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When you read, your eyes scan a wall of words trying to squeeze out each nugget of information. by Sean Stoker    Are the slides that make up your eLearning lessons text-heavy? Images are an often overlooked component of a good eLearning course.

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The Role of eLearning Images in Visual Learning

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When you read, your eyes scan a wall of words trying to squeeze out each nugget of information. The post The Role of eLearning Images in Visual Learning appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning images are an oft overlooked component of a good course.

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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Now against the backdrop of such information, it is interesting to explore what role mobiles are playing in shaping up the workplace learning scenario. When the worker scans the object in front of him, the app uses the device’s camera to ‘understand’ it.

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Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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The coursework components like quizzes, tests and assignments would all be generated through tools that are able to effectively scan the course content and determine its most critical aspects that must be tested.

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Ten Online Training Do’s and Don’ts

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Let’s discuss some of the major roles involved. They scan! So, the challenge becomes, how do we make them scan the information that we want them to learn?? Everyone will scan bullets.

Surfing the Future Pedagogies: Augmented Learning


You have “robot-vision” that allows you to scan an object and watch its stats (or vital stats, if its alive!!) You have immediate acknowledgement of the object you scanned. Using the screen of their smartphones, your students can scan the garden.

Where is L&D heading?

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Whether or not we agree the role of the university is to prepare students for the workplace, I think it’s going that way due to market forces. Having said that, I believe the managers in the organisation have a critical role to play in leading by example.

What are Video Thumbnails, and Why Do They Matter?

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They’re easier to scan and organize than their full-size counterparts. In fact, thumbnails serve the same role for images as a normal text index does for words. What are thumbnails? And why use ’em? You’ve heard it a million times, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Developing an Enterprise Learning Strategy That Produces Results

CLO Magazine

Determine your target population’s future role and how they’ll get there. Develop the enterprise learning plan outlining the training required to get the target population to current ideal state, and prepare them for their future role.

7 Characteristics Of A Digital Mindset


Agility in this context encompasses the skill of being able to scan the landscape of one’s domain of work and organizational ecosystem, and keeping pace with what is happening at the edges to remain relevant.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

ID Reflections

They will play a strategic role in helping organizations collaborate with such talent pools for the mutual benefit of all. The role of the CLO will be to drive this change NOW! I am not the kind to crystal gaze. I lay no claim to being able to predict the future.

Session Notes: "Driving Impact with Learning Analytics" Jeff Grisenthwaite #TrainingMag

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Each role will have different insights. Same patterns across different roles, although different questions. scan the data: -- review high level summary reports across all 2. These are my live blogged notes from the Training 2015 Conference and Expo happening this week in Atlanta. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Metrics that Matter with Jeff Grisenthwaite, VP of Client Success at CEB (www.executiveboard.com).

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


They will play a strategic role in helping organizations collaborate with such talent pools for the mutual benefit of all. The role of the CLO will be to drive this change NOW! I am not the kind to crystal gaze. I lay no claim to being able to predict the future.

"Digital Mindset": What is it All About?

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Technology is playing a transformative role in virtually every domain today-- from IT and Telecom to Retail and Manufacturing. Possessing a traveler's exploratory nature and an innate curiosity to go beyond one's defined work role is a critical skill to have today.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


Whatever your role in the implementation of an eLearning based training program (or a physical one for that matter) you’re gonna need a text editor at some point. Scanning software will help you achieve the optimal transfer of third party text, drawing and photos in the digital domain.

5 Low-Tech Ways to Get Learning to Stick

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Load up on role-plays. If only I had a dollar for every time a client said, “These folks won’t do role-plays.” If only I had another dollar for every time a client said, “I’m glad we made them do the role-plays.” Nobody ever wants to do a role-play, yet in the end, this most basic of training activities often receives participants’ highest marks for impact. It’s quick and easy to scan. “But will it stick?” That is the question.

Text, Images, or Video in Your Technical Communication?

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Scanning a video for that kind of specific information is more difficult than scanning text or images. When the effectiveness of learning plays an important role. The company you work for is trying to give its audience the best product experience in the world.

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

Google search will no doubt play a role in raising that to a new level. It can even find scanned handwritten words and, like Dropbox, spans and syncs across all my devices.

Theories for the digital age: Postmodern perspectives

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The colonisation of knowledge spaces by communities is self sustaining, and in Deleuze and Guattari’s terms, we see individuals assuming the roles of nomads, maintaining a constant state of becoming and transformation.

Creative Instructional Design Strategies for Intensive Learning

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Imagine that you and your team of trainers have to take up the challenge of getting 150 new hires acclimatized to their job roles, and ensure they get trained on the skills necessary to perform their job effectively.

