Create software simulations

Adobe Captivate

Create software simulations projects. Captivate allows you to simultaneously create software simulations in all the three available modes: Demo : Demostrate a software procedure. Training : Guide a user through a software procedure. Let’s create a short software simulation of the steps required to create a new PowerPoint presentation. We will simultaneously create the simulations in the three available modes. Assets and samples.

Rapid eLearning Through Software Simulations And Screencasts

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Previously when I discussed freeform and template-based rapid content authoring tools, I kept software simulation tools aside. The main reason was that such simulation tools are not always used for developing just any type of learning but focused on training content creation for a specific software application or system. The software simulation in turn, can be divided into screen capturing tools and interactive simulation development tools.

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How to Record Software Simulation in Adobe Captivate 9

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If you belong to an organization that is involved in developing software, you know how tough it is to create training that will teach your employees how to use software the optimal way. E-learning provides the ideal solution to this issue through “ Watch-Try-Do ” simulations.

Making a Game Out of Software Simulations

Integrated Learnings

I recently worked on a lengthy course that included a lot of software training. The intent of the training was not only to introduce learners to the software, but also to build fluency with several key tasks. So, one of the challenges with designing the training was figuring out how to provide the repetition needed to build fluency, without it feeling repeatedly boring for the learners. To make it fun, we combined a handful of simulations into a web-based game.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Software Simulations Using Adobe Captivate

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Are you finding it difficult to develop applications that teach the use of software effectively and in a timely manner? Or are you trying to develop your own software training? Then, you can develop software simulations that engage your learners with Adobe Captivate easily.

3 Software Simulation-development Capabilities of Storyline 360 [Infographic]

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Articulate 360, the new software suite from the developers of Storyline, is creating ripples in the world of online training. Storyline 360 has an intuitive user-interface, provides access to a wide range of assets, and makes developing simulations and assessments efficient.

Sales Training Best Practices: Providing a 360 Degree View of Your Customer

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Well, you need to focus adequately on one of the vital elements of product sales training – providing complete information about the prospective customer. Provide insights into the customers’ business partners. Providing reps a 360 o view of the customer helps boost sales revenues.

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eLEARNING DEVELOPMENT: How Much Time Does It Take to Create eLearning?

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The answer I provide is dependent upon a couple of factors.   If you’re creating a software simulation, you’ll need a step-by-step recording script.   Once you're written the software simulation script, you'll likely need to run through it multiple times to ensure it's accurate.   Recording the Software Simulation or Video Demo. If you use Camtasia, I suggest creating software demonstrations instead of simulations.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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Creating top-notch software simulations/tutorials has always been its biggest strength. Best-in-class screen capture capabilities for software simulations. Like I mentioned earlier, Adobe Captivate is the ideal choice for creating software simulations.

Simple Screencast Production Tips for Better E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

This makes sense since a large part of e-learning is predicated on learning new software. You don’t need to explain everything in the software or everything you can do with it. What are people supposed to do with the software? Why Use Storyline for Software Simulations?

Adobe Captivate 6: The Theme for Today is Consistency!

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by Kevin Siegel    If you are creating a soft skills eLearning lesson (a lesson teaching a life skill such as conflict resolution instead of a software simulation), the appearance of each individual slide is critical. You can use, edit and save the provided Themes.

ICS Learning Group Wins Two 2012 Omni Intermedia Awards

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ICS Learning Group, a leading provider of eLearning solutions, has been awarded both silver and bronze 2012 Omni Intermedia Awards for exceptional graphics and educational content. Omni Awards. ICS Learning Group Wins Two 2012 Omni Intermedia Awards. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JULY, 2012.

Adobe Captivate – The Ideal Systems Training Development Tool

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Similarly, executing tasks on a software application is learned well by observing the procedures and trying them again and again. Doing this on a live software application might lead to undesired consequences. For such a scenario, software training simulations can be a solution.

Get The Most Out Of SAP


We speak from experience when we say that leveraging the right development tool will provide an instant ROI, a better experience for the learners, greatly improved adoption metrics, and easier updates that will help you keep your training materials current. Software Simulation – Interactive Demos, Practice, and Test Modes. Leverage SAP Enable Now As Your End User Adoption Development Tool.

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Immersing Learners in Engaging eLearning Assessments

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When effective, authentic assessments not only provide significant prompts to engage learners in the experience, they also help to equip learners with the skills they need to transfer their knowledge to the workplace or community where it is most applicable.

Creating repositionable custom nav buttons?

