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How ERPs Are Compromising Learning Innovation

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One of the trends we’ve seen lately in the digital learning world is the increasing prevalence of LMS providers merging with large software providers, generally Accounts or HR software to create ERP solutions for business that include a learning delivery component.

Creating Real Engagement in eLearning

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It’s about provoking thinking, providing a challenge or challenges. In the eLearning space, a phrase that I see used a lot – to the point of overuse – by designers and developers is their ability to ‘create engaging eLearning experiences’. But what does that really mean?

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Manage Cognitive Load in Digital Learning

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Cognitive Load Theory – The study of the human memory system and its components has provided extensive evidence about how humans process and store new and existing pieces of information.

Anything is Possible with Articulate Storyline

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The design for each module was provided to […]. B Online Learning was recently engaged by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS) to assist in building four modules as part of the online component of the Early Literacy Project.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

but might be a little vague in providing concrete actions, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Providing OTS courseware in these situations has several advantages. OTS curriculum, it’s fairly easy to provide training to individuals or groups whenever you. Seven Simple Secrets to.

3 Tips To Meet Modern Learners Digital Expectations

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The modern learner expects to be provided the information to know exactly how to do something. When appropriate, ask the learner a question before providing the relevant background information. Did you know that people unlock their phones up to 9 times every hour?

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eLearning Blunders

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The purpose of the challenge was to highlight blunders found in eLearning courses and Articulate Community members provided many great examples of what […]. Blunder: a stupid or careless mistake. Alternative words: mistake, error, gaffe, fault, slip, oversight, inaccuracy, botch. This post was inspired by David Anderson’s eLearning challenge #32: Death, Taxes and E-Learning Mistakes.

SA Water & B Online Learning Win LearnX Platinum for eLearning Adoption

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In this post find out the challenges faced by SA Water learning and development and how B Online Learning provided a solution using LearnFlex LMS and developing content with Articulate Storyline that led to a 2016 LearnX Platinum Award for Best eLearning Adoption.

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eLearning Development: Articulate Versus Code

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Provides an excellent library of resources and templates that can be used as is or modified. In the eLearning world, it’s no secret that there’s a divide between people who build courses from scratch using HTML and JavaScript and people who use an authoring tool for the whole course creation.

How do you build eLearning?

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Do you just open up Articulate Storyline , have a look at the content that your SME has provided and then just start building it? Finally, we get real life users in to test it and provide feedback on any areas that might be causing issues: spelling, functionality, instructions, navigation.

Tips for Effective Questions in eLearning

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Provide learners with constructive feedback when they get the wrong answers. You can also provide hints and direct them to further support as required. We’ve all participated in eLearning modules that have had a quiz as part of their end of section assessment.

Buy the Course Keep the Source

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One our most recent ah ha moments, in partnership with one of our Certified Articulate Training partners, Yukon Learning is the introduction of a completely new way to provide “off the shelf” or “pre built” eLearning courses.

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Quality Indicator Reporting for ASQA Made Easy

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The Data Provision Requirements 2012 requires all Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) registered with ASQA to provide an annual summary report of their performance against the learner engagement, employer satisfaction and competency completion quality indicators to ASQA.

Facilitating Memory Retention in Digital Learning

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In your eLearning design, you can provide learners with a choice to recap something they learned earlier, or to move on. Of course, learners can go back to a previous screen themselves if they need to, but there is no harm in providing them with a prompt like the example provided.

A Little More Conversation – Building a Dynamic Social Learning Space

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I discuss how to create memorable conversations in your learning space and also provide some tips for e-gardening. If you missed my presentation at LearnX this year don’t worry. I have built my presentation using Articulate Replay. Articulate eLearning Design eLearning Development Facilitating eLearning Informal Learning Mobile Learning Social Media

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Be a Better eLearning Designer

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Provide clear instructions where necessary – on screen or in audio. I could probably write a book, not an article, on the things that designers and developers should do naturally when building eLearning, especially using Articulate Storyline.

Using an LMS to Support Blended Learning

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This is an important yet seemingly obvious point to make, automation in the delivery of training is not compulsory however it does provide a number of advantages: If configured correctly it is effectively infallible.

Achieve Better Outcomes with Experiential Scenarios

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When writing your choices, try not to make the best practice and least ideal choice too obviously correct or incorrect, as you want to provide the learner with a degree of challenge. Wan t to achieve better business and learner outcomes?