#AECT17 Reflections

Clark Quinn

Mind you, I’ve kept my hand in: reviewing journal and conference submissions, writing the occasional book chapter, contributing to some research, even playing a small role in some grant-funded projects. The topic was the use of neuroscience in learning, and the panel were all people using scans and other neuroscience data to inform learning design. Ok, so I was an academic for a brief and remarkably good period of time (a long time ago).

Vision 2016: An Interview Series with the Interactive Learning Thought Leaders


If you scan the job ads you can quickly see that eLearning positions are often low level and focused on technical ability as opposed to any teaching skills. At the same time, my role is to educate them about the way in which they can effectively present their material in an online environment. Well, here we are again, almost at the start of a new year. So, while everyone is busy wrapping up 2015, it’s a good time to delve into the opportunities that the New Year holds.

What Does Being Strategic Look Like?

CLO Magazine

Make time to scan the internet and read important news about your company at a minimum once a week, if not daily. All of my adult life, I’ve been a student of leadership, fascinated by what it takes to be a true leader.

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


Brain scans of candidates before, during and after their course of study reveal physical changes in the brain ; their hippocampus become larger, growing more brain cells to accommodate the extra spatial memory required. “ The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.” – Proverb.

Train Your Staff to Get the Most from The New EHR System

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It’s surprising how we take basic computer skills such as copy/pasting a document, printing, scanning, saving a document and sending attachments, for granted. When choosing staff members for this role, look for people who are: Tech savvy.

What does Mobile Learning Look Like?


In this way, QR code-empowered “scavenger hunts” can be designed, sending learners to physical locations where QR codes are posted, and then providing the learners with location-specific content on their mobile devices by scanning the code.

How eLearning works in the medical industry


This is especially important for medicine, where images and visualizations (x-rays, ECGs, ultrasounds, MRIs, anatomical diagrams and all kinds of scans, graphs and visuals) play a crucial role.

Build Gr8 Micro-Learning Course

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Have they applied this approach to various types of industries and job roles? People who do not have any ID or e-learning development background and either told they are building courses or they are having to build courses along with their other duties which are not e-learning related OR they are in departments whereas courses need to be built and they have roles in HRIS or other areas, regardless if they are e-learning or tech or HR related.

eLearning vs Classroom Training—How Different Are They?

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The role of the instructor also differs. Developers should bear in mind that users typically scan pages, and they can accommodate for this by using punchy headlines, bold or highlighted text, subheadings, lists, and chunking content into short paragraphs.

10 Things Thriving Leaders Need to Know

CLO Magazine

Technical experts with no leadership skills will not be successful in a leadership role, regardless of how smart they are or how much they know about their discipline. Knowing how to communicate, get things done and make decisions within the culture at hand will make or break a leader in his or her role. Knowing yourself, your people and how to influence are among the most vital leadership skills needed for 2013. Well-run, thriving organizations happen on purpose, not by accident.

Aging Members Will Stick Around (& Keep Learning) Longer Than You Think

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But most of them, like every other worker in the world, will need additional training and education as their job changes and as they move into new roles. What roles and skills are commonly outsourced or expected to be outsourced? How can you train or retrain aging members to take on those roles? Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65. Many associations operate with the assumption that they’ll lose these aging members to retirement.

Creating Conversational Narration for Your E-Learning Courses

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While the voice talent plays a big role in that, your writing style plays even a bigger role. You can check the level of your writing in Microsoft Word by enabling the readability statistics and then running a scan.

Get Ahead of Toxic Culture

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The company’s newly-minted CEO, Tim Sloan — who wasn’t in that role as this drama was in motion — a pologized to employees and during a recent address, and said the company will hire external help to identify areas of cultural weakness that need to be strengthened and fixed.

mLearning: Smartphone statistics and the impact they have on learning

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Like it or not, smartphone and handheld devices play an important role in our lives. Scanning – 18%. We are all aware of the growth of the smartphone industry and whether consciously or not, are now witnessing the impact this is having on learning.

Flexing Your Tools to Create Maximum-Impact Online Training


If your course catalog is well-organized, the learner will be able to quickly scan the catalog to find “bite-sized” learning chunks that will let him learn what he needs to know when he needs to know it.

“Digital Mindset”: What Is It All About?


Technology is playing a transformative role in virtually every domain today– from IT and Telecom to Retail and Manufacturing. Possessing a traveler’s exploratory nature and an innate curiosity to go beyond one’s defined work role is a critical skill to have today.

L&D Capability in Australia – Conversations from UnConference

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It’s about “developing, through sustained activity that takes place in a variety of contexts and involves a range of people with different roles, the individual knowledge and skills that deliver better value products to the ultimate consumer or client.”