LMS Wikis: Unharnessed Potential

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The Wiki is one of the most under-utilized and underestimated feature of an LMS. That’s because, most of us haven’t gotten around to realizing what the Wiki is capable of, and hence the potential of the Wiki feature is unharnessed. What’s so great about wikis anyway?

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The Division of Wiki Labor: Wikis in the Working World

Dashe & Thomson

The problem with this, though, is that while it provides your employees with the training they need at that particular moment , it doesn’t make them experts the way teaching the material would. Wikis blended learning peer-to-peer learning Training Development user adoption

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How to Make Wikis Part of Your Training Program


With the Encyclopedia Britannica abandoning its 244-year-old printed version in response to the dominance of Wikipedia, and Britain’s education minister calling for a “wiki approach” to designing the curriculum for schools, wikis deserve a role in employee training and learning.

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How to revamp your learning model

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In a practical sense, that means we need to provide our learners with tools and resources that they can use to drive their own development. Core component #1: Wiki. The primary component of my ILE is a comprehensive wiki. In my articles Online courses must die!

Tools of the trade

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This will work provided the user subscribes to a requisite number of other relevant user accounts, and can share their ideas and converse freely. blog wiki RSS personal learning Twitter PLN Joyce Seitzinger

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Dissertation Wiki

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She also made one comment that was very interesting: To the consternation of my rather conservative university, I am submitting the dissertation in the form of a wiki (although - strictly speaking - is it really a wiki if I don't open it up to the community to co-author, which of course I can't do in this instance). First, I can't imagine trying to do a dissertation wiki. So, if they provide comments via the Wiki doesn't that make a lot of sense.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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One of the most popular activities on our wiki based learning programmes was called ‘goldmining’. These were posted up onto the group wiki, and a short summary attached by the ‘gold miner’ to explain what it contained and why it would be useful.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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I will attempt to contextualise these changes at the level of both organisation and individual, to provide a picture of how universities and teachers might manage their business in the coming decade. and provide some examples of current pedagogical practice using the Social Web.

Blog or Wiki?

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I want to create either a Wiki or Blog to share training tips. Do you have any suggestions on the best method (Wiki or Blog) and what product? To me, the scenario that you described would be best served with a wiki. The wiki allows for multiple people to share tips and to all contribute their discoveries and ideas in a single location. I suggest you set up contribution "standards" so everyone understands the best method for contributing to the wiki.

Wikis for Improving Productivity

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Significant increases in productivity with a wiki. We use the wiki for our team, but I wonder what we can do to be more effective with it, as well as how we can help other departments in the company. Use templates on the wiki to make it easier to structure pages so people can be familiar with it. Document Repository: Use wiki to hold templates and documents. Getting People to Use the Wiki. No information about clients like SSN stored on the wiki.

Wiki Course Authoring

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In my Ten Predictions for eLearning for 2008 , I said - Wiki + SCORM + Add-ins will become more common for easy authoring. Not sure if he saw my post, but I was just reminded by Tim Seager from Xerceo about their Prescribe tool that provides: Full Wiki, RSS functionality that is SCORM conformant for tracking and managing competencies. It's horribly cryptic, you can't tell what's happening and it defeats the whole point that I see in using a Wiki for authoring.

Wikis at Work

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Found via Big Dog Little Dog - It's information collaboration - discusses the use of Wikis within organizations. Some of the points it makes: Gartner predicts that by 2009 half of companies worldwide will be using wikis Examples of use Acronyms and industry terminology, best sales practices, case studies, client information, meeting minutes.

Evaluating Social Learning

Dashe & Thomson

As establishing new or improving learning/training processes typically begins with a problem, Clark provides this example: A manager complains that when he reads the monthly project reports he finds that the same mistakes keep showing up throughout the organization.

Future directions

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Many of those who presented identified similar themes, including the exponential rise and popularity of social media (blogs, wikis, podcasts, social network tools), open educational resources and mobile learning.

Wikis - Public vs. Controlled - Why There's No eLearning Wiki

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I received an email asking me if I knew of any Wikis that provided information on eLearning concepts. But, has anyone noticed that blogs don't provide a means of asking questions that are not specific to a particular post? there's not really a place where you can find a Wiki that covers eLearning concepts. However, Wikipedia has some issues (as does any public Wiki) as a place for defining these terms. In a controlled environment, Wikis are a fantastic tool.

Wiki as repository for a virtual community

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Through a comment on a blogpost by Nancy White I found this article about a virtual community using a discussion list (listserv) in combination with a wiki. The wiki serves as a collaborative repository. I've been advising a community where using an online discussion forum where few people had experience with a wiki. We started a wiki to put knowledge products together. So I'm a little jealous that the community in this article has such an active wiki process.

Light the blue touch paper.

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For far too long, schools have been providing learners with definitive answers to sterile questions, and there is usually only one answer. education wiki learning school problem based learning order chaosShould teachers try to create order from chaos?

Getting The Most Out Of Your LMS

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It allows users to create their own workspace, provides a quick ability to post status updates, customize feeds, search and follow new individuals and a lot more. WIKI: Check if your LMS includes a Wiki. Wikis are simple, efficient tools for managing knowledge and collaborating.

