10 Online Quiz Creators

Ed App

Fortunately, making online quizzes is an easy task thanks to a wide array of online quiz creators. 1 Online Quiz Creator – Rapid Refresh by EdApp. Once you’ve set those, you now have a professional looking quiz right out of the box! 3 Online Quiz Creator – Kahoot!

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How to Create a Vocabulary Quiz


These days creating a vocabulary quiz is a great way to make the language learning process easy and fun. You can simply do so by using a vocabulary quiz maker. How to create a vocabulary quiz using a good quiz maker tool. How using a vocabulary quiz maker is beneficial.

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An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


When we released the enterprise version of our flagship assessment tool ProProfs Quiz Maker our aim was to provide enterprises a high-performance assessment platform. That’s why we developed the enterprise version of ProProfs Quiz Maker. Personalized Quiz Results.

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Check Out The Features In Version 2.3!


One of the first items you will notice with this new version is that the front-end profile has been updated to include some additional quiz information. Review Quiz Answers. Currently all quiz attempts are recorded against the profile along with the achieved scores. Now learners have the option to view their individual quiz answers at any point in time. These view permissions are restricted to the LearnDash course, lesson, topic, and quiz pages.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

over a multiple choice quiz. concepts they have learned so far • Create scoring for a course and provide. different version of your courses for the myriad. version for different audiences. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Quiz attempts

Adobe Captivate

Hi Everybody, I’m working on an eLearning that will have a quiz at the end. If the user doesn’t score enough points, it should be able to start the quiz again and after that they have another attempt. So you have the attempts immediately on the slide but I want them to run the quiz completely and than have the option to do the quiz again. Thanks in advance (i’m running the latest version of Captivate).

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10 Free Quiz Maker

Ed App

With the help of free quiz makers, all you need is to copy, paste, modify your content, and you’re all good to go. Create interactive quizzes instantly and effortlessly with none other than EdApp’s Rapid Refresh , which is currently the best free quiz maker tool on the market.

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LearnDash Version 1.3.0 Includes Major Updates!


Today I am extremely pleased to announce the latest version of LearnDash, Version 1.3.0! We have integrated a new Advanced Quiz for those of you who want more than just multiple choice. It would be impossible for me to list all the features as this quiz is so flexible, you are only limited by your imagination. That said, some of the main features of this new quiz include: Insert Videos for question or answer choices. Set quiz time-limits.

LearnDash Version 1.4.0 Brings You GROUPS!


Today marks the release of the latest installment of LearnDash, Version 1.4.0! One thing is for sure, we didn’t hold back on this one – Version 1.4.0 Without further ado, let’s get to the updates that we have packed into LearnDash Version 1.4.0! Group Leaders can pull reports on their group’s performance, including course progress and quiz data. Quiz percentage. Time spent taking the quiz.

LearnDash Version 1.1.0 Release Includes Free Extensions!


It has been about one month since we released version 1.0 What’s more, you can set-up checkpoints within the lessons and require that your users receive a passing score before moving onto the next lesson. We also color coded the quiz results (green pass/red fail). You can view version 1.1.0

Quiz Tweak 4: Submit Process

Adobe Captivate

“I don’t like that the learner has to press Y or click the slide to continue” When you use CP2019 and have tried out the new VR projects, you will probably have seen that the overlay quiz slides have a slightly different Submit process! For sure, more friendly and intuitive than the second step in normal quiz slides. Crossing my fingers that we have the same button appearing in future versions for all quiz slides. Step 6: Actions in Quiz Properties.

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Custom, Accessible Quiz: Development Highlights

Adobe Captivate

I recently posted a showcase – a Custom, Accessible Quiz. This was a shorter, rewritten and rebranded version of a fully customized, yet accessible quiz I created for a client. If you haven’t tried it already, it will help to understand the rest of this article if you try out the quiz before reading further. It’s at: elearning.adobe.com/2019/01/custom-accessible-quiz. For both scenarios, I used a single slide to communicate the introduction to the quiz.

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Quiz Reporting Extension v3.0.0 is Here – Bold, Better, and Beautiful!

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

How many times have you wished to import some additional parameters with the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension? In addition to downloading quiz reports, what if you could also download Quiz categories, lesson details, progress reports, and more?

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Articulate Storyline 360 – Course Completion Trigger Feature

Swift eLearning Services

Whereas in the earlier version… Authoring Tools eLearning Adobe Flash Articulate Storyline Articulate Storyline 360 Articulate Storyline 360 feature course completion trigger course completion trigger in Storyline 360 LMS object quiz score trigger wizardIn this blog, we are going to discuss about the new feature introduced in Articulate Storyline 360 – Course completion trigger.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

I’ve recently been working with Sameer Bhatia the CEO of ProProfs as I was going through an evaluation of various online tools that support easy, fast, low-cost testing and quiz tools. Layout/Accessibility : Can the layout of the quiz output be changed and does it handle accessibility issues? ProProfs ProProfs Quiz Maker is an easy to use quiz program with a good variety of question types and options. It has a free and a low-cost version.

