Time to Migrate eLearning Courses from Flash to HTML5

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The answer is that your content will not go to waste and you don’t have to create new content from the scratch – you can convert your SWF files into HTML 5 files and make them usable for all platform types including PC, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Free Screen Capture Program. beyond Print Screen

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Just started using Jing , a free online screen capture program. This program hangs around as a "sun" image at the top of your screen. The resulting output is a SWF file which can be shared just like the screen capture.

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Adobe Presenter 9: Replacing the Default Playbar Logo with Your Own Logo

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First, create a SWF file of the logo you would like to use on the playbar in place of the Adobe logo. Give the new SWF the following name:  logo.swf. A typical path to that folder might be c:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Presenter 9.0Templates.

Adobe Builds Rome in a Day

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The cross-platform application is available both as an Adobe AIR desktop program and as a browser-based Web service. Project Rome offers output in formats such as PDF, SWF, JPG, PNG, SVG, or FXG or Web files for either an Adobe or third-party-hosted Website." Jackie Dove of Macworld.com introduces you to Project Rome , a new all-in-one content creation and publishing application targeted to consumers, small businesses, and educators.

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Keyboard keys like Tab, Page Up, Pause/Break, do not function when Posted to a web server,only when in Project test mode.

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I am able to program them just fine. I have published them in both swf and html. I am creating projects for testing users on a main frame product. I have no choice on the keyboard commands they have to use. It requires Tabs, Page Up, Page Down and Pause/Breaks. They work perfectly when I use Captivate 2017 and Preview them with the Project option. Does something need to be on the web server that I might be missing? Is there code that needs to be updated or fixed? Please help.

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New Tool: Create Awesome eLearning Interactions Online

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We’re excited to announce that you can now build amazing flash activities, quizzes, and games without using Flash or any programming. swf) and use it in your next course. The interactions are continuously being tested in different programs. swf) Download.

Flash in eLearning - Seven Traps to Avoid

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SWF) will play okay regardless of the frame rate. The de-compiler trap Reverse engineering experts can start with your.SWF file and get at the source code of the program you have painstakingly developed. The broken path trap Often your Flash program refers to external content files (such as a voice-over stored in a sound file, or an image stored in a bitmap file).

Games and Interactions for Articulate

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You don’t need to know flash or programming! swf). Are you an Articulate user? Are you looking for a way to easily create games and interactions to make your courses more engaging? You’re in luck…I’d like to introduce eLearningInteractions.com. This tool is browser-based and has tons of different template interactions and games to choose from. Now you can quickly create eLearning interactions and games for Articulate. Steps to create interactions: 1.

Captivate HTML5 – Audio Doesn’t Play in Moodle

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Last year, using the same programs (slightly older versions), and processes, I published these packages as swf files, and the audio played without any issues. I created a set of SCORM packages for online training purposes, using Captivate 2017. Each file is a series of slides, and each slide has a.wav file that I imported and dropped on the page. The.wav files were created using Audition 2109.

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eLearning: It's Time for Some Reflection

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Here are the steps I took to create an interactive a simulation of my iPad in Adobe Captivate: To begin, I downloaded and installed the  Reflector  program to my MacBook Pro. and then publish as SWF, HTML5, or both.

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9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning

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If there’s a beta program or new software application, I’m quick to sign up and play around with it. For rapid elearning converting to the SWF and FLV Flash formats are important and Format Factory supports this. SWF Player. SWF Player lets you view Flash SWF files.

Get rid of White start screen with Black button (HTML output)

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For SWF output you had the choice: it was possible to change the default setting which was to have a movie playing automatically after loading. Intro.


Content Authoring with Video Interactions

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Creating great courses with Elicitus requires no programming. Various types of video such as AVI, MPG and SWF are supported. Trainers have long known the importance of video in all types of training. Digital video has now become so commonplace that nearly everyone knows how to shoot video using a camera or a smart phone, upload it to Youtube and share it with others. It is high time these two trends converged. Content authoring needs to embrace digital video.

Creating Captivate Courses from Multiple Merged Microlearning Modules

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This only publishes in SWF format so it may not be the most useful in an age when HTML5 is quickly gaining popularity over Flash. C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeAdobe Multi SCO Packager 2017MultiSCOPackager.exe). E Pluribus Unum, the motto of the United States.

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Articulate Storyline: Adding Accessibility

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If you publish Flash content (SWF), the content can be made compliant. Screen readers are programs that use auditory feedback to read screen information to a learner.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #7

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“Microsoft Research released a community game cum programming environment for the Xbox 360 called Kodu. Unlike most other video games, Kodu would let players create their own video games for the Xbox without any prior knowledge of programming.

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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Should be able to import external Flash SWF as well as audio and video in variety of popular formats. One more feature which is not required in most cases but would be much of help to advanced authors – is some way to extend/customize tool functionality through programming.

