An Instructional Design Toolkit

Torrance Learning

We’re sharing some of our favorite instructional design techniques here in this toolkit to support new instructional designers or “old” ones who want to sharpen their saw (pun completely intended). Why a toolkit? Evaluate program & learner success.

Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past.

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Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations


Luckily, your own content isn’t the only option when it comes to assembling learning programs – content integrations will be your saving grace.

Build An Air-tight Business Case For A Learning Platform


To carry out your tasks efficiently and align learning to wider business objectives, you understand how learning technology increases productivity and makes your learners’ experience with your L&D programs better. Get Started with The Learning Platform Toolkit. DOWNLOAD THE TOOLKIT.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

how often they add new assets to your toolkit, and ask. Where learning and development programs used to be seen as. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs. Authoring tools have the potential to help transform learning programs and. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool


It truly does not count if you are a professional or a beginner; thanks to Raptivity, you don’t require any programming or technical skills to wow your learners. Education Software eLearning eLearning Course Creation Toolkit eLearning Software eLearning tools Interaction Templates raptivity

Podcast Episode 7: Modern Certification Programs – With Arleen Thomas

Talented Learning

EPISODE 7 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: What can associations do to modernize certification programs for young professionals? AICPA is the world’s most comprehensive source of learning and development programs, resources and networking opportunities for accounting and finance professionals.

Toolkit: Train by Cell by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

development of learning fit for cell phone screens without requiring programming skills. There’s a new crop of eLearning tools specifically designed for delivering learning through a cell phone. Smartphones are not practical vehicles for desktop-style eLearning, but they are great support for. many learners-on-the-go. Here is the first of several reviews of new tools that are optimized for. Design & Development Tools Mobile Learning Training Strategies

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Beginning Instructional Designers Toolkit

Learning Visions

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 Beginning Instructional Designers Toolkit I want to incorporate a reading list for the next level of the 30-minute masters (taking a crash course in Instructional Design). Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. This would be for those who want to take their own learning to the next level. A list of important books, key terminology, basic theory.

10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool


It truly does not count if you are a professional or a beginner; thanks to Raptivity, you don’t require any programming or technical skills to wow your learners. NO programming skills required at all!

The Rise of Training Podcasts in a Blended Learning Program


Training podcasts can be leveraged as part of a larger blended learning program to increase retention and reflection. Once the podcast is over, an eLearning course can prompt learns to reflect on the discussions they’ve heard and continue to grow their personal leadership toolkit.

ICRC’s onboarding program: designed to prepare their staff for the field

Learning Wire

Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding & get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? It is also important that their Onboarding Program reflect the unique realities of the ICRC “workplace”. Digital toolkit.

6 Simple Tips for Stellar Virtual Classroom Facilitation

InSync Training

As more corporate L&D programs move online, a tried-and-true facilitation process can set you up for success (in fact, we offer a comprehensive train-the-trainer program to help practitioners create a comprehensive toolkit).

A Toolkit to Develop E-Learning in an Open (XML) Environment

The E-Learning Curve

Returning from content development theory , the gratis/libre debate, and the pros and cons of each approach, this post will focus on the range of tools that you need to develop e-learning content in a (relatively) open environment.

11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

If you are thinking of creating an educational game but don't want to invest a lot of money, you can try out these free software programs (or free for 30 days in some cases), some are 2D and some are 3D. The programming language is concise and the tools are easy to master.

[Free Webinar] Designing High-Impact Blended Training Programs: A Step-By-Step Guide – 22nd of March, 2018

Adobe Captivate

Join us for Designing High-Impact Blended Training Programs: A Step-By-Step Guide, a free webinar sponsored by eLearning Industry with EI Design’s Chief Learning Strategist – Asha Pandey. REGISTER -[Free Webinar] Designing High-Impact Blended Training Programs-A Step-by-Step Guide.

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Tips And Best Practices To Create Highly Effective Blended Training Program Design

Adobe Captivate

In this article, I share tips and best practices that you can use to create highly effective blended training programs. I share a Step-by-Step Toolkit that is particularly useful when you are looking at first-time conversion of an ILT program to a blended approach.



It is a practical guide to all the key topics in e-learning, and serves as your toolkit for putting e-learning into practice in your organisations. Programs & Initiatives.

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The Changing Face of Corporate L&D


It is a practical guide to all the key topics in e-learning, and serves as your toolkit for putting e-learning into practice in your organisations. . Programs & Initiatives. THE QUOTE: “ Learning & Development needs a makeover…It’s time for a change.” – Clark Quinn.