Buy the Course Get the Source

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One our most recent ah ha moments, in partnership with one of our Certified Articulate Training partners, Yukon Learning is the introduction of a completely new way to provide “off the shelf” or “pre built” eLearning courses.


eLearning Software for Blended Learning

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As the Exclusive Certified Articulate Training provider in Australia and New Zealand, also through our LinkedIn Alumni group, our eLearning professional development , our schedule of free webinars and through our supportive and collaborative client relationship model.

Anything is Possible with Articulate Storyline

B Online Learning

The design for each module was provided to […]. B Online Learning was recently engaged by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS) to assist in building four modules as part of the online component of the Early Literacy Project. This project aims to promote the explicit teaching of early literacy skills in independent schools.

Making Your LMS Earn Its Keep

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The need to provide training to external contractors for compliance requirements. Clients that you provide training to as a ‘value [.]. Share. Tweet. Pin It. Does your organisation have any or all of the following characteristics? Distinct learning groups such as different divisions within an organisation which have their own unique identity and very distinct learning activities and business rules.

The 5 key steps to building an eLearning program: Step 2 – Design

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In my previous two blogs I have provided you extracts from a brand new whitepaper from B Online Learning: A map for implementing or reinventing eLearning successfully, the first week we gave an overview of the key 5 steps and then last week we took a look at the first step: Building your strategy. Share. Tweet. Pin It.

Top 3 Reasons for Replacing eLearning Providers

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eLearning eLearning Outsourcing eLearning Providers Replacing eLearning ProvidersThe latest Brandon Hall Report is a revelation for all who are interested in the eLearning outsourcing landscape. It breaks some myths that had so far clouded the path towards outsourcing, one of the popular one was that cost drives eLearning outsourcing. On the contrary the study found that quality, innovation, trust etc. play the […].

How Are You Providing Performance Feedback in Your eLearning?

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You, your organization, and your learners don’t want to spend time—or money—on training that doesn’t provide a solid return. That same model can also serve as a framework for when to provide feedback to your learners.

Games Can Provide Authentic Experiences

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To provide effective instruction, it needs to be as authentic to the actual experience as possible. Gamification of context provides two key advantages. So, providing a game for learning creates an authentic environment other than a classroom or a slideshow and highlights how certain variables or actions taken in situation play out over time. The context of an online course or the context of a classroom is not authentic.

5 Ways a Strong Learning Culture Provides ROI

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The post 5 Ways a Strong Learning Culture Provides ROI appeared first on. For many companies, investing in training and training resources tends toward two extremes. On one extreme, companies lean towards mediocrity: just enough training to say it got done, with as little money spent as possible. On the other, companies will “chase the shiny,” grabbing every new technology and teaching method that comes down the pike. [.].

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Ultimate List of Online Course Providers


The infographic below, created by Springest , provides a pretty comprehensive list of all the resources you have at your disposal for finding information on the topic of your choice. Chances are that at some point you have considered taking an online course (or perhaps you already have).

LMS Software Provides Top-Notch Learning Experiences


It gives them round-the-clock access to training materials, enables them to interact with work-related resources via any mobile device, treats them to a learning experience that’s personalized to their individual learning styles, and provides fun methods for learning dry information.

Experience (Tin Can) API: What to Expect from Your LMS Provider

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Sure, one potential advantage would be allowing you to record the completion of a mobile app or game created by a custom provider like us. Talk to LMS provider. Tin Can. Experience. TIN CAN! Experience! We’re all hearing about it… but what is it?

Hot List of LMS Providers

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Tags: learning technology , LMS The post Hot List of LMS Providers appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

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Well, we’ve seized an opportunity to work with Instructure and their Bridge learning management system (LMS) to provide just that! This course provides tools, techniques, and tips to be more emotionally intelligent!

Creating Effective Training Design To Provide Impactful Learning Experience


Manager’s involvement is key: It is they who are in the best position to set expectations, provide support, review progress, coach where required, and also arrange for on-the-job practice of concepts and skills.

Robert Gagne’s Nine Steps of Instruction: Do’s and Don’ts in E-Learning

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STEP 2: PROVIDE A LEARNING OBJECTIVE. STEP 5: PROVIDE GUIDANCE FOR LEARNING. STEP 7: PROVIDE FEEDBACK. Inform employees about similar problem situations, provide additional practice and review the lesson.