Caveat Auditor: The Role Of Critical Thinking In Modern Business Training

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At other times you might find that emotion plays a subtle role. A major theme of the conference was the role of emotion of visceral reactions in the decision making process of learners.

Flipping the teacher

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Flipping teachers is about swapping roles. If we are at all serious about promoting student centred learning, then we should at least reconsider the roles teachers traditionally play at the centre of the process, and begin to discover how we can help the student replace them.

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Free Houston Seminar: Technical Training: A Leveraged Application (Part 2)

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Speakers: David Demski, Training andEmployee Development Manager, AtwoodOceanics, Technical Training: Achieving Competence Jorge Luero, GlobalCompetency and Employee Development Manager, Halliburton, Technical Training: Achieving Competence Consuelo Waight, UH, The Role of Front-End Analyses in CreatingResults-Oriented Technical Training NB: The last 15 minutes will be used to introduce the New Executive Masters in HRD (alignmentwith technical training will be showcased

The big switch

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What happens when we flip the roles as well? We call them seminars. What would happen if the lecturer took the role of an awkward student? In short, students would need to learn more deeply, widely and critically, to prepare for their role as ''teacher'' within the classroom.

Micro Learning and Mobile

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Finally, I’m going to push some opportunities you can do, right now, well, today, this week, next week or when you say to yourself, “Why isn’t this working, like the said it would at that seminar/webinar or another article?”

New twist on business simulations at LT Summer Forum

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Multi-award winning learning provider, Sponge UK will be presenting a free seminar at the exhibition based on its work with pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Video’s Critical Role in Your Digital Learning Strategy

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If video is the future of education, it should probably play a role in your organization’s training strategy. By serving as an alternative to classroom training (or other in-person events such as seminars and conferences), video eliminates travel expenses.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning


Mentorship – When onboarding new employees, be sure to pair them with employees who have been in their role, department heads, or are simply in their department. In the ever-changing climate of business, it is vital that organizational members are able to adapt to their surroundings.

Double Your eLearning Return on Investment

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My seminar was called ‘How to Double your eLearning Return on Investment’ - and following a lively seminar with lots of questions, I wanted to share some highlights. I was recently invited to speak at the annual Learning Technologies conference in London.

Saffron to denounce the ‘dinosaur LMS’ at LTSF

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In a free seminar at tomorrow’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Saffron (Stand 20) will ask why we put up with LMS products and content repositories which are ten years behind the sites learners actually use. In their place, the seminar will introduce a radical new model for online learning environments, the Learning Experience Network (LEN), which leverages behavioural principles such as framing, peer comparison and the endowment effect.

News: International New Media Writing Prize Winner Lands Unicorn Role

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For more information about Unicorn Training visit and to come and see us at Learning Technologies 2016 register for free entry to the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills 2016 exhibitions and seminars at

What I miss and what I don't

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Standing in front of large groups of undergraduates to give a lecture, or running a seminar for a small group of students looks fun, and usually it is.

Four False Assumptions About Leadership Development

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Sue Fry and David Grebow ask in their blog post , “Would anyone consider handing a Bach score and a cello to someone who played a little guitar and expect him to master it after two hour-long seminars and a demonstration video?” Just because you are in a leadership role doesn’t mean you are an effective leader. Deloitte has identified “leadership development” as a major challenge for HR leaders in 2015.

Learning Technologies 2017: What’s your digital mix?

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Learning Technologies Designer of the Year, Kate Nicholls, who is Head of Learning Innovation at Sponge UK, is hosting a free seminar introducing learning professionals to the next step in 360° learning content.

7 eLearning and Ed Tech Trends You Must Try

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The needs of individual learners play the most important role now. There is no need to visit lectures or seminars and spend hours in classrooms listening to boring professors. More and more students (both young and old) are turning to modern technologies to get an education.

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The 0% Solution to Learning

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Learning occurs because of a performance management system that permeates every aspect of organizational life, not because of isolated instructor-based courses, workshops, and seminars.

50 Ways to Lever Learning

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Instructor-facilitated seminar – meeting convened by an instructor; learners discuss a topic relevant to their work and chosen by instructor. Roleplay – people (usually two or three) acting out roles to learn about themselves and others by putting themselves in somebody else’s shoes.