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My History of Live Blogged Notes

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Because I have done so much live blogging, I was able to provide proof of my ongoing professional development efforts. Wikis for Improving Productivity. Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why? Wikis & Emerging Web 2.0

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Introduction to Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and RSS

Tony Karrer

As background for an upcoming presentation, I wanted to create a page that provides background resources that explain various eLearning 2.0 Social Bookmarking Social Networking Wikis RSS

Freinet and social media

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Learners should be encouraged to learn through making products and providing services. video Celestine Freinet Technology education wiki social media learning blogging Google Reform quadblogging

Just Ask the Wiki … But Don’t Ask Too Much

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A new book released today, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses , provides some sobering figures about today’s graduates. Its development provided a groundbreaking case study for the power of online collaboration. Much of what is taught in corporate training is basic and could just as well be posted to a Wiki as taught in a course. Two pieces of learning-related news grabbed my attention this week.

Why Wikis Are Conquering the Enterprise

Tony Karrer

Found via 7 Days and More , interesting article on InternetNews.com - Why Wikis Are Conquering The Enterprise by Michael Hickins. It's kinda like Web Servers, Open Source and other technologies creeping into the enterprise through the back door because it provides value, can be done by workgroups without corporate sponsorship, and provides immediate value

How to Harness Informal Learning

Rob Hubbard

Many of the technologies used in elearning can provide answers as to how to harness informal learning. Technology can facilitate collaboration and networking and provide a virtual space in which informal learning can take place and, to a certain extent, be tracked.

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Wiki activities 5 stage model

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One of my papers will detail my wiki activities 5 stage model. See the wiki activities page of one online group for an example here. The model starts with Exploration (where students are finding out about their new learning environment, discovering the do's and dont's and generally orientating themselves on the wiki). Third comes Explanation - here they describe in deeper terms their ideas and provide other group members with more detail.

It’s Time for E-Learning to Embrace ‘BYOL’


As it is, they will never again be able to keep up with the fast speed of business and provide everything everyone needs to know in a timely fashion, so it makes good commonsense to do so.”

How to Create Your Own Khan Academy for Training


Given the popularity of these new formats, trainers and learning professionals should ask themselves what they can learn from these TED-style videos and Khan Academy-style tutorials and how they can better provide learning experiences and relevant content to their employees and students.

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Will Blogs, Wikis, RSS, Mashups be Used in Corporate eLearning?

Tony Karrer

In this post, Dave unfortunately lumps together blogs, wikis, mashups, rss feed together (probably because eLearning 2.0 However, I think the answer about adoption rates is going to be quite different for these things with Wikis and Mashups being adopted at a very high rate. Wikis provide an opportunity for us to create reference hybrids - Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids - easily and maintain them easily.

The Encyclopedia of Life - Wiki

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The pages, housed at [link] , will provide written information and, when available, photographs, video, sound, location maps, and other multimedia information on each species. Built on the scientific integrity of thousands of experts around the globe, the Encyclopedia will be a moderated wiki-style environment, freely available to all users everywhere.

Web 2.0

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This presentation discussed how Sharepoint is used to provide Web 2.0 Some highlights: Using a wiki to house class materials for a class of 30 students saved between 10,000-12,000 sheets of paper. Participants loved having the wiki.

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Seven Technology-Enabled Tools that Empower the Modern Corporate Trainer


Technology can provide a vehicle for continuing conversations beyond the time and space constraints of the classroom and conflicting schedules. Technology-aided training can also provide additional support for sustaining new learning and informal learning that is so critical to job success.

Guide to Online Course Design [INFOGRAPHIC]


These theories can range from actionable steps to philosophical diatribes, both of which provide their use, but equally are confusing as to where to begin. Wikis. Wikis.

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New Debate on Value of Blogs and Wikis in the Enterprise

Tony Karrer

There's some conversation going on around whether blogs provide value in the Enterprise. Jim Lee tells us: Now let me go on record to say that I do believe that both blogs and wikis have some valueâ€"just not business valueâ€"at least not yet. In Blog? I don't need no stinkin' blog! , He asks WIIFM and for the reader and doesn't feel there's value. Jack Vinson responds with Do blogs fit in the enterprise? and has a lot of really good points around blogging.

Social enzymes

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Wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, microblogs, social networking. Andy Clark provides a very evocative metaphor when he talks about snail trails in his book ' Natural Born Cyborgs '. Tags: cyborg blog Memes wiki social enzymes learning rhizome Twitter

5 Features That Define the Next Generation Social LMS

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The utility value of making social elements such as blogs, wikis, chats, forums, etc., should be tapped by providing convenience features such as forum tagging, bookmarking, and chat/blog exporting. Social learning has been in existence for ages now.

An Open LMS: CourseKit

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Wharton dropout Joseph Cohen just launched Coursekit — the ultimate disrupter of academic course software, Blackboard (Providence Equity Partners bought it last month for $1.64

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Microlearning Madness: 25 Great Resources

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It helps learners build on knowledge they already have and provides immediate access to short, targeted lessons and support materials. Microlearning – Edutech Wiki ( Link ).