Tracking Learning Videos with SCORM

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Tracking Your Learning Videos. You track progress on the course but not on the video. Tracking learning videos is something different, however. In some cases, however, ( in fact probably a growing number of cases ) the video itself is the training we wish to track.

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16 Metrics of Healthy Customer Service-Oriented Businesses: Part Three


Over the past two weeks, we have posted Part One and Part Two in the series that identify which key metrics you should track to assess operational and employee performance in the QSR and hospitality industries. Conversion percentage: The first step in finding out your store’s conversion percentage is tracking the number of footfalls (customer visits) to the store. Sales by category: If you’re not already tracking your best-selling items, there’s no time like the present to start.

HoloLens 2 Specs Reveal


Along with the newly design headsets, users now have a wider field of view of the screen thanks to the new field of view ratio that the Microsoft team implemented for the HoloLens 2.

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6 Responsive eLearning Design Tips for Adobe Captivate 8

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4 How to Maintain Aspect Ratio. You should know how to keep the aspect ratio for every object or image in your course. By setting your width and height to auto, your object will be able to maintain the right aspect ratio.

Time Estimates for E-Learning Development

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I also track my own time for every project I create, so I can compare my actual numbers to the benchmarks. I use a time tracking template that lets me analyze my time on different tasks and projects. My time tracking template.

The Fundamentals of In-Person Learning

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Class registration lets teachers track students enrolled for a particular course, allowing for the most optimal student-to-teacher ratio (which is a key factor in students’ ability to learn). We write a lot here at Academy Of Mine on eLearning topics and emerging industry news.

7 best practices to create corporate training video content


Disprz has integrated three important analytics to track learner engagement: COMPLETION RATIO ANALYTICS. Completion ratios track the percentage of modules the learner completes (25-50%, 50-75% or 75-99%).

How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


PowerPoint falls short in one key area for eLearning: It doesn’t track what the user is doing. PowerPoint doesn’t track what the end user is doing. And the only tracking that will be performed is which of the slides have been viewed.


Learn how Docebo’s redesigned LMS will boost your user experience


Although the 70:20:10 ratio isn’t fixed , supporting a blended learning strategy with modern learning technology means your elearning content should strike a healthy blend between on the job training, developing through others and structured coursework. Start a free trial to see how Docebo’s new update can improve the way you deliver, track and run reports in the LMS while fostering a more engagement learning culture across your entire organization.

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Part 1: Say What?! A Guide to Camtasia Sound

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How to use it – Click and drag the effect onto the audio track that you would like to apply it to on your timeline. How to use it – Click and drag the effect onto the audio track that you would like to apply it to on your timeline.

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What is Social Learning (And How to Adopt it)


Social learning approaches have a 75:1 ROI ratio compared to formal web-based training. The same research concludes that social learning approaches delivers a 75:1 ROI ratio compared to web-based formal training t o unlock and spread knowledge across an organization.

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24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours!

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Understanding editing tracks on the Camtasia for Mac timeline. Aspect ratios and alternate dimensions. Hi, my name is Betsy and I don't need any sleep. Well, really, I do, but we had so much fun pulling an all-nighter for Snagit that we're going to do it again for Camtasia!

Measuring The Effectiveness of Your Blended Learning Program

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Through practice exercises and knowledge checks, we can track some general measures of learning change, e.g., “Of the 217 participants to take the online course, 200 were able to pass the knowledge check at the end of the course the first time.”.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

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For example, many SaaS ( Software as a Service ) businesses focus on CAC/LTV ratio — ( Customer Acquisition Cost vs. Customer Lifetime Value ). Also evaluate the “leading indicator” metrics you can measure today and track over time to verify customer education progress.

How to Make Video: Before You Start

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If in an LMS, do you want to use SCORM or xAPI for tracking purposes? Not every learning video will require the same amount of tracking, but if you do want to use SCORM or xAPI, it helps to work out what you want to know and what requirements you’ll need for your video and LMS.

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Lifelong Learning: Why It Matters & How To Encourage It

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The OSF model states that learning comes from a ratio of on-the-job, social and formal sources. While the ratio varies per organization, each source is important. Setting goals in your LMS will enable you to track employees progress and monitor their development. New and emerging technologies are changing the landscape of business and placing more importance on the skills workers need to survive automation.

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Video and LMSs – Why changes will need to be made in 2014

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Analytics tracking on video and/or video courses that have been downloaded onto a mobile device – hearing a lot with people wanting data pushed back from the mobile device – with video into a LMS. Video creation tool - Enables admin to upload a video, edit it, add some transitions, effects and then choose the output. They can also add their voice- so you have a few audio tracks and video tracks – the key to success – is make it easy to use.

