Gamification In Application Software Training


We are highly excited to see this trend because, like most of you learning professionals, we too believe that the best way to learn new software is by doing real tasks in a real environment, in a fun way. What do you think the future of gamification in application software is?

Is technology eliminating the Learning & Development role in corporations?

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Is it really a good news for the businesses or is it invisibly diminishing the learning and development role by providing employees technological ease & functionalities in their respective department?

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Tech Company Founder: Train Your Software to Work With Employees

CLO Magazine

Every company needs to become a software company. That was the message from technology entrepreneur and Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen in his 2011 essay, “Why Software Is Eating the World,” published in The Wall Street Journal. What is his role?

Want to Simplify Software Training – Use Watch Try Do Simulations

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Without disturbing the functionality of the newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or any other software for that matter, you can train employees to work on it effectively, using simulations. Generally, software training extends online from the classroom.

Software End-user Training for Packaging Industry – A Case Study

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So they wanted an organization-wide training solution to equip end-users adopt the WorkDay HRIS system based on their roles (HR Manager, Manager etc.), Training Solutions Software Training

5 Ways Video Role-Play Will Transform Your Training Effectiveness


One technique that deserves particular attention is video role-play; in fact, here are five ways in which utilizing online video coaching can transform your training effectiveness. Role-playing is particularly effective in sales training environments, due to the high-pressure situations reps can encounter. Through video role-playing, these situations can be better anticipated and learned. Video role-playing could be the exception.

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Dev Corner - Software Development Methodology

Visual Lounge

Tricia shares what she has learned about working with a variety of different software development methodologies. As a developer, lead developer, project manager and now the director of development, I've been in the business of building software for a number of years.

The Zen principle applied in Software


What does that have to do with software and e-learning, I hear you say as soon as you read the title of this post. be it a software, an e-learning course, a web service ? Perhaps your software needs less blinking buttons and loud labels? As in that old Japanese (right?)

I Believe in the Many Emerging Roles for Learning and Development Professionals

Tom Spiglanin

That leaves the question of what, if anything, should L&D do to facilitate the over 90% of learning that takes place outside of its traditional role.

Meet the team #2: Periklis Venakis the Software Architect


Today we’re talking with Periklis Venakis, eFrontPro’s software architect and all around nice guy. My name is Periklis Venakis and I hold a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Patras. Do you have a general philosophy when it comes to software?

Five Software Products for Adding an Avatar to Your eLearning

Kapp Notes

Here are 4 software products that allow you to add an avatar to your elearning courses. Aiding in such things as increasing positive learner attitudes and providing a social role model for interactions.

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

Dashe & Thomson

Mr. Betts is the Managing Director for HT2 and his big question for this month is “Does Gamification Have a Role in Workplace Learning?” Gamification definitely has a role in workplace learning.

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Five Signs Your Company Needs eLearning Software


If you’re considering furthering your investment in training, whether to cover technical knowledge or soft skills, eLearning software is a great place to start. eLearning software will give your team the skills they need and the ability to learn at their own convenience.

5 Smart Tips to Train Your Employees on New Software Systems

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According to the Canadian Center of Science and Education research , ‘training activities’ played a crucial role in successful ERP implementation and had a significant effect on an organization’s performance. Involve employees right from the software selection process.

3 Key Points for a Successful Enterprise Software Training for End-Users

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Recently, a new enterprise software was rolled out in his company. Though James was aware of why the software is used, he was not aware of how to use of the software based on his role.

Transforming the CLO Role

CLO Magazine

Saba CEO Bobby Yazdani discusses learning’s evolution and technology’s role in its future. From the early days of certification training to the blooming of the LMS market in the late 1990s into the social and collaborative enterprise, learning and development has shifted from a back-office function into a pivotal role at the vanguard of technology, innovation and globalization. How have you seen the role of the learning executive change over the years?

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The Role of Scenario-Based Learning in Online Training

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Scenarios in Software End-User Training. You may think it’s strange or difficult to use scenarios in software end-user training, but they are needed. Employees can be trained on tasks based on their roles and responsibilities, and each task can be an individual scenario.

What exactly does an E-Learning Manager do?

E-Learning Provocateur

The thing is, the role of “E-Learning Manager” (ELM) is a grey one. Even within the one role at the one workplace, the breadth of what an ELM might do can be staggering. Are there any budding ELM’s out there who have different expectations of the role?

Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal

CLO Magazine

While consolidation in the HR technology space isn’t much of a surprise anymore, Saba Software’s announced acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-based Halogen Software was a bit unexpected. Saba’s expertise lies in the L&D space, while Halogen’s software focuses on performance management.

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11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

If you are thinking of creating an educational game but don't want to invest a lot of money, you can try out these free software programs (or free for 30 days in some cases), some are 2D and some are 3D.

