When I Develop Device-Agnostic Content, Should I Develop for The Lowest Form Factor?

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However, with the rapid commercialization of a stupendous variety of both economical and high-end devices like smartphones and tablets, it is simply not possible to program application content to suit the screen size, resolution and user experience every time a new handset or tablet is launched.

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Responsive Web Design: Creating Content for Better User Experience


According to the leading news and information resource site Mashable 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design (RWD). In simple terms, with RWD, the on-screen content automatically changes layout depending on the screen size and resolution it is being displayed on. RWD and e-Learning.

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Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


In the e-learning scenario, Big Data is the data produced by learners interacting with the learning content and collected through Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) and other media, including social networks via which the learners interact with our learning programs.

Hospitality Industry and E-Learning Technologies – Some Experiences and Insights


We illustrate with an example: We designed a learning program for tourist operators, spread across a geography and equip them to cater to inbound tourists. To increase accessibility and make the program platform-independent, we developed the courses with HTML5.

Go Mobile or Go Home

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You can also create mobile responsive content in programs that support HTML5, such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. According to Statista.com , “As of 2013, worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration was 73.4%.

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6 Steps to a Mobile Mindset: Mobile Learning Basics

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I coined the term Mobile Mindset to encompass a broader range of programming and design that’s accessible to all organizations—the ones trying to roll out mobile now and those who still have hurdles to overcome.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: eLearning Authoring Tools Review -- Help!

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I've added Xerte and RWD Info Pak. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Monday, September 21, 2009 eLearning Authoring Tools Review -- Help! I am working on a presentation in a few weeks about eLearning authoring tools. A high level overview for learning and development types who dont actually use the tools, but want to know whats out there, when you might use it, and some of the pros and cons.