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5 Steps to Using Learning Environment Modeling Language

InSync Training

All instructional designers have a toolkit: a set of processes, applications, and approaches they use to create modern learning programs. While toolkits may vary, many instructional designers face a common obstacle: communication. More often than not, designers spend a majority of their time in meetings, talking about the nitty gritty details and the high-level overview of programs.

Plan for 2015 with the eLearning Success Toolkit


Evaluating, implementing and managing an elearning program is a big task. As a result, you and your learning department may have put off implementing such a program simply because you aren’t sure where to start. Game Plan: 10 Steps To A Winning eLearning Program .

Open Source E-Learning Development 3: Open

The E-Learning Curve

However, we can say that the substantial majority of knowledge workers are competent in office productivity programs including word processors, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, such as those included in the Microsoft Office suite.

Skills Series: A Beginner's Guide to Python

General Assembly

Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to Python Find out how the popular programming language is shaping the world around us?—?and A lot of companies, including Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), use Python to help program those awesome special effects.

Apprenticeship Resources

CLO Magazine

A Quick-Start Toolkit: Building Registered Apprenticeship Programs”. This toolkit provides steps and resources to start and register an apprenticeship program, from exploring the apprenticeship model as a workforce strategy to launching a new program.

Do You Need a Content Authoring Tool for LearnDash?


CMSs are programs that help users write, upload, and arrange content for the web without having to do any coding themselves. Content Authoring Tools are expensive, with many of the top-line programs running at least $1000/yr.

LearnDash Add-On Black Friday Deals


Includes support for Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, and other popular programs. LearnDash Toolkit PRO. Pro version of the popular Toolkit Add-on with 12 extra features to enhance your course experience.

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What I’ve Learned Developing Mobile Content Using Authoring Tools Designed for ISDs

Innovative Learning Group

I just wrapped up a free ILG webinar on optimizing your e-learning software toolkit, which you’ll be able to view next week on ILG’s YouTube channel. Some projects I’ve worked on required tools meant for programmers, like Flash and hand-coded HTML5 , but I’ve completed other projects using only tools that didn’t require programming skills.

Get Your Digital Learning Act Together - Blending Virtual and eLearning for Best Results


To help clarify where to start with a training transition, Charlie and Jennifer focused on answering common questions like: How do I design blended learning programs? In the workplace, employees should not invest time in a training event or blended program that provides false confidence.

How a Postmates Courier is Leveraging Online Learning During the Pandemic


Postmates partnered with edX For Business to offer learning opportunities as part of their Flexible Toolkit , an always available one-stop shop that aggregates services and resources for couriers. Interest in this program has been especially high during the pandemic.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 23, 2020

Mike Taylor

Last week’s most clicked item: Radically Remote Facilitation Toolkit. 21 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE DESIGNING ANY TRAINING PROGRAM. These questions can help you identify the source of a performance problem and avoid building a training program that is doomed to fail from the beginning.

Change Management Training for Employees – Embracing the Change


McKinsey estimates that “ 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.” The good news is there’s a way to reduce the likelihood of your change program failing.

11 Popular (Free) Plugins Used with LearnDash


A true all-in-one option doesn’t exist (nor should it) because not everyone’s learning program has the same requirements. Now over the years we have seen a lot of LearnDash powered learning programs. LearnDash Toolkit – A popular choice for many who are looking to add some extra functionality to their LearnDash courses. Every single WordPress site out there uses plugins, and usually more than one.

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All About eLearning Authoring Tools

The eLearning Coach

He is also adept at explaining and reviewing eLearning development tools and has a regular column (Toolkit) in Learning Solutions Magazine. […] Post from: The eLearning Coach All About eLearning Authoring Tools.

15 Top eLearning Guides from 2017


Whitepapers, toolkits, cheat sheets. The eLearning Beginner to Pro Toolkit. Free to download, this toolkit contains everything you need to know to take your eLearning to the next level. ADDIE: 5 Steps To Build Effective Training Programs.

How to Support Culture and People during Learning Transformation


We also created employee toolkits to help apply the new vision. What was the purpose of the employee toolkit? In the sixth part of our case study blog series , Alfonso Riley, learning technology consultant at Caterpillar Inc.,

Create a Course Outline in Just 3 Easy Steps


When it comes to creating your course, these action steps will form the individual lessons of your program. And once you’ve created effective building blocks for your learners, you’ve given them the toolkit they need to tailor your course to their needs.

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Avoiding Risks of Low Cost LMS Systems for Healthcare CE


Also, a cheap LMS rarely provides relief from mounting administrative tasks as a program grows. Enterprise-grade features help your organization save money long-term by preventing the loss of productivity and reduced course completion rates that cut into program profits.