Course Development Management for eLearning Teams: The Software Advantage


One way to bungle a course development project is by not clearly defining each member’s roles and responsibilities, as well as the dependencies tied to each task. While there certainly are cases when role ambiguity is considered a misdiagnosis , acknowledgment of mutual dependencies is paramount to teamwork and cooperation. Course development – software advantages.

How To Manage User Roles In Your LMS


Great software is designed to be powerful yet simple. That’s why user roles are so effective. User roles are vital as they provide each user with the appropriate level of access rights and privileges – as mapped to their needs. Admin Role. Manager Role.

How Do Top Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Providers Boost User Adoption Rates?

WalkMe Training Station

Here I will present some new, never-before-seen results of how leaders in the recruitment software industry have succeeded in boosting adoption rates. Provide personalized contextual interactions by segmenting your user audience according to roles or user type.

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How we use an LMS as a fast growing software company


Our early hires all got it and played a key role in the success and reputation LearnUpon has enjoyed since and continues to enjoy today. Learning from fast growing software companies. It’s one reason why our LMS has proven so popular with other fast growing software companies.

ATD 2016: Visit Docebo to see the latest in online training software


Stop by Docebo HQ to preview the latest in online training software. Drop by Booth 1246 for a live demo of our online training software Docebo Learn, Coach and Share. An important part of sales enablement is raising the bar and developing the role of sales managers.

How wearables might work to train employees in customer service roles

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First of all, let’s clarify what customer service roles considered for the purposes of this post. So, what’s the role for wearables? This provides evidence-based performance support that really targets what the employee is doing in the software or POS that could provide valuable information about how they could improve their performance on the job. There are concerns about the role of wearables in the workplace, but they are a tool.

DevCorner: Who develops the software you use?

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Who develops the software you use? Somewhere along the way life happened and I moved on from software development to growing our development staff, now serving as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TechSmith. TechSmith software developers deep in discussion.

A Guided Approach To The Role Of ‘Emotions’ In eLearning


Role of Emotions in Online Learning. Many would say that knowledge is key to elearning but online course designers should clearly understand that emotions also play an integral role in the learning process. Are you aware that our emotions and learning are interlinked? Yes, they are.

A Case of Software Training in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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A fast growing pharmaceutical company with strong brand equity in multiple therapeutics recently implemented a new software application – a resource planning tool. ID: The client wanted us to develop the curriculum based on the existing software manuals.

4 Trends in Forex in 2015 — Does your software measure up?


Forex trading software is important for companies as exchange rate plays an important role in import and export trade. Good forex software can predict currency exchange trends in important currency pairs and help companies make the right decisions at the right time.

Why does everyone hate role plays?

Clive on Learning

In the past when I have heard groups express their dislike (if not complete hatred) of role plays, I have been sceptical that this opinion was in some way swayed by the bad experiences of the group in question - they had clearly in some past existence been badly bitten during or as a result of a role play exercise. So now it’s official – people hate role plays. Here ends my rant on role plays.

How Can Technology Support ERP END-user Training?

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When rolling out new ERP software in an organization, one of the most important factors that needs to be addressed is training end-users. Imparting effective training to end-users plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of the new ERP software.

Anatomy of an LMS Administrator – Part 2, Additional Roles of the LMS Administrator

Web Courseworks

Handling Site Settings, Report Generation, and the Front/Home Page – An Interview with Michael Lanius: As promised in my last post on LMS administration, I have a second set of interview clips to share from my chat with Michael Lanius about his perspective on an LMS Administrator’s role. Michael is a senior support staffer at Web Courseworks who has played all the roles related to being a Learning Management Systems (LMS) Administrator.

The Agile Software Vendor (Part 2 – Writing Good User Stories)


In our first post on agile development from January ([link] we discussed the basics of the Agile software development process and why it is good for software vendors and their customers. This article looks at what makes a good User Story – the core of defining requirements. What exactly is a User Story? User Stories are simply requirements. But, as with everything in Agile, we both simplify and specify the process.

Best Practices for Delivering ERP Training [Infographic]

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You can follow a few best practices for ERP training such as documenting the training materials, tailoring the training content based on employees’ job role, and more. Training Solutions Software Training

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5 Tips to Develop Effective ERP End-user Training Materials

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Categorize End-users Based on their Roles. Before you start creating the training material, you need to categorize the end-users based on their roles in the ERP system. Set Learning Objectives for Each Role. Training Solutions ERP Software Training

How HR can leverage LMS software


Many times, this talent management role involves developing and maintaining a rich learning culture that improves an organization’s efficiency. The post How HR can leverage LMS software appeared first on MATRIX Blog.