Comparing Knowledge Check and Quiz Slides

Adobe Captivate

Knowledge Check Slides have been introduced as one of the new quizzing features with version 9. Since the KC slides are very similar to normal quiz slides, I’ll start with ‘Recognizing KC slides’ Then I’ll show the differences in default setup, and in some other aspects not mentioned in the Help, the relationship with the quizzing system variables and – what did you expect? No partial scoring for MCQ slides with multiple correct answers. Intro.

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SCORM and SuccessFactor LMS

Adobe Captivate

Users are experiencing scoring issues (at random- some have issues some don’t) when they finish a course receiving a 96% but the LMS reports a different percentage. We are also experiencing users being frozen in a quiz if they were to leave and return to the course. Many of our courses require users to complete the quiz to receive credit. Slide Views and or quiz. Quiz is Passed (checked). is the best setting over a more current 2004 version?


Pop Quiz! Do You Really Need Quizzes in Online Training?


High-stakes, scored quizzes have their place, but incorporate quizzes that test learning for learning’s sake in your training as well. And mixing up quiz types aids in the knowledge retrieval process. Many quiz editors offer a variety of question types, such as true/false, multiple answer, labeling images, labeling items in a picture, and sequencing objects—in addition to multiple choice questions. Is your quiz intended to motivate, review, or assess?

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Creating a free-text question and using quiz variables

Adobe Captivate

I am working on a quiz question in Captivate and I’m not sure if I am going about it the right way. I want to create a quiz question that requires a user to input a value, but the question needs to be dynamic and change each time the user accesses the course. I have already successfully created my variables, but I’m not familiar with the different system quiz variables that exist.

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10 Quiz Creators

Ed App

Many websites out there offer online quiz creators for a variety of purposes, and it is important to choose the right one based on the needs of your organization. Here is a list of 10 quiz creators that you should consider. Quiz Creator #1 – Rapid Refresh.

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10 Quiz Software

Ed App

By leveraging supplemental learning tools such as quiz software, you can conveniently reach your teams and efficiently deliver assessments. Quiz Software #1 – Rapid Refresh . Rapid Refresh is EdApp LMS’s in-app friendly quiz maker. Spreadsheet-based quiz delivery.

6 Practical Tips for Applying Assessment and Quiz Data to Your eLearning Content

gomo learning

If you’ve had a recent influx of junior employees, a department-wide fall in scores is only natural. The post 6 Practical Tips for Applying Assessment and Quiz Data to Your eLearning Content appeared first on Gomo Learning.

Creative with Quizzing System Variables

Adobe Captivate

Most of the quizzing blog posts with focus on default quiz slides are already pretty old. This use case has been explained more in detail in an older article (Buttons on question/score slide). In this example I ‘refurbished’ that older version using newer features multistate object, shared action, toggle command. Use case 2: Custom Score slide. On runtime it will look like this screenshot: This score slide is taken from the same example file.

First Reflections on Version 11.5.0.

Adobe Captivate

Usually I will not talk about a new version immediately after its release. It has been possible to fill a shape with an image since version 6. One exception: embedded buttons on Quiz/Score slides cannot be shape buttons, so I use transparent buttons for those. In version 11.5 I will show a use case of custom hotspot questions with partial scoring like described in this older post. Intro.

First Reflections on Version

Adobe Captivate

Usually I will not talk about a new version immediately after its release. It has been possible to fill a shape with an image since version 6. One exception: embedded buttons on Quiz/Score slides cannot be shape buttons, so I use transparent buttons for those. In version 11.5 I will show a use case of custom hotspot questions with partial scoring like described in this older post. Intro.

E-learning Quiz Capabilities of Articulate Storyline 360

CommLab India

The latest version of this e-learning software, Articulate Storyline 360, is power-packed with various features that help you develop good online assessments. Articulate Storyline 360 enables you to transform visual elements into interesting online quiz questions. Option to assign negative scores. Articulate Storyline 360 allows you to reduce the score of learners, if they answer a question incorrectly. You can provide results dynamically, based on learners’ scores.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Mindflash.com Version – Product Review

eLearning 24-7

Quiz options: M/C, Labeling items, Labeling pictures, Sequencing (why not T/F?). Course progress checklist – Create, Name, Upload files, Create a Quiz, Invite trainees, Activate course. The program offers you a timeline you can add additional elements the files you have uploaded/ add a quiz. Quiz Options. In the beta version of the product, Mindflash.com included T/F, yet for the final version removed it. Quiz choices. Quiz Options.