Corporate Training Choices Explained

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On-site Seminars by Consultant: This system generally is done for specialty job categories. On-site Seminars by Internal Staff: This method of training has been greatly employed by companies both large and small. Webinars : These are seminars conducted via a web browser. Seminars : These are high profile celebrity seminars. eLearning Featured Posts Learning & Development Training CBT certifications OJT seminars training systems webinars

Creating Connections: From Association Education to Employment

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Perhaps you could design a seminar or webinar series to highlight different careers within your industry, and how your association works to help advocate for and develop the industry.

Comfortably numb

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This clearly applies not only to students (we ask them to prepare seminars and presentations for this very reason), but also to teachers. It strengthens our role, and models for our students the fact that learning is lifelong.

Investing in your Personal ROI without being Self-Centered


Then make sure that those needs, goals and outcomes can be supported by the learning objectives of the program you choose to undertake for yourself and your team – whether the you are employing online training , seminar-based teaching or a blended learning approach.

What’s the Best Job Title for Those Who Build E-Learning Courses?

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I think that job title best describes the role and the product produced. Network & media technologies play a key role in course design. Doing a couple of free seminars on building interactive elearning while in town.

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Establish Business Mentoring Programs in the Workplace in 5 Easy Steps

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Business mentoring programs have a major role to play in running a business successfully. Formal training activities like webinars/seminars, workshops, or online training courses should be included in the mentoring program.

OOPS! Don’t Make This Training Development Mistake!


With any training program, be it elearning or live seminars, there are supporting documents. Job Aids: Detailed instructions on how to perform certain tasks (usually job/role related).

Mentor, Coach, Advocate: Why Leaders Spending Time with Their Employees Pays Off


A different Gallup report found that 93% of millennials left their employers the last time they changed roles. By sitting down with employees one-on-one, leader/coaches can provide them with customized growth opportunities, like seminars, or special projects.

The Top 7 Reasons Learning is More Approachable on Mobile

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Sometimes, employees would like to brush up on some of their abilities or maybe would look to develop new skills to help them in their role. The next time you’re out in public take a look around you. How many people are looking at their phones or tablets? That number is probably pretty high.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

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A session or a seminar? Be intentional about owning your role and eLearning program. Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program!

Learning is Behaviour Change: why is it often so hard to help it happen?

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He is sometimes seen at conferences and seminars with a human brain in a jar and a rich collection of shocking, but memorable, stories. It is well worth thinking about the role that feelings and emotions play in the process.

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So, you want to be an Instructional Designer?


However, the role is actually a lot more varied than you might imagine. Attended a series of seminars on accessibility.

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Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

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If your department is still using traditional instructor-led seminars for most of your training, well, you probably know that in some cases, there is no place to go but up.) Because video plays such a central role, it has a huge impact on the learners’ experience.

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018


All this can be achieved by formalizing and tracking career accomplishments and projects and matching them with formal and informal learning programs, and xAPI plays an important role in this. People have always had a fascination with the future.

5 Reasons Training for Tech Companies is Vital to Survive in a Crowded Space


The right development program allows you to set that baseline, both for new employees and existing team members in new roles. Finally, training can play a vital role in providing professional development to your tech employees. Consulting Companies and External Coaches , external experts who can come in (usually in a workshop or seminar style) to enhance knowledge and expertise of the entire organization.

A Recipe for Explaining eLearning During Thanksgiving

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This means I create digital training that is delivered real-time in an online seminar or webinar, or is delivered via self-paced training that’s online that you do on your own.

10 hot topic talks at Learning Technologies 2016

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With more than 160 free seminars and 70 conference speakers you’re spoilt for choice when deciding what to see. We’re using their discussion to help pick out some seminars and conference talks that will help you get to grips with the concepts that matter in 2016.

How to Maximize Your Sales Training ROI

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Too often I’ve witnessed sales teams flown in to exotic locations only to be crammed into a 50 degree room for several very long days of PowerPoint, role plays and flip charts ad naseum. Whether online or in person, classes and seminars are the “seeing” and “hearing” components of learning. Salespeople listen to copious tips, scribble notes on technique, discover account strategies and learn other exciting selling methods.

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10 tips for improving retention with online learning

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Was it a thrilling journey full of twists and turns – or was it something that happened at a training seminar in some god-forgotten conference centre? Tell the story of the biggest challenge in your business and give your learners leading roles.

Various ways to use social media as a facilitator or trainer

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As you can see: from the wrap-around model to collaboration social media is playing an increasingly central role. This also means that your role as facilitator is different in the collaboration model from the wrap-around and integrated model.