highest quality of sound we want. Production Value. Sound Quality. The first trick to raising production values won’t cost you much at all. Hollywood Rule: Sound is more important than visuals.

Teach 127

12 Tips to Enhance Video Production Quality

KZO Innovations

Here are 12 tips to instantly improve the video production quality so they stay. . Pre-Production: 1. Be original. Organization is key during the pre-production phase. Dialogue should never sound forced. Production: 5. Be aware of sound quality. Poor sound recording quality can make you come across as amateur. Make sure your sound quality is high so that viewers won’t second-guess your professionalism. Post-Production: 10.

Learn eLearning Audio Production from an Expert

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Like most things technical, once you know the little tricks and gain a better understanding of the technology it becomes an easy leap from amateur audio to "wow, that's sounds great" audio. This year we are very happy to have Chris Hansen leading Audio File Production and Management for Learning as part of the eLearning Guild Academy. Are you an eLearning developer struggling with audio? Okay maybe you're not struggling. You're getting stuff done, but you wish your audio was better.

4 Proven Steps To Make High-Quality Product Demo Videos

TechSmith Camtasia

A product demonstration video illustrates how your product works by showing it in action. Demo videos are a compelling way to communicate your product’s value to prospective customers. Product demos are one of the four most common types of video , so knowing how to create this type of instructional video is a relevant skill to learn. Here’s how you can create a product demo video in four easy steps. Show how the product works.

Product Review Raptivity

eLearning 24-7

Product: Raptivity. Don’t get me wrong, this is a product that offers some really great features, but it constant pitching within the product to upsell, becomes irritating, so much so, I can easily see someone blasting the product into recycle bin space. Raptivity calls their product an interaction tool with templates, games, simulations, etc. Before you use the product, you must have Flash 8.0 Raptivity is an interaction tool.

How to Accelerate Sales Productivity for Financial Services


Choosing the right tools is one way to boost productivity, cut expenses, and recover costs in the short- and long-term. This type requires deliberate decision-making that potentially impacts organizational growth and productivity. Productivity Gains. Today’s post is by Joseph D.

Maximizing Productivity Through Music


Just what you need. . As more and more research is developed, music in the workplace is being changed from a way to tune out to a way to tune in. . Music can be linked to increases in productivity through changes in mood. “In In instances where writing or remembering new information is necessary, music can actually hinder productivity. . In terms of what kind of music works best for multitasking, lyric-heavy songs are a no go.

Music 40

Product Review: Articulate Storyline

eLearning 24-7

Layers and Conditions – if you have experience with Photoshop or similar products that use layers, then your learning curve is less. If you like interactions, features and lots of capabilities – you will love this product. Main reason IMO, that the product is desktop. I just spent some serious cash for your product, why force me to waste time to register? This is the meat and potatoes of the product.

How to Drive Revenue from Your eCommerce Product Videos

3Play Media

Today’s consumers seek a retail experience that offers the best of both the on- and offline shopping worlds—combining personalization with competitive prices, choice with detail, and product tangibility with convenience. After all, video empowers brands to show their products in action —and gets viewers closer to an in-person shopping experience at home. Ask yourself the following types of questions: What do your customers want to know about your products?