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I really like Articulate Quizmaker '09 software. However, I'm using it with my latest project and I am reminded again how easy it is to create slick looking quizzes using Quizmaker. Out of the box, Quizmaker was not exiting well when the user clicks the "Finish" button at the end of the quiz. Quizmaker is not alone, I've had this issue with other content I've used in Saba. To fix this problem, I had to edit how Quizmaker closes.

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iSpring Announces “Free QuizMaker” by News Editor

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The company now offers a free version of its iSpring QuizMaker 6.0 program, with the same quality and usability as the professional version. (Press Release) From the standpoint of engineering and functionality, iSpring’s authoring tools stand alone at the top of their categories.

The Best Feature in Articulate Studio 13


Links to both Articulate Quizmaker and Engage still exist on the dashboard, and it is still required to launch the two applications independently – a bit annoying and often the source of my headaches in the past as it was prone to crashing. Compliments of

Which e-Learning Authoring Tool is Best for You? Here Are Some Great Options


Articulate also includes Quizmaker 360, which allows you to create assessments from one of 26 different quiz options, as well as Replay 360, for recording webinars and screencasts. The installation will yield a new tab on the toolbar and includes the iSpring QuizMaker. With the QuizMaker, you can create assessments from 23 types of questions. Options are great. Too many options, however, can be just as bad.

Flash Quiz Tools

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But, I could quickly link to the sites to find out more and finally recommended that they should look at: Articulate Quizmaker allows you to easily create Flash-based quizzes, surveys, and assessments. And, Quizmaker allows you to track your results with your standards based Learning Management System as Quizmaker output is SCORM and AICC compliant. StudyMate provides an authoring environment that requires no experience with Flash programming, game design, or HTML.

A quest for an LMS alternative (that’s not a franken-solution)

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Less than 100 people per year will participate in the program. And we are talking one program for now. I think it’s a brilliant program and want to ensure that we are considering assessment and tracking as part of the design process, not as an afterthought. Surveys – I did see a nifty little screenr somewhere about linking an articulate quizmaker score to a free survey tool that I’m going to pursue, as I think it has some interesting merit.

4 Reasons Articulate Storyline is the Preferred Choice for Rapid E-Learning Outsourcing

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Build Multiple Interactivities Without Programming Skills. Your e-learning outsourcing partner can build interactivities using Articulate without any programming skills. For example, you can customize your assessments and final quiz with Articulate Quizmaker.

Customizing Training Modules Made Easy With Articulate Storyline – Part I

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They allow you to customize the training modules or add new functionalities without any programming knowledge. You don’t need an external application such as Quizmaker; Articulate Storyline has built-in assessment templates which can be customized according to your requirements.

WAR: Articulate Storyline Losing Battle to Adobe Captivate


It seems one thing is abundantly clear since Storyline has come onto the scene: the comparisons between the two programs is at an all time high. I remember one bug in particular with QuizMaker that the developers admit existed but said wouldn't be fixed until the next release.

Articulate, Moodle, and SCORM

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All it takes is one wrong setting for your scores to not be tracked and there are a lot of SCORM settings to choose from in both programs. Slide views - Best used for Presenter projects that don't include a quizmaker or Learning Objects quiz. Quiz score - Best used for Quizmaker and Presenter projects that include a Learning Objects quiz. You've got Moodle and Articulate now you want them to talk to each other using SCORM.


Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

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It doesn’t take advanced programming logic to make responsive materials with this tool. Articulate Studio 360: With the trio of Presenter 360, Engage 360, and Quizmaker 360… Articulate Studio 360 is a PowerPoint plug-in packing potent powerful publishing potential.

4 Fabulous Ways to Use Storyline for Employee Onboarding Training Development

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The on-boarding training program includes information about compliance and what employees are required to adhere to. Integrated with an LMS, the onboarding program can become a tool to evaluate new hires (through quizzes, tests), when assigning roles and responsibilities.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Awards program is the industry gold standard for excellence. The program is a User’s Choice Award whereby learning professionals vote with their ballot for best-in-class solutions. Eighty-five percent of professionals have personally recommended a learning solution to a colleague over the past 12 months and this awards program formalizes this personal recommendation process. Awards Programs. QuizMaker.

5 Tools to Help You “Gamify” Your eLearning Content

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Articulate Storyline, Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage are all valuable tools to “gamify” your online content. Develop any-screen mobile learning without programming using all-new responsive authoring. Gamification has become much more common in the last few years, in fact, it is now the norm – nearly all eLearning includes some sort of “gamified” content. Gamification in eLearning is the use of game theory and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.

Fantastic Five: Know Your E-learning Development Tools

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The intuitive quality of this interface helps create simple courses without any programming knowledge. iSpring Quizmaker: This feature helps create quizzes; you can create interactive quizzes and surveys in HTML5 and Flash with this tool. How do you develop an engaging online course?

