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The results are in for our second annual Learning and Remembering Survey. We surveyed learning professionals throughout 2015 to find out what their top training priorities are… and what challenges they face. Meet the Learning and Remembering Survey Respondents.

New survey reveals Top 2017 Corporate Learning Trends


And, if you follow us, you’ll know that we like to feature Don and Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify , in our first webinar of the year to talk about the survey results and share case studies that highlight these trends in action.

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5 time-saving tips for your next learner survey

Sponge UK

Learner surveys are one of the most popular techniques used to evaluate elearning. They can play a useful role in measuring your training as part of a wider evaluation strategy. We’ve compiled this quick guide to getting the most out of learner surveys. Why do learner surveys?

Role of Video Conferencing in Education


In August of this year, a video conferencing in education survey was administered using Google Consumer Surveys. Roughly 41% of survey respondents indicated that they used video conferencing on a laptop or mobile device for school related activities in the past year.

Roles 85

The role technology plays in the knowledge creation process


The following is part two of an excerpt from a knowledge brief by Aberdeen Group : the brief discusses the role that technology plays in the knowledge creation process and the ways in which Learning 3.0

Roles 58

What’s the CLO’s Role in the Gig Economy?

CLO Magazine

Seventy-five percent of respondents in Korn Ferry Futurestep’s January 2017 “Talent Forecast,” a global talent acquisition leader survey, report using contingent workers on a regular or as-needed basis, and those numbers are rising. Employees come. They go. Sometimes they come back.

CLO 38

Survey: Blackboard (Still) Rules Higher Ed


In a survey conducted by Whitney Kilgore, faculty across various higher ed organizations responded to questions relating to their use of online learning and learning management systems. It is now becoming common practice for higher education institutions to utilize elearning in some capacity.

What is Learning’s Role in Talent Management?

CLO Magazine

According to an October 2016 survey from ManpowerGroup, employers are facing the highest global talent shortage since 2007. The pressure to recruit and retain top talent is more intense than ever, as is the need to create a diverse, responsive and productive organizational culture.

Roles 37

What is Learning’s Role in Talent Management?

CLO Magazine

According to an October 2016 survey from ManpowerGroup, employers are facing the highest global talent shortage since 2007. This From the Vault article was originally published in January 2017 on

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


This infographic of a Deloitte Survey spanning 90 countries look at the talent issues that can threaten organizational effectiveness. Leadership , Retention , HR Skills , and Talent Acquisition occupy the #1 slot as per the Top Ten Findings of the Global Human Capital Trends 2014 Survey. They will expect and demand to learn differently — social, mobile and cloud will play a big role. MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Their Role in Corporate Universities.

A Quick Survey Can Produce Long-lasting Leadership Results

CLO Magazine

Post-Training: Conduct an independent “quick and dirty” survey of program participants. Ask these three questions of each participant: Using a scale of 1 to 5 — with 1 being highly negative and 5 being highly positive — please rate the relevance of this course to your current leadership role.

How Technologies Will Change the Learning Function’s Role

ATD Learning Technologies

Those lagging capabilities don’t negate the fact that technology-enabled learning products and strategies play increasingly important roles in designing and delivering content to learners worldwide. Technology will play an even greater role in the future.

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How Technologies Will Change the Learning Function’s Role

ATD Learning Technologies

Those lagging capabilities don’t negate the fact that technology-enabled learning products and strategies play increasingly important roles in designing and delivering content to learners worldwide. Technology will play an even greater role in the future.

Roles 36

Managing Career Paths: The Role of CLO

CLO Magazine

For some organizations, the shortage of skilled executives, middle managers and individual contributors in critical roles already is having quantifiable ramifications — from decreased production capacity to drops in customer satisfaction.

CLO 19

State of L&D Survey

Clark Quinn

Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner have pointed out the new roles we could be taking in their book The New Social Learning. Please take the survey and encourage others to as well. What is the current state of L&D, and where is it working (and not)? Some are saying that things are largely okay, while others are suggesting that things must improve. Where are we at?

The Role of e-Learning in Building and Managing Organizational Talent: A Case Study


One such strategy is the implementation of Employee Satisfaction Surveys (EOS) to understand the needs of the workforce as well as identify and address pertinent needs. For instance, communication plays an important role in utilizing the benefit of EOS.