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Screen Resolution Alert for eLearning Developers!

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If these numbers make no sense to you then think of it in terms of aspect ratios. What the report basically says is that the 16:9 aspect ratio has become more popular than 4:3.

HR Staffs, Budgets Saw Modest Rebound in 2012

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Human resource staff ratios appear to have stabilized at slightly higher levels than those observed from the mid-1990s through the early 2000s. For 10 straight years, the median ratio of HR staff to total headcount has been either 1 or 1.1 The median ratio bounced between 0.9 Quality and track record are primary determinants of vendor selection for outsourcing.

Avoid These Common Video Editing Mistakes

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In Camtasia, you can turn that off by right clicking and selecting “separate audio and video” then just delete or hide the audio track. Newbie editors often have their music track overpowering their other tracks. So you’re just sitting down to edit your first video production?

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2-Real-world elearning challenge: Improve call center customer satisfaction


We are on the right track: an increase or decrease signifies a result. Supervisors complete an assessment of escalated calls to track whether escalation criteria were present. Increase satisfaction ratings from 67% in 2018 to 90% in 2019, by maintaining an escalation ratio of 40% of all calls (+/- 2%), with at least 95% of escalated calls meeting escalation criteria. PART 2 of 4: Determining the Business Goal. Client.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Benefits of Digital Audio

The E-Learning Curve

The noise in an analog recording system is usually expressed as a "signal to noise ratio". The signal to noise ratio tells you how much more signal there is on the tape recorder outputs compared to the noise in a audio signal.

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5 Latest Updates to Lectora Online 3.2

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The cloud-based online course authoring software now allows developers to use Web Video Text Tracks (WebVTT) and SubRip Text (SRT) to include closed captions. In recent years, an increasing number of companies are going for cloud-based solutions , including e-learning development applications.

What One Thing…?

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His suggestion is to pick a high-leverage activity—something that doesn’t just have a one-to-one ratio of time and benefit. Refined our online QA tracking sheet to encourage better self-checking of work. I recently read a book summary of Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing.

What Does It Take to Find a Mentor in a Startup?

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Unlike other structured mentoring environments there is no mentor matching, no program guidelines, and no program manager to keep things on track. If a financial investment is part of the relationship, it’s important to determine the ratio of advice vs. orders given.

10 Ways to Crack the Sales Readiness Code with Training


Tracking inventory and looking up products. The most valuable sales training tips in the world will not bolster a sales rep’s close ratio unless they are presented in a format that captures and maintains the sales rep’s attention. A means of tracking each sales rep’s learning progress and acquisition of selling skills. Your company’s growth and prosperity hinge upon the success of your sales force.

eLearning Outsourcing – How To Select A Vendor?

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Know how they communicate and collaborate with clients on live projects, their office timing, team availability during emergencies, usage of web-based system to help keep track of various projects etc. (A What you need to be looking for is the cost to quality ratio.

24 Screencasts About Camtasia in 24 Hours. Starts Now!

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5:00 am: Understanding editing tracks on the Camtasia for Mac timeline - Conan Heiselt, Instructional Designer. 6:00 am:Aspect Ratios and alternate Dimensions - Conan Heiselt, Instructional Designer. Here we go!

AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

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Here’s sobering proof: Recently, 2830 European startups were classified by industry tracking sites as “AI companies.” Only 5 years later, that ratio has grown to 1 in 12. Why is artificial intelligence (AI) generating such frenzied buzz lately?

7 Benefits of Implementing a HR Software System

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It allows you to keep track of employee performance and attendance. HR software makes it simple to keep track of useful metrics such as number of sales made, and lets you keep track of an employee’s attendance over a specified time period.

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices | Social.

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And if you’re worried about accountability, create a program that tracks employees’ progress through the required content.

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Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices

Dashe & Thomson

And if you’re worried about accountability, create a program that tracks employees’ progress through the required content.

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eLearning Review: A Module for the National Security Arena

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I played through the scenario four different times before I finally registered a “good” result (as opposed to just adequate). Courtesy of Once I finally found the proper path, I checked out the decision tree Cathy used to keep track of the outcomes.

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eLearning Review: A Module for the National Security Arena.

Dashe & Thomson

I played through the scenario four different times before I finally registered a “good” result (as opposed to just adequate). Courtesy of Once I finally found the proper path, I checked out the decision tree Cathy used to keep track of the outcomes.

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It’s Just A Test: Tests And Quizzes In TalentLMS


See, questions in TalentLMS are not just some text asking something , but smart objects that keep track of the correct answer, and can be displayed to the user in several different formats.

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