Facebook for eLearning evaluations - testing

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I also wonder if tool makers like Articulate Quizmaker , QuestionMark and other testing creation tools are considering a Facebook app version. However, there is something very cool happening in the Facebook space and I'm not sure it takes that much programming muscle to make these apps happen.

Aligning eLearning Levels of Interactivity with Articulate 360

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Then using Articulate Quizmaker you can add any number of interactive knowledge checks like multiple choice or multiple response answers. This post is adapted from a webinar – register here to view the recording. They say for eLearning to be engaging, it needs to be interactive.

eLearning Cyclops: Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course - Part 1

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Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker, Microsoft Office 2010. How many "learners" will benefit from this program or project? I have also provided direct links to the learning programs social learning elements. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Privacy Policy. Sunday, November 13, 2011. Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course - Part 1.

A Mixed Bag

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I’ve recently been working on a couple of courses in Articulate, a rapid authoring tool in which you can build professional online instruction and interactions such as multi-response, in Engage, Presenter and Quizmaker. Building basic interactions in Articulate’s Engage and Quizmaker applications is really simple. Some say you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and I guess that’s the theme of today’s blog.

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

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iSpring Quizmaker. It is best used in partnership with the other programs in the Articulate software and only compatible with Windows devices. It is important for teachers to decide what they wish to get out of a particular program.

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Tom Kuhlmann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


A few years ago it made sense because most of the options required programming skills; thus having tools that took this away made development “rapid.” However, many of the tools, like Storyline, have become more sophisticated and replaced traditional programming. Another challenge is that many building courses today have limited technical and programming skills. Storyline and Quizmaker allow for the layering of content on top of video to create interactive elements.

Review of Snap! 1.1 Update

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Slide view and branching in Quizmaker. The gap between the two programs is a little bit smaller today. About three months ago, Trivantis released Snap! by Lectora – a PowerPoint authoring tool à la Articulate. Today they announced their 1.1 update. Normally I only comment on major releases, but this one has some important features. I’d put about half of them in the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses category, meaning the addition of basic features that Articulate already has.

Storyline and ZebraZapps: seriously powerful, seriously simple

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Storyline is a desktop authoring tool which Articulate would probably position alongside their current Studio suite of Presenter, QuizMaker and Engage, but for me this is definitely a replacement. You can incorporate as much interactive logic as you like without programming. Here at DevLearn 2011 in Las Vegas I've got authoring tools on my mind. Because I have been able to take a look at two new tools today, which I'm sure are going to have a major impact.

Articulate, Captivate and Lectora – Do they deserve your praise?

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Two components are the shining stars – Presenter and Quizmaker. Their video encode program is lackluster, you are better off using Audacity – which is free. Two weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to speak in OZ, specifically Melbourne, Australia. What I found was an extensive group of people hungry for anything e-learning. They were hungry to know more information. Hungry to learn as much as they could and hungry to see what was in the space.

Review of Snap! 1.1 Update

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Slide view and branching in Quizmaker. The gap between the two programs is a little bit smaller today. About three months ago, Trivantis released Snap! by Lectora – a PowerPoint authoring tool à la Articulate. Today they announced their 1.1 update. Normally I only comment on major releases, but this one has some important features. I’d put about half of them in the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses category, meaning the addition of basic features that Articulate already has.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Buy Articulate Studio 09

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I went into this just hoping to eliminate the steps I was taking to convert my power point into a Captivate file but got more than I was expecting with Quizmaker and Engage. I felt like I was taking extra steps by jumping between the different programs and thought I might be able to save time and possibly get better results using a tool that integrates with Power Point. I'm just finishing up my test drive of Articulate Studio 09 and I am sold on driving my own version off the lot.

50 Practical Tips & Tricks to Build Better E-Learning

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I have pre-built scenarios that I use for Quizmaker ‘09 and something similar for scenarios I build with PowerPoint. Years ago only the brainiacs had access to computers and they wowed us with their programming expertise.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days) - Kapp Notes , September 8, 2010 If you are thinking of creating an educational game but don’t want to invest a lot of money, you can try out these free software programs (or free for 30 days in some cases), some are 2D and some are 3D. Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010. As always, great stuff found in the eLearning world in September.

These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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I used Quizmaker to create an assessment process. I am inclined to recommend Quizmaker because it’s easy to use, integrates well with Presenter, and can also be a stand alone web assessment. Articulate 101: 3 Things You Need to Know About Quizmaker - Articulate - Word of Mouth Blog. This was very informative and i will apply these rules to my own program. The Rapid Elearning Blog. These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever. February 5th, 2008.

The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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I worked with Flash authoring, programming Actionscript in educational projects 4 years ago. I love Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage, and I consider this a great advance in authoring tools. In either case, you just need a white back drop to write on, then use a capture program to capture the screen. I use a tablePC and a capture program like Wink (free). Any capture program works. The Rapid Elearning Blog.