Moodle 3.6: Improved Moodle Quiz Statistics and Reporting

eThink Education

Moodle’s latest version offers simplified and improved accessibility to analytical data from the quiz module. The latest updates to the Quiz Statistics Report in Moodle 3.6 Instructors can now view response statistics for quiz questions deployed from the pool of randomized questions easily, regardless of the total number of randomized questions within the quiz. Quiz Reporting Upgrades in Moodle 3.6. Quiz Structure Analysis.

Using Text Entry Boxes: Basics

Adobe Captivate

Posts about Text Entry Boxes in my blog and were written for older versions. Time to translate everything to the most recent version ( today) and for HTML output because there are minor differences. A score attached to the objet (default = 1pt) can be added to the total quiz score. As with quiz and Knowledge check slides, you have a Success action and – in case of limited attempts – a Last Attempt action. Intro.

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What Are Educational Quizzes and How Can You Build One?


Did you know that 81% of students believe that digital learning technology, like quizzes, increases their focus and enables them to score better grades? Like any other form of a quiz, an educational quiz has a set of questions based on a particular topic and the quiz results.

Build a Branching Scenario in Google Forms

Experiencing eLearning

Use other question types, such as picking images, as long as they can be automatically scored. Convert the form to a quiz to calculate an overall score or grade. Compare this version to the same scenario built i n Articulate Rise.

Google 486

What is Branch Aware?

Adobe Captivate

You have seen a first version of that movie in my recent post about localisation with CSV import. That post discusses the workflow to create quiz slides in different languages in the same project. The example did use the Branch aware feature, but some of the features were not fully localised: the score slide was the default score slide which is in English since I am using a version in that tongue. There are also 3 Survey slides, without a score. Intro.

Register for Webinar – Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

convert your questions to become scored final quiz questions. Special Bonus: Participants in the LIVE webinar will receive a coupon for FREE ACCESS to the full Udemy version of this course, including PROJECT FILES so make sure you register and get a seat. Hey Gang, There will be no live stream the week of 26th. Instead, I will be guest presenting over at Training Magazine. The topic will be Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017.

Captivate 9 – Tape Measure Game

Adobe Captivate

If you get all questions correct without any errors you are presented with a high score banner and badge only available with this achievement. A responsive version is in the works that does not rely on clicking the tape measure increments. This version will use buttons to select from predefined options similar to a multiple choice quiz. Showcase Uncategorized Captivate 9 game QuizTape measure game created in Captivate.

Three skills to acquire (Captivate newbies)

Adobe Captivate

Seven years ago I started blogging about Captivate (with version 4 – 5). Challenge/Skill 2: Quiz. Captivate quiz and score slides have pretty strict rules. A lot of functionality is built in the quizzing and score master slides. The challenge here is about the normal Quiz slides, not custom Quiz slides that are created using standard objects, widgets, variables and advanced/shared actions. Intro.

Coaching first training Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 2019 (version 11) was released on the 22nd of August. In this post I will talk about this experience, my view as trainer on this new version. It is much easier for a trainer to explain the idea of fluid boxes in this new version. Due to lack of time, I didn’t use the CSV import, but the older GIFT import for the creation of the quiz slides. Adobe Captivate Blog What's New Adobe Captivate 2019 blog fluid box hot spots Quiz Themes video What's new

Fluidize your Quizzes

Adobe Captivate

When publishing my first reflections on Fluid Boxes work flow versus Breakpoint View work flow I didn’t mention my expectations for a smoother creation of Quiz slides using FB’s. In my experience with responsive projects in previous versions, the most frustrating part were those (damned?) quiz slides. Styling quiz/score slides is tough even in normal (blank) projects and turns into a nightmare when having to do it for up to 5 breakpoint views. Intro.

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Adobe Captivate: Submit All

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kevin Siegel        When a learner takes a quiz created with Adobe Captivate, failure by the learner to click the  Submit  button on each and every question is a recurring problem. Only after seeing the Quiz Results slide will a learner understand that clicking the Submit button was mandatory. By clicking Next, the answer was never submitted for scoring and was counted as an incorrect answer. 

Reporting eLearning Results

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Do you need to provide reports to your boss that show how learners have performed on a quiz? There are two primary versions of SCORM-version 1.2, released in 1999, and version 2004. But what if a trainer needs to get scores from learners who are collaborating with other students using social media?

Report 100

Student Performance Analytics: Our Most-Requested New Feature!


With our latest update, we have solved that issue—you now see exactly where is each learner is on the road to completion as well as detailed scoring information for graded activities. The results of quizzes, matching activities, and other scored interactive blocks can be seen here, and an instructor can view each student’s score and click through to see how the student answered individual quiz questions and other activities.