Adobe Captivate

I’m working on a software simulation project in Captivate 2019 (latest release) and I have a floating menu that sits on top of the sim to provide instructions as well as forward/back/exit buttons. My challenge is that I have a sim where there’s no good place for the group of objects to sit for the whole simulation. Hi all!

eLearning Development: Articulate Versus Code

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Provides an excellent library of resources and templates that can be used as is or modified. Easily include media and simulations. Create screencasts and software simulations.

Adobe Captivate 5/5.5: Template-Like Settings Without the Template

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As a group, the class opens an existing project template, edits the template, uses the template to record a software simulation and then creates a project template from scratch.

E-learning in the Telecommunications Industry


We learn best by doing, and eLearning can provide ample opportunities to practise and gain practical knowledge in addition to theoretical concepts. Using software simulations, sales staff can be trained on the ways of filling up the forms in an efficient manner.

Important Factors of E learning in Skill Development

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But all e-learning courses are not same for example; it can be a software simulation which shows the click path through an application or any other. The courses through e-learning provide you complete guidance about writing.

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5 Easy Steps to Creating Interactive Simulations in Storyline 2

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That’s why eLearning designers so often choose to use screen captures or software simulations in their course design. For that reason, today, we’re going to provide five easy steps to help you create engaging, interactive simulations using Storyline 2.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


Advanced Analytics and Robust LMS Reports: The LMS dashboard provides easy access to the system information, enabling you to make the right decisions and gain insight into the data.

Rapid Authoring Tools For Creating mLearning

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Lectora and Lectora Online provide templates specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. Maybe eventually Flash based tools will gain significance for mLearning provided Flash gets supported by major smartphones and mobile platforms (save the iPhones and iPads).

Getting a Head Start with Mobile Interactions

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Then there are interactive quizzes that test knowledge and provide feedback. You can also provide ready reference materials for the people on the go.

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


While it’s good that employers provide training for their employees, it doesn’t mean that training is always effective. Video breaks up monotony by providing some much-needed variation in course-material delivery, which increases retention of information. Software simulations.

5 Best Practices to Create Online Training Simulations

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Many organizations around the world have already tapped into the training potential offered by online training simulations. I have listed out five best practices of creating online training simulations. Keep the simulations short and easily digestible .

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

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A teacher provides video lessons to be reviewed outside of class, which in turn gives teachers more time in class to focus on higher-order skills. That is exactly what Mayra did for this post using the new Camtasia Studio 8 software. Re-Thinking Traditional Software Simulations.

eLearning: When Should You Record Your Voiceover Audio?

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In fact, home-grown audio works fine provided the audio doesn't contain loud, annoying, distracting background noise, or the narrator has a very thick accent that hinders learner comprehension. If you're creating a software demonstration or interactive simulation, should the audio be recorded while you're recording the screen actions?   So what about interactive software simulations or soft-skills learning?

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

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For example, for a course published through Articulate, if I’d wanted SCORM tracking with a different behavior, I might be able to achieve that using the SDK provided by Articulate.

Rapid Authoring – Freeform Vs Template Based

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To focus more on rapidly authored eLearning content, I am excluding the screen recording tools which are mainly used for software simulation type of courses. A set of elements are provided which can be inserted and laid out on the blank canvas to create content for the course. But, the best part of such tools is they provide an opportunity to use one’s imagination (and understanding) to create very good and engaging eLearning content.

Top 10 Authoring Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning – Part 1

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By using these rapid authoring tools, we can develop simulation based e-learning courses too quickly, at low cost. Here I am going to share the top ten authoring tools you can choose from to build effective and efficient simulation based e-learning courses.

What You Need to Know About Software Training

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It’s no surprise that software training is often delivered as eLearning. Technology changes constantly and providing computer program or mobile app training on the device it’ll be used on just makes sense. Software training can make a big difference in learners’ day-to-day work.

Developing Online Instructional Modules for ERP Training

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For example, Articulate Storyline does not provide responsive output, Adobe Captivate has its limitations for developing quizzes and Lectora Inspire lacks quality in its simulations. Developing software simulations using Adobe Captivate.

eLearning: Is Right-Clicking Right?

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If you're responsible for creating a software simulation that teaches a learner how to make Word text bold, which of the commands are you going to simulate? While you could simulate multiple options, I'd encourage you to focus on just one (adding multiple options is going to take you too long to produce). Personally, I'd simulate the menu option or the toolbar button. Showing a right-click in a software demonstration is fine, but not a simulation.).

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. Since every company has different needs, we’ve created a list of the top 10 providers. Provides quizzes, assessments, and software simulations.

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