Apple Vs Adobe: Impact On Mobile Learning Development

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Apple has revised the Developer Program License Agreement to ban the use of cross compiler tools like Unity3d, Appcelerator’s Titanium, Adobe’s Flash CS5 etc. The same Flash file published as SWF or AIR app would work with other mobile devices supporting Flash Player 10.1

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Estimating Time for Rebuilding an Existing Course Library with Captivate

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Recently I was asked to estimate how long it would take to re-build five e-Learning courses created with another software program in Captivate. Publish them in HTML5 rather than swf output.

iSpring: How Can I Add a Watermark to My Presentation?

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Learn more about the iSpring Suite program here. All the functions of the program appear on an additional tab within PowerPoint. iSpring enables you to use not only images as watermarks, but also SWF files. Try out the iSpring program and explore the possibilities!

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Things to Consider Before Investing in eLearning Development Tools

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These courses, can, therefore, help organizations save money, time and resources when training new recruits, improving compliance or implementing employee skill upgradation programs. First, what is the course customization that you require within the confines of your training program?

Easily Add Flash Interactions to eLearning

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You don’t need to know how to program in Flash, and you don’t even need to own Flash software. SWF) to insert into your elearning. Don’t worry: no Flash is required.

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Small Microsoft PowerPoint & Adobe Flash Objects in Captivate 4 after Flash Player 10.1 Installation

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you may notice that imported Powerpoint images and SWF animations appear smaller in the Edit area and Storyboard. using "Start: Control Panel: Add or Remove Programs," restart your computer and then install the previous version of Flash Player - Open Add/Remove Programs dialog. After upgrading to Flash Player 10.1, The issue does not affect published content.

The Demise of the Flash Player – What Do I Do Now?

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If your course was built in the Flash program, you may have to consider re-building your course with one of the authoring tools mentioned above. swf,htm). On July 25, 2017, Adobe made the following announcement : Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash.

Camtasia Studio vs Adobe Presenter: Working with PowerPoint Presentations

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Once you're finished, you'll use the Presentation group on the Adobe Presenter group to Publish the Presentation as either a SWF or PDF. We've teamed up with  ASTD  and offer a  live, full-day class  on that program too.

Adobe Captivate – The Ideal Systems Training Development Tool

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You can publish the simulation to the SWF and HTML formats, together or individually. Related Posts 3 Adobe Captivate E-learning Examples What Kind of Training Programs Goes Well with Adobe Captivate 7? Each subject is learned in a unique way.

10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


jpg, gif,swf) take more time to recreate than editable source files (.psd,eps,fla). Corporation save 50-70% in costs when they replace instructor-based training with elearning programs.

Adobe Captivate 8 Tutorials

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Develop any-screen responsive mobile learning without programming. Rapidly author a wide range of mobile-first, responsive eLearning content without programming using an all-new, intuitive UI. Learn about the common JavaScript platform for SWF and HTML5 in Adobe Captivate 8.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Software Simulations Using Adobe Captivate

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You can publish your software simulation to a swf. Get Creative – Customize Simulations in Adobe Captivate 9 What Kind of Training Programs Goes Well with Adobe Captivate 7?

Captivate Widgets Tutorial: Create your first Widget

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Now let’s look at the programming part. wm = 'Stage'; if (wm =='Stage') //Stage is the when the widget swf is on the slide. {. Greetings, widget enthusiasts!! In this post I am going to help you create your first Captivate Widget in just a few steps.

Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity

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They let you use keyboard key combinations instead of a mouse or program menu. Preview the project in a web browser (SWF). Show/hide the SWF-Commenting pane. Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker way to navigate and use Adobe Captivate. The common shortcut keys are listed in the table. It’s amazing just how much time you can save when you know the shortcut keys to use when using Captivate. Here is a full list of all the shortcut keys available for Captivate.

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Coming Soon: ZebraZapps

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There’s no programming language. As of this writing, Zebra only outputs to SWF. I’m a big proponent of HTML5’s suitability for elearning, and one of Artisan’s special areas of focus is on creating usable 508-compliant courses, so we are definitely hoping for an update that addresses the SWF-only output soon. Today we’re excited to share impressions on another new authoring tool: Allen Interactions’ ZebraZapps, which launches at ASTD ICE in about a week.

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App Inventor - (mLearning) App Inventor for Android allows people with minimal programming experience to create simple, personal apps for Android devices.

Review of Snap! 1.1 Update

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Have more than one swf per slide. The gap between the two programs is a little bit smaller today. About three months ago, Trivantis released Snap! by Lectora – a PowerPoint authoring tool à la Articulate. Today they announced their 1.1 update. Normally I only comment on major releases, but this one has some important features. I’d put about half of them in the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses category, meaning the addition of basic features that Articulate already has.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Preview Flash content on your computer: SWF Player and FLV Player [ original post ]. AlacrityPC : shut down unnecessary services and programs before you run a resource intensive application like multimedia authoring applications.