Insights: Line managers and coaches have a critical role

Clive on Learning

The seventh of ten 'insights' is that ‘Line managers and coaches have a critical role'. The data was collected from an online survey issued three months after the completion of training, and focuses on the degree to which the transfer of learning has taken place and the effect this has had on performance. This post continues my commentary to the Learning Insights 2012 Report produced by Kineo for e.learning age magazine.

Let’s get rid of the instructional designers!

E-Learning Provocateur

Whereas that post explored the role of the learner in the content development process, how about their role in the broader instructional design process? The role of the user, then, is simply to use the system (or perhaps circumvent it). User design, however, values both roles.

How to build a Serious Game: Actors and Their Roles


Role Play Games? Serious games in the eLearning environment are predominantly role playing. Storytelling is the creative and entertaining component of the serious game complete with character names, their roles, challenges and their dilemmas).

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The Top 3 LMS Features Requested? Survey Says…


A recent employee survey by Software Advice reveals thought-provoking data on how corporate learning programs can drive employee engagement. In this survey, 35% of employees preferred real-life rewards for making progress in learning.

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

Dashe & Thomson

Mr. Betts is the Managing Director for HT2 and his big question for this month is “Does Gamification Have a Role in Workplace Learning?” Gamification definitely has a role in workplace learning.

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The pros and cons of using surveys in eLearning


The question of how useful surveys can be for eLearning evaluation has been up for debate over the past few years. Surveys are still a staple for many eLearning professionals who believe they offer a simple method for soliciting feedback about course effectiveness.

The Role of The L&D Manager in Creating A Learning Culture


Peruse most any business publication or take a look at survey data of industry executives and you’ll see that senior leaders cite innovation, agility, and adeptness at change management to be of paramount importance as their organizations seek a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced economy.

Roles 39

Technology’s Role in Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Technology plays an important role in leadership development: 86 percent of companies report a significant investment in learning technology such as webinars, videos, mobile applications and simulations in soft skill development, according to a 2013 survey by Impact Instruction Group, a corporate training and development firm. Learning technology is proficient at technical skill development, but how are such tools used to teach often-elusive soft skills?

Video’s Role in the Enterprise

KZO Innovations

According to a survey conducted by Kaltura, employees watch, on average, seven hours of work-related videos per month, and in organizations where video has been expertly deployed, that number rises to more than 30 hours. So, what kind of role does video play in the enterprise? Video is everywhere, transforming the way we learn, work, shop, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Carter McNamara Developer and Director at Free Management Library Regarding what a learning consultant does, I recommend reading the Chief Learning Officer magazines articles about various organizational roles around learning. I even seem to remember a survey about 5 years ago that indicated that the Fortune 1000 uses more internal consultants than external consultants.

Integrate Your E-Learning with Google Docs

Integrated Learnings

They are some of the most qualified responders to tell you if the course is adequate for their job role and whether or not the course was easy and intuitive to follow. For this reason surveys can be a great tool to gather feedback to be used to improve future courses.

Employee engagement – the Australian dilemma: The role of coaching and and leadership styles

Learning Cafe

An “engaged” employee has a sense of attachment towards their organization: They invest themselves not only in their role, but also in the organisation as a whole. Levels of engagement amongst Australian workers have been consistently low since surveys started in 2004.

Survey: Are you ready, willing and able to support learning in the new social workplace?

Jane Hart

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about how I believed that as social businesses emerge, and new social and collaboration platforms (or social intranets) are introduced into enterprises, L&D will have an extended role in the organisation in order to support the new community and collaboration skills that will be required to underpin a successul social business initiative. (In So here’s another of my short surveys. Take Our Survey!

Why eLearning Development Ratios Can be Hazardous to Your Career.

Dashe & Thomson

Subject Matter Matter s – These surveys do a good job of accounting for varying levels of course complexity.

Ratio 32

eBook Student Survey

Moodle Journal

So I was more than an little fascinated by report from '10 Surprising Facts About Students Using E-Textbooks’ From a survey by

Why Evaluate Executive Coaching

The Peformance Improvement

Studies of coaching tend to rely on surveys of executives who are being coached. For example, an American Management Association survey of coaching found that respondents from organizations that use coaching more than in the past are also more likely to report two kinds of advantages: 1.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning Styles as Fortune Telling

Learning Visions

Monday, May 21, 2007 Learning Styles as Fortune Telling My research into understanding the role of learning styles in e-Learning continues. Take the Survey! Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.